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Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900

Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900

4.4 from 18 reviews

work well when they work !!!!

Had this unit for 18 months or so. Bit noisy but generally worked ok. Stopped working, went to where we purchased unit and they organized someone to repair ? This was October last year. Now March 2019, no repair no service just problem after problem with the remedy being we will need to pay upwards of $500 just to get the flue off??? Poor pooor service and really not good enough. Get a brand that works,

Purchased in October 2016 at Harvey Norman for $1,550.00.

Quite and sleek rangehood

Just replaced my old canopy rangehood with this modern designed sirius SLTCEM 92G 900. The performance of this new rangehood is quite desirable, especially in that the noise is reduced substantially. So my wife can cook easily while enjoy her favorite music. The air suction power is acceptable, although which could be better if i choose a 1600m3 air flow type.

Purchased in January 2019.

Super Quiet

Very quiet, so I can hear my music while I am cooking which is fantastic. Looks amazing in my new kitchen, the sleek modern lines and the touch button controls complete it. The controls being where they are also make it easier for shorter people like myself to reach them.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A Pleasant Addition

Upon the complaint free installation of our range hood, we knew that this was a superior piece. The superb quality, efficiency and quietness of the range hood with its motor installed in the roof space has compliment our newly renovated kitchen. The design of the front panel is great with no raised buttons and is easily wiped over. Would definitely recommend it to others!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great addition to our kitchen....

Very happy with the newest addition to our kitchen... does everything as promised and more.....slimline, sleek and not over designed....yet does a great job...even for asian cooking...easy to wash filter..
as a bonus I love the ambiance of the warm light thrown out which enhances the look of our kitchen and surrounds.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

What A Sucker

We got this range hood installed a couple of weeks ago. It is very powerful works very well yet is exceptionally quite since motor sits outside but best of all no cooking smells . Looks smart and complements our kitchen . We are very happy to recommend this product to friends and family

Date PurchasedAug 2017

super quiet great product *****

We purchased this rangehood for our new kitchen reno as it was one of the quieter ones available/displayed, as our old exhaust fan we very noisy and you could hear anything with it going, so we were after a relatively quiet one. extremely happy with purchase is very quiet and has timer shut off.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great range good!

The Sirius rangehood serms to be of Good quality. I purchased it because it had good reviews and it was at a reasonble and good price. It was easy to install and it seems quite sturdy. I have only used it for about six months so I'll check back in after a year or so.

Date PurchasedSep 2016


I purchased this rangehood from Harvey Norman in Jan 2017 to go over an induction cooktop. This was HN strong recommendation.

It was installed by my builder mid April, towards end of a building job. After about 2 days, water started leaking in, and the overhead light shorted out.

I called the manufacturer and asked for call-out. This proved to be very difficult (registering online, proving purchase online etc) and the operator I spoke with was rude and unhelpful. Eventually, a plumber was sent to inspect. I queried whether a plumber would be able to fix a light.

I saw the plumber on site, who said my builders had fixed the leak problem, and that he would request an electrician be sent to replace light. Two days later, I received an email saying the claim had been closed. When I called, I was told (by a very nice girl) that a report had been made that there was an installation error (the wrong duct used) and the warranty would not be honoured. So nothing like the technician told me!
However, I accept that the installation was incorrect.

I ended up driving out to manufacturer's premises to discuss warranty etc. Eventually, they agreed to replace a part. I had to pay for re-installation of unit, over $500. On the whole, it has been a frustrating and costly exercise. I would suggest you go with a more established brand.

Also, I suspect the corner of the unit is an unsafe design. I didn't notice until installed, but it would be quiet easy to hit your head on a sharp corner. So if you must buy this brand, don't buy this design.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Difficult to install without screw holes in flue! But VERY quiet motor and looks lovely.

Trying to install this rangehood is proving to be very difficult because we have built a cooking alcove in which the rangehood sits against the wall. We only need one outer flue and obviously want the one with the Sirius logo on it.
But, as THAD has also pointed out, only the internal extension actually has screw holes in it.
This means we can't properly fit the outer stainless steel flue!!!
Any help would be most appreciated.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Efficient and Quiet

An efficient and attractive rangehood. We had our kitchen manufacturer mount it flush under our cupboards above the cooktop. We chose the white glass fascia to blend with our kitchen cupboards. The Sirius solid ducting was easy to install in the roofspace with the motor and ducting suspended from a beam secured above the collar ties. Venting is to undereaves in driveway. Motor noise is not noticeable in the house. Noise of exhaust air is noticeable in driveway but only on speeds 3 and 4. Would highly recommend this unit and their ducting as they are well designed and easy to install and use.

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Dear GeoffW thank you for your review. We appreciate the postive feeback. Kindest regards Sirius Brand.


Purchased due to Kitchen being attached to kitchen and noise is a factor. So far with the motor being inside the ceiling this is proving to be much quieter with nothing but the noise of the air flowing through the unit. The timer function after cooking is also a bonus removing any lingering odours without having to return to turn it off.

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Dear Michael, thank you for taking the time to write a positive review we are always happy to read such reviews. Best wishes, Sirius Brand.

Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900 with external Motor SEM5

I chose this rangehood for our new kitchen, installed by Nobby Kitchen back in July. The machine was more noisy than when I tested the display model in Harvey Norman. I rang Arisit customer Service, the first technician who came was not helpful. Without looking into the ducting, he just told me it was installation problem. I called a Sirius recommended installer with photo of the duct and was told it was OK. I returned to Arisit and they sent another technician who was very helpful and professional. He fixed a loose duct connection and freed a jammed motor flap. The noise was reduced and the machine is very efficient. Because the motor is sitting on the roof so I cannot hear it, the noise is actually the wind.
Although the machine is not whisper quiet (the wind noise), but it is heaps better than our old machine. I also like the sleek look and the efficiency of it. I am also very happy with their Customer Service.

Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900 installation

Just finished replacing our a 15 year old Leemac CH Penta range hood with the Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900 range hood, which I must say was a bit of a challenge and would recommend using a professional installer.

The main challenge was that the distance between the bottom of the range hood and the bulk head of our kitchen is only about 560mm, mainly because the range hood needs to be at least 750 mm above the gas cooktop as recommended by the cooktop manufacturer (i.e. not 650 mm). The Sirius stack (or the flue) of the range hood came in 2 parts, with the second part sliding inside the main facia flue so that the stack operates as a telescopic extension. Although the drawing (subject to change) stated that the main flue is only 470 mm and with the internal sliding flue, the stack can be adjusted to any height between 605 and 1030 mm. Well the main flue I received was actually 650 mm tall, which means it had to be cut and no need for the internal extension flue. The good news was that I ended up with a single continuous flue, however it was a challenge because the bracket for holding the flue is designed for the internal sliding flue and not the main facia flue.

I also think that the straight 240 main power plug should actually be replaced by a side entry plug. Our situation from previous range hood (which used a 100 mm duct) was the location of the main power socket between the centre and the left-hand side of the stack, and when the 150 mm semi-rigid ducting is fitted to the range hood it was not possible to connect the mains plug without damaging the semi-rigid duct, it was also difficult even when we connected the plug first before connecting the duct. A side entry plug would have made it easy.

As to the Sirius SEM 2 external fan unit, the installation is straight forward. It comes with 1 PVC pipe for cable entry through the external wall and 2 PVC pipes (one within the other so that it acts as an telescopic extension which allows easy connection to a 150 mm duct. Note, the recommended 150mm duct and two 160 mm ring clamps are not included.
The end result is that it was all worth it, the system performs well beyond our expectation –reasonably quiet at maximum fan speed, which I doubt we’ll ever need to use.

It looks great, but would prefer if it came in fingerprint proof type stainless steel (1 star less).

Powerful product

I just got this rangehood from the shop. And this product is very powerful with 1200m3/h airflow. It comes with a very nice easy clean filter, Really like it. It is good for a asian family too. The motor is very quiet and better than the other brand I used before.

Quiet and sleek looking

We have just replaced our existing rangehood with this and are loving it due to the quietness in operation and its powerful airflow of 1200m3/h. The stainless steel baffle is great compared to the mesh filter, especially for cleaning and durability. The black glass fascia makes it modern and sleek looking in the kitchen. Can't fault it at this stage. Hope the motor can last more than 10 years.

Quiet and poweful

We got this range hood installed a short time ago. It is very powerful works very well yet very quite since motor sits outside. Looks very beautiful gives the kitchen a very good and modern look. So far we are very happy with the product +5.

Quiet, gets rid of smells

Super quiet as motor is out of the kitchen. I've only had product for a short time, but so far so good. I like the idea of having a 10 year warranty on the motor, gives good peace of mind. Keeps smells out of the kitchen too, unlike my previous gutless range hood.
Motor is in the roof, good warranty period

Questions & Answers

Sirius SLTCEM 92 G 900 Hi, i purchased the range hood from Harvey Norman. Can someone tell me how much it costs to install professionally? Thanks
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Hi Ash, installation cost will vary depending on the layout of your house and location of the rangehood. We recommend visiting Sirius' Recommended Installer webpage to find an installer in your state that will be able to give you an accurate quote. https://siriusbrand.com/recommended-installers. Regards

I have recently had this unit with the roof mounted motor installed into a new house - but it seems to make a lot more noise than I anticipated. My sense is that it is AIR FLOW noise around the baffles - they don't move freely and the "rush" of the air is what is making the noise. Please confirm the baffles are supposed to move freely and only fall back into the sealed position when the motor is switched off. Thanks and Regards, Frank
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Hi Looking to buy the SLTCEM 92G900 model. I have an existing Westinghouse model wall mount rangehood. The existing one is mounted on a glass splashback. I would like to know if I can remove the old one and install the Sirius without the need to drill holes on the glass splashback. Can you let me know?
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