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Do you delivery to Perth, WA?
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We are looking for a firm queen size mattress, our actual one was supposed to be firm but not any longer after two years. Our concern is about the top mattress as after reading the reviews from SR looks like that we will could have the same issue. Do you have the mattress that we are looking for? Thanks, Ana.
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Hi Ana, This mattress is definitely more of a medium feel, not a firm feel (I recently was looking for a mattress for our camper trailer and tried a few at Fantastic Furniture that were listed as "Firm" feel and they were definitely firmer than ours.) I don't feel that the Sleep Republic mattress will be firm enough for you based on your question (Sorry)Hi Ana, Feel is a tricky subject to discuss as is it highly subjective. What one person may describe as firm, someone else may well describe as medium. Having said that when placing the Sleep Republic mattress on the traditional Soft-Medium-Firm scale, we'd place it closest to being a medium feel mattress. Hope this helps! Regards, SR Team

What is the maximum weight that your SR King size mattress will support? (Singularly on each side) Is it wise to rotate if both partners weights are extremely different?
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Hi Ena, Our King, Queen and Double mattresses are tested to a combined occupant weight of 250Kg, 150Kg per side. We recommend with all mattresses rotating them regularly and if there is a large weight differential this could be done every few weeks to even out wear. What may be evident with any mattress having foam in the pillow top, or a foam core, is that with more weight there will be more body impression visible. This is a natural outcome of the physics and the fact that some areas of the mattress get very little use compared to others. SR Team

are sleep republic springs china or european? thanks
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I couldn't say positively, but they do state that their mattresses are made in China to their specifications.Hi Willow, our mattresses and springs are manufactured in China to our design and specification. St Team

Hi, what is thickness of each layers in your mattress?
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Hi Darren, The pillow top layer is 7cm with 3cm of gel infused memory foam and 3cm of latex plus 1cm of fabric and quilting. The pocket springs are 22cm. Total mattress height is 31cm with base covering and backing included. SR Team

Can anyone who has had the mattress for a long time tell me if it has sagged at all and is still as good as the day it arrived?
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Hi, What is the packaged weight of a King size and the box dimensions? How frequently is turning the mattress recommended?
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Hi, The King box is 35x35x188cm and weighs approx 60Kg. Rotating the mattress (head to foot) is a good idea every 2-3 months to even out wear and prolong mattress life. SR Team

Hello,is this mattress the same as Aldi was selling,CAS?
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Hi Clive, The Sleep Republic mattress is designed, manufactured and sold solely by us. We are not familiar with that product but it is not the same mattress. SR Team

Where can I see and try this mattress, any shop in Sydney or Brisbane? thank you, Monica
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Hi Monica, We don't have showrooms, we have found that it is simply not possible to tell what a mattress is like to sleep on in just a few minutes on a showroom floor. Instead we offer our 100 night risk free trial. At any point during your first 100 nights on the mattress, if you aren't satisfied you can contact us to request a return. We will arrange for the Salvos to collect your mattress and fully refund your money, no hidden fees or costs! This way you get more than 5 minutes to decide whether a Sleep Republic mattress is right for you

Can conventional King size sheets fit the Sleep Republic mattress?
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Hi there, Most reputable brands' fitted sheet accomodate a mattress depth of up to 40cm, their flat sheet having measurements of approximately 285cm x 260cm. These standard sizings will fit a Sleep Republic Mattress. Our fitted bamboo sheet sets are the perfect partners to a Sleep Republic Mattress!

What base can be used for the queen mattress?
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Hi Sam, we recommend straight slat bases for our mattress and for pocket springs generally. You may find our Blog article on our site 'What Base to use with your pocket spring mattress informative. https://sleeprepublic.com.au/the-blog/what-base-should-you-have-with-your-pocket-spring-mattress/ Hope this helps. SR Team

I am thinking of purchasing this mattress for my 84 year old mum. She has currently a king single adjustable bed. Will this mattress be OK on it. Also she claims that no mattress feels soft enough for her but after reading reviews this may just suit. The 100 day trial sounds perfect.
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Hi, we have found our mattress to be extremely soft and comfortable, but ours in on a wooden slat base. It's hard to say whether it would still feel the same on top of another mattress. It's definitely worth trying though, because of the trial period, and the ease of having it delivered to your door. You can always try putting a feather or other padded mattress cover to make it even softer. Good luck!Hi Sue, With the pillow top layer designed for maximum comfort we are sure your mum would find the mattress feel suitable, allowing appropriate give above the core support pocket springs. Because of our high spring count compared to a standard mattress, while it can be used on an adjustable base we recommend that it is used with low angles of elevation - raising the head/feet by no more than 20cm. As manufacturers what we have found with more extreme elevation (e.g. raising the back to angles of 45 degrees) is that over time the pocket springs at the 'bend point' can be damaged. The 100 night return policy is perfect for anyone to make sure the mattress suits them, no questions - no quibbles, all your money back. Hope this helps. SR Team

HI, Currently down to a sleep republic or a 624 mattress in my bed hunt. I was hoping you could let me know if the below bed frame would be suitable? Also is there any kind of return shipping fee for regional QLD? https://www.interiorsdomain.com.au/products/justine-gas-lift-fabric-bed-frame-king
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Hi There, The base looks as if it would be fine to use with the Sleep Republic mattress. We would only suggest that you check with the retailer regarding the maximum weight recommendation, as the Sleep Republic mattress weighs approximately 50kg, which is considerably heavier than a foam mattress- a small price to pay for quality! :) Regarding returns, we don’t charge any pickup or transport costs on returns. Hope that helps! -SR Team

I am strongly considering buying a SR mattress over the other brands. One question about your memory foam - is it infused with cooling gel? If not, will you be introducing it to your memory foam? This would make this a fantastic mattress and alleviate most over heating problems :-)
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Hi Shelly, Our memory foam is gel infused. The addition of gel helps with heat dispersal and in conjunction with the pocket spring core and the ventilation channels in the latex, is designed to give a healthier sleep environment. SR Team

Do you have a Boxing Day sale like the other bed in a box companies and do you have afterpay or similar so I could pay it off over a few months? Thank you
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Hi Amanda we are not currently running any sitewide Boxing Day offer. We do offer Afterpay and Zip finance options at checkout.

Hi, I can see that you recommend straight slats (as do most other mattress brands I’ve looked at) but I can’t see where to buy them anywhere. I have an Ikea bed, they don’t seem to do straight slats for their beds and I haven’t found anywhere that sells them separately. I know it’s not something you sell but I’m hoping based on your other helpful comments that you can provide some advice? Thanks, Megan
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Yes your right ikea and some of the other furniture shops sell the posture slats only.. I found a great bed at wow furniture that has flat slats and they also have some at pine discount furniture and most wood beds have flat slatsHi Megan. Can you tell me where you're located and we'll do some research for you. We will have our own bases for sale early in the New Year but you may not be able to wait till then. SR TeamThank you both. I really like the design of my Ikea bed so am keen to keep that frame and just change the slats. It’s finding them to buy as standalone that I’ve found difficult - which strikes me as odd as presumably the queen size is standard across frames. I’m located in Sydney metro (Wollstonecraft). Thanks!

Hi Can I buy this bed in New Zealand. If yes, where?
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Hi Katrina, sorry we don't yet deliver to NZ! SR Team

Can the mattresses be used on electric adjustable bases?
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Hi Tara, we have not tested the mattress long term on adjustable beds. Because of the longer and more numerous pocket springs in our mattress we would not recommend use with adjustable bases until we have completed that and were sure there was no impact on mattress life and functionality. SR Team

I live in Creswick, ( near Ballarat) . Do you deliver to this area, and do you remove my old mattress for recyclying? Cheers, Andrew
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Hi Andrew, yes we can deliver to Creswick. We don't remove old mattresses but if you email us we're happy to get back to you with contractors in your area that do. SR Team

Layer 4 has 4cm of 'quilting foam' according to this summary (https://www.productreview.com.au/g/mattresses). what exactly is that? and how durable will it be? My experience with matteresses in the past has been pillow tops flattening out very quickly. will this happen?
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Hi, the quilting foam, like all of our foams, is high quality and higher density (NB density in foam is not to be confused with softness, high density can be soft or hard). Higher density foams are more durable, recover better from pressure and do not collapse to show excessive body impression like cheaper low density foams. You may find the article 'Making a good impression' about sag and body impression on our blog page informative. SR team.

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