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Smeg PVS750 / PVS750A

Smeg PVS750 / PVS750A

PVS750A and PVS750
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Don’t waste your money

If your not into cooking and just like the look of this cook top then this is for you, but for everyone else that likes to cook don’t buy this you’ll spend more time trying to clean it then use it for cooking.

The little leds for the knobs are a great idea untill they stop working and can’t be replaced unless you call out a technician and pay another fortune to get them fix.

I’ve had it for just over 2 years and now I’m looking for another type to replace it.

Very disappointed.

Purchased in November 2016.

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Hi Scott M thank you for your review- have you contacted us direct to discuss this matter ? If not can you please email me direct with your full name address and contact telephone number along with the date of purchase on your appliance, i will then investigate this further and contact you direct to discuss this further- my email address is Lesley.ryder@smeg.com.au - I await your email kind regards Lesley

Big on looks, small on reliability

As the other reviewers have said here, this cooktop looks fantastic. It sucked me in thats for sure! But, thats where the compliments end. It is a disaster to clean, the jean studs that are used to seat the trivets on destroy cleaning sponges and finger tips alike. The actual burners are virtually impossible to keep clean, I have officially given up and they now look disgusting. The trivit legs regularly come loose and to tighten them means easily destroying the little rubber grommet in the base. The knobs have also been an issue with the LED failing in one and going dull in others. For the past 12 months the centre burner wont stay on at start up and the piezo stops working on a disturbingly frequent basis. As another reviewer mentioned, where is the european quality that is used to sell this product?

Date PurchasedApr 2010
Matt, Please also send photos of this appliance when you send me the details of the rangehood. SteveSteve sorted out my problems in a very expedient and understanding manner. I am pleased to say that my appliance is now working as good as new!

Very disappointing.

So difficult to clean. Called Smeg and the representative suggested we could change the five hobs and five discs (not sure of the technical terms) for $700. Really? The cooktop was already overpriced to begin with. Also, after only a couple of months of use, one of the rubbers underneath the hob broke off. After only a couple of months! Where is the so called and heavily advertised European quality in that? We originally had a Kleenmaid cooktop which lasted twenty three years and we never had a problem with it - just wanted a more modern cooktop. Lastly and most importantly really, since it is a safety issue, the hobs are easily moved if a heavy saucepan is on the top. There have been quite a few spills with hot saucepans sliding off with the hobs, so now we are extra careful when using this cooktop. We called Smeg a second time and we were told that the cooktop is more of a showroom piece. I wish that the salesman had told us that before the purchase. I am tempted to ask the person I gave my old cooktop to if I could please have it back in exchange for the Smeg. To add insult to injury, my sister told me that the one year old Smeg cooktop looks older than my twenty three year old Kleenmaid and it does. Do your research before buying one of these - we didn't and are sorry that we didn't take the time to do so.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Looks good but has design issues.

We have had this cooktop for 4 years. Looks great with the glass top and the burners are designed well. However, the knobs are a disappointment. Moisture and crumbs get in underneath quite easily. This blocks the knobs' lights, so you don't know which ones are on. Also, one of the knobs recently jammed up completely. I emailed Smeg and they sent a techo round the next day, offering to cover parts and labour. Just a $99 call out fee. Still looks great, but next time I might go with an induction cooktop.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Stylish dream hob becomes cleaning and durability nightmare!

I first saw this gas range on line and it looked as described...."silver" glass and I loved it. In real life it is more a deep petrol blue which was not a colour I was planning for this kitchen. It also had red rubber feet on the trivets which gave it a red, silver and blue look so we had to change our backsplash tile choice. However I went ahead despite this and high cost because we had a Smeg linear oven and sinks and hoped for their fridge too, and also wanted the light up knobs for safety as I can be a day dreamer and forget I have something on the stove.
The look of the Linear range is perfect to marry the 1960s era of our home with modern life. And then delightfully, when we were chasing Linear oven problems with the local Smeg distrubtor, I learned the feet could be changed to grey (and were given them) which is excellent as it takes out the rather stark additional colour I did not want. Besides the Smeg name and design I was interested in a glass cooktop because the el cheapo we had inherited in this house, was actually a dream to keep clean. Sadly despite still looking good at some distance, within months what I presume is not ideal quality of the materials proved a real disappointment. The translucent knobs are not "water tight" so the inebitable sprays and spills enter their crevices and show dark brown through the clear resin or whatever the material is. I contacted Smeg Sydney and they were good about it and sent out another set of knobs, but the same thing happens. Short of standing by the stove whenever in use or covering the knobs which defeats the purpose, there is no way to keep them clean inside. And you can not get inside the knobs to clean them. The trivets clean up ok, but the silver gas dispersing rings are just aluminium and when you rub off a mark, the silver sheen wears thru to dull ugly metal finish FOLLOWING their cleaning recommendations. And the glass is not at all the easy to clean type. The brushed ss metal rim chipped within weeks. I was told to get metal polish from a car store to try and disguise. I would think it shouldnt be chipping so soon or at all. My previous ss Ilve was over 10 years old when we sold the house and it was so much easier to clean and keep looking smart apart from the trivets. Really disappointed with the quality of the SMEG and associated impossibility of keeping it looking good, especially given its high price tag.

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Smeg PVS750ASmeg PVS750
CategoryGas CooktopsGas Cooktops
Price (RRP)$2990$2990
Cutout Width730mm730mm
Cutout Depth500mm500mm
Control PositionFrontFront
Release dateMar 2010

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