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Sikkens Cetol Deck

Sikkens Cetol Deck

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Provides a good finish but needs a lot of prep, it's expensive and it doesn't last long. Also be careful with the stain colours. Even the pine colour gives a stain. Decent, but not worth the money.

Satisfactory: but depends what you are looking for

Have sold and used this product for many years along with flood spa n deck, Intergrain Ultradeck/DWD and Cutek and would rate this product as satisfactory considering the price. Gives a great finish that is second to none however is often referred to as 'liquid gold' as the price is high and increasing every year. As far as longevity it could last longer when accounting a drum costs $600-700 as it faded in about 8 months. It really depends on what you are after. If you are willing to re-coat the deck every year in full sun then sikkens is the elite option with best finish, however if you want a product with more longevity Spa N deck we have found is the longest lasting (roughly 2 years depending on exposure).

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Very good product, but with limitations

Have used this product on and off for years. It is a very good product, but with limitations. The two biggest problems we have encountered is that the time between treatment/costs is always sooner than the product material suggests. The second is most of Sikkens products are a stain Vs. a strict oil protective coating. After a few coats the natural timber grain is lost under the stain. This combined with a tendency to attract and absorb dirt sees the timber get very dark very quickly. We still use Sikkens and it is a good product, its a pain to prepare the surface and expensive to use. For areas that we insist on retaining a timber finish we use other products or varnish.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


i am a professional painter operating as Calgary quality painting i started using Sikkens cetol 1 for my customers more than 2 years ago for decks and fences after i sand down to the bare wood decks i apply a heavy coat of Sikkens cetol . my customers are very happy with the results it penetrates in the wood and protects it for many years searching for photos and reviews under Calgary quality painting.com is the best stain if you use it correctly

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Expensive waste of time and money for a terrible result.

I was told that this was the best product on the market for Merbau decks and posts. When the builder finished the deck I waited 4-6 weeks for the deck to dry, cleaned the top with a small Karcher water cleaner and let it dry for 24 hours. The sun was out and the temperature was 26 degrees. I used the Sikkens Cetol HLSe for the first coat, Sikkens Cetol Deck for the second and third coat using a lambs wool applicator to apply. All of this is totally consisten with what Sikkens had recommended. The all up cost for the product was $670 purchased from Bunnings (all receipts kept) and I adhered to all of the recommendations for application of the product by Sikkens.

The result was OK at the end of the process however not fantastic as I had hoped. Within three months of applying the product consistent with their recommended process the entire deck has faded and become blotchy. It looked like the oil had taken to some areas but not to others. After five months it looked like there was no coverage at all. My builder inspected the deck and advised that this should not happen and I should contact the Sikkens representative. I contacted Sikkens and they said that I should start again, I expressed reluctance to spend $670 dollars again, when the product may or may or may not fail after 3-5 months. They eventually sent a representative to inspect the deck and that was the last I heard from them, The representative inspected the deck over a month ago and I have had no response and the deck continues to look worse and worse.

We are now moving on to another brand to salvage what we can from our blotchy deck. (Shame I could not post photos here). I note that this outcome is reflected by others who have had the same experience from this expensive and very disappointing product. I would not use this product and would not recommend to anyone, it is expensive and does not deliver the outcome claimed or required. Very disappointed and not worth the money coupled with non-existent customer service from Sikkens. This experience is reflected by other disappointed customers.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

7 years later.....

It's seven years since I coated my decking with Sikkens Deck. It previously had Setol HLS on it. I followed instructions on the tin and gave it three coats. Just done a re-coat after seven years, and must say that it held up extremely well. I live in the tropics with harsh sun and rain often blowing in. The 12 monthly re-coating advice is possibly for the most extreme locations, and best to use your common sense. Of course they want to sell product hence this advice.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

Does what it says

I have a massive Karri deck on my house. I painted each plank with two coats top, bottom and sides before fitting. A final coat was applied after nailing. The two areas that get most sun have deteriorated because I was slack about maintenance but the rest of the deck looks superb. I wash well and re-coat every two years and the colours of the wood remain the same. Karri can vary in colour from deep red (like Jarrah) to a caramel/beige and the look is what I was always after. Be aware that some woods do not take stain well and can be disappointing so do your homework before forking out the money.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Sikkens Cetol Deck

We used the Sikkens series of deck products - BL tannin & oil remover, BL Deck, HLSe & Deck - to finish a hardwood deck. We followed all the instructions and also allowed the deck to season for 3 months before applying everything else. The surface on the area exposed to full sun degraded within months. Sikkens response is to make it my problem. My advice would be to reconsider purchasing the EXPENSIVE & DISAPPOINTING product. In my experience, there was absolutely no value gained from spending the extra money.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Worth every cent

It's a pain to initially apply. After seasoning new hardwood for a few months, give it a wash and wait three days. You have to punch down all the nail heads, then sand the deck with 80 grit paper, then vacuum off the dust, then apply three coats of Cetol Deck, or one coat of Cetol HLSe followed by two coats of Cetol Deck. And then you should apply another coat every year (I do it every two) (Don't forget to sand the old surface with 180 grit paper before the annual recoat). BUT applying the paint is easy if you use a wool paint mop or the new Sikkens Deck Brush.

Things I like: It lasts and is easy to clean. It looks good and just seems superior to every other deck coating I've used.

Things I don't like: It covers up the original colour and grain of the timber (but don't all decking paints?) It has to be sanded lightly and reapplied every year.

Really great.

This stuff is pretty good. Takes a bit to put it on right but I get up to 4 years out of it. I know I should do it every year but I can't be bothered so I let it go and it doesn't get that bad. After the 4 years I sand the surface so all loose old paint is completely gone. I think wash with the acid. I then recoat with the stains. Some areas need more stain than others depending how they have worn over the years. I don't need a perfect even tone. Wood has many colours anyway!
I am constantly getting compliments on my expansive decks even when the four year mark rolls around they still look amazing.
People ask me what I use. I use this stuff because I am basically lazy. I prefer to put more work in when I go it than do it all the time.
I've tried all sorts of paints and oils. Not saying this is the best but it's the best I've come across. I like intergrain as well. Not sure if you can still get it. It's lasts an epic length of time.
Good luck and happy painting.

Worst exterior product I have ever used

Applied following strictly the instructions on the tin. The product failed within 3 month. The coat film turned black and peeled off. Thier customer service was arrogant and dismissive. I would give zero stars if possible.

Top shelf

Sikkens is a world class product that is head and shoulders against other deck stains, oils and look alikes. Been using Sikkens for 23 years and have always been satisfied. Not cheap, but worth ever dollar. Takes 24 hours to dry and looks terrific when cured. You will not be disappointed.
Re coat every 12 months

Sikkens Cetol Deck

Great product but like every outdoor wood product needs to be redone every 12 months in exposed areas. Sikkens have now developed a brush with long handle for application so it takes less than half an hour for me to apply to whole deck. Needs to be applied to dry deck so if need to wash the deck the day before application.
Quick easy to apply and looks great
Have to redo every year or so in exposed areas

Questions & Answers

I have 2 cedar chaise lounges, coated with Sikkens 13 years ago and badly needing a recoat. My local PPG folks sold me Cetol and said that all I needed to go was sand tho old finish. I sanded and gave it a good heavy spray and the applied the Cetol. It has a varnish-like sheen and I think it won't go away after drying. Will it still protect the furniture? Will it look ok? Should I give it a second coat? Ronald
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Better to use a marine varnish. Sikkens products are hit and miss

What colour stain should I use on northern box hardwood decking
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What preparation do you need to do to deck before reapplying sikkens Halsey to deck.
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Sikkens Cetol Deck
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