Excellent fridge

have owned this fridge for past 5 years, has been excellent till recently when it developed a loud noise, similar to what others have been experiencing, called local electrician, found the evaporator motor needed replacing once completed there was improvement but still a humming noise,on further investigation found a rubber mount missing on the base of the compressor and fixed , fridge now operating excellent,

Purchased in July 2013 for $2,770.00.

Household Size 2 person(s)

All fine until the noise started

We've been using the fridge since January 2018 without any problems. We love the design and glass front. Fits perfectly in our kitchen.
In the last few weeks the noise from the back of the fridge has become more and more intense, it's a kind of trembling noise.
Currently, it feels like the fridge is by far louder than our 10 years old one. At first I thought that the compressor touches one of the metal parts around causing the noise.
We have called the service recommended by Sharp customer service and after !!!2 WEEKS!!! a service guy said that the plastic tray was off the hook causing the noise. Unfortunately, he made his judgement without waiting for the compressor to start, even though my wife tried to explain him that the fridge is not working at the moment!
We can still hear the noise and I am sure it's coming from the compressor. Maybe our expectations are too high, but we expect no annoying noises from a brand new, modern fridge.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great until something breaks...

Fridge was great until about a year ago when my wife noticed a broken small piece of plastic on the floor. Turns out based on my research in the past week or so that it was the freezer door clip. Thought i would be able to live with it (and i did for a while). However, the freezer door now pops open whenever the opposite side is shut. Via this self popping mechanism, i have now left the door open the whole night long without even realising it! Reading the reviews, it appears that this is a very common problem! Talking to a service centre, they wanted a $160 call out fee with parts and labour cost on top of it. We could be talking a potential huge bill here all for a small door clip. Disappointing for a fridge which is not cheap to begin with! Great fridge for its features and what not, let down by poor quality parts...

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Hi Melvin, We are sorry to hear about your experience. If you still like us to assist you, please provide your contact details to ccare@sharp.net.au, referencing this review. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Brilliant - still

Actually it was the SJ55HWH purchased in 1997 (21 years) and is still going well, (model listed was the closest i could find) til only the other day the freezer doesn't freeze anymore but the fridge part is still powering on faultlessly. Never missed a beat and only just changed the seals last year :-). A perfect example of how products should be made for consumers benefit, not for a short period for the manufacturers benefit and their shareholders.

Date PurchasedJan 1998
Hi Loz, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp Refrigerator. Kind Regards, Sharp AustraliaI wish I could but seemed Sharp arn't proving much choice anymore. I just bought a Westinghouse.


Temperature is easily changeable with Digital display
Unit is Surprisingly quiet
Has an inbuilt ice maker so no plumbing is needed
Very stylish design with more than enough room for everything a big family needs
See through doors on the internal freeze made looking for something without the loss of chill ideal.

Date PurchasedOct 2011
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Hi Steve, Thank you for your feedback. We will pass it on to the relevant manager. Have a great day ahead. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

vegie crisper freezing

I noticed my vegies were freezing so I checked the fridge temp on the digital readout on the door to see what the thermostat was set at.
The thermostat is set to 4 degrees like I believe it should be......problem is.....the top of the fridge (according to my temp probe) is 4 degrees but the bottom is -4 degrees? If I increase the temp to stop the freezing by 4 degrees it would make the top 8 degrees which I wouldn't have thought cold enough to keep things at a safe temp?

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Dear customer, If you could please provide your contact details to ccare@sharp.net.au, referencing this review, our customer care team will troubleshoot and assist you accordingly. Kind regards, Sharp Australiacc5000@bigpond.comDear customer, Thank you for your details. We will pass it on to our customer care team. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Perfect till 1 week out of warranty

After lots of research to find the perfect fridge for our growing family, we settled on the sharp French door (black glass). It has been fantastic up until 1 week out of warranty when 1 of the plastic clips that hold the freezer door closed snapped off. We also noticed the plastic framing around the glass was cracking and flaking away. Being only 1 week out of warranty we contacted Sharp as paying over 3k for a fridge to only last 2 years is a joke. They sent out someone to inspect the fridge after 1 month and then 3 weeks later have been informed that it is not a manufacturer fault so we are responsible for the replacement of 3 out of 4 doors. After doing some more research have come across several reviews with similar problems.
Please be wary if looking for a fridge if you want it to last more then 2 years. Sharp have provided very little and slow customer service.

Date PurchasedApr 2015
Dear customer, We appreciate your feedback and will pass it on to the relevant managers. If you would still like us to assist you, please send your contact details through to ccare@sharp.net.au, referencing this review. We will work towards achieving a satisfactory resolution for you. Kind Regards, Sharp AustraliaSharp i sent an email on the 26th Jun and still have not heard anything. Will also like to add the company you sent out to inspect my fridge have just billed me.Dear customer, We have been advised that our customer care team has contacted you offline. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

It is perfect for us

Selecting a fridge to replace our 25 year old May tag fridge freezer was very difficult indeed. Westinghouse was the preferred option but the factory had closed and there was no big Australian fridge freezers anymore. What an indictment of the Australian industry.
Productreview.Com had many mediocre reviews of even the "best" fridges within our price range and it seems that there is no correlation between brand name, reputation and reliability. It seemed that the consumer has to choose the best of a bad lot! Finally we decided on the last of the big Westinghouse 2 doors or the Stainless steel Sharp 4 door. We noticed that Masters had advertised the 500 litre one for $1649. We looked at another store and saw that the Westinghouse was just so very basic and for the money, way overpriced at $1999. We decided then and there that because of the positive reviews here that the stainless Sharp 4 door was a good choice and ordered and paid for one on the spot. The store price matched with Masters $1649. There was a substantial wait for delivery. Prior to anticipated delivery I phoned the Good Guys and they informed me that it would be delivered the following day. I checked the invoice and realized that the model number had "BK" after it and I queried that. I was told that it was correct, "Black". I checked further and noted that the volume was 676 litre, not the 500 litre stainless one I asked for. I told them that it was incorrect. There was an awkward silence from them. I asked whether the price was correct and it was confirmed. Did I want a refund? I checked twice again that as far as they were concerned the price was OK. It certainly was. No one seemed to be concerned that I was getting a much bigger and better fridge at what was apparently half price. Their phone was hurriedly put down and my fridge arrived on time.
It was much bigger than anticipated and necessitated a complete remodeling of the kitchen for it to fit. but it's very good indeed. It is remarkably consistent and accurate in its temperature and it is very easy to keep clean. The freezer section is particularly well designed and I cannot fault that. It is well lit inside and the motor is very quiet. Only criticisms are that the fruit tray is a little small and the vegetable crisper lid could be more robust. The black glass is a magnet for fingerprints but is very easy to clean. It is very important for this fridge to be level as if the doors are misaligned then it beeps continuously until corrected. Intelligent fridge!
It is a quality fridge and after a year it has shown reliability, practicality and economy. The exceptional low price made it even more attractive! So Well done Sharp and well done Good Guys!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hi Geoffrey, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp Refrigerator. Kind Regards, Sharp Australia

Awesome fridge for a family with teenagers too !

Hard wearing ,easy to keep clean , quiet and stylish. Firs in the kitchen space easily and doors swing open easily but seal well . Love the space in the freezer , easy to stack and see what's there .Fridge very spacious ,room for lots food .the white seems to stay cleaner than the stainless steel one we had

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi Andi, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp Refrigerator. Kind Regards, Sharp Australia

Great fridge- until recently, perfect.

We've owned the imposing Black french door fridge for three years and 5 days, and it's been great- Makes ice, fantastic access to the shelves and freezer compartments, cheap to run, and very quiet. it's well lit inside and easy to keep clean with two messy boys in the house :) Having large wide shelves means it can take all sorts of things and have room to spare. There's also no fridge smell, even though we love our spicy curries and strong flavours! The glass front looks brand new (as long as you wipe the greasy prints off once a week or so).

The only niggles are the flimsy clear plastic lugs that raise the lid of the crisper when you pull the drawer out (just the left hand drawer!?) which snapped off a few weeks into owning it, and that it stopped staying closed a few weeks ago. I found a little broken white part on the floor, it appears to be part of one of four retention clips that 'lock' it closed when the door swings shut. Unhappy that the store I bought it from doesn't want to know about the issue, so that tarnishes the experience somewhat, but I'm sure it's just one dodgy part, the other three door clips are fine. I'm currently struggling to find out what a replacement part will cost, but the store is not being very helpful.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
Hi Pete, Thank you for the feedback and we will pass it on to the relevant managers. If you could please email us your contact details and reference this review to ccare@sharp.net.au, our customer care team will contact you to assist accordingly. Kind regards, Sharp AustraliaWill do, thanks for responding!unfortunately the end result of this customer care contact has been a link to service agents where I can buy a new crisper drawer. I'd much rather the fridge stayed shut, and didn't beep all night.

Very good product, value for money

I am using the Sharp refrigerator for around 3 years now and found it to be an excellent product. I had a Samsung refrigerator which proved to be a pretty average product and I replaced with Sharp. I was a bit skeptical about my choice but in the end, it proved to be a very good refrigerator.

Date PurchasedMay 2015
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Hi Shaiz, Thank you for the feedback. We will pass it on to the relevant managers. Have a great day ahead. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Great fridge, love the glass look

Overall, I'm very happy with the fridge for the price paid.
We wanted a white glass fridge so that we didn't get dints in (yet another) stainless steel fridge.
And so far my prediction was correct. White glass looks awesome and doesn't get the terrible dints.

next point it was chosen for: the separated left/right veg crisper box, so you only have to open one French door at a time for your veg. And it works perfectly (as long as I remember where I put it!)

And finally: no more huge bucket freezer where everything gets lost and the draws break from the weight of everything in there. Separate (smaller) freezer draws are exactly what I wanted.
Totally happy with my choice of fridge.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Nic, Thank you for the feedback. We will pass it on to the relevant managers. Have a great day ahead. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Same problem ice in the crisper carrots freeze solid

Crisper door poor design, the lug breaks off very easily, i have always liffed the door then pulled the drawer out but still breaks the lug, crap design, the crisper freezes up , if you up the food compartment temp it will stop it ,but then your food is not kept a a safe temp, as most dairy and other goods need to be 4 degrees or below

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hi Martin, We appreciate the feedback and are concerned to hear of your experience with this product. Our Customer Care team would like to investigate the issue, and in order to support you further, could you please email us your contact details to ccare@sharp.net.au, mentioning this CRN 512959? Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Vegie crisper

the Vegie crisper has ice on the bottom of the crisper so bad that I need to place a hand towel doubled and paper towel. Had a service call , has increased the fridge temperature to 6 degrees, he is not entirely sure why it is occurring.
Wait a week if any improvements.
Purchased an additional three years warranty

Date PurchasedNov 2014
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Hi Kaz, Our customer care team would like to further investigate the issue. Could you please send your contact details to ccare@sharp.net.au? Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Spacious and quiet

We needed a new fridge but we didn't want any fancy features such as water dispenser/ice maker etc. This fridge is so spacious and well designed especially the freezer drawers. The glass panels are beautiful and stylish, and they don't seem to leave finger prints. Overall we are very satisfied.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Mist, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp Refrigerator. Kind Regards, Sharp Australia

A nice fridge.....but

We bought our fridge 18 months ago and have been very pleased with its looks and it operation. We particularly like the ice making feature. The fridge is quiet, holds its temperature well and the freezer design is good and provides easy acces. Our disappointment comes from the flimsy design of some of the plastic fittings. We have broken the vegetable crisper lid several times and the lid of the cheese compartment dropped off and broke a week ago. In both case it was the flimsy design of the pivots that gave way. These components are very expensive to replace (the crisper lid was over $90 delivered), rediculously priced for bits of plastic, particularly given that they are also prone to easily break.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
Hi IDJ, Thank you for your review. We appreciate you raising this matter with Sharp and would like to assist you. Please contact our Customer Care on ccare@sharp.net.au referencing this CRN 506625. A member of our team will assist in achieving a satisfactory resolution for you. Kind regards, Sharp AustraliaFollowing my review of the Sharp SJFJ676VBK I was contacted by Sharp Customer Care. They have replaced my crisper lid and cheese tray cover free of charge. Thank you Sharp. That is great customer service.Hi IDJ, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp refrigerator. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Great Fridge and Great Service

We purchased this model back in 2014 for our new house but due an issue with cracking around the shelf runners in the fridge compartment we put in a warranty claim inside 6 month. I must say that the service we received was absolutely one of our best experiences ever dealing with appliances. We sent photos of the issue to the service centre and within two weeks we had a new unit delivered and the old one taken away. The replacement unit is the updated model Ion Plasmacluster and improved icemaker. To this point it is great! If there was anything that took some getting use to it was the noise when the icemaker kicks in initially.
It is easy to keep clean both inside and out and it is fairly attractive as fridges go. The internal layout is good with generous shelves in the doors. Being able to make different size ice blocks is great too. We only use rain water for our ice. The lighting inside the fridge is very adequate no matter how much we pack into it.
We have two adult at home with us and this fridge is more than large enough for us while not being too big.

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Hi Withajay, Thank you for the wonderful feedback, it is always great to get feedback from customers. We hope you continue to enjoy using your Sharp Refrigerator. If you need any assistance in the future, please feel free to email us your contacts details at ccare@sharp.net.au, or by phone on 1300 135 022 so that a member of our team can assist you. Kind Regards, Sharp Australia

Love it.

Looks pretty, easy to clean, keeps the food cold, ice-maker is excellent. One minor niggle is that the veggie drawer gets a bit too cold but I'm happy to tolerate that. Being able to see every shelf easily means no more ignored scraps on the bottom shelf.Very happy customer here.

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Hi Nana16, Thank you for your positive feedback. We will pass it on to the relevant managers. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

Worst Experience Ever!

Stopped working within 6 months of purchase! Terrible product and even more terrible staff and customer care workers. I have had countless emails ignored. I have been without a fridge for 2 weeks now. I'm pregnant and simply cannot afford to live without adequate nutrients throughout the day. I've had these concerns highlighted to your team over the phone and via email, all of which have been ignored. Yet to receive a response, rude phone representatives. Losing my patience and will NEVER purchase a Sharp product again. Nor will I recommend anyone else to do so. Most painful process and experience ever!

Good fridge freezer but not perfect

Bought 2 months ago so still early days but is quiet and easy to use. Internal layout is good and having freezer goods in drawers makes accessing individual items very easy. Was impressed by the response of Sharp to comments on this site.
Initially we found fridge temperature although set at 3°C was too cold, tomatoes and other vegetables were on the verge of freezing. At this point we were disappointed that the external control panel could not show the actual internal temperatures but only the settings. As the settings were not accurate I bought a fridge/freezer thermometer which indicated a temperature on the middle shelf of the fridge of just above 0°C at the original setting of 3°C. So I set the temperature via the control panel by trial and error and wound up at 6°C at which the internal temperature was about 3°C. The vegetables were now OK.
This freezer is fitted with two ice making trays with storage boxes underneath for which we had no use. We therefore decided to see if it was feasible to replace the two ice making trays with two more storage boxes identical to those beneath. We were shocked to find the price to be AUS$71.25 each and believe this to be extortionate for what is essentially an open plastic box. We therefore just pulled out the ice makers and piled the two trays beneath higher.

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Hi Stan, Thank you for your purchase and review of the product. We will pass your feedback on to the relevant managers. Kind regards, Sharp Australia

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Questions & Answers

Hi just wondering my fridge temperature control is not working fridge is cold but freezer in not quite cold enough?
2 answers
Its probably time to cut the cordHi Richard, We encourage you to contact Customer Care via phone on 1300 135 022, referencing this question so that a member of our team can assist you accordingly.

Hi Sharp Customer Care, we are interested in purchasing this black SJFJ676VBK Fridge but I am naturally concerned with the ongoing problem with the Crisper draw lugs as described by many customers, is this still an ongoing problem or have you solved the problem and if we purchased the fridge how would you deal with this if it happened to us after 1 year ? Regards Jon
1 answer
Hi Jon, We encourage you to contact Customer Care either via email at ccare@sharp.net.au, or by phone on 1300 135 022, referencing this question so that a member of our team can assist you accordingly.

What is the NZ sharp customer services contact number please?
1 answer
Hi Ursula, the NZ contact number is 0800 501 201. If you need further information, please feel free to visit the website at https://www.sharp.net.nz/contact/contact-us. Have a good day.


Sharp SJFJ676VWH (Glass White)Sharp SJFJ676VBK (Glass Black)Sharp SJFS676VSL (Glass Silver)
CategoryFrench Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsFrench Door Fridges / RefrigeratorsFrench Door Fridges / Refrigerators
Price (RRP) $3,299$3,299$4,299
Dimensions 1830 x 892 x 766 mm1830 x 892 x 766 mm1830 x 892 x 766 mm
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)2.5 star(s)2.5 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people5+ people5+ people
FeaturesDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Ice DispenserDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Ice DispenserDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Ice Dispenser
Colour / Finish Glass WhiteGlass BlackGlass Silver
Handle Type RecessedRecessedRecessed
Smart Fridge NoNoNo
Shelf MaterialGlassGlassGlass
Number of Shelves333
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 222
Weight118 kg118 kg118 kg
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)
Total Capacity 676 L676 L676 L
Fridge Capacity 424 L424 L424 L
Freezer Capacity 252 L252 L252 L
Release dateOct 2012Oct 2012

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