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I too received a special invitation letter to be involved in a testing phase. I called and they wouldn't provide a quote until I provided a fair amount of information to them, whereupon they then advised I was eligible for the "discounted price" of $6,000 compared to other systems that were $9-15,000. It wasn't until I asked what size battery I got for $6,000 that they said it was the smallest 3kwh size. $13,480 was the price for the largest 12kwh size which as other reviewers have commented, is more than the cost of a Tesla powerwall installed.

This is deceptive marketing at its best. Do your research before calling.

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Hi Geoff, thank you for your feedback, we appreciate that you took the time to let us know your thoughts. We can assure you that this is not a scam and the offer is a legitimate offer of products and services by an established and reputable provider. With the price for participation in the program dependent on installation factors such as location of your switchboard and existing solar installation, it is essential to retrieve this information prior to giving you a quote - otherwise the price quoted would be inaccurate and not a true reflection of the cost of your participation in the program. The difference with this battery is that the system is modular, meaning you can 'stack/build' your energy storage system to suit your system requirements . For example, if your solar panel system only produced enough excess energy to fill the largest battery currently on the market half way everyday, the remaining storage space would be wasted and it would take you even longer to achieve a return on your investment. Expansions on the foundation system can be made over time, or you can choose to expand the system from the time of the initial installation. Please don't hesitate to email us at hello(at)solarservicegroup.com.au or call us on 1300 40 41 42 and we would be happy to discuss these matters further with you.

Caveat Emptor!

I find this company and their processes deceptive. They sent me an unsolicited letter with their 'special offer'. I called them to find out more. During this call they ask your 'permission' to take a look at your solar panels online. How did they end up sending me a letter about their 'special offer' in the first place? They had already found my solar panels online - because I didn't buy my solar system from them! When you get down far enough into their deceptive process, you find out that this 'limited' battery offer is ~$6000 for a 3kWH battery. They try to tell you this is a 'modular' battery capable of expansion. Hardly unique. There are other batteries on the market that when you do the maths offer far superior outcomes in terms of ROI - and with no catches on 'studying the data to improve the product' in return for the 'discount'. Then they try to further complicate things by saying your quote depends on factors such as access to your power meter. I just don't believe their spin.

I agreed to let them 'hold my place in the queue' for $100 while I thought about their offer (which I understood to have been only a pre-authorisation on my credit card - like hotels do, which releases when you check-out). When I realised this 'special offer' was a dud, I demanded my $100 back - which I'm quite sure they had no intention of giving despite their verbal agreement and then claims of 'talking to their finance department' when I chased them up twice. Interestingly - 10min after posting this review I got an email with a 'refund receipt' (co-incidence? Hardly). About a week later and after disputing the charge with my bank they refunded the $100 - it was like getting blood from a stone.

All I can say is: Caveat Emptor. I recommend you steer clear to not have buyers remorse later. I'd love to know if all the 'glowing' reviews on here are genuine - I'd be more inclined to believe the ones who have had similar experiences to me.

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Panel Purchased N/A with this company
Hi Mick, we are very sorry to understand that your recent experience with our team was not up to our usual standards, this will be investigated internally. There are a few items that we would like to discuss that you have listed above that are inaccurate. If you could please utilise the private messaging tool or reply back with your relevant order reference number, our team will be able to follow up with you soon.Investigated? Yeah, right! Don't bother. I have no need to discuss further - if I'm wrong about anything, post it publically here for others to see. I've already requested that your company not contact me again.Hi Michael, thank you for your reply. We investigated what had happened with your original order, through our investigations we were able to find that you did have an order with us, your refund request was followed up by our Front of House Manager. In fact, it is a coincidence that 30 minutes after you published an online review of that you did receive your refund receipt, as your review was published on a Sunday evening, and our Accounts Team processed the refund unbeknown of your review. You will find that many of our customers who have published reviews of their orders with us will have a 'verified customer' badge attached to their account/review. This means that Product Review have confirmed that the person/account are genuine customers of the company through evidence. The badge does not appear for every review as it is up to Product Review's discretion as to which review/account to request supplementary evidence for. We hope this clarifies your above concerns Michael, if you would like to discuss further, feel free to call us on 1300 40 41 42.

horrific service Cant Be Worse!!!

Im very disappointed and absolutely outraged that no one has taken the time to call me back!
especially since i had called 4 time that day i last spoke with solar service group.
I keep getting told that someone will call me back (dean) but no one ever does, the lack of respect you guys have is disgusting!
I work in retail/marketing and admin and as busy as i get i still make time to call back my important clients, but obviously you guys do not care what so ever. I have waited too long and only been given half assed answers, you guys are breaching contract as i have paid for a product and yet been given a dud that does not and has not worked to this day!! ***keep in mind i paid all upfront to get a sooner install date (14/2/19) instead of 4/3/19***
Not only has it not been working, but also its not even the battery size that we agreed on!
clearly your main priority is sales as there is a massive lack of communication when it comes to support or details.
william zahroon
[email address removed]
order ref: 46440

dont give me excuses!

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Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Purchase Price $8,800.00
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Hi William, we are very sorry for the level of care that you have received thus far as this is not up to our standards. Our Technical Resolutions Co-ordinator will be contacting you ASAP to discuss your above concerns. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us via email; hello(at)solarservicegroup.com.au.

Installation left without completion

1 A contractor attended my address to install a new replacement inverter on 5 February 2019 and a fault was located and as a result, the system was deemed non compliant. The inverter as fixed to the wall with cables not connected. As at the date of this review it still has not been made operational. Discussions were held with the company to fix the problem, but to no avail.
2 I advised that I would be away in two weeks time and wanted it completed by that date. I received a telephone call from the company late at night informing me that all job allocation staff had left for the day. That was two days before I was going away and again I was advised that the work could be done whilst I was away as I did not need to be present for the work to be completed.
3 Upon my return from overseas (5th March 2019) no work had been undertaken by the company. I rang the company, only to be transferred to a message service on behalf of the company. That message was left some 10 days ago and to date I have not had a response to that telephone call.
4 The company wanted payment up front before any work would be done and at this stage they have not lived up to their obligations for which payment has been made.
5 Consideration is being given to another company to complete the work that Solar Service Group has failed to do.

Value for Money
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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Panel Purchased Goodwe
System Size5.5 KW
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Hi Alpal,, our sincere apologies as this is not up to our general standards. Since posting this we have been in contact with you and we are working very hard to resolve this and complete the return work at your property. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42 for any updates.

absolutely terrible

absolutely terrible after talking on the phone and of course told it's a once in a life time offer , which it is not but that's not the point I had some family troubles and couldn't afford it and needed my$ 600 deposit returned which after a phone call they said they would do but normally keep $450 for canceling even though it was the next they have since only returned $150 and are refusing to refund the rest , I will keep you informed as this is ongoing. Absolutely disgraceful that there was no cooling off period and they try to trick you into purchasing immediately saying there are limited units remaining - a complete lie.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo
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Hi Glen, apologies for the level of care that you have received with us as this is not up to our standards. In order to ensure the testing phase of the system is reflective of a multitude of conditions, the program is limited on the amount of installs per installation area. We believe that we were able to speak with you to discuss the refund, if you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 40 41 42 or utilise the private messaging tool on Product Review.

ripped off

at the end of the day I got nothing and you kept my deposit. Three quotes from you and still got nothing. Are you still in business

Hi Steve, thank you for reaching out to us and apologies for the level of care that you have received as this is not up to our usual standards. If you could please reply to our private message with the order details or property address we can investigate how this has occurred.Hi Steve, unfortunately we have no heard from you yet and wish to resolve this issue ASAP. If you could kindly respond to the private message with the installation/quote details so that we can investigate this further, we would be very appreciative. Alternatively, please contact us on 1300 40 41 42.I tried by asking for another quote on just a upgraded solar with 6-6 system no battery just remove and replace to the value of original quote or better and you didn't want to know about it. and you still kept 250 of my deposit. why?

Don’t be conned

Received a letter from Solar Services Group offering subsidised Solar System and Battery and to call to see if I qualify, I already have a Solar System 6.4kw, 5 kw Hybrid Inverter and 10kw Battery Pack but called as my partner is wanting to upgrade her old 1.5kw grid tie system which was installed back 2011 hence the call, I quickly learned that there was NO subsidy or discount just hoping that you were not aware of what was available elsewhere on the market. The System they were offering is available through many other installers out in market place at a competitive price, I wouldn’t call it a scam but there marketing ploy selling “subsidised Solar is NOT correct.

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Hi Martyn, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. There is indeed a subsidy on the system, and this is for participation in the Program and providing us with information on the performance of the system for a duration of time. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42.

Terrible Customer Service

I signed up with a consultant on the 21st paid my deposit. Then learned i needed a big operation early Jan 2019.
So i called and emailed straight away to say we have changed our minds and can i please have my deposit back. Now cant get anyone to talk to me. I have rung and left messages i am now trying live chat to see how i go. The man i signed with Dave was so eager to chat then but no one wants to talk now.

Since posting this i have been contacted and my issue sorted. With many thanks to Megan And Robyn Best wishes LynnHi Sammy, apologies for the level of service that you have received as this is not up to our usual standards. I am glad to hear we were able to resolve this for you and arrange your refund. If you require any further assistance from us in the future, please let us know.Thankyou very much.

Avoid at all cost - terrible customer service

Sales rep on the phone was fantastic knowledgeable as easy. Once they had my deposit it went down hill. Phoned constantly for progress payments even though we agreed on a date for the payments which I honoured. Cancelled the installation the night before. When the installers turned up at the revised appointment they were great, fast, clean and did a good job. After then it took 3 phone calls and 2 weeks before the promised (in 48 hrs after installation) envoy monitoring email and link arrived. From there on the monitoring has been offline more than on. Call to the service line was met with "please send an email", did that and a week later still no response. The system has been in 2 months and I have no idea if its registered and if I'm getting any benefit from the unit. My electricity provider knows nothing of the system. I have waited 8 weeks from when the bad service began to give the company opportunity to prove the service wasn't as bad as it seemed. I now feel compelled to provide this account of my interaction from this company so that hopefully others can avoid the frustration I am having. There's plenty of providers around and from my experience I say avoid Solar Service Group.

Hi Ben, apologies for the level of service that you have received as this is not up to our usual standards. Since you have posted this, we have been able to get in contact with you to discuss the issue. We look forward to speaking with you again tomorrow as scheduled, if anything arises between now and then, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.What a load of rubbish. I’ve spoken to someone from your company at least 3 times since posting and still not resolved. I believe the post above is designed to portray me in bad light.Hi Ben, we apologise that you feel that way as it was not at all intended to portray you in any bad light but respond to your above review. I believe that a Technician attended your property this afternoon to try and resolve the issue and will be reattending your property soon to finally resolve the fault. We appreciate your patience throughout your installation and look forward to having this resolved for you soon enough. Any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42.

Battery Failure

My battery supplied by the Solar Service Group has ceased to recharge each day. Their response was to offer a range of options from adding filters ($500+) to replacing my inverter ($1000+). I am not a happy customer, especially as the initial outlay for the solar battery was expensive. One would have expected that the system which operated for the first few months would have continued well beyond the first year.

Hi Paul, our sincere apologies for your experience as this is not up to our usual standards. Our Technical Resolutions are working very hard to try and resolve the particular issue at your system installation. Thank you for your patience, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@solarservicegroup.com.au.I am looking forward to the resolution of this battery issue. The inverter is working producing good levels of output, so for the battery to stop charging properly after less than a year seems very unusual.Could someone at Solar Service Group please provide me with an update re. getting my solar battery operating.

absolute disgrace

Will not answer emails or phone calls. Very happy to take your money and then not follow up with anything

Hi Gus, we apologise for the experience that you've had thus far. We are every concerned that your emails and calls are not being followed up. If you could please private message the order details this will be followed up immediately.Hi Gus, we have sent you a private message to gather some further information regarding your experience to resolve the issue. If you could kindly respond when convenient that would be great. Any issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42.


Absolute disgrace! I have contacted them numerous times over the past three weeks to get assistance on our battery that was installed. It is interesting how happy they were to bend over backwards and communicate leading up to the sale of the battery and now that it is installed, they go missing in action. Even though we purchased the 'gold' package with follow up service for 12 months.........

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Hi Sebb, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. You will find that we have indeed tried calling you this afternoon as soon as you reached out to us. If there is a more suitable time that you would prefer that we can assist you with your storage system, please don't hesitate to let us know so we can ensure your system's operation.

Totally unacceptable customer service

I ordered the Tesla battery on the 9th January 2018.
The unit arrived at my house on the 4th April.
The installation arrived on the 4th April. They were not equipped with the right equipment to do the works.
The unit was put on bricks and a car jack was used to raise the unit onto the bracket. This did not work.
I personally had to assist in trying to raise the unit onto the bracket.
The installation team left that day saying they would return the next day.
It is now the 10th April and no one has returned.
The company has not replied to my phone calls which I have done on a daily basics.
I think this is most unprofessional and considering that the unit was not removed from the truck until full payment was made.
I now have a Tesla unit sitting at the side of house paid for, not installed and no idea what is happening.
If I do not receive any communication by the end of business today 10th of April. I will be putting the matter in the hands of my solicitor.

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Hi Kermit, we apologise for the unfavorable experience that you have had regarding your solar battery installation. To clarify there were some challenges with your particular installation that were encountered along the way which made up the delay in the final installation. As you had requested that the original recommended location of the solar battery to be changed since our pre-site inspection, a trolley lift was then required to lift the battery to its new location which is why on the 4th of April (date of your installation) your battery had arrived but could not be installed. Considering its weight, it is against OH&S protocols to lift that amount of weight without the aid of a trolley lift. As such, we organised for a trolley lift to be made available as soon as possible to complete your installation. During this time, we have indeed ensured that we have kept you updated on the installation via phone calls with all necessary and relevant information discussed such as needing the trolley lift to complete the final installation. Again, we apologise for the experience that you have received, but are happy that your solar battery is currently being installed at your property. For any further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42 or via email to hello@solarservicegroup.com.au.

Do not believe the sales pitch - very disappointed

I did my research, but the sales person promised better service for a higher price. Do not believe them. Ordered and paid a deposit in early November, promised installation by late Nov, but definitely in December. System finally up and running in March. And all along the process there were no responses to weekly calls plus unsatisfactory answers to questions. I would not recommend them to anyone. Very disappointed.

Hi Andrew, we apologise for the service that you have received as this is not up to our standards. Could you please private message or reply with your relevant order reference number so that we can investigate the issue and resolve any issues that have arisen.Hi Andrew, unfortunately without your assistance we will not be able to resolve this issue. If you could please respond with your relevant order number we can investigate this situation and review current procedures.

Should change their name to Solar take-your-money-and-don't-offer-any-services group

I paid my 20% deposit on 19th October and was told that I would be contacted mid November to arrange installation before the end of November. Here we are 29th Jan and still haven't been given an installation date. I have had several calls to date telling me that they are 'working towards' an installation date. After complaining about the length of time it's taking, I've been told that they are "training new technicians" - seriously it's not brain surgery.... how long does this training take???? I've read the other reviews and most people seem happy with their service. I'm not!!!

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Hi Julie, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your review. We apologise for the delay that your order is experiencing. If you could please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au with your order reference number and the address of the installation we can follow this us immediately. We can assure you that this is not up to our standards and will be followed up.

Solar Service Is what i required -----It Does not exist with this company.

Paid 26.9.2017 for Service to my existing Solar system. Its now 15.1.2018 And we are STILL waiting for them to attend. Numerous excuses after my 6 phone calls, Solar Service?? is there name but not there game.

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Hi Chris, we are very sorry as this is not up to our usual standards. If you could please private message us or email at hello@solarservicegroup.com.au with your order reference number we can follow this up immediately.

Did not supply nor install solar panels panels contracted for.

This solar Group has completely failed us. Agreed to pay a refund but without any contact, withheld $315.00. This matter is ongoing but us pensioners, we are quite worried.

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Hi, thank you for your review and we apologise for the experience that you have had thus far. Unless otherwise discussed or due to our terms and conditions Solar Service Group does not withhold any monies without customers' knowledge. if you could please private message or email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au your order details we can ensure contact to be made today to discuss this.

the product might be good i dont know the battery system dosent work

several attempts to install system missing components no answers on completion hard to get response still not working no clues still waiting shod of used a Sydney based company

May 5th 2018 Update: Solar battery

Had a solar battery system installed by solar service group who had several attempts and numerous phone calls most not responded to after lodging a complaint to fair trade the system progressed with components missing and so on it was completed the system did not work after more calls and attempts to repair system they decided the management system was not compatible with lg battery they finally replaced it with a power wall two battery which I had a cheaper quote elsewhere and quicker it was installed by there co company sun bright solar who had to come out a second time to fix up there stuff up after lots of phone calls solar services group was fined for breaking some consumer law they still haven’t provided me with two wifi power switches as per quote .I would not use them again. Power wall two great system. I stressing slowly X stressed order number 11963

May 7th 2018 Update: Previous review from stressed

From stressed previous review l wrote co partner sunbright solar to solar services group . It should have read sunbank solar sorry for the mistake .stressed

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Hi, thank you for the feedback and our apologies for the service that you have received as this is not up to our usual standards. Could you please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au or private message us your order number and we can follow this up immediately.

Didn't install product correctly

I got a battery installed on the 21 8 2017 and it has not been connected so I am saving on electricity and it is now the 28 9 2017. They good at taking your money but not turning the battery on straight away. There putting the blame onto someone else that connects it to the grid. What a joke one very unhappy customer.

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Hi Loza, thanks so much for the feedback, and our apologies on the service you have received,. Call you please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au or reply below with your order number and I will make sure someone contacts you and sorts out any issues you are having immediately.

Field Trial? Really?

Congratulations reading this review before signing up and avoiding this con just saved you thousands. If however, like me, you've already signed welcome to hours on hold on the phone and ignored emails asking simple questions. If $4k is not a lot of money to you then the pre install and install service is great...read all the 5 star reviews!!!what's not taken into account is life after the installation, its not so good ...really..."we're experiencing a high volume of calls" wears a bit thin after a couple of months. Plus it appears I probably paid twice what I should have to shave a fraction off my power bill:sad but true. I was then offered an extra battery for $2500 to help shave another few bucks off my power bill(what a joke!). My advice is to move on,there's worse things in life than blowing a few grand and the Enlighten ap is fun for us oldies to play with anyway.

September 28th 2017 Update: Got my bill saved $100

I actually have had a power bill since installation unlike the 4 or 5 star reviews and found it saved just under $100 this sunny quarter. $400/year saved means 10 years to break even and that's if there's no hassles and lots of sun.

January 1st 2018 Update: Have not received service promised

No one has checked our solar system despite paying $800 Platinum Service Fee now our whole solar system has stopped working. The 1.2kw battery has not helped save on electricity costs much, if at all. I will change this post if Solar Service Group live up to their name and honour their contract not just flip me another email promise.

Hi Silversurfer, thanks so much for the feedback, and our apologies on the service you have received after install, that's certainly not up to the level we want people to receive. Call you please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au or reply below with your order number and I will personally make sure someone contacts you and sorts out any issues you are having, or answer any questions you may have, immediately.All I wanted was to get the service inspections I was made to pay $800 extra for so that my concerns would have been attended to not just emails telling me technicians will reply(never happened) or that everything appears ok -it wasn’t and now my whole solar system is not working at all.Hi Silversurfer, we have tried numerous times to contact you to remedy this issue however have not received your contact details to follow this up. Please contact us on 1300 40 41 42 with your order reference number so we can action this, or alternatively please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au with your preferred time of contact.

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Questions & Answers

I cannot see many reviews that come from Melbourne That concerns me. Where have you been working within Melbourne? How long has the team worked together? How much experience do they have?
1 answer
Hi Chris, thank you for your question. Our Head Office is located in Box Hill and we have installed and serviced systems all over Melbourne and greater Victoria. The team is backed by over 30 years' combined solar industry experience, and all our Technicians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for all the work that they do installing solar products. We hope this clarifies some of your above queries, if you would like to learn more about our experience in solar, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42 or feel free to visit us at our Head Office at a time suitable for you.

What is the cost of the battery
2 answers
Around $6,500 from memoryHi Eddie, thank you for your question. The cost for an installation will vary depending on your individual installation, as not all solar systems are the same. We'd be happy to give you a quick quote, we've just sent you a private message, so at your earliest convenience, we'd love to hear back from you.

Thinking of getting a battery installed. We have 5 people in he house. How many solar panels would I need to help me get the best use of a battery?
1 answer
I have a 5.1 kw solar system with a 1.2 kw battery(gov subsidised)The bigger the battery the better unfortunately they are expensive now but they will get cheaper. only 2 of us in house.We use average of 9.4 kw hrs per day so we are virtually self sufficient. With a quality inverter (very important) this system should cost 10-12 thousand dollars. the amount of panels varies due to size.ie small=27 panels/large=18 panels. Now the real savings come with how you use your appliances ie avoid overuse of ones that involve heat ie fan heaters/ovens/electric jugs/clothes dryers/dishwashers.Use cold water in wash m/c and turn off power at power points (during day and overnight) You can easily halve your power usage by doing the above. Because most systems come with monitoring(laptop/phone)you can see exactly how much power you are using and this will teach you how to use them more effectively. hope this answers your question

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