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254 reviews
254 reviews
BennyPerth, WA

Perfect solution to avoid roaming charges

I bought a Data Only Sim card for a 2 week holiday in France. The buying process was simple, i received the card a week later. I popped it in my phone (it has 2 Sim slots) and forgot about it. As I was stepping of the plane, it activated automatically. It worked perfectly for the whole holiday. I'll be buying another Sim card from Simcorner for my next overseas holiday. Show details
Lisa F.
Lisa F.Sydney, NSW

Great service & excellent coverage

My husband has an iPhone XS (10) which is fairly old in the phone world and it really struggled to pick up a signal when on the go so keep this in mind if you’re using an older device and are moving around lots. I have a 14 and had 5G coverage almost everywhere we went (france, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, UK) - zero complaints! Show details
JoeSydney14 posts

Asia Sim Card Worked Perfectly - Simple to Activate

Tried Sim Corner for the first time in Sep22 and was very pleased the Asia Sim Card I purchased worked perfectly in the 3 countries I visited (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines)
Ordering was easy with the card delivered through the post prior to the trip, and activating it even easier, after checking phone settings per the instructions, just pop the sim into your phone when arriving at the destination, and it automatically activates and connects to the local mobile network.
Highly Recommended. Show details
Kenneth E.
Kenneth E.

This is what you call service

Bought 6 sims as I’m travelling around US and Europe. My activation date for the sims were all the same (my fault) and once it was time to swap the sims, they wouldn’t work due to already being expired.. I contacted Sim corner and explained the situation to them. Alicia was the person I dealt with the most and she has been superb. She offered to top up my US sim twice and amended the activation dates for my Europe trip.

Typically people only write reviews for negative experiences but it’s overdue to write about great experiences too. I highly recommend this company and will keep using them for future travels.

David W
David WGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC13 posts

Just didnt work, support was useless

Bought their unlimited data and added the phone home to landline option. While the mobile worked in the USA phone home never worked to an established landline in AU. Support was non-existent, glad I had a plan B from another provider. There are better solutions out there. Show details
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Bought a 12GB sim to use in UK and Europe. Worked for about 3hrs and then demanded payment for further usage Show details
CLinaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Top notch support team!

I purchased sim card from sim corner twice. The first one for my thailand trip. The signal works really well and very easy activation. The second one is for my europe trip i purchased 2 sims and somehow both of the activation date are the same. I went to send email to support team and unlike any other services, their response is super flash and in a jiffy Amy and Jay have amended my activation date. Very happy with their supprt team and their product. Definitely will be their loyal customer. Any trip abroad will be using sim corner! :) Show details
Nymous55South East Queensland, QLD10 posts
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Kartik7 posts

Fair prices and quick despatch

Absolute legends
Needed the sim urgently so paid express, despatched same morning :) Show details
Fed - up Aussie
Fed - up Aussie

Waste of money

Bought 3 different’3’ SIM cards (meaning three different phone numbers!!) as they only lasted 30 days. Travelled for 70 days. Chose this option because it offered Isle of Man. Worked well in cities but very erratic elsewhere. Basically no internet connection in Scotland north of Glasgow. Gave up and switched to EE, which was so much better. And I could just top up my card each month, not buy a new one
Value for Money
Teachable  S.
Teachable S.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Amazing Service and Coverage

We have been using Sim corner for our work trips since 2018 2019 an again in 2022, if your want to hit the ground running with mobile connection these guys are on the ball with there product and amazing customer service, Love the fact as soon as you land overseas it ready to go as you step off the plane. 5star all the way Show details
Marluk L.
Marluk L.

I was a repeat customer -no longer!!

I have used SIM Corner for many years and always recommended. No longer thanks to the dismissive and patronising attitude of their customer service rep Alicia. The SIM card I purchased for use in the UK and Europe worked fine in the UK - but no data in Italy and Spain although the provider kept telling me it was activated. SIM Corner's response - I should have "read the instructions" and wasted even more of my valuable vacation time contacting them. Its not that hard to activate a SIM - you insert it and its ready to go. I hope it was worth it to lose a long time customer .
Rates and Fees
MAHSydney, NSW

Customer Service Excellence

I purchased a SIM for use in the republic of Ireland, which unfortunately didn't work when I landed in Ireland. Knowing the carrier was 3 Telecommunications, I visited a 3 store in Ireland and was advised the SIM I had was for UK and would not work in Ireland. I ended up buying a different pre-paid SIM. Upon returning to Australia, I contacted SIM Corner and explained my experience. It was a config issue with my phone that could likely have been rectified but Alicia and the team at SIM Corner refunded my money regardless. Bravo Alicia! Show details
And J.
And J.

Yes! Will be only purchasing travel cards from them

Their customer service is superior! I had an issue with my card, it got resolved in less then 10 minutes. I emailed them, and resolved in no time. Same for my daughter's card. I trust them for my future travels. Show details
jmmdx43 posts

So glad I chose!

Customer service is excellent! I had a question and for once it’s easy to contact the seller!
The reply was straight to the point and solved my problem. Highly recommend them. Thanks Amy Show details
Brock T.
Brock T.Sydney, NSW

Great customer service!!

Second time using these guys. Trip in 2020 booked for EU sim ordered, postponed due to Covid, “no problem let us know when you’d like activated”, plans change going to US now 2 years later, “no problem, we’ll send you out a new sim for the US”. Unlimited calls and texts for the month all across US sorted Show details
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BrookeSydney, NSW3 posts

Will Only be Buying From Them

I will only be purchasing SIM cards for travel from Sims Corner from now on. They deliver super quickly, have the most phenomenal customer service and the prices are also the best. I am a loyal customer now. Show details
LoraineGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts


I bought a SIM Card from SimCorner for travelling to Washington DC and Orlando last year. It was arrived in a few days. It worked perfectly when i was in US. Highly recommended. Show details
Paul3490Gippsland, VIC74 posts

Didn't work for us

We got a 5GB Vodafone travel SIM for NZ.
I spent around two hours on the 'phone with a Vodafone technician to get the data/internet connection working. We needed to install new APNs - if you don't have a clue what that means, you're going to have problems. That was the first evening of my holiday.
A week later we needed to 'phone Australia. We couldn't do it.
Nothing else to say really... I'm not spending any more holiday time on something that should just work. Show details
Diane Heathcote
Diane HeathcoteHunter Region, NSW2 posts

Used multiple sims for family communication in Europe and Scandinavia

We purchased 3 28 day SIM cards to enable us to communicate between family members while travelling in Germany Austria and Scandinavia. Although access to wifi is frequently available in cafes hotels etc there are times when it is not. We wanted to ensure access at all times. Sim Corner SIM cards were easy to install and worked perfectly. Provided great peace of mind. Show details
Sarah M.
Sarah M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Highly recommended SIM for Europe travels!

Very happy with my SIM. Order and delivery was easy and quick. Did exactly as it says.
As soon as my plane landed, I received a message from my airport pick-up driver that he was at the airport waiting for me! What a relief!
Having a reliable SIM, I was able stay connected with my family and friends during my trip.
Very handy and I never had any issue with it throughout my stay in Europe. Will definitely use it again!
  Fair Incentive

Fantastic product that made travel so stress free!

Product was shipped on time, easy to set up and delivered the service without issue. Customer service was very helpful and responded to my questions the same day. I highly recommend this service! Show details
Rates and Fees
Demi R.
Demi R.Central Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Fair Incentive

MUST HAVE Sim Card for an overseas holiday!!!

Our travel agent recommended the 30 day US/CANADA Sim Card with unlimited data and it was honestly the best thing we purchased for our trip. From the moment we landed to when we left our Sim Cards worked AMAZING and we had no issues at all with connecting. In fact the data was so fast we never ever used Wifi at the hotels. Highly recommend and will be purchasing again for future trips.
AshCanberra Central 2602, ACT

So easy to use and great value for money!

I was in the US for a month and bought the 30 day US sim card. It was great value for money and I didn't have any issues with connection at all! Great for being able to stay connected to my family back home.
Leonie Wheeler
Leonie WheelerSydney Surrounds, NSW
  Fair Incentive

Perfect sim card for ease of mind

I Traveled through Europe and this sim card made my life easy, Searching maps, contacting family and translations. I have ordered another one for my next upcoming trip. Great product. Show details
Chris2 posts
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Overseas in Europe you cannot live without access to maps. Would have been lost too many times to count if we had not been able to google on the run, especially train connections. Show details
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Cath9South East Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive

Made keeping in touch whilst travelling very easy

Ordered 8 GB and 12 GB SIM cards. Both worked great, activated easily, kids were able to share using one as a hotspot. Only used about 1/2 the date (19 days). Worked well in UK/ France and Hong Kong (data only on 12GB). Very pleased, from order to use. Show details
Janine L
Janine LGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC5 posts

Europe and UK SIM card 12GB

Just purchased my 2nd SIM from SimC Corner. Fabulous value for money and hassle free use - heaps of data - used in UK and Iceland. Excellent service and delivery. Highly recommended. Show details
JoelleGippsland, VIC
  Fair Incentive

N.Z. travel SIM

Received SIM card well before my trip. Very easy to use, easily activated before I left the airport. Had no issues with use during my whole trip. Would use again & would recommend Sim Corner to others. Show details
Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Ras M.
Ras M.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts
  Fair Incentive

I had good coverage in Vancouver

It never let me down, from the time I landed i had full coverage. Made my travel so much easier. I definitely recommend using SIM Corner. The product was delivered and in 2 days. Show details
James Bethune
James BethuneGippsland, VIC5 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

Perfect travelling SIM for overseas

I rate the USA/Canada/Mexico SIM an A+. I used it last year Los Angeles and down visiting Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and had excellent reception and super fast mobile data connection all the time. Simple to load and get connected. I have already ordered another ready for my trip to mexico in may this year. Show details
So easy
So easy2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Easy !!!

Great fast postage to my door, was able to set it up prior to departure of airport!! No issues with the sim during my travels. I would definitely recommend Sim Corner. Show details
Value for Money
Rates and Fees
Swiss 3
Swiss 3Sydney, NSW2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Cost effective and user friendly sim card

SimCorner cards are very easy to use, value for money with a quick delivery time.
I have used the sim cards previously and had no problems. It worked straight away upon putting into my phone.
The data was great and as it is prepaid, there were no nasty surprises with bills.
I take two cards for when I am away for 6 - 8 weeks. When the first one expires, I just insert the next one.
It is a great product and have recommended to many friends. Show details
Gregory B.
Gregory B.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Perfect travel sim

While in US for work for 3 weeks got the t mobile sim and it worked as soon as I placed it in the phone. Love the unlimited 4g data package. Show details
Paul K.
Paul K.3 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

Fast Delivery - Perfect Service for use in Europe

I recently ordered 2 x European SIM cards (3 Mobile).
Delivered to me within 2 days of order. I inserted the SIM card while on the plane, and as soon as we touched down an Athens, turned my phone on, and straight away it worked. No issues whatsoever.

Had enough data for me to use everyday for 2 weeks while travelling.

Can rate this service high enough.
Well done, and we will definitely be recommending to our family and friends.

Thanks Show details

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David B
David B

Great easy to use Sim cards

Everything was easy with these sim cards from purchase delivery to activation and use.
I have used Sim Corner sim cards in the USA with T mobile and most recently in Europe&UK with 12 GB cards last year.Everything worked so well I have already purchased two new Europe and UK 12GB sim cards for my next trip later this year. Show details
KayC2 posts
  Fair Incentive
SunlilySydney Surrounds, NSW42 posts

Excellent, No other way!

Purchased 2 SIM cards before going to USA/Canada/Alaska, changed sims on flight arrived in LA and immediately had connection. This beats doing the deal with any Aussie telecommunications company - if we used the Aussie one it would have cost me $660 per phone, going through sim corner it cost me $140. This worked perfectly for us. Show details ·  1
Michael Sainsbury
Michael SainsburySydney, NSW

Always Reliable and Prompt!

Sim Corner are always so helpful in providing information about their products and respond very quickly to enquiries. When ordered the cards come very quickly and efficiently within a matter of days only. They have always been easy to use and worked without any problems at all. Show details
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