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Simonds blew me away

Honestly, cant fault the build.
I looked the place up and down and took several friends/family members through who are trades/have building backgrounds. Only very minor things needed touching up and all were done within days of highlighting them to my supervisor. Overall, a great experience and a quality build.
My CRC was very helpful and supervisor was great.
Overall, would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateJun 2017
Hi Hoochy, thank you for the great feedback. We are very happy to hear your journey with us has been enjoyable! If you wish to, please provide your job number and we can direct your positive feedback to the team members involved. Thanks again and congratulations on your new home! Best wishes, KrissieS1406

Consultants and Site Supervisors make the experience

We are 3/4 of the way through our build with Simonds homes and cannot be happier with the care, attention to detail and communication we have received from everyone from start to present, our consultant Conrad Mittra help design our dream home, his efforts to get us what we wanted in our home won us over and we chose to leave another builder because of this (even risking our deposits with the other builder), Nicole Dickson our Customer Relationship co-coordinator has worked tirelessly with the draftsmen to tie down any loose ends and alter any design aspects of the house that needed tweeking and our site supervisor Scott Risbey has chosen an excellent range of tradesmen and women to build our house and given great guidance and explanations along the way.
Conrad Mittra is the reason we chose to leave our other builder and sign with Simond, his work over many months to get our business has ensured not only that we are building with Simonds for our second house but would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone else and if we go back for a third house he will be our first point of call.
We look forward to the completion of our build and cannot wait to move into our beautiful new Simonds home and make it our own.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateMar 2017
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Hi James, thank you for the great feedback. We are very happy to hear your journey with us has been enjoyable! We'll be sure to direct your positive feedback to the team members involved. Thanks again and congratulations on your new home! Best wishes, Krissie

Beautiful house, fast construction time, excellent customer service- couldn't be happier!

We built with Simonds after seeing their Sierra display house in SA at Blakes Crossing. Our first point of contact was with Nathan, who helped us with the plans, pricing and always responded quickly to our many queries. He was very professional and informative.
Next we met our Customer Care Manager - Josh, who made our journey very informative and relaxed. He responded to our queries very quickly and always put our mind at ease. Josh was such a pleasure to deal with.
Next we met Trish, for our selections appointment. She was amazing- she has such brilliant knowledge of what matches with what and helped us be comfortable with our choices. Our colours are amazing, better than we imagined!
Finally we met our Site Supervisor- Steve. He was very informative and confident that he could complete the build fast and get us in by Christmas. He did! We were in a week before Christmas- our construction time was around 11-12 weeks. He went out of his way to accommodate us when we had queries or wanted a site visit.
We are so happy with the final product, it's more beautiful than we imagined! There are a few things that need to be addressed, but we are confident that they will be rectified in the 3 month maintenance report.
Thanks you to the Simonds team from the bottom of our hearts for all your efforts and hard work, we love our new home so much!!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Construction End DateDec 2016
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Hi Rachael, thank you for the great feedback. We are very happy to hear your journey with us has been enjoyable! We'll be sure to direct your positive feedback to the team members involved. Thanks again and congratulations on your new home! Best wishes, Krissie

Excellent Process from Start to Finish

We have just completed handover and couldn't be happier with our experience with Simonds Homes. We originally signed with another builder whose upgrades were too expensive while having awful standard options so we eventually cut our losses and cancelled. Simonds' standard selections are of great quality and we didn't have to upgrade most things. When we signed they had a deal where you chose a certain amount to pay and got a higher amount to use on whatever upgrades you wanted, in our case we paid $15,000 and got $45,000 to spend (this is what attracted us to them initially after our experience with builder 1). Our sales consultant Nathan worked with us to make sure we got the best for our needs, chopping and changing deals to fit perfectly. We only went $2000 over our budget which was a miracle. The 'fusion' option to customize our home even though we don't know anything about architecture was awesome too. Sam was a wonderful point of contact during the entire process, sending update emails every Friday even when there wasn't a whole lot going on. The selections process was about a 2 on the stress scale compared to 11's before; so easy. Steve was a great site manager and was always forthcoming with any issues that came up, though we didn't really have any besides the door having to be replaced and somebody stealing our door handles. Some construction workers damaged our neighbour's fence and they got it sorted out and fixed within a fortnight, partly because of this we already have a great rapport with next door!

Simonds were very accommodating of our needs, we were never available at the same time due to conflicting RDO's and they worked around them by making sure things were scheduled at times at least one of us could make it. All in all I am very impressed with how painless the entire project was and I will be recommending Simonds to anyone looking to build.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Hi Louise C, thank you for the great feedback. We are very happy to hear your journey with us has been enjoyable! Could you please provide your job number so we can direct your feedback to the team members involved? Thanks again and congratulations on your new home! Regards, Simonds HomesHi! Job number was S1180! Thanks :)

Very Very Very Bad Experience

The workmanship and build quality is very poor poor poor and the thing is that the engineer did not agree to it but said it was according to the building standards but I paid for best standards!!! Ridicule! One of the senior person I called to see my house says,"I can see it is not right but it is not wrong either." I don't know what he meant by that?
Simonds hire contractors without experience. If anyone want have a look at the quality of Simonds, do not go to their display homes, rather come and see my house and you will never ever build with them.
I went through lot of stress because of all this. I am really very very unhappy about Simonds. The way they build, communicate, deal with the customers and give excuses. I would never ever recommend Simonds to anyone.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Hi Gopi, I'm sorry to hear you've had such a disappointing experience. If you could please let me know your job number by either posting here or emailing help@simonds.com.au, I'd like to look investigate this further.My Job Number is SA 709

Our dream home is a reality.

We had a great experience. Our supervisor was very friendly and helpful keeping us up to date with everything that was happening. The Simonds tablet also helped us to be on track.
The house was built quickly but with good quality and we are very happy with the final results.
The customer service was friendly and helpful keeping our doubts away.
In the end I believe that choosing Simonds to build our home was a great idea.

Build LocationSouth Australia
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Hi Satvir, Fantastic to hear you enjoyed your build journey and are happy with your new home. Thanks for choosing to build with Simonds.

Would recommend to anyone

Overall the build quality and workmanship was ok. Had a few issues with the painter but as I believe Simonds no longer use them due to the delays and lack of workmanship. Build was managed well despite a change in construction manager. The process did seem to go dormant between external and internal change over.

Customer service and support was excellent! Credit to the company. My only major issue with the company was the lack of communication that was given in taking out the a/c allowance. The truss spacing's were reduced which meant I was forced to buy the only a/c unit I could to fit. This now means I have an a/c unit that I don't particularly think is up to the job in keeping my house cool.

Overall I would recommend Simonds. Majority of my issues were minor and I made my opinion quite clear at the time in regards to the a/c. As I believe this no longer happens. My parents built at the same time with another unnamed builder and had an absolute nightmare so comparison we got off lightly :) I have heard many horror stories.

Build LocationSouth Australia
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Hi Susan, thanks for taking the time to provide detailed feedback. I'd like to look into your concerns further, are you able to provide your job number please? Either by posting here or emailing help@simonds.com.au

Builds Good Quality Homes and Most Reliable Builder!!!

Simonds built our home with quality and in a very short period of time which we never expected that would be quick but still with quality. Our relationship with Simonds has been managed very well. Belinda V, our CSR assisted us very well all through out and gave us on time feedback with our queries and updates on the progress of the house.

Build LocationSouth Australia
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Hi Lyn, thanks for your wonderful feedback, I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to Belinda.

Wouldn't recommend at all!

Just got our keys and had a walk through prior for them to fix things, none of them have been done and now don't even have phone calls returned. Terrible after sales service, many 'shortcuts' taken through the build (ie. Coastal protection not honoured and standard nails used on frame). Delivery drives damaged garage entrance, then tried to patch and now have it painted a completely different colour to what was discussed... Building site was not cleaned up well at all with materials left which still haven't been picked up??! Selections were missed on the contract and they refer back to the signed contract which is a joke - it's as though they expect you to check model details and etc on every detail... What happened to good old customer service?? If I was to run my business like they do i would have no work!

Build LocationSouth Australia
Hi Ryan, I'm sorry to hear that your experience hasn't lived up to expectation. This is certainly not the level of service and quality of build we aim to deliver. If you could let me know your job number and best contact details, I'd like to look into this further. You can either reply here or email help@simonds.com.auJob number SA702

A Unique Home That No One Else Wanted To Build.

Our house was a difficult one to build. We had an odd shape block that slopped in different angles, specific requirements and a set budget. The other builders wouldn't give us the time of day, we even had one yell at us for buying the block we did, another pretended to be interested and initially spent an hour with us but every time we came back for an appointment would be somehow tied up with something else. Simonds however did give us the time of day.

It took a very long time, lots of changes, lots of stress, there were plenty of times I never thought it would ever happen, but it did and now we have the house we wanted, in the location we wanted for the price the bank would lend us.

Once they got started, the house came together really quickly, we even moved in a little ahead of the time we expected to. We generally are very happy with how the house has been built. This was not our first time building a house and the issues we had were very minor compared to what we had with our last house. Mainly a couple of small cosmetic issues.

Build LocationSouth Australia

High quality home

My wife and I are very happy with our new home, The building process was very enjoyable with the modifications we made to the standard plan added to make our home quite unique. Although council delays, out of Simonds control, slightly delayed the start of the build. The building process was quite fast and we were handed over the keys earlier than expected. During the building process we had many walk throughs with the site manager who was very easy to work with and all the faults that we found were either fixed during the building process or soon after. We would recommend Simonds to friends of ours planning to build.

Build LocationSouth Australia

A fantastic group to build with

We'd been looking at building a home for a number of months, but had been given the run-a-round by a number of other builders. When we went through a display village in Adelaide, we were contact immediately the next day by the sales consultant and set up a meeting time where we could talk about approximate costings for our new home. No other builder was willing to do this. From this point on, we were extremely impressed by Simonds customer service at all levels of the construction process. We were kept extremely well informed along the way and have been exceptionally impressed with the level of workmanship and professionalism by all Simonds staff. We're very happy customers indeed!

Build LocationSouth Australia

First Home

Sales team were great and they have a really good setup and the process is fairly straight forward. However the tag line of "in it together" I feel couldn't be further from the truth. Once your house is built you are on your own. Unless you have the time to chase the site supervisor and the trades and take extra days off work because you are desperate to get things done than I would say choose another builder.
I am still trying to get things sorted at my new home (9months later) and it's becoming a nightmare. We built with Simonds feeling that we were building with a professional outfit that would build our new home with care and have a quality finish however we got far from it. The trades workmanship was very poor.

This is the first time in my life I have had to write a bad review about anyone so I Don't want to babble on about it all but I feel people need to be aware of what they are getting into with such a big purchase. But I would like to end with positives. The home was built in a timely manner which we are very thankful for & Majority of the staff have been great and are quite helpful I think this company means well but just do not have the execution in delivering what they set out to do. I hope I will get a good result some time soon and I can change my comments.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Hi Shane, Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. I'm sorry you feel that you're on your own once your house has been built. This certainly isn't the level of service we aim to provide. I'd like to get your maintenance concerns resolved as soon as possible. Are you able to please email me your job number to help@simonds.com.au?I would like to say that since this post and Simonds reply that things are on the up. However it couldent be further from it. Since this post Simonds have been in touch with a newly appointed building manager, to simonds credit he came to our house to inspect the issues and agreed that the things I had mentioned to him needed to be fixed and has and is arranging for this things to be done. BUT then we came to the biggest issue THE BRICKS this is an issue that I have been beating my head against the wall with for over a year now and the stress is honestly wearing me down. I explained to the Building manager the issue about how my bricks were fine when installed however when they were acid pressure washed before handover (standard practice) the cleaner used a 5:1 acid wash on our light coloured bricks. Since this time the bricks took on a green/brown tinge and in some areas alot more than slight discolouring. Simonds tried to fix the issue with yet another acid wash supplied by PGH the brick supplier, after leaving this treatment over 5 weeks this treatment failed and the bricks are yet again discoloured. They then did ANOTHER acid wash saying they were confident about the success of this one. so yet again I let them do it . 1 year on and still I have the same issue, I thought having explained all this to the new building manager that I would finally get a Permanent solution and all my issues resolved. He was understanding and seemed to agree it was a problem, I was very relieved at that point. BUT then I got his answer a few days later that brought all the anxiety flooding back. His response was that after research they wanted to do ANOTHER ACID WASH! I couldn't believe it. After alot of arguing with the building manager I finally conceded and said I will agree to one more acid was but in return I would like some sort of assurance that if this issue ever resurfaces that Simonds will render the property which will insure I will be rid of this problem once and for all. I wanted this because after speaking to some contacts in the building industry (a few of them experts) they advised me that the risk is this issue could resurface a few years down the track and then I would be left High and dry. So I thought it only fair that I have a document protecting me as the home owner ensuring this issue will not affect me financially come time to sell the property should we out grow it. But he refused and said they will not agree to such terms and that if I dont allow the proposed treatment then we are at a stale mate. I am honestly be wielded as to why if they are so confident in their treatment why wont they agree to this? And so it spirals into an area I had never wanted to go, Consumer affairs which I have now logged a case (I advised the building manager but he really didnt care) and then (what I feel will be inevitable) Court. Never an avenue I thought I would ever have to take in my life time but alot of people assure me in our case its an avenue worth taking, I hope they are right. This is a VERY long read and sadly thats just the tip of the iceburg but you all need to be aware of what you may potentially face should you come across any expensive issue to fix because the chances are here in Adelaide you may face the same battle.

Overall Beauiful Home

Superior quality items for standard pricing. I found bit expensive than other builders in the market initially, but for me quality really matters. Got what I paid for!! Wonderful team and good prompt customer service..
I even had recommended 2 of my friends to build with Simonds and they too happy. Overall process is sailing from the start with weekly updates on the build process and more..

Build LocationSouth Australia
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Hi Kumar, thank you for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. We hope you love your home.

11 months later and extremely happy...

We decided to build with Simonds after a long and exhaustive search to find a builder that would suit us. We wandered into the Blakes Crossing display village in August 2013 and met Haydn, we saw the Sierra design and were pretty much sold then and there! Haydn was brilliant every step of the way and compared to all the other consultants we'd come across, he was by far the best. Informative, personable, honest and always got back to us when he said he would. We felt completely at ease with all the options available to us and nothing was too much trouble. We had a great customer rep, She without fail every Friday would update on the progress of our home, right through from the approvals phase to handover. Again, nothing was too much trouble and she always got back to us when we had a question or query. Our build took 19 weeks from site cut to keys, we visited the site every day as we lived around the corner and each day there was always progress made, where as some other new builds from other builders sat dormant for days and weeks at a time - our first build with another builder had massive delays, so this was a welcome surprise! We often ran into trades working on our home and they told us they liked working for Simonds as they paid them well and they would always accept their work, hence being able to build the homes quicker as there was no lag in finding tradies willing to do the jobs for them. There were a few errors such as the wrong feature brick used on a pillar (but quickly and easily fixed once realised) an issue with our fibre optic wiring (the electrician's fault, not Simonds) and some other minor issues/missed items, again - all painlessly fixed with one email or phone call. We know humans were building our home, not machines - so this was expected. We were just happy that it didn't require pain or arguments to fix anything. The house itself is lovely, everyone who visits comments on the gorgeous fittings (we did some upgrades, but they were incredibly affordable) and the raised ceiling in the Sierra design, we had minor corrections needed in the 3 month maintenance period, but once again - easily dealt with phone calls and emails. We have been in the home for 11 months now and love it.

Build LocationSouth Australia
Hi Bings, thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback, it is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your new home for years to come.It’ll be 4 years this year, we still love it. Many storms and weather events have occurred since we moved in, with neighbours who built at the same time with other companies all suffering damages from wind and water ingress, we have had absolutely no issues whatsoever.

Happy with Simonds!

We built our home with Simonds 1 month ago and have been very happy since. Simonds customer service was excellent!. Staff were very helpful on every stage of our home.
I was surprised on how pro-active the staff are and also the time they took to complete our home.
Our finishing of the home was really good and was very happy with the quality of the home.

July 4th 2017 Update: Fantastic experience

Workmanship was really good and Service and updates were great!! Highly recommend.
Designs and customer service were really very good. I built in SA and the State manager Hayden was really very helpful! Right from start to finish everything was communicated very well and was completed in the provided deadlines.
Thanks again Simonds. We are very happy with the building!!!!!!!

Build LocationSouth Australia
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Hi Vegas. Thank you lovely comments, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy your new home for years to come.

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