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    Great and Cheap too!


    I find these much softer than huggies and don't tend to rub on my bub's tummy to legs. only $19 from the chemist in our shopping complex. I haven't used them at night yet as I still have had some Huggies left but I think it would be just fine as my bub hasn't any leaks whatsoever (including number 3's).
    Cheap and same quality as huggies but softer and a nicer fit


    leeke87south australia, 5372

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    as a first time mum i started my baby with huggies and soon realised i needed to find a cheaper alternative. I went through every brand i could get my hands on. I eventually got to snugglers, these are fantastic. They fit really well and are very absorbant. I put them on my daughter at night too. Great price of $23.98 full price at big w.
    Great price, fits well and night time absorbant.

    Unsatisfied with this product


    It's a shame snugglers did not last the night with my son as they would have been very cost effective having 2 children in nappies. I changed my 22 month old before he went to bed 7:30pm he then woke at 6:10am and was soaked with urine. This happened 7 years ago with my first child then I switched to Huggies although I thought I would give Snugglers another go (products improve over time) now I'm left with a whole box of nappies which I'm not confident in using.
    Back to the shops for me to buy my trusty Huggies :)
    Cheaper then Huggies
    Did not last the night, my son was saturated by the morning

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    Kellie51WA, 6230s3

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    Just as good as higer end nappies but at a budget price


    I had always been a huggies fan until I seen snugglers out on special for $19 a box so I thought they were worth a try. I was very pleasantly suprised. I havent had any major issues with them, only a couple of little blow outs but thats as my son was getting a bit big for that size so it wasa to be expected. I was going to use them during the day and continue using huggies at night but did try one at night just to see and well now they are my new regular nappy for day and night!!!
    Cheap, no leaks, comfortable for baby


    joburkeyVIC, 3207

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    Very impressed by the Snugglers nappies, I had been using Huggies since baby was born, trying different samples of different brands but they all failed. But Snugglers however really did impress me. They fit and look is very similar to Huggies although they are gender neutral. I found that they were really great and did the job just as god (especially for my big wetter). They are more cost effective than huggies too, the only problem is that they are not sold in all major supermarkets/chemists so for me I have to go out of my way to get them.
    They are a great fit so far leakproof for my baby
    Not sold in all supermarkets so you may have to go out of your way to get them


    jess86Vic, 3568

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    As good as Huggies!


    After always using Huggies with my now toddler son, I started using them with my baby daughter. Then a friend recommended Snugglers. She said she found no difference between the two, so I gave them a go. So glad I did! I too can't tall the difference between the two and have since converted. Have made a huge saving on nappies now, even though I've always bought them on special ($20 for a box of Snugglers compared to $30 for a box of Huggies). No issues with leakage.

    I highly recommend any mum to give these nappies a try! Huggies mums will be especially surprised.
    As good as Huggies but cheaper!



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    Great value


    Surprisingly very good.


    Being a first time mum I have been bombarded with heaps of advice and one of them was that Huggies are the best nappies and don't use Snugglers. But one day I decided to give Snugglers a go due to the massive price difference between the 2 brands (40c vs 20c per nappy). I was impressed with the absorbency of the snugglers and have had no troubles whatsoever with leakages. I do however only use the snugglers during the day and Huggies at night just in case. So now when my daughter soils a nappy shortly after a new change I don't feel as annoyed!
    Inexpensive, do the job


    Roreto007NSW, 2150

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    Best nappies


    my son is wearing the crawler size and they fit him nice and comfy. i have not experienced any leakage with this brand of nappy. they are very similar design to the huggies nappies (probably cause they are made by the same company) and they cost a fraction of the price. which is a win win!!
    cheap, does a fab job and made by the company that makes huggies
    only available at chemists or big w

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    great nappies


    I usually use home brand nappies ,but found that my daughter was to little for the next size7-16kg ( my daughter is nearly 8kgs) so I tired Snuggler crawler nappies, love the fit and they absorb really well, don't need to change during the night and have cute little patterns on them. Great price too.
    absorbent and the fit



    I've been using these for about 5 months now. Great price and have had no problems at all. No leaks and the fit is great. Highly recommend them as they are much cheaper than huggies and do the same job. We looked around for the best price on nappies and found these, were very happy to find they worked extreemly well too.



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    No leaking anymore


    I used to be a Huggies fan but one day I got a Snugglers sample and I was so impressed about this nappy. It absorbs very well. And the design is very good definitely no leaking. No doubt price is cheaper than Huggies. I can’t see myself going back to Huggies cos Snugglers are very good.
    Absorb well

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    Concerned Buyer
    Concerned Buyer

    Clearly a spam review by marketing. These nappies leaked and hardly held together at the best of times. Avoid.


    sarahnolanclarkeQueensland, 4077

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    Great value!


    Picked up these nappies at the chemist because the brand I normally get was sold out. I was happy with the price and very happy with the fit. They are a bit scratchy compared to the ones I normally use, but it doesn't seem to bother bub so far.
    The tabs are the best bit! I haven't had one snap and they are quite stretchy which I really like. When you have a baby with a big full milk belly you want a tab that has a bit more stretch! I will be sticking with these nappies from now on. Good price and good quality!
    Good price, quality is on par with cost
    Only found a chemist for me


    MrsYogiAdelaide, South Australia

    • 28 reviews



    I have been using these for approx 18 months now, since the new & improved Snugglers were released.

    They are a million times better then the old version and we use them all the time. They are made by the same company that makes Huggies and we have never had any issues with them. Love them!!!

    I just wish more stores stocked them!

    I just wish more stores stocked them!



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    Pretty much as good as Huggies with a cheaper price tag!!


    They are fabulous! Super absorbant and dry. As from the same company who makes Huggies, I think they have the same absorbant materials. Except for Huggies got few more extra features such as the elastics, etc. Very happy!

    Only available in certain stores

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    • 9 reviews

    Great value nappy!


    I had read a few negative reviews about Snugglers so was hesitant to try, but was given 2 packets that I didn't want to waste so i tried them and won't go back! Never had a leak and they hold in my baby's atomic liquid poos when even Huggies leaked!The 72 packs are great value too. Highly recommend!



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    Whats with the tabs


    The nappy itself is ok but the tabs come off easy even before they were put on baby so not happy.




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    Pleasantly surprised!


    These nappies are great, very reasonably priced and absorbent. I was actually quite surprised due to the price but would definitely recommend them.
    Cheap and absorbent. I have used quite a few different brands and both my hubby and I found these to be the best along with Huggies
    If not put on properly, they can leave a slight red mark on baby's thigh (maybe I am putting them on too tight!)



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    Great price, great nappy!


    Bought this nappy at Big W while on special - reasonable price for such good quality nappy. It holds urine / poo quite well, and no leakage so far. The prints were cute, but get a bit boring after a while. But overall, it's great nappy with a reasonable price.
    Not as padded / thick like other nappies. Holds urine / poo quite well - no leakage so far. Resonable price.
    Can only be purchased at particular stores.


    6053gailGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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    I bought these as they were on sale and was very happy with them. Would buy again when on sale. Like that they are unisex and made in Australia.
    Not too thick. Not stiff like some other premium brands. Holds liquid well. Not bulky.
    Haven't encountered any problems yet.

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