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Drink bottles not worth it

My daughter was given a new water bottle for Christmas. It was dropped once outside her classroom and the bottom cracked. We replaced it with a another smiggle water bottle And that lastest one day at kindy before coming home leaking with a crack at the bottom. I feel drink bottles need to be able to withstand a small knock similar to a young child dropping their school bag on the ground. I will not be replacing this with another smiggle product.

Children’s drink bottle -not worth the money

We were gifted with a brand new child’s water bottle for school. It did not last the month. Last week the end broke off and yesterday the bottle cracked. Such a shame when all our other “a lot cheaper” kids bottles have lasted for 4 years wear and tear. Will not be recommending unfortunately.

Terrible drink bottles

We purchased 2 drink bottles for xmas from Smiggle and both were terrible to drink from. The straws made alot of noise but hardly any liquid could be sucked up. Both my husband and myself pulled them apart to try and fix them but still no luck. Very disappointed and both in the bin.

Smuggle drink bottle not good at all

We purchased a Smigel drink bottle for my three-year-old daughter for Christmas. She was always trying to tip the bottle up and we kept telling her that you don’t need to do that because it had a straw connected to the mouthpiece however unfortunately when we tried to use it ourselves it was almost impossible to suck anything out of it. It is now in the bin because it is absolutely useless. You would think they would have tested this prior to putting it on the shelves.


Smiggle is very colorful store filled with lots of things to attract young children. Have generally had great customer service and spent quite a few $ there this Christmas.
One of the gifts was a $20.00 yoyo that I picked up for $10.00 because of my large spend. My 7 yo daughter was excited to open it and have a go. Even better when it lit up. As yoyos tend to do unless you are a skilled operator it hit the ground in our living room. Not particularly hard or in a dangerous fashion. One side broke from the sharft and couldn't be properly tightened. It could be wound but the string most often got caught in the gap. One side also no longer lit up. This happen in the first few minutes of use and obviously had no capacity for any type of inpact.
Upon return the sales assistant examined it but couldn't see anything wrong. I did manager to convince her it wasn't right. Offered a replacement although she said there were no other returns on yoyos I opted for a book instead.
An apology for the inconvenience and upset to my daughter would have been nice.
If there is nothing wrong with it as she believed perhaps it would make a good display model for all to make their own judgement?

Gift Card con

My son received a $20 gift card. He made a $19.95 purchase, and when I asked for the 5 cents to be given back to him they refused and said it had to remain on the gift card. What a bad policy.

Afterpay with smiggle!!!

I have spent a fortune at smiggle for my kids I'm so annoyed I always go in store and I decided to try there after pay option for online and when I went threw the option for afterpay I had to enter my MasterCard details for the 4 fortnightly payments however they took the whole amount! I rang they didn't care! Smiggles has lost me as a customer
And their quality of drink bottles is shocking I bought 2 both of them leak there in the bin now so beware don't buy their drink bottles and the lady I spoke to about the issue with afterpay couldn't care less not even an apology.

Horrendous Customer Service (Macquaire Store).

I was shopping with my daughter on a Wednesday a couple of weeks ago at the Smiggle Store in Macqaurie. I asked for some help in regards to purchasing some presents and asked what was popular at the moment. After waiting for the employee (a short 30 something lady wearing glasses) to hang up her mobile, she told me that she was busy and said I should just look around and then ask her questions, which seemed odd. While looking around she was speaking very rudely to either a staff member or someone else, so I was somewhat surprised she didn't only speak to me like this. My daughter picked out a few items she liked when she was approached by this same woman working and was told that she was not allowed to carry them unless she was wanting to pay for them (not in a friendly way at all), almost like my daughter was trying to steal the items she was very visibly carrying for me to buy. My daughter passed the items to me and was worried about touching anything in the store as she was worried she was going to get into trouble again and asked me if we could just leave. I reassured my daughter she had done nothing wrong and we put all the items we now no longer wanted to purchase back. I really appreciate the employees the rolling of the eyes and comment under her breath as we left the store. This experience left a very bad taste with me and although my daughter and I like the Smiggle brand itself, I will most definitely not be returning to the Macqaurie store. Im thinking this lady was having an extremely bad (rude) day or she requires some serious training in regards to the appropriate manner in dealing with people. Disgusting.

Customer Service Brilliant

We bought a Spray bottle from a Smiggle Store, the product was faulty & because we lived many kilometres away from the Store of purchase, the online - Smiggle Customer service were very happy to assist, they sent prepaid postage, I returned the bottle, because the replacement was not available at the time, Smiggle then sent a gift to say sorry for taking longer than expected, not long after we got our replacement bottle. Thank you Smiggle your my favourite store. Highly recommended.

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There is no way to clean the mouthpiece on the water bottle. This is a mould haven. How do you clean it? We have the spritz water bottle and all I see is bacteria!
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the Smiggle spritz water bottle can be placed in a Dishwasher, but that doesn't mean the mouth piece gets properly cleaned. I threw the wter bottle away after a month or so as I felt it couldn't be cleaned properly

How do you get the mould out from the mouth piece please? Cannot take it apart and after paying 45.00 au I think this is a major health problem?
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