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Smeg DWA6314X / DWA6314W / DWA6314B

Smeg DWA6314X / DWA6314W / DWA6314B

DWA6314B (Black), DWA6314W (White) and DWA6314X (Stainless Steel)
3.6 from 26 reviews

Love this machine

I purchased my machine from Harvey Norman and at first, could not get it to complete the cycles. Called SMEG, who were amazing. Best customer service I have experienced for years. So impressed. The serviceman came out and checked it over. Working perfectly now. Boy compared to my former Miele, Smeg is far the better choice. So important to know your product has the professional backup and best practice service available. I am so appreciative of the whole company's commitment to looking after their customers. Could not be happier.

Purchased in August 2019 at Harvey Norman Burleigh Waters..

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

So disappointed

OK. Brand new dishwasher. First cycle the powder dispenser opens but leaves the powder inside now as a solid lump. The dishwasher is SO wet inside that you can't stop water droplets falling all over the dishes. Rinse aid was used - since this is always asked. Smeg support tells me its because of the steam and you need to open the dishwasher after its finished to let it escape!! Really!! So stand there at 2am because your dishwasher has a design flaw. As for the powder, I am told the top spray arm has been blocked somehow from getting to the powder? With what? The breakfast bowls along the front rack? Or your cutlery tray? Or the handle of the rack itself? Another design flaw perhaps?

Purchased in June 2019.

Noise Level
Hi Wendy. Thank you for your review. It is indeed unfortunate that you have experienced a problem with your appliance. Can you kindly email us direct with your full name, address and contact telephone number so that we we can contact you direct to discuss this matter? Our email address is: service@smeg.com.au and please mark to the attention of Lesley. Kind regards, Smeg Australia.The problem though, I spoke to your support first, expecting some real reasons and instead am told all that water everywhere is normal.... That the powder is there because there was something in the way of the spray arm when I know there wasn't unless its the rack handle itself.Update. After 3 failed wash loads the machine decided to work :\ Have no idea why as nothing had changed, not even the program selected. I did remove the cutlery basket from the bottom shelf and only used the very top tray as wondered if it was blocking the water from the powder dispenser but that does not account for the fact the machine is no longer soaked. It has now gone through 4 loads without incident. Smeg had certainly been on to it after I posted this review, I wish they had taken interest before hand and not brushed it off at service.

Quick response.

We had a problem with a 3yr old unit and through these reviews the Nat Service Manager had the anomaly rectified within days.
Been perfect since and one of the more quiet machines we've had.
Thanks Steve Cullen

Purchased in April 2016 for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout

Just right

Great dishwasher, returned a previous cheaper one that was underperfoming for this one and its turned out to be great. Paid $300 over my budget though.
It cleans very well as long as everything is facing the right way and not touching, has an extra tray right up the top for cutlery, again everything has to be slotted or they don't clean.
I made the mistake of throwing them in once and spoons sat with water in them, others didn't clean.
You can remove the tray and use the basket instead since the 3 trays compromise the height a bit.
I found I put less in than a previous one I had, it means I load/unload dishes a bit more often.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

saves water

Using the dishwasher was little confusing , so maybe it should have been more easy use friendly. It does the job most tims, there were a few times when it did not clean the plates, and the tablet was still in the dishwasher.Overall it is a sleek and efficient enough.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Worst appliance purchase ever

I've owned a few dishwashers before - this is by far the worst.

Firstly, it's a very complicated machine to use. It's not a "one touch - wash" machine. It was the first time I had to consult the manual.

Secondly, every cycle kept erroring out and the error code was not in the manual. We had to call a technician who didn't know what the error code was either. He worked out that some connections had come loose at the bottom. He taught me how to use the machine (what he instructed was not in the manual).

Thirdly, the dishes are not dry and have a soapy film on them. The technician's explanation for this was that soap tablet technology was too far ahead of dishwasher technology and hence much of the time the conditioner part of the tablet doesn't rinse away properly.

That's funny as my $400 dishlex never had this issue with the same Finish tablets.

Do yourself a favour and do not buy this machine, or any other SMEG for that matter.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Most efficient and best value for money dishwasher on the market!

Been in this house for 3 years, replaced most appliances, in March had to replace the dishwasher. Choice gave the SMEG their recommendation - we have a SMEG cooker too, hence we made a point to look at the SMEG. This dishwasher is the most water and energy efficient appliance we could find, one of the quietest and was less than a $1000. The Bosch, ASKO, Miele all claimed to be better were significantly more expensive, and not as efficient. May arguably be 15% better, due to additional options we'll never use, but still at more than twice the price! The SMEG cleans really well, easy to use, quiet and saves money on energy & water. Best value for money we could find. Highly recommend it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Bought sexy black

Had an asko for 16 years in previous house and that was still working when I left. I knew that we weren’t staying long in this house so we decided to go for a good dishwasher and something that went with the decor but not in the price range of the asko. I was very surprised, it washes well, it dries very well and I am delighted with this brand that when I go to the next house I am sure I will buy another one. I also love the third rack at the top where you can slide in tongs, and other long utensils. Love it, no complaints.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Washes well

We used to have a Bosch dishwasher which was quite good but recently stopped working. We were looking at another Bosch but the salesman showed us this smeg. The smeg comes with a 10 year parts and labour warranty (conditions apply) which Bosch does not have. The Smeg was made in Italy for under a $1000 (on sale). To purchase the Bosch (made in Europe) was over a $1000.

This dishwasher cleans the dishes really well, and quietly too! In fact, we have to listen closely to make sure it is working. It does make a slight clunking sound as it moves through the different stages. The cutlery drawer doesn’t slide as smoothly as the other two drawers but I prefer to use it over the bucket. I don’t have to manoeuvre my pots and pans around.

There isn’t a lot of space between the height of drawers. If you have tall items in the cup/glass drawer it interferes with the cutlery drawer etc. The drawers themselves don’t seem as big as my old Bosch even though the unit is the same size as my old Bosch. But I think that drawers in all brands are getting smaller as my mum has a Bosch and the drawers are similar to mine.

All in all, for the price, I am happy with this Smeg. It is very attractive and does a good job.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

This dishwasher makes me so happy!! Sparkling dishes every time even on eco-mode.

Sparkling dishes every time even on eco-mode. The manufacturers of Smeg dishwasher think
of everything that you need from the dishwasher but primarily what makes it a real winner is sparkling shiny dishes every time even when they’re using the economical mode to save energy and water.
Features that I love:
Are firstly the rotating spray arms which have an extra mini rotating spray arm at the end of the arm which means that the water sprays everywhere and doesn’t miss a corner of the dishwasher.
The adjustable height of shelves can adjusted very easily with a simple squeeze of the side bars There is a rack on the very top of the dishwasher for cutlery etc which I didn’t particularly want because I thought it would reduce the capacity to take high objects on the lower shelves, but because of the adjustable heights of the shelves below it has not been an issue. However if it is an issue the top cutlery rack can be removed and there is a normal cutlery basket which can be placed on the lower rack of the dishwasher instead . This gives you maximum flexibility.

The lower rack of the dishwasher has two rows of plate racks, one of these rows of plate shelves can be flattened to allow the placement of larger dishes without bending the plate racks, this allows pots and pans actually sit flat on the lower level and does not make the pans stick up and obstruct the spray arm above. However due to the adjustable height shelves this would not occur anyway. This is not the first time I have used a smeg dishwasher. I have had a previous model in a place that I was staying and I was also very impressed with that but this new version seems to allow more more economical modes which save on water. This particular model allows hot water connection which frees up my laundry taps so that the washing machine can have sole use of the cold water and the dishwasher can have sole use of the hot water, the instruction manual says the hot water usage reduces the running timer for machine by 20 minutes and also cuts down on energy bills, I’m not sure whether it does reduce energy bills I have no way of measuring this however it would be great for people with solar heated water.
I cannot say how pleased I am with the results of this machine the ease of adapt it to what I need in terms of space. I start the dishwasher stacking and keep finding more and more space to put things in it seems to have enormous capacity, due to sensible layout and flexiblility and could not recommend a dishwasher any more highly than this. I cannot say how pleased I am with the results of this machine the ease of adaptation to what I need in terms of space I stack the dishwasher and keep finding more and more space to put things in it seems to have an enormous capacity just due to sensible layout and flexible Layout. The dishwasher that I replaced this with was a 20+ year old Meile Which also gave fantastic results that died due to misuse.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Detergent dispenser completely fouls on middle rack = detergent gets stuck = dishes not cleaned.

Have used this dishwasher for about a month now every second day. Not once has all of the power detergent dissolved and usually around half of the power is left stuck and clumped together in the dispenser... why? well SMEG has located the detergent dispenser so it fouls on the middle rack - it cant open! Go figure. Dishes do not clean properly. Dishes are also dripping wet after the cycle, but that's another thing.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Dear Ben, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and contact details. Once I have this information I will arrange a call to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve CullenHi Steve, i have sent you my details on the 7 March and not heard from you. Please contact me.

Just great, we are very happy

Installed this in our new home June 17

It's quite, easy to use, cleans well, has great cutlery draw , adjustable draws , exterior easy to keep clean and not obvious marks/prints

Once finished we tend to open the door slightly to help it dry

Would happily buy smeg again

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Recommend this dishwasher!

Didn't buy this product, it is installed in my rental. Impressed with dish washer, and with customer service/ response on this site. Read the manual! I was having issues with fitting medium-large items into trays, and was informed that trays are adjustable in height to allow for this; and that the cutlery tray is removable - something i glossed over when reading the manual.
Washes all items well, and when opened after cleaning cycle all items are dry.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

I just love it,

We seniors were dredding having to purchase a new replacement dishwasher, go out shopping & making the right choice. We had a our choice between to two top well known names. We really liked all the features of the SMEG DWA 6431, hubby liked the sealed controls unit to protect the electronics against any tiny pest getting in and damaging the works and I like the feel of the door catch, the dish racks & cutlery tray and thought the BLACK model was most suitable to my older kitchen of oak timber/ black grantie tops. Then I looked at Product Reviews and became alarmed with some of the reviews, and had serious second thoughts. BUT we decided not to be detered by these reviews. We felt that it's mostly customers who are unhappy with a product/experience who post a poor review, and we assumed most happy customers don't bother to take the time to post a good review, because they have no complaints. SO I wanted to TAKE THE TIME and write a GREAT review as we both LOVE our new SMEG 6313B. The wash is fabulous, quiet, efficient, and the quick 27 min wash suits us most days, everytime all dishes come out dry and sparkling. The price was right from Harvey Norman and the Black Model looks fabulous in my kitchen. We are very happy with this SMEG Dishwasher thus far.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Easy to use machine

The machine is easy to setup and use it has three trays which we are getting use to middle tray is height adjustable. Dishes are clean well but does dry most of the dishes or just leave door open to allow for better drying. Very quite don't even know that its on and have to place hand on door to know it on which is great if you have a very restless baby.
We like the quietness and easy function buttons

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Dishwasher won't start

Dishwasher won't start even though turned on. Rinse aid light is on, but this should not affect the wash cycle. Any suggestions or is there an issue with the machine? Tried turning it off and on to no avail. Manual is very basic and has limited trouble shooting examples. Anyone experienced this before?

Date PurchasedAug 2017
Seems to be a common problem with this model when looking at other comments. Rinse aid light now off however still not workingDear Matto, I received your email and have arranged for our Perth agent to make contact and see what the cause of the problem is and what needs to be done to fix the issue. Regards Steve Cullen

Amazing service

I bought a smeg dishwasher and was having trouble installing it as the Anti-flood device was activating. I contacted Steve Cullen the National service manger for Smeg. i was so impressed with his professionalism and how helpful and accommodating he was. He organized a appliance man to come out the next day. We are renovating our kitchen and I will buy Smeg products purely because I Of the prompt and professional service I received. Thank you so much Steve

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent Dishwasher

We just bought this dishwasher for our new house after never owning a dishwasher we couldn't believe how easy to use and how clean our dishes could be. Machine is very quiet and as we are on tank water is one of the best water efficient on the market. Would highly recommend this dishwasher.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks for your review Danny!! We love hearing from our happy customers !!! On a side note, I love my Smeg dishwahser as well. Enjoy !!! :-)

worst dish washer and service

bought this machine from Frankston Harvynorman last week, had two washers, now it wont start , power button comes onn, but thats it, non of the other buttons work. spoke to harvynorman and they want me to bring it back to them to check and replace, when we took it to them at our expense a sales person had a look and said the buttons are working and refused to accept as a return. just Plugged it back at hgome and the same problem. SMEG agent cant get to this for another week or more. already spend over $300 transporting this back and forward. the manual is only good to wipe the ass after a shit, probably fail in that as well.THIS THE WORST DISHWASHER AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE OTHER THAN TO USE AS A DOOR STOPPER.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hi Kilan - I am the National Service Manager from Smeg Australia and I want to assist you with the problem you have mentioned - In order for me to investigate this matter can you please contact me direct with your Full name, residential address and a contact telephone number and then I will be able to discuss this direct with the agent and yourself. I await your email, kind regards, Steve Cullen. Steve.cullen@smeg.com.au

Won't start

1 week old. Done about 5 washes now does nothing. Power light comes on but cannot select a cycle or press start - absolute rubbish for close to $2000. Instruction manuals are also rubbish. There is no one to contact and service will take a week. Will not recommend to anyone.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Andrew - can you please contact me direct to discuss this matter? I will require your full name, address and a contact telephone number - Also, which Agent have you contacted to organise a service call? Once I have this information from you I will be able to investigate this matter and discuss with you direct. I appreciate your time in advising us of this, if we are not made aware of these matters, we can not help you. Regards Steve Cullen. steve.cullen@smeg.com.auI have done that Steve. I find the products very unintuitive - the ovens have 2 knobs - neither of which is obvious what it does. The rangehood is very noisy. I guess I should have done some more research prior to spend over $7000 on appliancesBoth problems fixed thank you

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Questions & Answers

unable to get rid of end. have tried the following: open door press on button. on/off press on button and start button hold both. close door model DWA314x
1 answer
Hi Brian. Thanks for your enquiry. Can you kindly email us with your full name, address and a contact telephone number so that we can call you and discuss this with you over the phone? Our email is service@smeg.com.au - we await your details. Regards, SMEG AUSTRALIA

My brand new SMEG DWA6314X just installed and purchased on 07072019 door doesn’t shut properly and only the power button is on along with the red - next to the star. I have held down the other 6 buttons and none of them do anything. And YES, the machine is level. Thoughts.
2 answers
Hi Peavvvvvved, thanks for your review- we would love to have the opportunity to discuss this further with you could you kindly email me direct with your full name address and contact telephone number ? Once we have this information we will contact you direct to discuss this further - our email is Service@smeg.com.au please mark to the attention of Lesley kind regards Smeg AustraliaPeavvvvvved have faith in the after sale service. I had a problem with a motherboard, out of warranty. Smeg repaired it FOC within days. Love the unit and bought another for our beach house. Sure you'll be looked after if you contact them. I dealt with a Mr Cullen (Nat Service Man)...very helpful.

I need to remove the bottom panel from my smeg DWA6314B dishwasher to check the aquastop. How do I do this?
2 answers
Hey Lenny did you ever figure it out? I need to open mine.Hi Grace. No I did not! Actually I wrote a long blurb stating how useless this page is, but decided not to post it. I was so annoyed at every answer telling you to get a professional to fix whatever problem you may be having! Don't waste your time on this stupid site. Anyway, the machine was new and I complained like to the people who sold it to me. They swapped it for a new one. Sorry! I'm being as useful as this dumb site. If I didn't care about what my smeg looked like I'd tear away the bottom panel and not worry about the look of it afterwards. (my partner cares so I wasn't allowed ha ha). It's just crappy plastic and will break easily I reckon, I think the important thing is to get to the float in order to empty the tray. Who (other than my partner) cares about the look of the machine? As long as it works. Right? Good luck with it.


Smeg DWA6314X (Stainless Steel)Smeg DWA6314W (White)Smeg DWA6314B (Black)
CategoryFreestanding DishwashersFreestanding DishwashersFreestanding Dishwashers
Price (RRP) $1,890$1,790$1,790
FeaturesChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash, Height-Adjustable Upper Rack and Time Remaining DisplayChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash, Height-Adjustable Upper Rack and Time Remaining DisplayChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash, Height-Adjustable Upper Rack and Time Remaining Display
Water Rating5.5 star(s)5.5 star(s)5.5 star(s)
Water Consumption9.7 L/wash9.7 L/wash9.7 L/wash
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)3.5 star(s)
Energy Consumption243 kWh per year243 kWh per year243 kWh per year
Control Panel Position FrontFrontFront
Maximum Noise Level47 db47 db47 db
Number of Programs555
Number of Place Settings 141414
Colour / Finish Stainless SteelWhiteBlack
Dimensions 850 x 598 x 600 mm850 x 598 x 600 mm850 x 598 x 600 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)

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