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When travelling to China, where is the best place to exchange your money?
2 answers
Our tour guides were able to exchange money for us and also our hotels. We also exchanged some before we left Australia.Thankyou

Our tour leaves on 5th September for 15 days to China. When would we get the appropriate paperwork, tickets so we can organise our visas.
4 answers
Just ask them to organise visas as we called about visas after we booked the holiday. We paid for the visas 3 months early (when we called). They sent the Visa to us 1 week before we left. I wouldn't organise it myself as you can't apply for visa until about 2 weeks before you leave. You get paperwork for whole tour quickly after you've booked and paid for it.Enjoy it, you will see so much. My this tour was my dad's second time in China and he said he saw so much more than he did in his first tour and it was a much better deal. Also if you do Yangtze River Cruise in your tour definitely do vip dining you get more food options for all meals and better quality and less people. Drinks package is not worth it if you don't drink alot of alcohol as fellow tour people were getting heavily drunk each night to make the drink package worth it not to mention hangover the next days and there is a food shop on the ship so don't buy soft drinks from waiters and get charged $7 a can if 250ml coke. Go to the shop and buy 500ml bottles of soft drink for only $1-$2 and put them in the bar fridge in your room. You can take them anywhere on the ship, except dining but they have soft drink on tap anyways for free. Anyways enjoy the trip it was a really wonderful experience for us.We received our e tickets approximately 2 1/2 months prior to our departure and our visas about 1 week before our trip. SNA tours handled our visas for us which was really hassle free.

Tour to China 12 days in October Flight to Beijing but I'm gathering there will be stopovers do we need to collect our luggage at first stopover and rebook it in for domestic internal flight.
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We travelled Singapore Airlines with a change in Singapore our luggage was transferred directly to Beijing. Others coming in different directions did not mention problems with luggage so am assuming also direct transfer to BeijingI travelled from Perth to Beijing and our luggage got sent straight through. I think I would have preferred to pay a little extra and get a straight flight there as we left Perth at 9.20 am on Thursday and didn't arrive in Beijing until 6 the next morning. Very tiringYes I believe this is the case with flights so we are preparing ourselves for the long haul

do you do a trip where you can go and have your photo with the pandas
2 answers
On the trip we did, no that wasn’t an option. We only got to see the pandas in at the zoo. Perhaps with other tours you can but not SNA.Hi. With our tour March 2019, we flew into Chengdu at 7 am and a tour was available to see the Pandas and a Hot Pot Dinner that afternoon as an optional tour. We did not take up the offer as we have seen the Pandas in Beijing and did not think the Hot Pot Dinner at the "Chengdu Holiday Inn High-Tech Center" was worth the money. The hotel by the way was brilliant. I would call SNA and ask them what the cost would be. We found SNA in Sydney Australia very helpful. Depending on if you are going to Chengdu and how long you have there you could do it yourself. The subway is easy to navigate and you can buy subway tickets, the station staff spoke English. The actual tickets into the Park are only USD8.20 and you can check this on google. You check the website but looking at the pictures, they are down below, doesn't look like you can get get that close to them. You can email them: pandabase@panda.org.cn . I hope this helps.

What is SNA email address please?
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Just wondering approx how much travel money would be needed for the 9 day China Tour to the 4 cities Chongqing, Beijing, Tianjin & Xian for 2 people to cover the cost of extra food, optional tours etc. and if we are given the chance to take the Bullet train. Thank you in advance.
2 answers
Lynda, 100 a day should be plenty (as in some days you will not need any...and you might spend more than a 100 on others.) .... You can get money out of ATMS (but not all of our cards worked). Have fun and remember it is a budget trip...great value... but don't expect perfection!)I agree. Probably $100 for 2 people as a minimum. We enjoyed buying souvenirs and lots of things from markets. We also spent money on extras like a night cruise, acrobats show and bullet train. So maybe take $1500 to be safe. And be careful with cards. One of our travel cards was compromised and we couldn’t use it. CBA informed us of the dodgy transaction. China likes to use cash. Even the hotels sometimes wouldn’t take visa or MasterCard. But the trip was a lifetime memory and excellent value for money. We met lots of nice people and had a great time. Have fun.

Can anyone please tell me what's the best way to change Australian dollars and carry china money?
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Withdraw a couple of hundred Chinese RMB from the ATM machines when you are there. Chinese ATMs accept Visa and Mastercards. If arriving on a tour there is no need to have RMB for your arrival as you are picked up in a coach. Once at your hotel, ask reception staff where the best place is for getting out some money. I was charged by my bank an additional overseas transaction fee of $4.00.

Did anyone apply for their own Visa? or is it easier to let sna do it?
4 answers
let SNA do it.I applied online for my Visa...very easy and much less expensive.I agree with karenk, apply online for the visa, simple and cheaper.

Has anybody been on a Japan tour with sna?
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I am booked to go on a 12 day tour of China with SNA. Is there a laundry on board the ship on the Yangtzee River. Can I pay staff to wash clothes for me. Is there a laundry in any of the hotels? Thankyou
2 answers
When I went to China most hotels had laundry service. I do not remember laundry service on the river. I did my own and all were tolerant of hanging clothes from a line if you were not causing damage. You should not use their wooden hangers. You can email each for correct information. Have a good trip!Hi Marcie, I haven't been to China yet (hope to go next year) but all the hotels we stayed at in Vietnam had a laundry service and the guides were most helpful in arranging this service. I assume the same will apply in China. Unsure of arrangements on river cruise. In Vietnam everything came back neatly pressed and tidy same day and very reasonably priced. Have great holiday.

When is the best weather time to go?
2 answers
China: I went in September (before the festival) and April. Spring winds make the air better but both were excellent. If you go on the Y. river, u may need a light jacket (make it rain proof, just in case), but do not worry about bringing formal clothing. I brought a dress I picked-up in Kauai and slippers. Vietnam: go before April as it is getting hotter [late March]. I am not sure of the fall time. You can google that. Be sure to check for average temps/humidity of the average month.. Bring bug spray and get your shots...the water has sewage and plants are fertilized with human waste. Not all speak English. Dress In layers with wick clothing. Wear good, supportive shoes as you will walk/climb. Bring a hat and sunglasses. Bring only one carryon [expandable for purchases] and a backpack for day. Be sure to get your visa. China may have an online one now. Vietnam/Cambodia--do it online with their official siteWe went in mid August

I have booked a China Tour with SNA travel via TVSN for 6 of us. We leave I think in 5 weeks we don't have flights and itinerary. When we booked and paid were told 6 to 5 weeks out we would be emailed both. I have rang and now told 2 weeks before travel we will receive our flights. Is this normal? I am worried not a great start to our holiday.
2 answers
I don't remember when we received the pack exactly, but it was about 2 weeks before we were due to travel. I assume you have arranged visas through SNA already.I received mine about a month before leaving for Vietnam. I did not receive my packet until 2 days after I left (containing tags, badge, etc.). They responded to few of my emails. A flight was canceled and I did not know it until I checked into the flight. They refuse to pay for the flight I needed at the last minute. (Vancouver office) The China tour which I took several years ago was excellent. I was totally prepared. My plane arrived late in the afternoon, but do expect wait times due to traffic. Expect to be asked to tip even though you paid for all tips. Do you have a visa? Online is cheaper than going with SNA. You may be able to go online and download the visa (I did that with both Vietnam and Cambodia) My China tickets came several months before my tour. I wonder if management has changed. Enjoy China. I have been there twice. Hope you did Xian and the cruise.

Is there bottled water to buy on these cruises on the yangtze River. Or do we have to lug it with us.
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Bottled water is provided. We didn't have to carry on board. Although good idea to have your bottle to slurp on until the water bearer comes around. Have a good trip. They are very professional

I have booked for a trip to Vietnam this coming April,but am now concerned having read several poor reviews of the company and lack of service. Can you provide a review if having travelled with this Company please?
4 answers
Our tour to China was good. However just be aware that additional or extra tours will be offered. So extra money is required to cover these expenses as they only accept cash. We were made to feel that we must be part of these additional tours as most times there is no other option if you don't want to do these tours. Also itinerary is open to change at any time. Overall, pressure selling by tour guides. Please enjoy your time in Vietnam (we have been there also but not with sna and loved it)Just got back from an Sna Vietnam tour Go....and have a great time This was our second tour with SNA and have been well looked after both timesSister Liz back again!Fear not, all was great on our trip, I just wish it could have been longer. Our bus group of 23 were very compatible and helpful within the group. The guides too were excellent. I recommend this Company and will book with them again.

Never heard of your company, so how long you been a business for, & how can you do so cheap in holidays with no hidden cost?
1 answer
I travelled through SNA tours last year to China.The tour,flights,accomodation,guides & information were outstanding.They even arranged for 2 of us to visit Chengdu(panda research)with guide,tours & accomodation etc.I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.It's true they have 5 star accomodation,internal flights,bullet train fares,entry,so many meals... etc.I'm a teacher and have had other teachers use this company & are now repeat customers. Kitty Sydney Australia

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