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Sheridan Flannelette Bed Sheets

Sheridan Flannelette Bed Sheets

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Very expensive rubbish!

Bought 2 sets of flannelette sheets from Sheridan in store. Was told by staff member how wonderful they were, best sellers in fact. I spent more than I normally would as I thought these were superior quality products... mmm...a few days in and the pilling is ridiculous. Washed again and followed instructions...pilling again after 2 nights...fabric is now harsh and uncomfortable to sleep on. Called the store to complain, was told to wash again, put in dryer and maybe after a few more washes they will settle. They look like they are 10 years old! The pilling is all over the sheets and pillow cases. Trying to find receipt so I can return as staff member told me they would be sent off to 'quality control' if I don't have a receipt.

Purchased in June 2019 at Sheridan Physical store for $224.00.

Not even a 1 Star Standard

I’m a long term fan of Sheridan Manchester across the board. I purchased 2 sets of queen sized flannellette sheets - and despite numerous washes the pilling was never ending. It was like sleeping with a tissue box!!!

Purchased in March 2019 at Sheridan Physical store for $240.00.

Very poor quality cotton

These sheets were very cosy to sleep on but after using them for a couple of weeks and washing weekly they are now covered in pilling. I followed washing instructions to the letter and line dried. Fluff falling off everywhere.

Purchased in April 2019 at Harris Scarfe Physical Stores for $129.95.


I have been a long time Sheridan lover my new flannelette sheets are a nightmare pilling ++ Washed couple times as per instructions and still the pulling continues shame quality changed

Purchased in May 2019 for $99.00.

Piling nightmare!

Loyal to the brand, I bought these on sale online.
Whilst they are fluffy and warm in bed, they are a daily nightmare.
Have fluff all over my dark grey carpet EVERY morning and have to vacuum daily.
Terrible quality.

Purchased in May 2019 at Sheridan Online store for $99.00.


They were piling after the initial wash even after using the advised care instructions. Will never purchase Sheridan flanelette sheets of any sort again.
Terrible process to deal with if you purchased online via Sheridan. Disappointed

Purchased in April 2019 at Sheridan Online store.

Not worth the price

Agree with prior reviews - fluff and mess continued despite washing. I expect a little of this from flannelette sheets, but it was over the top. They also pilled and we’re unsightly and rough to touch. They’ve been returned and Myer Heritage brand are doing great. My previous set of Sheridan flannelettes have become threadbare in parts, lost their elastic and torn after only 4 winters of intermittent use. I like and still use the lighter cotton Sheridan bed linen.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

pilling and fluff everywhere

the worst sheets I have ever had. washed 3 times and the pilling and fluff is everywhere. I had a cheaper brand for 2 years and none of these problems and still wearing well. I will never spend the money on Sheridan again.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Morgan and Finch Bedsheets

I purchased a bedsheet set made by Morgan and Finch. 1200TC, Egyptian Cotton, sateen, Queen size.
Well, the "contour " fitted sheet is the most comfortable I ever had. Very comfy pillow case and good flat sheet.
I must say that I am very particular with my bedsheets. I wash them on gentle cycle, only 3 minutes spin and always dried outdoor on the line.
I thoroughly recommend this.

May 10th 2018 Update: White sheet discoloured soon

I bought Sheridan 1000 TC Luxury satteen fitted bedsheet. Queen size. White. Paid $199
About 2 months after I bought it, I started to notice discolouration. That was despite the fact that I was following washing instructions the letter.
After another approximate 2 months, I went to the store. They refunded me. That was much appreciated.
However, I am disappointed that the brand "Sheridan" appears to suffer from quality issues as they are now made in China.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Sheridan flannelette sheets

Purchased white flannelette Sheridan sheets, so much piling prewashed & then washed four times, it is like snow all over the carpet. Returned for refund. Like their cotton / poly products, but never these flannelette again.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Disappointed in Sheridan flannelette sheets

Have loved Sheridan Manchester for years.
Has quality deteotiated over the years.
Sent back towels because of excess fluff even after several washes.
Bought flannelette sheets & covered in piling after changing sheets. Have washed them several times and still excess piling.
Purchased cheaper flannelette from Bed bath & table and no piling at all.
What's happening with quality?

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Fluffy bunnies EVERYWHERE

I returned these sheets after the piling was just unmanageable. When I returned them, the store person said there was a careslip in the pack (which I missed) explaining that they need to be washed at least 3-4 times to get rid of the pilling... I had washed them twice, vacuumed several times and was still finding so much fluff everywhere- the pilling is out of control.

Even though the sheets are gone now, the excessive fluffy bunnies remain, through our clothes, the washing machine, EVERYWHERE. NIGHTMAAAARE. Worse than having a shedding pet.

Sheridan have some brilliant quality linen, these are not it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Pilling.....fluff everywhere. A nightmare.

I washed before using bit they still pilled everywhere. I'm hoping this lessens with time.
White balls of fluff all over the carpet and everywhere. I do not recommend. I thought Sheridan sheets would not leave this mess.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Would not buy anything but Sheridan

I have used them for 43 years and bought them for my children and I still have them in the linen cupboard, and now am buying them for my grandchildren. If you say they are expensive I agree, but in the end they last and are worth it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great - when the fluff is gone!

Great value and price although I am still removing fluff from my son's dark coloured doona cover.I have tried everything - line drying - rinsing in vinegar- drying on the line and in dryer but after four washes is still shredding fluff.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Two years on and still shredding fluff -about time to chuck in the bin and never buy Sheridan flannel sheets ever again.


I wouldn't not recommend there sheets to anyone... I have never had sheet with so much pill on them... I'm disgusted in the quality of them & the price they charge they should not be doing it

Disappointed - should have listened to reviews

Shocking sheets. Still pilling after several washes, look very old and threading from elastic has come undone on fitted sheet. Was a loyal customer to Sheridan products but won't purchase again!!

Best flannelette sheets ever

These sheets have performed like no others that I have used!Generous sizing, beautiful colours,thick ,soft quality and no pilling or shedding of fibre right from the first wash..Absolutely luxurious and excellent quality.Thank you Sheridan!

Superior product

Without a doubt the best quality flannelette sheets ever...After 2 winters of wear they are as good as new, unlike all others I have purchased in 40 years that are threadbare after a short time. We just love these superb, cosy sheets! Great investment in a superior product..

2 yr old Sheridan flannellette sheets still fantastic

I don't know what's up with these negative reviews either. Are they real people? I've had one pair of Sheridan flan sheets on my bed for 6mths each of the past 2 Winters (sure; I wash them!) and they are still great. I was looking for Winter sales info and am going to buy more Sheridan flans asap, and only clicked on this review link to check out what's happening.

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Re: 2yr old Sheridan flannelette sheets still fantastic: I apologise for doubting the person who wrote their complaint about the fluff getting on their pj's etc. I have since bought my second pair of Sheridan flan sheets and experienced the fluff. I had forgotten about this. But I rewashed them a couple of times and the fluff subsided. Now they are lovely, warm, comfy and something to look forward to on cold nights. Still highly recommended. Xx

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Do you need to wash before using?
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Certainly do .Give a good hard wash with fabric conditioner to finish.. Dry on line the finish off in dryerWhen washing bedsheets, especially high quality 1000TC+, I would suggest always washing before first use, and always washing in cold water and never use a clothes dryer. Put it on the line. This will prevent bedsheets from shrinking.

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