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SMEG is the brand you can trust

I purchased a SMEG kettle that was faulty. The G fell off, and the lid got stuck so I had to use the spout to pour in the water. There was also a lot of condensation on the lid when it boiled.

Based on recommendations and comments from people on here, I emailed SMEG who sorted out the replacement for me in less than a week and sent me a brand new kettle. You pay top dollar for the quality of service from the company, which is EXCELLENT

Purchased in April 2018 for $189.00.

Cheap Tat. Don’t buy it.

Cheap Tat! Don’t buy it!

Over the last 2.5 years I was foolish enough to buy the Smeg kettle, toaster (4 slice) and blender. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Blender: lasted 18 months. Jug began leaking after despite being hand washed. Then motor died. Bought a Vitamix instead and it’s a far superior product that blends seeds to smooth in a way the Smeg could never.

Toaster (four slice): worked ok with main problem is that toast regularly slid down between the frame and elements, getting lodged so you couldn’t get it out! Poor design. Bought a Dualit and noticed that the Smeg also is quite a harsh toast in comparison. Don’t buy.

Jug: best performing but still plastic and tinny for the price. A “G” fell off mine after two years. Bought a Dualit.

The after sales service has been appalling after enquiring in both New Zealand and Australia through the distributor and head office. Hang your head in shame, Smeg.

In short, don’t be seduced by the good looks in photos. It’s cheap tat and not worth the extra bucks at all.

Purchased in May 2016 for $349.00.

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Value for Money
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Quiet and Stylish

We purchased this kettle to match the Smeg Toaster Black. We upgraded from a Breville kettle. This is better and quiet. I like the soft close lid. A friend did mention that her lid was the first thing to go wrong with her Smeg kettle just as it was out of warranty. I was a little disappointed to hear this. The Kettle is boiled 2 - 3 times a day. The finish appears hard wearing.

Questions & Answers

Hi i purchased a Smeg Retro style kettle KLF01 as shown in Black from Myer in December of last year. I have noticed the last few months where i need to keep toggle down for it to boil the water & only recently where it doesn’t boil to full capacity. Can you please advise as to what steps i need to take to replace this kettle as i rely on it everyday. Thankyou
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If you have your receipt you should return it to MYER for a replacement or refund. Good luckDear Lucy, Sorry to hear about your kettle. Could you please email retailsales@smeg.com.au with your name, address and contact number as well as photo of the data plate on the base of the kettle. Once they have this information they will be in direct contact with you. Regards Smeg