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Great mattress, great service

Over a year ago we bought our SR mattress. Still no complaints. By far the best mattress I have slept on. We like this mattress so much yesterday we purchased another for the spare room. We were going to buy a cheaper branded mattress but couldn't bring myself to throw way the money when I could invest in another SR mattress. We live in rural SA and the mattress was delivered to our door in less than 24hrs. I know everyone has preferences to firmness, I always preferred plush, but although this is medium to firm it just feels comfortable and there is no movement or roll in when the partner moves on their side of the bed. Thank you SR for an amazing product and though the price mybe a couple hundred dollars dearer than some other brands it is by far more superior.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Thank you for your kind review and buying from us again! We couldn't agree more that when it comes to sleep don't cut corners on quality. SR team.

Sleeping Excellence

I'd like to note that I'm a bit of a nerd so before making a purchase I like to dig as deep as possible into the ins and outs of the products industry and make my decision from others and my own experiences rather than what a salesman tells me irrespectively.


Ordered the King on Tuesday evening arrived in Brisbane Wednesday morning free delivery a plus. Although unexpectedly fast it was a welcome surprise as I've just moved into a tri-level apartment and an inflatable wasn't cutting it. Having my bedroom on the 3rd floor there was no way physically getting a king bed up the tight corners so the bed in a box idea for me was well received. So the mattress arrived at my door first off is this box is heavy! It's tightly packed but you will need a hand getting up a flight of stairs but on the flats the inbuilt wheels helped. So mattress in room, removed from box, opened the vacuum seal with the opener provided and voila! The bed expanded like a transformer and began to decompress; left it for the afternoon and was ready by evening.

So from experience to product itself, bed feels beautiful to the touch being knitted cashmere. The design for me was well thought out and tasteful, from the embolden motto on the facade "Where Dreams Are Made", a well placed side tag in navy with raised white lettering "SR" for me echoes quality that I felt in my first nights sleep.

So the mattress itself, you feel the initial softness which is amazing then underneath supportive pocket springs which provide backbone. For me the firmness is just right about 6.5-7/10 think medium rare, soft with substance and plenty of it.

Lying down I had no points of body tension where I typically do sleeping on a traditional mattress, namely my lumbar-sacral region (vertebral disc issue) and shoulders. The mattress contoured to my body yet didn't give me that sinking sand feeling that I was afraid of with other foam/latex composites. Partner wise no disturbances which was a quality feature so no waking each other up with tossing and turning or midnight mictruition run.

I'm happy my bodies happy and it beat the 3.5k mattress I was going to buy at sleepmaker out of the park so two thumbs up from me. :)

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Thank you Derek for taking the time to share your review. It is always great to hear our customers loving bedtime, and saving money into the bargain!

Great Mattress :)

I did quite a bit of research before taking the plunge to buy a 'bed in a box' mattress. As we wanted pocket springs, it came down to Sleep Republic and Sleeping Duck. After realizing that Sleeping Duck pay for their reviews (hence why there's over 1000) and seeing what one of their mattresses looks like after a couple months of use, we decided to go for Sleep Republic.

In a nutshell, it really is a great mattress. It is a bit firmer than I was used to, but it has a great pillow top and as soon as my wife started sleeping on it she noticed a lot better nights sleep and less back pain. I was a bit more skeptical at first, but can now say it's a pleasure to get into bed every night. The 90 day money back guarantee was also fantastic and offered peace of mind while we tested it out.

Delivery was very quick, however as others have mentioned the mattress is heavy, so unboxing is a two person job! But I'd prefer a heavy pocket spring mattress over a light piece of foam any day and unboxing isn't hard if there's two of you.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks for the review Callum, to help you love bedtime that's our driving purpose! SR team

Works for us 6 months in


- Check your base can support this heavy mattress.

- Reconsider if your a renter and will need to move this often.

- Supportive yet comfortably soft.

- Wife’s leg pain has reduced from the pillow top, and I no longer get pins and needles in my arm.

- Material seems as good as my old mattress which cost $1000 10 years ago.

- It has quite deep valleys in the pillow top, about 2.5xm deep, which annoys my feet not being flat, but don’t notice it on the heavier parts of my body.

Ok into the full review...

Mattress delivered on time. Would have been nice for the delivery guys to take it up stairs.

Unboxing was uneventful. Kept the plastic as a convenient cover for kids art projects, but the wrap did smell for a while!

Left mattress to air out in lounge overnight, and off gassing was not noticeable when we used it the following night.

It’s heavy and there were no handles on the mattress to help move it like my old one has.

Slept with a pillow top for the first time. It was nice. I felt supported yet light, but the valleys where the stitching was really annoyed me for the first two weeks.

The springs on the side are noticeably firmer. I don’t like when half my body is on the edge springs and the other half on the softer center springs. Feels like I’m slightly leaning to one side.

The above two point are why I’m not giving this mattress a 5 star rating.

I do fine I’m sweating in it a lot, but last night got rid of the mattress protector my wife used when baby slept with us, and it was great!

Am thinking of getting one for my daughters bed, however she has a solid base, not slat base, so this mattress is not appropriate.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi James, Thanks for taking the time to post a review. We are glad the mattress is working for you. If we can help with your daughter's mattress and base please don't hesitate to contact us. SR team

Third time lucky

I was just about to give up and was highly disappointed after trying 2 other foam bed in a box mattresses both described as medium firm but one was like a rock and the other too soft and both had no support for my bad back. I had decided to give it one last go with one with springs and had decided on another brand as it has many more reviews and is more active on social media... I somehow came across SR and it seemed their mattress was what I was looking for and something that didn’t need to be customised as it was good enough as it is. I am so glad I went with SR, I have only had it a week but I absolutely love my mattress and look forward to going to sleep every night. It’s super comfortable and soft but has very firm support so my back and hip pain disappears after sleeping on this mattress. It is also not hot like other foam mattresses can get. I highly recommend trialing one of these mattresses as mine will not be going back if it stays this good and it just goes to show the companies that are the loudest and have the most reviews aren’t always the best. Sleep republic does not need any showy adverts and reviews as their focus is obviously in making sure the mattresses are the best quality and comfort they can be and don’t need the hype. I am so pleased it was third time lucky and I made the right choice.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Thank you for taking the time to share your review. We're pleased you chose us too, and to hear that our customers look forward to bedtime again is our ultimate objective! SR Team.

10mths in.. getting a sagging feeling

Overall. I have to say the experience was very easy. Delivery and product was exactly as described. Soft but firm and generally comfortable.
We've had ours since February this year (2017) and I feel like the sides are really starting to sag. When you wake up and sit in edge, it really sinks. And I'm questioning what it will be like moving forward. Once you're on an settled it's fine. But given we're ten months in.. it is what it is.. I suppose. As a couple. I'm 70kg and my wife is 60. We're not big people so I had expected more sadly.

Comfortable and easy but I'm worried that I'll be replacing it at some point soon.
Maybe it's just ours? Can't fault the service though.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
Hi D. Thank you for your feedback, it's good that you find the mattress comfortable however we are concerned to see your comments regarding the edges. No mattress should have any sag especially after such a short time and we have separately reached out to you to identify and resolve any fault, and replace if necessary. SR TeamThanks guys. Have replied this afternoonI wanted to update this post. Without hesitation Sean and the team arranged for the matter to be sorted out asap. We've worked it out and honestly. Their customer interaction and aftercare is 2nd to none.

A very comfortable, supportive mattress.

Firstly, what a fantastic group of people to deal with. We had questions before we purchased, which were promptly answered. We loved the 100-day trial period.
We purchased online on a Saturday, and the mattress was delivered on Tuesday (and we live in regional SA). The box came with wheels, with a special tool for opening the mattress bag, and the mattress opened exactly as described. We noticed no supposed “new-mattress-chemical-smell” when opened, and slept on the mattress that evening. One small point: on opening, we noticed a couple of threads were loose on the stitching of the topper. Hopefully with the mattress protector on, they won’t get any worse.
We’ve been sleeping on our SR mattress for a while now. This is our third mattress in as many years, and is by far the best. Price-wise it was similarly priced to one mattress, but out-performs it in every way (comfort and support), and cost less than a third of the other mattress (an over-priced, uncomfortable, unsupportive full latex mattress).
By far the best thing about the SR mattress is the minimal partner disturbance. We assume that this is because of the many, many springs in the mattress — we barely feel the other’s movements. Although the mattress is marketed as “medium-firm”, we would rate it as closer to the “firm”. The topper softens it somewhat, but can not fully compensate for the firmness of the springs. We note that many people complain that the mattress is heavy, but we found (after our very heavy latex mattress) that it was easy to lift and turn.
Hopefully our SR mattress will give us many comfortable years of sleeping.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Thank you so much for your very kind feedback, we are always happy that our customers find our mattress delivers for them, whether it's the comfort, support or low partner disturbance. We are confident it will give you those many years of great sleep and are always accessible if you have any issues with the mattress. SR Team.

The best mattress we have ever slept on!!!!!

We have now had our Sleep Republic mattress for 10 months and without a doubt it is the best mattress we have ever slept on. It is queen sized and in the past have paid a lot more money for other brands but nothing compares with this mattress. Easy to set up, from the cardboard box it just unrolls onto your bed base. Supplied with a special tool to unroll mattress. Service from Sleep Republic was superb, could not have been more helpful. We live in rural Queensland and delivery was no problem at all. Buy the best and get yourself a Sleep Republic!!!!! Peter (aka The Bear)

Purchased in December 2017.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Sleeping PositionSide
Adjustment PeriodDays
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Heat Retention No
Perceived FirmnessMedium
Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and for the generous comments. We set out to create not just an excellent mattress but the shopping experience to go with it and it's most rewarding to know when we hit that! SR Team.Now had this mattress over two (2) years still in the same excellent condition as it was new.No sagging etc, beaut and extremely comfortable. Very reasonable price compared to the more expensive mattresses we have used before. Highly recommend!!!

Love my mattress!!!

I was a little unsure about buying a mattress in a box. I had read loads and loads of reviews and mainly forum posts and decide to give the Sleep Republic mattress a go since I had read there had been no problems getting a refund if I wasn't happy. I had gone into Snooze before my research of mattresses to see what type of bed I liked. After trying quite a few mattresses and doing the mattress test on the computer I realised I liked a firm-medium mattress. I was a little worried about the Sleep Republic bed being too soft for my liking and was initially tossing up between the Sleeping Duck and Sleep Republic. I had gone into a store in Sydney to try out the Sleeping Duck. That was comfortable,I preferred the medium side over the firm side, but I didn't really like how you can unzip the layers and take the bits and pieces out, plus I had read the different foams were thicker in the Sleep Republic and better quality. I ordered online and it was delivered the very next day, which was great. Initial thoughts were that, the quality seemed good and cashmere was nice soft. I do think the bed is on the firmer side of medium, when comparing to other beds in Snooze, but it is definitely comfortable. The pocket springs do really make difference such that when my husband moves I really don't feel it. My husband and I are sleeping so much better and we didn't realise how much were were waking up before having the Sleep Republic. Also, I feel the bed is also very supportive. It's been about a month since our purchase and we have been very happy, so much so we have also bought a king single for my son who also love his bed!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Jane, thank you for such a detailed review! This will be very helpful to future customers, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with everyone. We're so happy to hear you're enjoying the mattress and sleeping better. Happy sleeping!

Love our Sleep Republic mattress

We are in love with our new bed! It took a bit of convincing for my husband to get his head around buying a bed in a box, but we are sold and will happily (and have) recommended it to anyone. It’s like the mattress hugs each curve of your body without being too hard or too soft. It’s a race to get into bed each night because it’s just so comfortable. Thank you for creating such an amazing bed!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Thank you for your very kind review, we are glad you are so persuasive with your husband!

Used for a year now

We have been pretty happy with our sleep republic king size mattress and been using it for around a year. It is so comfortable to lie on - much nicer than our old mattress. The mattress was delivered very quickly (though box was beaten up and it literally had to be dragged around it was so heavy). The price was great for the quality that you receive.

The only issues that I have that make it less than 5 stars for me:

First, the weight - if we move house, I am not even sure how we will get the mattress out it is that heavy. Much more than a normal spring mattress.

And the second issue is how hot the bed can get. I have never used memory foam or similar materials and was surprised at how hot the bed can get through the night. I think after a year of sleeping in it, I have grown accustomed to it and am used to overheating but it was not pleasant for a few months there - I would wake up sweating. Some people might love that though!

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Claire thank you for taking time to review and provide feedback. Our pocket spring core having double the number of springs does weigh more than a standard core but we believe the comfort benefit makes it worthwhile. Some people do find foams warm to sleep on and take some adjusting, we hope it is working out for you now. SR Team

Fantastic Service and just a superior product

We arrived in Melbourne from NZ and needed to get mattresses for our entire family. As an experiment we bought mattresses from a very popular bed in a box supplier and also Sleep Republic. The other brand was good to deal with but the mattress itself was only average. In fact over a period of about 2 weeks we had 3 different relatives stay and test both beds and the verdict was 100% for sleep republic. The springs make a difference. The other mattress company fulfilled their 100 day return promise admirably but it was an easy choice. Further we had a slight issue with the Sleep Republic mattress which may well have been our fault or at least partially caused by us, but the company was incredibly supportive and responsive - resolving the issue same day with another brand new king mattress. So - if you're deciding between the 101 different mattress in a box suppliers either just go with Sleep Republic or do what we did and pit them head to head with your alternative choice - I bet you they'll win anyway. Happy sleeping!

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Thanks for your feedback and recommendation Dan, we appreciate you taking the time to let others know your experience. As one would expect, like you we believe our mattress will compare favourably to others but we also believe a high quality product needs high quality service. The test of that is when those occasional 'hiccups' are resolved with no fuss or inconvenience. Enjoy your bedtime! SR Team

Defective handle

Mattress literally just arrived. Once the handle goes, you're going to have trouble. The handle broke from the box before I even got it in the front door. The box looks rather beaten up and the handle installation seems quite vulnerable, as it relies on the integrity of the cardboard encasing the mattress to retain the plywood panel to which the handle is attached. I'm sure the mattress is going to be fabulous, but at this point it is lying in the hallway and being dragged by inches along it :-) Will post more as it unfolds - pun intended.

On the plus side, their service is excellent and the communication likewise. Only ordered this two days ago for delivery to regional Victoria. Well done. One star deducted for box condition and failure of handle.


Date PurchasedJul 2017
Hi Graeme, We're very sorry to hear about the defective handle, we hope it didn't cause you too much trouble. We're glad to hear you are happy with our service and communication and look forward to hearing how you're enjoying the mattress. -SR TeamIt's hard to believe that a mattress with springs could be delivered so compactly and yet bounce back to be so supportive. Very nice! The failure of the carrying handle made things difficult but not impossible. Being a king mattress it was certainly heavy. After five nights on the mattress, we're impressed. I should first mention that we have used a topper for several years on the previous mattress - a firm mattress - and continue to use a topper on the Sleep Republic mattress. (We have not tried the SR mattress without a topper.) The previous mattress was so firm that we derived little benefit from the topper (which is why the mattress has been replaced). The combination of topper and SR mattress is excellent. We feel well supported and VERY comfortable. I used to frequently wake with sore hips and shoulders, but so far I am pain free. We are both edge sleepers and have no issues whatsoever with edge sleeping on this mattress. At this point I am happy to recommend the Sleep Republic mattress. The 100 night comfort guarantee made the decision to purchase very easy. GraemeThanks for the recommendation Graeme, we are thrilled that the mattress is giving you the comfort and support you need. SR Team

No More Sleep Problems

Ordered the mattress (Queen size) around midday 4/7/2017 and received it around 4:15 pm two days later (West side of Brisbane). I asked a couple of questions via email during the process and these were answered very promptly. I had been putting up with a hard mattress for over two years and had realised that I needed a soft to medium mattress as I sleep on my side mostly. The S/R mattress stopped the hip / shoulder pain that I had been getting with the old mattress. From the first sleep onwards it has been wonderful. It is great to actually get out of bed feeling refreshed by sleep, rather than feeling sore. I have now had it for just over 2 1/2 weeks and I'm impressed !

Date PurchasedJul 2017
Thank you for your review and feedback, taking the time to let others know your experience is appreciated. May there be many more weeks of comfort ahead! We aim to add Brisbane metro to our same day delivery service soon. SR TeamUpdate: now had the Sleep Republic mattress almost 3 months. I'm still loving it. It still looks as good as it did on arrival and gives a great night's sleep. I have been making sure that I rotate it every 3 - 4 weeks. For what it's worth, this mattress is significantly lighter than my last mattress. So I'm not going to complain about the weight of it.

Amazing sleep!

New bed for almost a week now and all I can say is that it's been great! No more lower back pain. Friends who have come over and tested it have said its great too! Was a bit on the heavy side (came with a handle and wheels to move) but it makes sense - has both coils and foam so you get the best of both worlds. Worth the extra money from other beds in a box.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Geoffrey thanks for taking time to give feedback, we are happy that the mattress is doing the job for you. The 2,250 individual springs (King) compared to around 1,000 in a standard mattress are well worth the difference we think! SR Team

BUY THIS MATTRESS ! Forget the all the cheaper foam ones !

My wife an I are in LOVE with our king size mattress. There are loads of the cheaper all foam mattresses on the market so well trialed one of the well know brands for over 2 months. There is absolutely no comparison with a pocket spring and double foam layer. Spend a little more and and buy a Sleep Republic mattress. It only took one sleep to realise the difference. You will not regret it ! Fantastic product !

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Thanks Adam, our mattresses do their best work in a loving home! We are of course pocket spring biased too so really agree with your comments. SR Team

The perfect mattress

I love my new mattress. I have many problems back and this mattress make me sleep so good. Perfect back support, excellent for everyone. Customer service is excellent also, very helpful.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Millie, thank you for your feedback. We are really happy that your back problems are no longer an issue. happy sleeping! SR Team

Perfect mattress

I am so happy we decided on this mattress the service was quick delivered after 11/2 days as we ordered on Saturday arrived Monday
It is the best sleep I've had in ages no more sore back my husband could only stay in bed about 4-5 hours now he is managing about 7
I feel like when I get into bed it hugs me and welcomes me, soft when you hop in but still firm
I'm loving it best decision I've made

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi Lora thank you for your feedback and review, we are thrilled that it's working so well for both of you. As we all know, hugs make the world go round! SR Team

No more back aches

We ordered our Sleep Republic mattress because I was having a very sore back from our old one. After only one week on our new mattress, my back felt so much better. It's kind of soft but firm at the same time, which sounds kind of weird, but it's true.
We ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived on Friday, such a quick delivery, just fantastic, and unwrapping it and unrolling it out of its box was like magic...very cool.
I honestly think this is the best product and the best service from a bussiness that I've ever known, just excellent

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Thank you so much for your review, Helen! We're very happy to hear that your back is no longer sore and you're sleeping better. Soft but firm is exactly the way we wanted the mattress to feel- so you're comfortable and supported and the same time. We're also very glad to hear that you're happy with the service we provided, that means a lot to our team. Happy Sleeping! -SR Team

This is not a dream

Somehow this mattress makes you feel like you've had a really good day even when you haven't. The minute you jump into bed, everything turns around and it's almost like you float away from your problems on a fluffy cloud. Seriously, my pillow used to be the highlight of going to sleep in my old bed but when I got my Sleep Republic mattress, I had to buy new pillows because mine were just so darn uncomfortable that they weren't doing my new mattress justice. It's also done wonders for my back as it's soft but supportive.
Best investment ever. So glad I didn't hesitate. How could you when Sleep Republic provides so much information about the construction, shipping and unboxing of their mattresses - not to mention the 100 night free trial.
Seems like it's been a dream from the get-go with an amazing price, freebies, fast delivery and ease of unpacking. It's now been 6 months and I have no complaints!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Leana, thank you for your wonderful review! We're so glad you're enjoying the mattress and getting a better sleep. - SR Team

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Questions & Answers

Do you delivery to Perth, WA?
No answers

We are looking for a firm queen size mattress, our actual one was supposed to be firm but not any longer after two years. Our concern is about the top mattress as after reading the reviews from SR looks like that we will could have the same issue. Do you have the mattress that we are looking for? Thanks, Ana.
1 answer
Hi Ana, This mattress is definitely more of a medium feel, not a firm feel (I recently was looking for a mattress for our camper trailer and tried a few at Fantastic Furniture that were listed as "Firm" feel and they were definitely firmer than ours.) I don't feel that the Sleep Republic mattress will be firm enough for you based on your question (Sorry)

What is the maximum weight that your SR King size mattress will support? (Singularly on each side) Is it wise to rotate if both partners weights are extremely different?
1 answer
Hi Ena, Our King, Queen and Double mattresses are tested to a combined occupant weight of 250Kg, 150Kg per side. We recommend with all mattresses rotating them regularly and if there is a large weight differential this could be done every few weeks to even out wear. What may be evident with any mattress having foam in the pillow top, or a foam core, is that with more weight there will be more body impression visible. This is a natural outcome of the physics and the fact that some areas of the mattress get very little use compared to others. SR Team


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SizeKingQueenDoubleKing SingleLong SingleSingle
Thickness31 cm31 cm31 cm31 cm31 cm31 cm
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