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I recently booked a return flight through Skyscanner and Bestjet.com. Due to unfortunate circumstances I have to cancel. Bestjet got back to me and said Cancellation - Non refundable. Is this correct? I expected to be penalised, but this. Awaiting your reply. Trisha
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Get in touch with the ombudsmanHi Trisha, I can definitely understand your concern. At Skyscanner, we do not take payments, set prices, or store any booking information -- all refund policies are set by the airline or the booking agent. Could you please let our help team know about this problem? https://help.skyscanner.net/hc/en-gb/requests/new There, our help team can contact Bestjet on your behalf and look into whether your ticket is refundable and how to receive it if so. - Chantae

I have used Skyscanner to find flights to singapore. On accepting the flight I have booked through trip.com. I am not happy at all with trip.com and wonder if I have been confused when booking. Do you refer to trip.com ? Regards sue
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Hi Sue and thanks for your question about Trip.com Skyscanner is a travel search engine and not a travel agent. Which means we don't take bookings ourselves. We help you find who has the best deals on flights from across the internet. Then either refer you to their website to complete the booking, or in some cases, like with Trip.com the booking can continue on the Skyscanner site - however you have booked your flights with Trip.com. We are trying to have more agents allow us to take the bookings on the Skyscanner site to make it easier and less disruptive booking experience for our users. I hope this clears things up for you. If you're unhappy with the service you are getting from Trip.com our Help team will be happy to assist. You can reach them via our Help Centre at https://help.skyscanner.net/hc/requests/new or Trip.com's customer service contact details are here; https://pages.trip.com/service-guideline/contact-us-en-au.html Wishing you a great time in Singapore. MikeIf you are in Australia avoid booking with Trip.com as they do not provide an Australian address for service in case you want to take legal action against them. Theoretically you are covered by Australian Consumer law but this company are operating from China so it will be difficult to get an acceptable or practical remedy from them. I am saying this from experience as a friend had immense difficulties with this company refusing to alter a flight and refusing to correct names that they entered incorrectly into a booking.

I booked via Skyscanner and deal with BYOjet.com.au. During the transaction I was accident rush to log in Skyscanner by using Google account and at the payment it only simple card payment options which hasn't got paypay options like BYOjet has if you booked directly. Just concern about safety of credit card information or security payment protection. Is it safe enough when log in Google or facebook and use credit card directly on the skyscanner booking?
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Skyscanners only direct you to sites I have never paid through skyscanners and only use aust abn sites never had a problemHi Phoebe, Thanks for your question. At Skyscanner, we do not take payments or store payment information. All of the booking agents we redirect travelers to through Skyscanner ensure that payment information is secure. Some booking agents do not accept PayPal -- this can be dependent on the booking agent, airline, or flight route. Please let me know if this does not answer your question. Best, Chantae

Hi I need to book 6 tickets from Melbourne to hyd. But would like to stop at Malaysia or Singapore while going for 5 nights. So my question is where can i find option to book ticket accordingly? Thanks
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Hi Amtul, Thanks for your question and excited to hear you're planning to travel soon. You can do this by selecting "Multi-City" when searching for a flight. This will allow you to search for multiple destinations at once. :) We also have an article on how to take advantage of stopovers: https://www.skyscanner.com.au/news/tips/use-your-stopover-to-see-two-cities-for-the-price-of-one/ Best, Chantae

I just purchased tickets through skyscanner. Your reference number is 5919667678. It seems there is no 20Kg baggage allowance. Would you help us to correct this so as we can have 20Kg allowance please?
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Hi Greg, Thanks for getting in touch. Skyscanner is a flight search engine that compares over 1000 websites to find the cheapest flight. Once you see a flight you like, we redirect you to complete the booking with an online travel agent or airline. We do not make any bookings ourselves or store any booking information ourselves. You will have to contact the online travel agent or airline that you booked with to confirm the baggage allowance. The company you've booked with should be clearly labeled at the top and/or the bottom of your booking confirmation. Please let us know if you have any problems getting in touch with the airline or booking agent. Best, Chantae

Hey just a Question as I am new to this website? I am wanting to book through skyscanner as I have a last minute booking for nextweek. Wondering should I continue from skyscanner to bestjet? or should i just book through skyscanner? Its a flight from BNE to AKL? Thankyou
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I would say either. It won't make a lot of differenceEither! I have booked through both, which ever is the cheapest, just make sure that when you go to another site that the end price is the same, watch out for add-ons!!Book with which u know better. End price watch out is imperative. ++. Or try AirAsia direct.

Hi just wondering when i book my ticket through various Travel Agencies and pay for my flight are they legit on my booking? I have been reading the reviews they all saying negative comments about them, CONCERN!!! Skyscanner is great.
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Hi Chris, Thanks for your question, and it is a very legitimate one. We have over 1,200 booking sites that appear on Skyscanner in order to give travellers the maximum choice to find cheap flights, hotels and car hire. Knowing which of these sites to trust your money with can be a challenge. That's why we recently introduced our Partner Quality Score. Which gives a rating out of 5 stars for each booking site. This is based on actual Skyscanner user experiences and cannot be influenced by Skyscanner or the bookings sites. You can read more about our Partner Quality Scores here: https://www.skyscanner.com.au/news/who-should-you-fly-with-skyscanners-new-feature-helps-travellers-decide (please copy and paste into your browser) We are constantly reviewing the performance of all the booking sites that appear on Skyscanner and block any that fall below our stringent customer service standards. On the rare chance that you do have an issue, our Help team is on hand to assist and can contact bookings sites on your behalf to seek a positive resolution. They can be contacted directly via https://help.skyscanner.net/hc/requests/new (please copy and paste into your browser) I hope this puts your mind at ease, and please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks Mike.

Why do you not get prices in AUD? This puts mr off wanting to book
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Hi Liz All prices you see when using Skyscanner in Australia should be in AUD. There are a few rare circumstances where a different currency may be shown, to avoid this you can 1. On our website, ensure you are using Skyscanner.COM.AU (not .com. or .net). There you can double check you are set to AUD, which is displayed in the top right corner of the Skyscanner webpage. 2. If you are using our app ensure your billing country is set to Australia. To do this click on "Profile" in the bottom left of page. Then settings you can change your currency and country. We occasionally have people showing the wrong currency by default if their phone's iTunes / Google Play account is set to USA, or another country instead of Australia. We are working on ways to make this more visible in our app Thanks for the feedback. Mike

Do you take any responsibility for the companies you use? I believe I have been ripped off using Ctrip for 2 flights. No details have been forwarded or flights been booked with airline. What is your history with this company and how do I get a reply?
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Hi Carolyn Sorry you've had a bad experience with Ctrip. We monitor all the companies on our site for service levels and block any that fall below these levels. All of the agents / airlines that appear on Skyscanner have a rating out of 5 based on their customer service standards. This helps users choose the best choice for them, and encourages companies with low ratings to increase their score. We have a help team that can be contactable 24/7 via our Help Centre. If you haven't already you can request them to assist you via the below link. Please include as many details as possible as this will speed up the process https://help.skyscanner.net/hc/en-gb/requests/new Mike.CTrip did contact me and apologized for the slow response and forwarding of information. I was very relieved when they did this. i am used to bookings etc going through within hours so when it was days I was very concerned and especially as how the money was taken almost immediately. Thank you for your follow up and I will be a bit more patient next time. Regards Carolyn Nolan

I have a flight from warsaw to prague ( and vice versa) booked by mistake on 6th of may , i need someone to buy this ticket from me as i will not be travelling by that time , anybody need the ticket?
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Unless you can find someone with exactly the same name or find out what the fee is to change the name and make it worthwhile for someone to buy. Otherwise put it down to experience. I have a ticket for 2 people from Paris to Prague SEP 24 interested? You can have it for free.Unless you can find someone with exactly the same name or find out what the fee is to change the name and make it worthwhile for someone to buy. Otherwise put it down to experience. I have a ticket for 2 people from Paris to Prague SEP 24 interested? You can have it for free.

Did anyone use skyscanner for car rentals?
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Yes. It's an aggregator website that provides a one stop shop. The deal is done with the provider not Skyscanner. We ended up with an Avis hire car in Ireland about 30% cheaper than we could get through any other provider direct or through Avis directly. Recommend

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