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Sheffield 3 in 1 Meat Grinder Slow Juicer & Salad Express PLA1023

Sheffield 3 in 1 Meat Grinder Slow Juicer & Salad Express PLA1023

3.0 from 3 reviews

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Very good entry level juicer

I purchased this appliance mainly for juicing. Sheffield juicer performs very well. I´ve used it daily for a week and so far I am quite happy with the performance. The appliance juices: fruits, leafy greens and vegetables with ease and there is no need to chop things in small pieces. That is why I chose this model rather than the vertical Sheffield juicer, as some vertical models require fruits and veggies to be chopped in smaller pieces. Even then, it may clog up the juicer.

I have used a masticating juicer before, a more expensive single auger model similar to this one, at a friend´s place. The main difference to this one is that the more expensive slow juicers have a lower power motor that masticates fruits and veggies slowly and therefore the noise is also minimal.

I must admit this juicer is quite noisy, that is one big drawback of the higher power motor to allow meat grinding in my opinion. This juicer works as a cold press but it is not a slow juicer as the description says. It is loud and works much faster than other cold press models. So, for those that like efficiency and higher speed, this Sheffield juicer ticks both boxes.

I´m new to juicing and I know how beneficial it is to add raw foods and concentrated nutrients to one´s diet. I´ve only experienced daily juicing for a week and I am truly enjoying it. I wanted to experience juicing daily first before investing a lot of money on an expensive branded slow juicer. As an entry level juicer this machine is performing very well for me. Even cleaning it is quite easy, but I had to buy a cheap brush to help clean the metal mesh strainer as the small holes gets filled with fibres from the produce juiced.

I have not tried the salad or meat grinding attachments so far but intend to give them a try when needed. All the materials used are quite strong and even though its a cheaply built machine, it is well made. My only criticism is that the plastic used doesn´t seem to be food grade plastic which should be no. 5 plastic. There´s no reference at all to what kind of plastic the different components are made from. I´m guessing they´re not even made from low grade toxic plastic as none of the plastic components, not even the collecting jugs have a recycling number on them which tells what kind of material the plastic is made from. None of the plastic components are recyclable, which is a shame.

Not only it is not environmentally sustainable but also it means if the plastic is not BPA free or food grade, it may leach toxic chemicals to the juice. For the price I paid at Deals Direct, this machine was a bargain as it performs brilliantly. But I would have preferred to pay a bit more for food grade plastic components. For this reason and the noise, I give it 4 stars and not 5.

cheap juicer

On special at $72 INC. DEL. I thought I could'nt go wrong.When I pulled it out of the box I found a split in one of the bowls.I let that go but when I assembled it and turned it on I thought a cement mixer would be drowned out by the noise.I disconnected the auger attachment from the motor and turned it by hand I realised the auger was rubbing against the seperator screen quite hard making it difficult to turn by hand.This means that the auger is wearing away on the stainless screen so plastic would be in the juice.I packed it away and returned it to deals direct and i cannot fault their customer service.
Main body and motor seemed well made.
Rest of machine seemed cheap and poorly designed.Maybe i just got a bad one?

The cheapest and best juicer

So far I've only found this at dealsdirect. This has 3 different attachments for juicing, mincing and slicing losts of veggies. I intended to put the salad and juice attachment away because it was useless stuff because I bought this to mainly make lean mince patty. But decided to try the juicer because I was curious.
This juices my oranges and carrots like the machine demo at costcos. It grinds the oranges and separates the pulp from the juice. you can chuck the pulp back in to extract more juice. The price of this is under $100 and has 3 different fucntions, the cold pressed juicer (no idea what this means) at costcos was above $300.
very safe. it doesn't chop up the oranges like traditional juicers. you have to cut up your oranges, feed it into the chute and the machine will grind and squish all the juice out. after it squish out the juice, it will expel the pulp.
You can get more juice out of this because juice and pulp separation.
under $100, comes with very durable metal mesh so you can easily clean it with tooth brush. SAFE because theres no blades. considering pure orange juice cost more that $5 for 300ml. I think I can get my money back after drinking many cups of orange juice in a year.

Questions & Answers

A store near liverpool nsw?
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I've only seen it online store. deals direct. com.au

I am considering buying just like to know from people who own and used item. how durable is the juicer & the parts, do they last?
3 answers
Hi, I have been using mine between 5 to 6 times a week, sometimes twice a day for two months now. It has not been long so my answer may not be that useful to you. I have used an expensive juicer before and the juices produced were thinner and lighter than the juices produced by the Sheffield juicer. Pulp and fibres come out very dry. I sincerely recommend the juicer from my experience with it but it depends on individual taste. Sometimes depending on the combination of fruits and veggies the juice can be almost as thick as a smoothie because veggies like kale and cauliflower can have some of the pulp pushed through the sieve mesh not just the liquid, but I don't mind that. I wanted to juice without having to break the bank to buy an expensive juicer, so I'm very happy. The Sheffield juicer is quite sturdy and I believe it will last at least for the 12 months warranty. If it lasts 12 months, I believe it is worth it, if it lasts longer than that it will be a bonus for the price paid.Hi gif, I sent mine back immediately because I couldn't cope with the horrendous noise and one of the bowls had a split and the second looked like it would split soon. I can't comment on how long it would last but the metal mesh strainer seemed to be rubbing against the plastic spiral auger causing the noise and I didn't want to drink my juice with plastic in it.mine has been working great. The sound is loud. but it's just as loud as my 2000watt breville blender. I would describe the juice to be no different to getting it from Boost Juice. no parts have broke yet. For less than $100, it is worth it.


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