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Smarttek 6 Smart Hot Water System

Smarttek 6 Smart Hot Water System

3.4 from 7 reviews

Brilliant Product and brilliant service!

Absolutely brilliant! This is our 'all the time' shower and it is wonderful! Recently had a problem on a Saturday afternoon with the unit not heating and rang the help line. Wonderful service and solved problem temporarily with the new part in the mail monday and arriving thursday! Great product and even better service!

April 9th 2019 Update: Brilliant Service

Absolutely brilliant! Been using this for ages and all of a sudden the pilot light would keep cutting out! Called the help line and problem temporarily sorted with new part on its way!

Purchased in April 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money

service 10-10

I had a problem with my shower unit, I emailed 07/01/19 am had a reply 07/01/19 pm explaining what to do as regards returning the unit, I posted and returned it on the 08/01/19 and I received it back in perfect working condition on the 16/01/19. That is what I call exceptional service, there should be a lot more Australian companies that should take note of this for their after sales service. CONGRATULATIONS Smartek. One proud Aussie.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Paid lots of cash for something, PUMP dies 6th shower, contact company for warranty, and lets try

This shower is Great, when it works! Which is hardly ever! The temperature control, does not control temps, as only its mood controls that! Its so inconsistent as if the wind blows it goes out, leaving you freezing in cold weather. I took this shower to the high country of Colorado on a remote wilderness hunt, to keep 3 people clean. Once I Got it all hooked up for the first time, the expensive stainless valves I paid lots of extra to have, leaked everywhere. The Gas line leaks! smell it! Even ordered the extra long shower hose 91.00 bucks! Crap! So while in Colorado, I am told to call them (no cell range to do so), lets try this! and we can diagnose the problem over the phone? What a joke! If the pump quit working on the 6th shower, how is a phone call gonna fix it! I should get sent a new pump! I even sent an email saying I'll pay for another one, if you'll just ship one, again, no response! I sent over 5 emails to try and get this issue resolved, with only 1 response once! They couldn't give a crap after the sale! So I luckily found the same pump, built by pumptec, for 61.00 in Colorado's auto parts store, I then, at least I got to take a shower for the rest of my trip, But the company I bought it from, wouldn't help with anything! Nor could I even call them as number never worked from US! The most annoying thing about it, is when your undressed, its cold out, your in the shower tent, and the thing just starts to get cold! Now I have to get out of the tent, freeze my but off, and reset the system, then it fires back up, and gets too hot! It never stayed one temperature consistently ever! I thought it was the greatest thing ever invented for my personal shower situation, in the high country, but ended up being a huge waste of money, as with all the extra's I paid well over 600 bucks! REALLY? the wind blows and it goes out! Worthless piece of crap~! Don't waste your money with this company! You will be disappointed! Great Idea, terrible attempt to make one! Make sure you buy at least 3 additional pumps! Funny how they answered ALL my emails when I was asking about purchasing one, and then none after I bought it and had troubles! Oh and the quick connects they sell???? They all leak to! So hope your ready for a disappointment, when you buy a Smartec 6! So if I count all the problems it has, that number would be 6. temp fluxs, going out, leaks water, leaks gas, pump failed, constantly going out or shutting off completely. It just shuts off all the time! some is the safety over heat thing I assume, but I cant call the company and get help, as they never respond, so I guess I'm stuck, self fixing the issues, and being left alone, after the wake of money they stole from me!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Heats up too much

Worked ok at the beginning and then it started to heat water to 42 deg on lowest setting. Tech support tried to blame the warmer weather heating up mains water. But summer setting on unit doesn’t heat up enough. In the end they had no solution other than trying to tell me to buy their bigger pump. Sounds like a scam to make you pay more to get it to work properly. They make you buy the smaller pump it comes with and no option to swap for larger pump. So they expect you to pay for both pumps to make it work.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Problem after problem still not used properly second pump and faulty system.

Purchased demo model. With guarantee that its checked and original warranty. Pump made a noise but NO suction. O ring clamp broken and batteries dead on arrival. Got passed those issues.
It over heated but couldn't be sure until they sent replacement Pump because my pump is more powerful. Their replacement Pump worked for three minutes meanwhile it again heated to 50c on its lowest setting. Far too hot to touch.
I'm feeling broken after being rural and replacing the o ring to find i had to replace the batteries on another trip to find i had to send for a pump to find the whole thing isn't safe or even operative. Disappointed.

Ashamed that i was mislead. They told me they test every demo model.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Works great even my mates love it

Works great my mates use it and are going to get one. It’s very simple to use and the heat is spot on. It got different settings to save water and gas which will come in handy when comping remote. I would recommend this hot water system to anyone. Cheers

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Wow! loving my smarttek

We have had a different brand system for about 12 months, but after a recent trip, we have been converted!

We went camping over the Australia Day weekend and the Smarttek system that one of our friends had was the only one in the camping ground that would stay alight in the winds that we were getting. Went home and did some research. Then we went and bought the entire range! I am now the proud owner of the hot water system, shower tent, tripod stand, carry bag, 5m hose and gas quick connect.

We've tested the system out for the last 3 weekend's and we found it's easy to use and stayed on the same temp, no made drops and rises in temp! Winning! I've even put it up on the verandah during the week to keep the sand out of my house from my little beach dwellers..

We did call their customer service line to ask a question at 6pm on Saturday and guess what? THEY ANSWERED! Really impressed with the customer service. I know i wouldn't want to be talking to my customers at 6pm on Saturday, but they were awesome!

This system is definitely the best investment! highly recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Questions & Answers

Mine won’t start You can here the ignition trying to light once the water is turned on, then it stops and nothing happens water temp stays the same Any tips as to what I might be doing wrong or what may be wrong with my system?
1 answer
I had the same problem which was fixed by replacing the batteries. There was enough voltage to power the igniter but not enough to open the solenoid so gas could flow - fooled me for a while trying to work it out. So replace the batteries with new ones - EverReady/Duracell work best.

Brand ne Smarttec hot water system, has a gas leak. How do I fix it
1 answer
Where from....Get a spray bottle fill it with water small amount of dish washing liquid and spray around you fittings...they may not be tight

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