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Sirius SL906 EM-L 850

Sirius SL906 EM-L 850

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Worth buying

I saw this product in my friend house and I decided to buy it for my new home. The fact that its noiseless and extract
very well gives this products A+++++++. I will recommend it to any one who wants value for money on rangehood.
Great work and amazing job done by Sirius team

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Yinkus, thanks for your review. We appreciate the positive feedback about your Sirius SL906 EM-L 850 rangehood, we're glad to hear that you're enjoying the appliance. Kind regards, Sirius Brand.

Perfect and patient pre-sales advice and information

We had a number of queries when investigating what range hood to buy and on every occasion our questions were answered politely, professionally and extensively. Great service! We were particularly impressed that the motor can be installed externally, making it a very quiet unit unlike our previous hood. We look forward to enjoying SIRIUS for years to come.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great Customer Service

We have just installed this model. The unit makes a funny noise on speed 2 and makes a knocking sound on a windy day. I have contact Sirius and they were right on to it. They are arranging an inspection by one of their installers. Good experience so far. Will keep you posted.

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The Sirius contractor came out and inspected the unit. Photoed and recorded the noise. Issue confirmed. They replaced the unit within the week and pointed out two installation problems. Masters Home Improvements, who designed and instaledl my kitchen had forgotten to earth the Sirius unit and the external exhaust pipe was too high allowing a down draft.

Super Quiet

Attractive Rangehood that is easy to clean and operate. We can actually have a conversation while the rangehood is on. The stainless steal grills are a breeze to clean and are a big improvement over the mesh type. I included the SEM5 motor options which is a powerful roof mounted motor, making the rangehood really quiet.

Good buy

I bought the Serius SL906EML850SEM1 because of the extensive research I had done. There weren't too many on the martket that competes with the quality of the Serius in material and function. The sales person advised me that there was no returns from previous buyers which gave me further confidence with my purchase. There is nothing worse than the drips from the filter type product and the noise is too loud on high extraction. I am very happy with the purchase.

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Questions & Answers

I have got Sirius SL906 EM-L 850 installed with rigid ducts supplied by Sirius and by an approved installer. However, level 1 is absolutely quite, level 2 to 4 are nosier, don't know if this is common or something I should look into? Also what is the airflow rate for level 1, 2, 3 & 4? Thanks
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You will need to ask Sirius about the individual airflow rates. My Sirius does get a little louder with each setting but pretty quiet. Of course when it’s up high I can hear it but I can still hold a conversation or watch tv with it on. I do know that the ducts are best installed with two 90 degree bends to lower noise not sure if your installer did this.


SL906 EM-L 850
Price (RRP)$1999
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