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Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy

Gamma Hydroxy, Gamma Hydroxy Forte
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    Good results


    I am 26 and have had ongoing acne for years and have tried many many products. I noticed after a couple of months of using this my skin started to clear I am having less breakouts and have not had any of the painful cystic pimples i usually get since I started using it.

    Lydia L

    Lydia LBrisbane

    My life saver


    I’ve used this product for about 10-15 years. I had terrible acne and tried everything. I noticed my skin starting to clear after 4 weeks then all of my scars were cleared after around 40 weeks from using it morning and night. I notice now in my 30’s that if I stop using it I break out again. I highly recommend this product but we a bit patient for full results.

    Waste of money


    Unfortunately my experience has not been positive. Has a strong smell and is very greasy. Purchased this with high expectations and was extremely disappointed. This product made no difference to my skin. Don't waste your money on this product.


    TeriXenaSydney, NSW

    • 19 reviews

    Makes me GLOW


    I’m blessed with excellent skin. I use a tretinoin cream or gel 3 nights a week and in between I use this product, which helps shed the peeling caused by the Tretinoin. People say I look around late 30’s to early 40’s. I’ll be 59 in a month.

    March 6th 2018 Update: Good exfoliant.

    Clarifies skin and removes debris from use of Retin a. It tingles, and skin needs to get used to it but it helps make my skin glow. Recommended by me :)



    • 8 reviews

    Skin Doctors: Ineffective Products!


    I purchased a range of Skin Doctor products in September 2017 and a specialist advised me what to do from the company to get the best results. My skin is not that bad and I do look good for my age. I never broke out in rashes, but did find that It was very itchy at times. Unfortunately, these creams or applications did absolute zilch! No resurfacing or toning...nothing!

    Twice a day with suncream during the day and even coconut oil for extra moisture as the Skin Doctor cream did not cut it.

    I think Sorbolene would be a better investment if anyone is wanting a thick cream that can moisturize without a scent for only a fraction of the price. And that is saying a lot!



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    This is a great product


    This cream is non greasy and has a lovely fresh fragrance.
    After applying it my skin feels soft and hydrated, I've noticed a visible improvement also which is something I haven't experienced with many other products I've tried.
    I'd highly recommend this face cream to anyone who wants to look refreshed.


    positivespirit1Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

    • 66 reviews

    Not worth the price.


    Every Skin Doctors product I have ever tried has been a failure. Huge marketing on their product range but it does not fulfill the promises. This product did nothing for my skin with zero changes.



    • 2 reviews

    Saved my skin


    I am 26, I suffered from non stop breakouts and milia for 5-6 years. About two weeks after starting to use this product I stopped having breakouts all together. Best product I have ever used, will continue to purchase.

    Using for over 1 month with fairly good results


    I have been using this cream for over a month now and am rather happy. At first my skin felt 'tingly' when I applied it but do not have this sensation so much after extended use. I have skin build up triggered from sun exposure on my very fair skin (I am a fair and red haired) and over time it has cleared these few spots on my face. My skin feels more hydrated and smooth overall if not at times a bit shiny but nothing powder doesn't aid with. Happy with the product considering it's low over the counter price.


    AnitaIllawarra, NSW

    • 11 reviews

    Skin looks younger


    I love this product. My skin looks clearer. No breakouts. Wrinkles appear reduced. Slight tingling only for a few minutes....nothing drastic. I will keep using it. Best product I’ve used.



    Bad reaction


    I developed a really bad allergy. My face became incredibly swollen and I developed little blisters, my face was red raw and itchy
    I had to be put on prednisone and antihistamine.
    I don't recommend this product.



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    No pain no gain


    This product actually cleaned the dead layers off my skin. Milea reduced dramatically. I used it direct on my face without preparation creams. It burns for about a minute. The results are great but I would only use it once a week. I then used the Skin Doctors Potent vitamin A capsules. I do not recommend this product at all.. It says you need one capsule but you need at least 2. My skin is dry and itchy from using this after 2 weeks. Waste of money.

    My only product I use religiously


    Best product for all over face care - makes my skin smooth, reduced pores and acne, and toned it up while keeping it hydrated. It is pretty strong so if you go straight one it sometines it causes you to break out and peel in the first well but if you get through that you're golden haha

    June Abbott

    June AbbottRyde

    • 2 reviews

    It does work


    Definitely reduces acne scarring and improves skin texture.

    I'm 57 with normal skin. I have looked after my skin religiously most of my life. I've been using vitamin C serum 20% with notable results for about a year. I've been using GHF for about three weeks. Product information indicates 8-12 weeks to see any difference. However I'm noticing acne scars are visibly reduced. Haven't noticed reduced wrinkles yet but it's still very early days yet. Based on results to date I do recommend this as a product that delivers and will purchase again.

    Doing great things for me.


    Hi, I have been using this for 3 weeks now and my face is looking fresher and the pores more refined. Over the years I have tried all sorts of treatments to make the pores on my nose and cheeks look smaller and be cleaner with no luck. But this has actually done it. I use the moisturisers too and I am really happy with how my skin looks now. I'm 51 and to be honest was very cynical at first but thought why not.



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    Very Effective Product


    I have been using this product for over a year now, I started on the non Forte before hand for around 2 years. It is an excellent product, smooths the skin beautifully. I use it every other day with SD white as I am 47 with quite alot of pigmentation and freckles. Both great products. It is very often on special at priceline and chemist warehouse. Be sure to wear sunscreen. I use it at night and wash off in morning. Just transitioning now to Tretinion .05%. I feel it has prepped my skin well for this strong prescription only retin A cream.

    It's amazing


    I love this product! I've only been using this for less than a month and it's working its wonders. Before I used this my face was terribly marked with scaring from acne and the redness
    , well don't even start there! Now my face feels fantastic and it's proved in less than a month!! Soft, smooth and scaring reduced and the redness are slowly disappearing as if they're covered by make up. I now only need to use sunscreen with a tint of foundation and to cover the redness on my face. I definitely recommend it!

    It has changed my life.


    Having adult-onset acne for 5 years, I was demoralised at being in my 20s with shocking, inflamed skin. My face would constantly reinvent itself with new pimples between morning and night. Roaccutane did not work. I began using Gamma Hydroxy cream and I saw significant changes in the first week. Smoother, clearer skin. My acne reduced remarkably within 1-2 months. Now it has entirely cleared and my scarring is barely noticeable. Honestly, I could not speak higher about this product.

    Skin Doctors are a waste of money.


    I bought many products from Skin Doctors, having the Doctors name on the brand made me feel secure in the brand ... but one after the other product I tried , were not effective at all. Utterly disappointed and actually sad that so much money was wasted. Buyer beware



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    It did not work for me


    I used a jar of gamma hydroxy first, applying twice a day with no effect.
    I then bought a jar of forte, hoping it might be stronger, however this also had no effect after applying it twice
    A day. Maybe its just me. I was trying to reduce skin pigmentation spots. Brian oct 26 2016

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    Lisa M.

    Lisa M.asked

    I have redness prone skin is it OK to use gamma hydroxy skin resurfacing cream?

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    Do i need to start with gamma hydroxy instead of hydroxy forte

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    Could it work on pigmentations

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