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TRA93BL (Black) and TRA93P (Panna)
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I am currently tossing up between this oven and the Belling Richmond 900. Reviews for both seem similar, can anyone give me pros/cons on their ovens, service experience. It’s such a big purchase and I am getting my kitchen built around the oven, I want to get it right. TIA
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We are extremely satiified with the SMEG TRA93P which we have had now over two years. We have used SMEG appliances throughout the the last two kitchens we have installed in our homes and all their appliances have given us good service. We had a problem in the ice maker in the ten year old SMEG refrigerator and were unable to buy a replacement part. We were told we needed to replace the entire tray unit at a cost of $600. We complained to SMEG Head Office in Italy by email on a Thursday evening Australia time. We explained that we were both pensioners and longtime users of SMEG appliances. At 10.00 am the following morning SMEG Australia telephoned to tell us that they would ship out a new unit to us at no cost. This arrived three days later. That is what we call exceptional service.Just an additional piece of information. We bought the Victoria model which is a cream colour together with the SMEG Dishwasher also in the same colour. These are installed in a kitchen with brilliant white cabinets. Together with all the other cream coloured SMEG appliances, Kettle, Toaster, and Cake Mixer the kitchen looks stunningly attractive.Hi Clive, I have had Smeg appliances in the past (20years or so), and was happy with them. There are two features that the Belling has that I like, and they are cheaper, however as the saying goes “ you get what you pay for”. This has helped, thank you.

Question from potential purchaser: How has anyone found this oven with the Induction cooktop? Just wondering if anything goes wrong or needs replacing on the induction plates how does this work as it’s all part of the one oven? In the unlikely case of needing a replacement, can the induction plate be replaced ?
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What is the useable width of the tall side oven?just trying to work out if my current cake tins will fit
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Any dish up to 257 mm width and length of 315 mm will fitThanks!

Hi there, Just wondering whether anyone has had their SMEG TRA93BL longer than 12months+ ? If so, any issues? How do you find the space in both ovens? Any cons? Thanks.
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Hi, We have had our Smeg for nearly two years. It has been used every day, mainly the gas cook top. The main oven is used at least once a week and the side oven less frequently. We have not had any issues with the size of both ovens.

Love my stove have had it for 12 months and the small oven at the bottom has started burning food on right hand side. Any suggestions. Model TRA93P
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Hi, you should call smeg service. While still in warranty, LindaHi Jayjay with fan forced ovens if the temperature is too high it will over cook on the right hand side. Please call Smeg service on 02 8667 4833 and arrange for a technician to check the temperature of your oven. Regards Smeg tech support

Can I please ask, is the second auxiliary oven (the tall skinny one) practical? I can’t find a showroom example to look at and I’m wondering if it is just too narrow? Thank you!!
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Dear Natalie, You can view this model at our Sydney showroom. Regards SmegHi Natalie, I have the 90cm oven, it’s way more practical. LindaHi Natalie, Yes it is practical. While your standard roasting dishes will be too long there is no reason why roasts could not be done in it as long as the pan fits.The side oven is 37cm deep x 27cm wide x 60cm high. This makes it quite good for cooking two or more side dishes to go with the main roast. Also it can be used a a plate warmer. With regards, Clive

Can anyone report on the effectiveness of the griller and main wok hob for heat intensity (eg many stoves do have sufficient heat to properly stir fry)? Do the griller and oven racks slide out easily as on rollers or do they get stuck? Is cleaning more an issue not being pyrolytic? Are the decals for the knob controls prone to rub off (eg like the Falcon brand)?
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We have not used the griller as yet. However the racks in the griller and the ovens all slide out and in without any problems. There is one set of rails for the main oven which, when fitted, slide in and out very smoothly. Cleaning is not a problem with this stand alone stove. There are no decals on the knobs, they are stainless steel. Have not used the wok hob for stir frying but often boil water in large pots on it and the heat we believe will be sufficient to use for stir frying.Thanks for your help

About to buy a SMEG Victoria and a bit concerned about the smaller parts packing up. We are Bosch users and my hubby is wary. I love the Victoria and would like to reassure him we are buying quality not just looks. How are you getting on with your Victoria?
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Yes we are still extremely happy with our SMEG Victoria stand alone oven. It serves all our needs and has helped adding to the "Wow" factor in our kitchen.

Are you still satisfied with this oven, several months later? I'm looking at one currently (actually have a deposit paid) but considering switching to another brand (possibly Falcon) because of so many poor reviews, silly switch possibly! My husband thinks the SMEG looks better built, nicer finishes than the Falcon Kitchener. Interesting how bad reviews can put us off, so I'm pleased to see a good review of this cooker.
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We are still completely happy with this stand alone SMEG cooker. It is a pleasure to use and its classic design a feature in the kitchen. It is handy to have the capability of warming plates in winter as an added pleasure. The ovens and the cook tops have been used frequently since installation without any problems. Cooking temperatures in the ovens are as they should be. We have not used the grill as yet. When the microwave oven light failed SMEG service was prompt and efficient. On another occasion we required a spare part for the SMEG refrigerator which was over ten years old. The ice maker unit needed attention. We were told the entire unit needed to be replaced at a cost of close to $500.00. All we needed was a plastic gear wheel. We complained to the head office in Italy by email late one night (it would have been during office hours in Italy at that time). We explained the problem and mentioned that we were long time users of SMEG appliances and also that we were pensioners. The following morning around 10.30 am we had a telephone call from SMEG service in Sydney regarding our complaint. They advised that they would send us the replacement unit the same day at no charge. It arrived two days later. We have been SMEG users for the past fifteen years using their products in two.complete kitchen renovations in two separate homes during that time. SMEG service is better than most and second to none.Thank you for the reply and comprehensive information. I hope that we're as fortunate with the SMEG oven as we've now ordered the SMEG Victoria, with a Belling canopy range hood. It certainly looks better finished and more of a solid unit than the comparably priced Falcon Kitchener. Falcon cookers would require us to step up a model or two, spending a lot more money too, than the SMEG Victoria. Thank you once again, much appreciated.My pleasure! Wish you have many enjoyable years using your new SMEG stove.

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