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A pathetic company with poor customer relations

I accidentally left my empty SodaStream cylinder at home, needed a refill so paid double $38 ($19 normally with a replacement cylinder). When I went back with 2 empty canisters, I thought they'd just give me a new one as a trade-in for the 2, But no they only offered me a $1. What a rip-off. Spoke to the Company, who admitted that was their customer policy. Thought everybody should be aware of such a mean-spirited company, so Soda Stream really is. Don't trust theses guys

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poor after sales service

Machine not fizzing and not buzzing. Rang help desk they said send photo, photo sent. Then they wanted me to send video. Very difficult, so my son had to help me to send it via We Transfer. They accessed the video then, they emailed me to say they had lost the video and to resend. I am not able to video or submit video myself. Don't expect efficiency from this company.

After 12 months the machine fails

Soda stream told me they do not provide spare parts or have repair centres for their machines!! After warranty our machine started leaking. I had to message a video recording so they could help me. They told me to hold the machine in locked position! I want a FIX!! $160 FOR THE MACHINE, $30ea FOR THE GLASS CARAFES, $20.95 TO REFILL A CYLINDER!!! NO REPAIR SERVICE, NO SPARE PARTS??! This is a joke! NOT ENVIRONMENTAL! We purchased the machine as an environmental choice to reduce waste and use our own water. It was great whilst working but it's cheaper to buy horrible plastic bottles from supermarket... NOT HAPPY!!

Sodastream Play - no bubbles dreadful service.

We had an old model soda stream which was fantastic and eventually died and so we went and bought a new sodastream Play (the only model available) immediately. We were so disappointed. The new model didn't grip our old bottles so thinking that was why we had no bubbles we went and bought all new bottles which the Play machine gripped but still didn't put bubbles into the water - a total fizzer - no pun intended. We contacted soda stream but they are very very slow to respond.

Not all machines are equal.

I had often commented on Mum's ready supply of SodaStream sparkling water. So she gave me a SodaStream for my birthday. My new "Play" version had no where near the 'Fizz" despite the amount of gas I pumped into the bottle (up to 2 x 10 secs), compared to Mum's old machine which required 1 x 4-5 secs pump. After 2 calls to the Soda Stream company - they told me 20 seconds is normal, keep pumping more gas into it (despite the instructions say 2 - 6 seconds is all that's required) I took the machine back to the original retailer - with receipt- and ready with a video-clip if necessary to show them. They happily exchanged it, and I now have a machine that actually works. From my experience Soda stream will never been as bubbly as commercial Soda Water, but you can expect it to be like some commercial sparkling water. It should not produce a result that tastes like very flat mineral water. If it does - take it back; there must be some duds getting through their quality testing.

Saving me heaps of time and money

I bought a soda stream "Revolution" model, thinking that the 4 different levels of carbonation would be a bit of a gimmick. To my surprise I actually do use them. The lowest setting for carbonation makes nice soda water and the heavier ones make nice "Extra fizzy" drinks for the kids. This model has an LED display which shows how much gas is left (a handy feature, although this means that this particular model needs to be connected to a power outlet in order to work). It also has what they call a snap-lock mechanism to insert the bottles - much less fiddly than the screw in models (although I still have had the odd water explosion from not inserting the bottle all the way in properly, but not a problem to clean it up). This model also takes with 40L or100L gas bottles.
I find the syrups very suite for my taste, so I only use 1/3 or a cap (the recommended dose is 1 full cap) per bottle, and I find that they last quite a long time this way. Their syrups retail for about $7.50 a bottle (although you can add ANY cordial or flavours you like which can be a lot cheaper than the Soda Stream syrups), and a gas bottle can be about $60 for 40L and $80 for 100L but you get about half those amounts refunded when you swap the cylinder. I use mine every single day for several litres of soda water and the 40L lasted almost all summer. I then took a 100L gas cylinder and although I've had it about 3 months it isn't even 1/4 used yet.
Not having to buy and carry the soft drink bottles from the shops is a Godsend, and because you use the Soda stream bottles with the system, there's no recyclable PET bottles to worry about (in fact you can only use the soda stream bottles in the machine. If you want to make bottle after bottle of soda you either have to buy more of the Soda Stream bottles which are NOT dishwasher safe, or just decanter the soda you make into another bottle - which is what I do for the kids).
Having had the Soda Stream for about 6 months now and I am so happy with it.
Ease of use. No more carrying heavy soft drink bottles from the shops. Convenience.
I'm being picky but the "Revolution" model only comes in black, and needs a power outlet to work the lcd screen


Love soda streem, but my advice is don't buy it. You cant find refills for the canisters. Service is shocking you go forweeks without gas as they don't supply shops with them. The canisters are expensive. the stores selling Sodastreem should advice people no rifills . And last you will not get 60liters out of one canister as it claims.
Like the carbonated water
No refills avaible

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