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Simply can’t fault this amazing service.

I Was taking a risk as never used a freight forwarding company before and the speakers I wanted, amazon would t ship to Australia, so I used ship2au.

I had the best experience using this company. The online website is easy to use, communication is excellent and not there is honestly not 1 thing I can fault. First time user (and I did a lot of research) and now a lifetime user. They shipped it off the next day and the postage rates were better than I could do myself. Couldn’t be happier.

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Perfect service! Will use again!

Amazing service, extremely fast response, very efficient.
The website is great, very user-friendly.
Love the inspection service where they can inspect your items and send you pictures of your packages.

Definitely will use again and recommend friends.

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fantastic freight forwarder!

Sent a consolidated package from China with tens of small items. All there and the info mostly showed up in a day or two once arrived in their warehouse.

The shipping only took 3 days! They forgot to upload the tracking number but it's not necessary in my case, anyway. Amazing speed and great price.

Customer service is very good, too. All my queries are answered in a day.

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Will come back

Quick response, great service! Thanks a lot, Jeremy and the team! Will definitely come back and recommend ship2au to friends.

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Best CN to AU shipping company so far

Excellent service. Have been using for the past 6 months with quick delivery. Efficient tracking number provided and so easy to use

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Perfect service

Nice service. I tried many times from China and US. It is a door to door service and has a very quick response. I will use it again in the future.

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Great Service!

I wasn't satisfied with the initial item consolidation compression and made an enquire if they can do any better. To my surprise they were more than willing to help and were able to squash it down a bit a more. Delivery was quite quick too!

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Great service, fast delivery, all in all very happy

Ordered from Amazon US earlier in August, Ship2au received the package a few days after I ordered, and let me know they received it, we went through the web process of confirming the re-delivery and the payment. Everything went smoothly. Delivery took only about 3 or 4 working days from the US. I was very impressed. Ship2au were pretty great, all positive from my end I really can't think of anything wrong.
Ordered a Laptop if it's of interest, arrived in good condition considering the amount of traveling the box did.

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Great service from Ship2au - timely, trusted and quick with nice support

We ordered few fragile items from Amazon and Ebay including an expensive watch which had to reach my place before my partner's birthday. Ship2au's timely and trusted service came in very handy . I got my items delivered early on . I also saved a good amount of the charge by consolidating the items. Further, their support team , allayed my concerns , given the fragile nature of the gift.

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Great service!

Great service from the Ship2Au team. Couldn't have done more for me. Easy, fast service and a great easy-to-use website. Highly recommend and will definitely use again. Didn't think I could ever buy out of China but now know who to use in future.

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