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Shidaiwa EB802RT

Shidaiwa EB802RT

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Our house, lawn and long driveway are surrounded by maple trees that shed lots of leaves comes Fall. We used to rake those leaves by hand or shred and blow them with the lawn mower in certain areas and it was a lot of work.
In the beginning of Fall 2014, I rented a Shindaiwa EB 802 RT to try it out and immediately determined that it would be a very useful tool to have handy. So, I bought a brand new one for some 600$ (I could not retrieve my invoice nor the user manual that I usually keep ???). Five year warranty if I recall properly.
It is a backpack type well padded in the back and at the shoulder. It weighs about 23 pounds and is powered by an 80cc 2 cycle engine. Exit air speed is estimated at 191 mph. Noise level at full throttle is quite high and auditive protection is required. Gas tank contains two litres, which is adequate since the engine sips quite a bit. Built is sturdy and controls easily fall into the hand.
It starts without problem using a primer bulb, choke and recoil starter. The air draft is quite powerful and eye protection is required.
Since its purchase, I have been regularly using it to blow leaves, clean dust, sand, gravel and debris on the parking lot and around the house, as well as blowing powdery snow up to a couple of inches thick off cars and around.
Its the kind of tool I now wonder how I could make do without.
Only problem encountered was the first winter when after 10-15 minutes of use it gradually lost power and then stopped altogether. I took it to the dealer who explained to me that the carburetor had frozen: outside temperature was -20C that day. When it had warmed up at room temperature, it started without problem. Only time it occurred. I definitely recommend this product.

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Shidaiwa EB802RT
Price (RRP)529.99
Maximum Air Velocity307
Vacuum FunctionYes

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