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Wonderful trip and excellent tour guide

SNA Tour is a wonderful company. We had an 18 - day tour of Chongqing, Chengdu, Beijing and Yangtze River in March 2018.
We traveled Chengdu on 3/18-3/24/2018. Chengdu was one of the remarkable trip. Our tour guide was Kiki Chen. She did a fantastic job. She was knowledgeable, and informative. During the tour, she introduced us culture, history, poetry in each applicable place. She sang songs. We were never bored. We had fabulous time. We are appreciative of her kind hospitality and patience. Her performance as tour guide is highly recommendable.

Essential India

In late June 2017 - early July 2017 my sister and I went on a whirlwind tour of India through SNA Tours. It was FABULOUS!!
We booked it all on line and the experience was so simple and easy. The staff were always ready to assist with any queries and even the visa application went smoothly with their help.
We flew into Dehli airport and were met by a SNA representative and taken to our four**** accommodation. We met the rest of the tour participants ( from all over Australia) the following day and our tour guide Mr Arvind Sharma. The most charming and gentle man, yet still able to keep this "Aussie" rabble under control. Mr Sharma was a fountain of knowledge and answered the hundred's of questions we through at him with total accuracy.
We were bussed about by our sheikh driver and his helper (the water bearer) around Dehli.
The following day we travelled to Jaipur in our air conditioned bus and this time stayed at a five***** hotel. Two days of travelling around, sight seeing and soaking up this magical country.
After the two days, we headed off to Agra where the Taj Mahal was the main event in the full itinerary. WOW! Something I'll never forget. Got my selfie stick out (Indian's love them), and clicked away. Magnificent........
The food was fantastic, the accommodation high class and the whole tour was so professionally conducted that I could not help but recommend SNA Tours to anyone who wants a memorable trip.
Annie Leith

What an amazing Trip with SNA tours to Beijing and Shanghai.

We booked online through scoopon. We were very sceptical at first, given the cheap price for 9 days. A number of meals included, flights, accommodation and activities. Our scepticism was very easily put to rest once we arrived and were met with our transfer Kitty, in Beijing. She was very professional and knowledgeable. Our first hotel, the Park Plaza was beautiful. Breakfast ranged from Western to Chinese. We met our Beijing tour guide, Alston and he made our time in Beijing a breeze. He was also very professional, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. We also had the pleasure of having Lilly, our personal videographer and photographer as well as Mr Harmony, our driver. They always made sure we were together and safe. They gave us enough time (in the short amount of time we had) at each monument. The travel from Beijing to Shanghai was made exceptionally easy with the help of SNA guides Vicky and Lilly. We met our driver Master Leo and our guide Simon. Simon shared a great amount of knowledge in a professional manner. His sense of humour was great! The hotels in both Beijing and Shanghai were exceptional. The only downfall of the hotels was the location, although given the price of this trip it is to be expected. It was not an issue as there were many optional tours available, which were not to be missed. If we did not want to do an optional Tour, Alston and Simon were very helpful in ordering us cabs and making sure we had the correct address there and back. This trip exceeded our expectations. Thank you Panda Holidays and SNA tours.

Incredible trip to India is incredible

SNA to India. Hotels, guide (Raj) driver (Balu), helper (Hasan) and tour 5 stars and had a wonderful time. However communication and efficiency of SNA was almost non existent adding to stress before getting to India. Say get back with booking info within 2-3 days. It was over 30 days and refund period. Only weeks before do you get plane bookings, Hotel bookings just before you go. MAIN PROBLEM - say small groups up to 15. We had 70 people on our date and divided in to two groups travelling together. I asked repeatedly how many on our tour and they would say they cant say under privacy law. I feel that they deliberately misled us all in case we cancelled. No one was happy about the numbers. Too many and too much time wasted getting everyone on/off buses, booked in to hotels, served etc. and for tour guides to control even tho they did a wonderful job. Go, you will love India but be aware of problems with agent. No detailed itinerary at all (just generic on their site) and forget about things like luggage tags.

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PS Just been to India again (obviously loved it) with a Sydney tour company Travel & Taste. Based on this tour I would have to give SNA 10 stars. Hotels not booked, things dropped off the itinerary almost daily, disorganized, paid for premium accommodation 50% were sub standard, constant changes ie camel safari in desert. Camels not booked and only 3 available to take six out of 27 guests and it was just along a road in the town. A few guests were loaded on to carts. Not exactly the same as a ride on a camel. Cases left behind at hotels and had to pay to have them on forwarded even though handed over to their staff and it is apparently our responsibility and no one would admit to taking them out the bus once put inside even though other travellers saw them taking cases out of the boot. And so the list goes on. Don't spoil your wonderful trip to India using this company.

Sna tour of India

Did the sna India tour, the visa is extremely difficult to do on line, not much help from Sna to achieve this. Ended up going into an Indian visa office costing more to get. Delhi airport run by the military who are not efficient in any way shape or form. Arrive at mid night and stand for over 2 hours to be issued visa but before have to be finger printed then thumb printed and photograped again. We all only got 2 hours sleep in the Delhi hotel then off on the tour of Delhi after breakfast. The whole tour of India is full on not much time to relax.

Hard people to deal with

We booked on line for a wonders of China trip in October and paid up front. BIG MISTAKE!!! At the time their Conditions document mentioned $100 charge each if we cancelled. We cancelled two weeks ago due to the unstable North Korea problem and they now want to charge us $350 each to cancel. Also they shuffled us between Innovations and SNA promising a refund within 3 days. That was 13 days ago. We will not get anything back from our travel insurance!!! Give SNA a big miss as they will not answer emails (except with standard messages warning us that further attempts to contact them will move us further down the list).

October 1st 2017 Update: Another Hassle

They have now refunded our payment less $750 but completely ignored our instructions as to which account to pay it into. More hassle !!!!
I suggest you look elsewhere for service.
Windsor 1

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They have now refunded our payment less $750 but completely ignored our instructions as to which account to pay it into. More hassle !!!! Windsor 1

Incredible India - 8 -Day Tour from TVSN

13th September 2017 We booked over the phone and everyone was very helpful as we are older people. Our trip went without a hitch. The weather was perfect. The hotels clean and helpful.The tour guide a lovely person with extensive knowledge or his country and very considerate to all the passengers aboard his bus. The bus drive handled his bus like a second skin down the most traffic congested roads, missing everything from people, cows, motor bikes, carts pulled by camels, horses and the wandering pigs. The Helper on this bus made sure that we had water and wipes when back from seeing the sights. I knew this holiday was going to be good but it exceeded ALL expectations and I'm singing it's praises to everyone that I know. We will be on the look out for other trips with you, that's for sure. From 2 very satisfied costumers.

Luxury Yangtze River Tour - Be warned, you get what you pay for.

Tours: 4 stars
Overall Trip: 4 stars
SNA Tours Service: 2 stars

I booked the Luxury Yangtze River Cruise online for $999.00 but ended up paying almost $1500.00 with the upgrades and Visa. They don't tell you the Drinks package also covers coffee and soft drinks and if you don't get it you will be billed for these on board. There are also other tours, which are not included and are offered to you on board, so take extra money with you.

I enjoyed the tours and the experience on the ship. The Tour Guides were fantastic and were extremely accommodating but unfortunately my first ever holiday was marred by the total lack of organisation and communication by SNA Tours.

I'm sorry I booked through SNA. Like most other reviews, they were great to communicate with until I paid, then nothing except responses to emails stating that "Unnecessary follow up calls only create more interruptions to processing reservations and dealing with exceptional requests and special situations."

I booked my holiday in April for September departure and only received my tickets by email, 6 days before flying out and only received my Visa 7 days before. I'm sorry, but when you are travelling outside of your home country, I think you need to have your flights and Visa's a little sooner than 1 week before leaving. The Welcome Pack with names tags and travel tags for my bags never came at all. The hotel we stayed at in Chengdu was definitely Luxury, but was in a newly developed area so there was nothing near by to look at on our only free morning and would have needed to take a 40 minute Taxi ride to see anything.

Our last day was so hectic that we were all exhausted. We disembarked the ship at 8.30am, we had to walk so many stairs with our carry on and some people on the trip found it extremely difficult to walk. We then went on another bus tour where we visited gardens and walked more, then to Chinese restaurant for lunch. 2 hours free time at shopping centre. 40 min Bus ride to the train station. Another extremely long walk in the heat lugging all our luggage along with us, making it even more difficult for the people who found it difficult to walk. We then had to wait for 2 hours for the Train which took us to Chengdu. After this we were escorted onto another bus which took us for another 40min bus trip to the Airport. We then waited several hours for our departure at 1.55am, 10 hour flight where sleep was almost impossible, so it felt as though our last day was 36 plus hours long. All this in 31 degree heat.

I will admit that the tours were great and our tour guides in China were fantastic. However, the arrangements at SNA's end and lack of communication were appalling. There were 19 of us on this final day and every one of us felt the same. Really disappointed!!!!

China 10 day tour

We booked a 10 day tour of Shanghi Beijing Hangzhou and Suzhou. From the time we met our guide at Shanghai airport, was the start of
Our amazing trip. James our guide in
Shanghai Hangzhou and Suzhou made our whole excellent he was informative and told us lots stories about the different places we went to.
This tour was wonderful we never had any problems with any of our accommodation. Our guides made it very easy to travel they do a wonderful
job which must be frustrating at times. Especially when you have someone who decides to wander off. Keep up the great work you made your country proud

China- fabulous time, lots of walking so be fit.

Just returned from the China tour and we had a fabulous time. It was full on but is gave you a taste of what is in China and what you could do if you wanted to go back. Shanghai did nothing for me. All high rized buildings. Our interest was the culture and the villages where 'real' people live.The tour guides were different, but did their jobs well.. Learning to understand the Chinese Culture was very interesting. The amazing part about China is the history. Our country is only 200years old and China has a bridge that is many years older, just to put things into perspective. History is was interested us and left us in ore wanting to go back. When you are on a tour you can't get on with everyone, but you soon know who you can and enjoy the experience. SNA organized our visas and we had no issues We had flight destination changes and there was no extra charge.. We flew Cathay Pacific. Recommend them highly for flying anywhere. The key is communication and not expectation with SNA and tour guides. Chinese are very sales focused, that is their culture. Some of the tours were sales orientated. It is personal choice if you choose to buy, you listen and we walked away. We had a plan of what we wanted and only bought what we needed. ( A few little cheap things extra lol.) At markets depending on what you are looking for. jewellery especially Jade is not of the highest quality. Jade factory gives you an insight into the different grades of Jade. 50%-75% is where I started and was successful on all occasions. I would recommend this tour to others, but I would avoid July August and that is the summer break and very busy.. Also Typhoon season in August. We were lucky missed it by 2 days. . A holiday is what you make it , we had a ball, and made some fabulous friends.

Trip to China - great, but not for everyone on the tour

We recently traveled to China and had few problems. The big issue for us were the constant complaints from the other travelers - about the food, travel destination, guides, language barrier, heat, humidity, hotels, hectic nature of the tour....it went on and on. If you don't like Asian food, culture and don't speak Chinese, then perhaps China is not for you. Also, it is a busy trip so if you want to relax by the pool, then go to Bali. There was one traveler who was very loud and aggressive who kept yelling at people (including people in the group) which was very uncomfortable. I would suggest that you organise your own visas - it is quicker, cheaper and easier. Some of the issues WE DID have were that some of the sights were extras,but in total, it only cost us about $AUS300 to see some amasing things. The one complaint we do have is that several of the destinations were clearly to make sales - such as the silk factory, jade factory, tea plantation and alternative medicine institution (but great foot massage). The sales pitch became unbearable after awhile and turned us off buying anything. Despite this, we had a great time. When shopping don't buy jewelry or pearls (the guides advise this) and you pretty much get items for what you ask for - if you start to walk away and they will agree to the sale. Don't ever let them dictate the price and agree on about 70% less than they offer. OK to buy iphones, glasses, clothes and shoes. The wall was the highlight for us and well worth it. Remember, this is a very cheap holiday and you cannot expect 5 star service. Organise your own if you want luxury.

SNA travel Group Visa problems

We have a big problems with group visa arrangements by SNA. The group visa is issued combining two or more people in to one visa paper. If one person can't go, anyone in this visa paper can't go too. Do not recommend any time to use this group visa arrangement. Due to this group visa arrangement my son couldn't join the travel we did to China recently.

Beware Do Not Book With SNA

My partner booked a trip to India nothing but terrible service from SNA tours they got our dates wrong have charged us to change them even though it was their error! They even tried over charging us for date change. They are just terrible I'm really worried about how bad our trip will be now sure there are better company's around.


Booked China 10 day cruise/holiday. SNA Tours in constant contact, almost annoyingly.................until they got their money! Then silence!

Called weekly for the next 2 months. Complained to My Discoveries where I purchased the holiday from, they intervened, instructing SNA Tours to book my flights and provide me with confirmations.
SNA Tours then sent me FAKE flight confirmations with the flight landing 8 hrs after the cruise left.
My Discoveries got me a full refund, SNA Tours still owes me for my visas though.

I can see some people were happy with the actual holiday, I didn't get that far, couldn't get pass the seriously bad customer service from the Sydney office. I gauged the quality of their service as an indication of what I would experience on my holiday with them..........................took my money and ran!

Great tour of some China highlights

We had 10 days, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi and loved it. Hotels were great, the 2 guides very professional, informative and helpful (and funny). We saw really interesting sights each day and wonderful scenery, including the great wall, the Forbidden City and beautiful Shanghai. The food was plentiful, although for westerners very little meat and a lot of soup, but we were never hungry. The only quibble is the professionalism of the office in Australia. They had to be reminded a lot to provide info, they made small errors a few times. Also the airline was fine, even if they did not exactly feed you a lot on a long flight.
But we will be doing another tour with SNA definitely, especially for their promotional prices.

Best China experience

A big thank you to SNA tours for such a wonderful experience to China. I travelled with my 14 year old son after buying the tickets from TVSN. The whole tour was very well planned, Every single hotel was immaculate and minimum 5 star ratings. The guides spoke English very well. We had the pleasure of meeting May (tour guide) when we arrived to Shanghai and she was very friendly and had a great knowledge of the city. We also had a great tour guide in Beiging (Winnie) who was very helpful and tried to accommodate to our every need. They both showed us best places to eat and shop. Can't wait to do the Vietnam and India tour with SNA. Great experience. Thank you X

Very good experience

My wife and I went on a 10 day trip to China from 30 june 2017 to 12 july 2017. We booked online.
We got SNA to get our visas but they only arrived 4 days before our departure. You need to ring SNA Tours on regular basis to get an update.
Sichuan airlines Airbus A330 the service and the flight was good. Airline food very ordinary asian food. Hotels were great and breakfast was 5 star. The tour was excellent but lunches was very ordinary all asian food, its good to have bit of western food at times. Overall it was a good tour we saw just about everything. Definitely recommend it.

Not happy

All of the May bookings were force to arrange our own visas because the Shanghai Gov of China rejected all the Applications, never got the refund money for those visas, then the Flights were to another Airport Chonching no one was waiting for us, and plenty of Australians doing the same tour were complete lost, we needed to go to the Domestic Airport.

Chian Tour in May 2017

We paid way back in December 2016. Great to communicate till we paid then worst service ever. We paid them to do the Visa. Last minute they advised they are unable to do so and that they will refund the money. Still no refund almost 1 and half months on. Will never use them.

Better than we expected

7 day Beijing read reviews and was quite anxious as to what to expect.
We had Kitty as our tour guide, she made the experience quite pleasant and lucky enough we had group of 12.
No major nasty surprises. Communication is poor up until a week before departure but all straight forward on arrival in Beijing.
For the price I'm not complaining and Beijing was worth seeing. I would recommend SNA but tell people to do there research and then you won't be dissatisfied with the service you get. Because the situation for some is not of all.

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Questions & Answers

Can I use my credit card on the Yangtze River Cruise. Have prepaid our extra optional tours but if needed for drinks and any shopping on ship. Are going on the Gold 6 in mid October. Any extra information would be appreciated. Thank you
2 answers
Yes, Joy. Credit is fine. You will love the cruise but be prepared for lots of walking and climbing stairs. Tests the fitness.Thank you. We are trying to get into lots of practice

We have a tour booked for China in October and am wondering what vaccinations would be required
3 answers
For our SNA Tour to China in June my friend and I only had the flu vaccinationThank youI'd firstly ask a qualified Doctor (not Product Review) which vaccinations are required for China... We received 1 combined dose of Typhoid and Hepatitis A ($149.00 each) plus Flu injections. Our Tetanus vaccine was up to date and not required. It's also important to be vaccinated 4-6 weeks prior to travel, to give the vaccine time to work in your system, too be protected. Happy healthy holiday to you :)

When travelling to China, where is the best place to exchange your money?
2 answers
Our tour guides were able to exchange money for us and also our hotels. We also exchanged some before we left Australia.Thankyou

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