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729 reviews
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worst airline in my life

I think it was my fault that I arrived 55 minutes before my flight time. But first of all, the reception staff were very unkind to me, they said it was over 5 minutes ago, but they didn't guide me on what I could do, and there was nothing to help. I called the LATAM company and waited 30 minutes to be connected to the receptionist, but she did not speak English and hung up. In the end, I couldn't get on the plane, and I had no choice but to book another plane. LATAM Airlines is the worst airline in my life. I say that this company is an airline that must be avoided.
shawke2 posts

Avoid this site

I booked/paid/confirmed flights via Skyscanner. The next day I was advised the flights booked were no longer available and was offered an alterative that included very long airport wait times, an overnighter (1am arrive, 7am depart) and a different final arrival date, along with a demand for another 460 Euro when the initial booking was made in $NZ. I could not accept the alternative and asked for a refund. I've been told that will take at least 5 days but doubt I'll ever see that money. I will never trust this site again. It might cost a bit more but I'll be booking directly with airlines in future. Show details
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Vikram J.
Vikram J.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Stay away! They will rob you blind!

Use the Skyscanner website to get cheap flights, but never book tickets with Skyscanner! They made me buy a 2nd ticket for the same person at a much higher rate for a name change (which should have been allowed as per their conditions at the booking). They kept the refund for the first ticket! They said the name change was denied by Singapore Airlines, but there's no way to verify that information. Show details
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Mark S.
Mark S.Central Queensland, QLD3 posts

Never use this agent!!!

Cancelled a flight back in August because of schedule changes that didn’t suit us. I was told it would take 16 weeks to get my refund!!
SkyScammer put the reason for the delay on Singapore airlines. I contacted the airline direct and they said the flight had been cancelled and refunded to SkyScammer 2 weeks ago!! Grubs, keep away from them at all costs… Show details
SamiraDarwin, NT6 posts

Liars , Scammers!! Can name them anything

In August 2022 my father couldn’t travel and had to cancel his ticket because he was bed ridden . Contacted sky scanner with legit doctor’s letter and they told us that they have to get permission from the Airline . Although it states in their T&C’s that tickets will be fully refunded if there is a medical reason. I waited for skyscanner to call me but until now , there has not been any correspondence. Its been 4 months. I contacted Singapore airline and they got back to me saying that Sky scanner hasn’t even requested any refund on our behalf and they have now told them to refund the full amount. This is absolutely horrendous !! Not with skyscanner ever again. Show details
KPDFar North Queensland, QLD
EddSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Simple spelling or auto correct error

Some of the web site companies are an absolute terror to deal with, and because you can’t do much when there thousands of miles away and they have your money they simply don’t care so my review is BEAWARE of the site’s as I wouldn’t trust half of them complete rip offs Kiwi.com.
Brooke C
Brooke C2 posts
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YesimGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Don't waste your time!

A complete waste of time. Would not even give them one star but its a field. Incompetent workers! Please please please stay away from them!!! They could not reschedule a simple flight that was for a months time and very flexible with dates! Absolutely pathetic.

Dont book with Skyscanner

You will lost your money and time, Skyscanner has cancelled my booking and it’s been 6 weeks and they are not proceeding with the refund
787briSydney, NSW

Skyscanner allows fraudulent companies to operate on their platform

They allow fraudulent companies to use their platforms -- FlightNetwork is on their platform and continually refuses to give customers refunds -- I am owed several thousand dollards from flight that the airline canceled, which they have not refunded me. There are hundreds of cases like mine. I have reported this to SkyScanner and yet they continue to give FlightNetwork a platform to operate on. Show details
Patsy3 posts

Booked my flights with Jettzy via Skyscanner

Jettzy wont refund cancelled flight - SHONKS - even though they are obliged by the law.
My flight was cancelled by the airline and Jettzy are refusing to refund the fare. The airline advised me that Jettzy has to refund the payment as it was made to them but they are ignoring me or fobbing me off back to the airline. Their website says you have to wait 12 weeks for a refund, it has now been 4 months and they are telling me they cannot find the booking. They totally ignored my email that was sent to them within a month of the cancellation. DONT EVER USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE SHONKS AND DONT CARE ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY.

There is no place on Skyscanner website to give this sort of feedback regarding their partners.

Jay p.
Jay p.Sydney, NSW
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Pema S.
Pema S.2 posts

Don't buy tickets with this scammer

I recently bought a ticket from this company, and due to some personal reason I have to cancel it. I contacted them via email and asked for cancellation fees, 1st they said it was 130+85 and after couple of hours they increase the price to double i. e 260+85. My flight was like 2 and half month later. Show details
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Ridge G.
Ridge G.South East Queensland, QLD
Patrick2 posts

Fantastic after sales service

Booked a ticket with MyTrip on Skyscanner. Had great difficulty communicating with MyTrip to get a refund. Wrote to Skyscanner who provided the most amazing support and intervened on my behalf. They took a personal interest in my issue, and followed up on a regular basis. If it had not been for them I am convinced I would never have got a cent out of MyTrip. Show details
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AshSydney, NSW3 posts

Absolute sham service

Similar to another reviewer I was knocked back twice after putting in all my info stating that return leg of flight was not available. After trying three times and each time price increasing I realised that this was a pretty much scam. Steer clear of this and buy direct from airline site even if it is somewhat expensive. Show details
TomSouth East Queensland, QLD10 posts
Bryce S.
Bryce S.Sydney, NSW2 posts

Parter shambles

I recently booked a multi city trip with Skyscanner and one of their parter agents named BYOJet. The flights were supposed to be SYD to BAQ and BOG to SYD. BbYOJet booked the return flight BOG to LAX. Blamed their incompetence on me advising that it was my error. This parter offered no support and nor has Skycanner for recommending them. Both are as dodgey as the other and BYOJet is not just dodgey but very incompetent at making a simple booking. It will now cost me another $2000 to fix their error when the original flights were only supposed to cost $2600. Time to go through old school travel agents. Show details
Sean B.
Sean B.Hobart, TAS5 posts

It's totally a scam with no respect or refund

Refund that was mentioned via email from airline has not been delivered into account.

Appalling Service

Booked online through Skyscanner. When I needed to change my flights while overseas and I had a problem paying the charges online they had no interest in assisting. They refused to take my card details over the phone and could offer no alternative method of payment. In their words, it was my and my banks problem, not theirs.

I finally managed to make the payment online, incurring further charges due to currency conversions. When I complained to Skyscanner requesting they at least reimburse those charges by way of compensation they refused stating the charges were nothing to do with them.

Zero customer service, no goodwill and I will never be using them again. Show details

Traveller52Peel, WA20 posts

Think you are dealing with Skyscanner? Think again!

Skyscanner acts as agents of various other ticket agents. You need to check reviews on those (sub) agents if you want to protect your investment. When I did, I was shocked at what I found. In future I am booking direct with the airlines. Show details
Customer Service

They increased price twice as I was booking, shifty stuff aye

they wait until you have done all the hard work searching and just before you pay they increase price .
SamuelPerth, WA5 posts
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MikeGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts
Deejan5 posts

Supports third party agencies that scam customers

Third party agencies such as FlightNetwork are highly rated on skyscanner. However google reviews and facebook reviews have horrible reviews for these third party agents. Show details
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mudgutts1232 posts

Have been caught out once, but mostly us been good

one time I got ripped of by one of the booking websites they’ve recommended. First time flights were not booked, ended up having to call the airline and booking directly which because it was a week later the price had gone up and cost me about $300. This was 4 years ago with go to gate. Refund from go to gate took 6 weeks to come back.
All other times have been fine, booked about 15 other trips Show details
Simon R.
Simon R.Hobart, TAS6 posts

Really weird how bad it is now

It used to be good. I booked my trips around the world on it. After COVID its rubbish. Dont know why Show details
B N.
B N.Perth, WA

How they stay in business???

Booked a flight, they took my money and I got confirmation email. 2 hours later got a call saying that the flight I booked at that price was no longer available, wanted $900 more to confirm seat on plane. Waited 2 weeks for refund. There is a reason why they offer cheap flights, people need to be careful when booking through then. Show details
HridaiSydney, NSW

Don't do it - it's a comically bad service. Just go direct

Here's how this goes. You book a flight through these guys because it's the cheapest option. But then you need to amend the booking or change a flight date. You phone them, and they tell you their system is too slow and that they have a technical reason as to why they can't help. They say the airline will contact you directly within 48-72 hours. Four days pass, nothing. Fares go up. You call the airline, they tell you go to to skyscanner. You call skyscanner, they tell you to keep waiting because their system is still slow. Fix your booking system. This is the most comically poor service, genuinely hilariously bad. Just pay the small amount extra and go direct, seriously it's not worth it. Show details


Don’t book any flight through their website. I booked a flight through them and it’s been 8 months I am waiting for a refund and still waiting. Ll never ever book through them.. Show details
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Janine K.
Janine K.South East Queensland, QLD3 posts
Annette M.
Annette M.3 posts

Have lost trust in Skyscanner

Prices shown on Skyscanner are from just a couple of select operators and I have noted reference prices shown for going direct to the airline instead of using those operators are wildly incorrect. An example - today I searched prices SYD/ALG and MLA/SYD. The fastest was Emirates. Skyscanner said Emirates price was $3,158. I went to Emirates website and price was $2,186. I have lost my trust in Skyscanner. Buyer beware. Show details
Price Accuracy
Annette M.
Annette M.  

Forgot to add.. the direct airline price was cheaper than all of the prices on the other sites who are just 3rd parties and cannot help you if the flight is cancelled.

Dr MD2 posts

Bogus bookings

Flights were booked and money was taken from the account. Later an email was sent to say flight couldn’t be booked. Refunded money will take upto two weeks to come back. This was an urgent booking and now have to wait for two weeks to even see if the money would even come back. Don’t trust and don’t book with Skyscanner. Show details
Dave Whelan
Dave Whelan2 posts
Bella D
Bella DSydney, NSW

Amazing customer service!!

I know they’re are a lot of negative reviews on here but I had a great experience with Skyscanner. I booked a flight through them and chose the provider flight newtork. I had to cancel my flight and flight network said they would issue a full refund. They didn’t. I called them and they didn’t really offer any helpful advice. I ended up emailing Skyscanner (cc’d the CEO- long shot and dramatic but worked!) and they said they would look into it. 20minutes after that email from them the money was in my account from flight network. I was really surprised and grateful as I didn’t think Skyscanner would be able to do anything but they did!
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Lalith Rajapaksha
Lalith RajapakshaHobart, TAS4 posts


I booked a flight through ‘Skyscanner’ they guided me to buy a ticket through flight network’. I booked my ticket and on travel day i was covid positive. I cancelled my ticket. I contacted flight network’ few times. They are saying air line is not paying money yet. When I contact air line they are saying ‘we didn’t receive any request’ please DO NOT book your ticket the
Through skyscanner. They are doggy. They are not giving any trustworthy travel agents. If anything happened skyscanner not getting any responsibility
AnuGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Rubbish company

Rubbish company. Please never book from them. I waited for my ticket confirmation for 5 days and then I called they said wait for another 24 hrs then they said we are giving the refund. Show details
Michael Z.
Michael Z.

This is a criminal website should be banned. No star deserved all

they only would give 90% of ticket volumes by a VAUCHER even when you paid $139.00 cancellation guaranteed service fee when booking, and these policy never let you know clear when booking!!!!
Chloe R.
Chloe R.

Just book direct through the airline

If I could give zero I would. For any change or cancellation they charge the airline fee PLUS a $300 fee per person for their own fee when it was not clear upon booking that was the case. Unable to travel due to COVID restrictions still and they are not making any exceptions based on this even though fees not clear when booking. Better off booking through the airline direct Show details
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