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Smeg SFA6309X

Smeg SFA6309X

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An expensive bomb in your kitchen

I have had this oven for 3 years and it has exploded twice during the pyroletic clean. Luckily for me the repair company has replaced the glass for free both times with no hassle, but even they are shocked. This oven is dangerous and you would not want to be in the kitchen when it explodes as it shoots burning hot beads of glass everywhere. With the number of people reporting the same issue with their pyroletic ovens they should have done a product recall for safety reasons. I have since purchased a new dishwasher, washing machine and fridge and told the sales people that I would not purchase Smeg appliances again.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Dear Whelsa. Thank you for your review. My name is Steve Cullen and I am the National Service and Spare Parts Manager for Smeg Australia. In order for me to investigate this matter further can you please email me direct with your full name, address and contact telephone number, My email address is steve.cullen@smeg.com.au awaiting your email. Kind regards, Steve Cullen.

Great oven controls took a while to get used to

They look great, we have 2 ovens, they heat very quickly. Have been too scared to use the pyro cleaning after reading some reviews. Found the controls a little strange as in took a while to get used to the functions, need to read the manual a few times, but once used to it great and overall very happy.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Oven heats up so quickly and cooks really well

This oven heats up super fast and on fan bake it cooks quickly and crisps up food nicely. Its easy to clean and the trays pull out smoothly without tipping. The only downside is it takes a long time to cool down, which is accompanied by the sound of a loud cooling fan.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Ella! Thanks for your review - Don't forget to book yourself into one of our Cooking Demonstrations - I notice your location is Melbourne, we hold these Demonstrations regularly at our Collingwood Showroom. Our product demonstrations are designed to assist you in understanding exactly how your oven works, how to clean it, operate the controls and clocks, use oven functions plus extra cooking tips and advice. Smeg staff are always on hand to take you through step by step your exact appliance and offer any assistance you may require... And of course, you get to taste test all the yummy food that is cooked !! Once again, thanks for your review. Best Regards. SMEG AUSTRALIA.


The oven was purchased for it's good looks, as you never know about performance until you actually use it. The Smeg does not disappoint, not just a pretty face! Even cooking, great functions with the timer and a beep when pre heating is finished. The self cleaning mode is amazing, never scrubbing an oven again.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Best Oven I ever had

I had a Miele oven and quite happy with it when it broke kept spending money on repairing. Finally, I made up with my mind to buy a Smeg and it is truly money worth spent. I use my oven a lot of baking, almost on a daily basis. This oven is quiet, has so many functions and I can rely on it for temperature control and even baking without turning my baked good back and forth. I would recommend this oven.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Snowgirl. Thanks for your review! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Smeg Oven, Have you booked yourself into one of our fantastic cooking classes? If not, give us a call and we can book you in - Our demonstrators will show you how to best utilise every single function you have and of course, you will get to sample the wonderful treats that are cooked in our Ovens - Please call us direct on 02 8667 4888. Have a great day and welcome to the Smeg family !! :-)

Cooks to perfection

This is the first oven I have actually chosen (others have come with the house) and I am very satisfied with the results so far. I don't have to rotate dishes or trays to get even browning and it is relatively easy to use. There are a lot of functions I haven't tried out yet as II tend to stick to a favourite few but I'll become more adventurous soon!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

GREAT Oven!!

It's always a gamble buying an oven until you start using it! Really happy with the results achieved with baking in this model. Looks fabulous but delivers on everything the brochure said it would do. The glass isn't dangerous and the functionality is simple to work out. Recommended to you

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Oven fantastic to cook/bake in... but DON'T use the Pyrolytic Cleaning Cycle

Installed our oven in Oct 2015.. it always cooked and baked foods well and it should for the amount it costs. I went to use the pyro clean cycle for about the 3rd time and in the last 30min of the cycle I heard a big bang not sure what it was but I then noticed small cubes of glass on the floor between 1 to 2m all in front of the oven, then I noticed the same glass on the top of the oven door but the oven door was still in the locked position and the pyro clean was still in progress. Turned oven off and let it cool completely. When I tried to opened the oven door 1 or the 3 glass panels inside the oven door has exploded. The oven was full of glass.
I'm so lucky that my kids weren't walking past the oven at that time because the force of that glass that was able to come out was incredible and to be able to come out of the oven while locked in the pyro clean cycle would done some damage to them or anyone one for sure. It's a disaster waiting to happen. One of my kids are at eye hight to the oven door opening. We need to walk towards to oven to get to the pantry and the cupboard that holds our cups, plates is right next to the oven. Never again !!!!
I would never never ever recommend or use the Smeg oven in the pryro cleaning cycle process again... too dangerous too risky.
We have now been waiting over two weeks for Smeg to decide because it's out of warranty weather they will help us with a replacement or even we just want the door replaced. No one has been able to tell me why it happened. Is was very scary. We supplied them with photo's and it's just like they don't care because it's out of warranty.
We are a family of 4 at home and not having an oven for over two weeks is just adding to the frustration.
When you spend that much money on a product you should except it to last longer and not be dangerous to you and your family.
Not happy the way Smeg has handled the whole process.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
Dear Broome. I am the National Service and Spare Parts Manager for Smeg Australia, Can you please email me direct; Steve.cullen@Smeg.com.au - please give me your full name, address and a contact telephone number and also the details of who you are dealing with and I will investigate this matter and get in direct contact with you. Regards SteveAn update on my above review for my Smeg Oven... it was currently fixed 3 weeks ago... the internal glass that shattered was replaced, supplied and paid to be fitted by Smeg... I still stand by my review and since I still have the same oven and no-one can still tell me why it happened, I will not risk it and will not be using the pyro clean function nor will I buy a Smeg Oven with a Pyro clean function in the future..

Second Smeg, works a charm

This is our second smeg. We just redid our kitchen with freedom and decided to go inwall instead of stand alone. This over has been great. I went from baking with gas to with electric and it's amazing how much more consistent the heat is. East to clean and a great appliance.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great appliance

I am extremelly happy with my Smeg oven. I love the modern Italian design but most importantly the functionality. It comes with manual, that explains clearly how to operate the oven and it is easy to understand even if you are not a technical wiz. It bakes and grills great and the self-clean program is just fantastic. I am very happy :)

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best oven ever

Ive had this oven for 5 years now its roast and bakes at a very high quaility. Its easy to keep clean. The oven comes with several oven tray to help cook multiple items together. Its great if you have young kids as it glass door never gets hot while cooking at high temperatures.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Good for baking but don’t use the pyrolytic cycle

I bought this oven hoping that it would replace my old oven which cooked food unevely. It was very good in that respect that all my baked goods were cooked evenly. Everything was fine until I tried to put it on its first pyrolytic cycle and the front door glass exploded (while I was standing in front of it and 37 weeks pregnant!!). Claiming warranty was not a simple process either, the company was refusing to replace the whole oven (wanted to just replace the door) but with numerous glass shards in the fan at the back, I was not risking that with my food!!

Date PurchasedDec 2013
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Dear Jess, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what I need to do to in regards to these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

Was sceptical but very impressed

There seem to be a lot of bad reviews on here relating to the pyrolytic version of this oven (I believe that's the SFPA version, not this SFA model, so a different model). I was also somewhat concerned about the reviews regarding how difficult it may be to figure out how to use the knobs etc. Despite the reviews, we purchased the non-pyrolotic version (no risk of exploding glass on high temp cleaning) based on how attractive it was (love the narrow handle, I hate all the fat handles of most ovens) and the reputation of the brand.

I've actually been pleasantly surprised, and were able to figure out the knobs and how to operate the oven fairly quickly. I found some YouTube videos helped as well. The oven looks fabulous in the kitchen, and appears to be fairly easy to clean and wipe down the inside glass. So far all the food has been cooked great and quickly. Roast potatoes got crispy etc. I suspect it is important to ensure you use the right function for what you're cooking though. The knobs/display may take some getting used to, but I think it's worth it for the overall appearance of the oven. Got an excellent deal on AppliancesOnline and had it delivered the next morning (and they took our old over away). Very happy so far.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

love Smeg

my wife and i bought two Smeg ovens and we did our major reno this year on house in Adelaide. After using a 1980s oven for over ten years to then have two Smeg ovens its been amazing They are easy to use and the self cleaning option is great. Thanks Smeg.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Internal Glass has just exploded. Truly dangerous oven. Do not buy.

Guess what, my oven glass door has just exploded during the pyrolytic clean function, the first time I used this function ever since I bought it last year. I followed the instructions in the manual to clean lightly soiled oven using Pyrolytic Eco friendly function. By default it comes as 2 hours and the manual recommends for light cleaning 2 hours should be used. So SMEG and Winnings Appliances do not blame the customer for not reading the manual. This oven is so user unfriendly, it is impossible to operate it without reading the manual.

I raised this safety issue last year when I renovated my apartment. I read in product review that someone had experienced the exploding oven glass door. I forwarded the page to my architect. He forwarded the issue to Winning Appliances. I was told that there is no issue with this oven. Winnings uses this oven in their kitchen and the staff there use the Pyrolitic function a lot. Further, the sales lady at Winning Appliances said, people just love to bag a product, insinuating that the problem of exploding glass door at best an isolated one or the reviewer being the lone person complaining, could be discounted as untrue, as the staff at Winning never experienced this explosion in their use in their staff kitchen (Lucky them - SMEG must really look after them very well by giving the best quality sample and sell crappy and faulty products to customers).

As there were not a lot of review in product review.com.au, I bought the arguments from the Winnings sales lady. I am now in full regret mode, I should have trusted the reviewer who reported the exploding glass door in product review.com.au

So if you are considering this oven, or is recommended by a sales person to buy it, consider other options. An exploding oven is dangerous, as the glass shards can hurt your children. Imagine if the glass shards fly into the eyes of your children or yourself. Also I accidentally stepped on the glass shards while cleaning the scattered shards. Not to mention the damage to your kitchen cabinet, due to the shards stuck in between the hinge of the oven door preventing the door to be propped open or completely closed. The glass scratches my kitchen cabinet panel edges. Truly a disaster.

I will update this review latter. I'd like to see what Winning Appliances response on this issue. They persuaded me to buy this dud product and now it has exploded. It seems since I saw the review on this product last year, there are now at least 5 more customers experiencing the same exact problem of exploding oven during pyrolytic clean.

Believe the reviewers in product review.com. We are here to keep the sellers and product manufacturer honest. Not to sell us dud product for premium money. If this product is not Pyrolytic capable, do not sell it is without proper testing and Quality Assurance process.

Also Yes, I found this oven not user friendly and the knob turn left and right unintuitive. I have the manual permanently stored next to the oven, as I need the manual every time I need to use the oven.

This oven is truly dangerous. It should be considered a crime to sell it, until the explosion issue is sorted out. Your family or tenant could be hurt by the flying glass shards.
Your kitchen could be damaged. The cost to replace the oven, may include additional joinery cost to you, as this oven is a built-in oven, permanently fixed to your kitchen cabinet.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Dear Martin, Sorry to hear about your experience with your Smeg oven. Could you please email our National Service Manager, steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your telephone contact details, address and the problems you are experiencing with your appliance. Once he has this information, he can ascertain how to best rectify the problem. Regards SmegI reached out to Steve Cullen and within 24 hours was contacted by SMEG service team, who organized the oven replacement for me. The model I got SFPA6309X is no longer available apparently (I am not surprised), so they replaced my destroyed oven with another model SFPA6300X, which appears more user friendlier than the model I got. I want to thank and I am giving 5 STARS to Steve Cullen and SMEG service in Australia for their honorable attitude in taking responsibility on this product. As of today, 21 December 2017, the replacement oven is installed in my kitchen. SMEG paid for the installation and also the removal of the destroyed oven. However, I still believe that the internal door will explode under Pyrolytic function. I am not prepared to try this function again for obvious safety concern. I still have that ill feeling that I paid for the Pyrolytic function which does not work, without completely destroying the oven. I am not changing my initial review, as other customers with SMEG pyrolytic oven, should be made aware of the possibility of exploding internal glass door and to be careful when using this self-cleaning function.

Most user unfriendly oven I have ever used

Nothing about my new smeg oven is user friendly. The knobs are both confusing and counter intuitive. The user manual is unhelpful in its lack of information and detail.
The griller shelf and tray are badly positioned. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
The fan pre heating and cooling down is noisy and blows in your face.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Cooks OK, but the clever digital panel is ridiculous

We had the previous model and were quite happy with it. It used to have analogue dials, very user friendly. The new digital version is a disaster. So hard to work out how to use it. My wife hates it and so do I. Stick to the simple and you'll be a lot happier. Not sure what to do now because it has cost so much money we don't want to lose a packet selling it and buying a new one.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Ok but hate the control panel

Food is cooked OK. I think that no matter what oven you buy you have to tweak things that make your oven yours, HOWEVER I find the control panel ridiculous and I have only been able to learn the basics from the manual. We moved into our new home on the 18th December and my memory of Christmas Day was me sitting on a chair in front of the oven to try and work out how to heat up Croissants for Christmas breakfast. Lucky we weren't doing lunch because it took a while. I have figured out most things but my husband and daughter can't operate it ( if it was simple dials I think they would be more interested) so it all falls to me and I can't even ask them to turn it on! I just wish it was more simple- very disappointed to the point where I just want to replace it with something more user friendly for everyone in the household.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

The oven fan takes forever to stop running

We installed a Smeg oven in our brand kitchen. I was excited as family members had said how good they are, I can not say that about our oven....
The air that comes out while the oven is on can be felt up to 2 metres. If i cook a cake then the fan will run for up to 20mins after turning off the oven. A roast can take 1hr for the fan to stop running.
Smeg are not interested as we are not located in a city. Also our local dealer took 2 months to decide that what I am explaining is normal. No other Smeg oven I have seen does this. I would like someone at Sent to help

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Hi Seb, thanks for your feeback, can you please contact me direct with some more information, can I please ask for your full name, address and a contact telephone number? I would like to investigate this matter fully and discuss with you direct - kind Regards, Steve Cullen - steve.cullen@smeg.com.auJust an update. Smeg have been in contact and are helping with an outcome. Much appreciated. I will advise result once known.My post is late and I apologise to Smeg as they were able to help me. Our oven was replaced and I am very happy with the new one. It definitely works like a oven should. It has taken a lot of persistence but all is good now. Thanks Smeg

Happy but mixed feelings

Oven cooks fantasticly,is easy to use and looks great in our kitchen. It is not 12 months old . About 6 weeks ago whilst being cleaned by the pyrolitic system the inner glass door exploded, glass went everywhere.
Had a few dramas trying to get warranty until referred to Prestige appliances in Adelaide. They were excellent problem sorted almost overnight.. question why does this happen to such an apparently good product. Reading various forums this seems not to be an isolated instance. Question 2 where does one stand if this happens again?

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Dear bnen, Thank you for your feedback regarding your oven. The glass can break if there is a small air pocket within the glass itself, which can occur during the manufacturing process and when heated to such high temperatures the air expands and causes the glass to break. This occurrence is rare. If you require any further assistance in the future please contact us on 02 8667 4885. Regards Smeg

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What is error 8
1 answer
Hi Kelly H - thanks for your enquiry. Error 8 means that there is a problem with your cooling fan. Can you kindly contact our Service Department direct on 02 8667 4833 or via email: service@smeg.com.au and we will discuss further. Kind Regards Lesley @ Smeg Service.

How do I rest the clock on my oven?
1 answer
Hi Wal, Just hold the left hand knob to the left or right but don't push it in and the clock start going up or down. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.

Hi, I tried to use the pyrolitic function on my SFPA6300X, followed the instructions and the oven fan comes on, but the oven continually beeps. The timer counts down, but nothing else seems to be happening. I have removed all the internal requirements. The oven is only 3 months old. Any help please?
1 answer
Hi 08ruthy, We suggest contacting our Service Department on 02 8667 4833 to arrange for a technician to inspect the oven. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.


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