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Poor after sale service, no one seem real keen on sorting

The system doesn’t work & no one seems, real interested in sorting it out. A lot of promises but no real action, don’t return calls as promised, just a lot being palmed off.

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Hi Neil, thank you for your feedback and apologies for the level of care that you have received thus far as this is not up to our usual standards. It seems that our staff have tried to contact you regarding coming to your property to fix the issue with the system but have not been able to reach you. We have returned today from the Christmas break and will be contacting you with the date that we can attend to your property.

Regret dealing with this company

Went with this company after receiving an offer for "field trial" on solar batteries and have regretted it. Communication is very poor, no-one is ever available to take your calls and they promise to get back to you and do not do so in a timely manner. Was advised there was a problem with my system and was booked for a service call for which I had to pay a large deposit which in March but I did not get the service call until the end of May even though I phoned them numerous time during that period to enquire when they would be sending someone and was told they would pass my enquiry on to the scheduling department. Three months where I was gaining nothing from my system. The only time they ever seem to contact you is when they are trying to sell you something extra. I have spent thousands with them and the service received is almost non-existent.

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Hi Top Cat, thanks for reaching out to us and apologies for the experience that you've had thus far as this is not our regular standard of service. We would really appreciate it if you could private message us your installation details such as customer reference number so that we can investigate the issue and ensure that your solar system is operating at optimum efficiency.

Would not given a written quote/undertake

We received an unsolicited letter invitation to join a ‘data collection trial’. After a longish phone discussion and a phone quote I asked for the details of exactly what was being offered in the package. I was informed “we don’t do it that way”. At that point we agreed to stop. If a company is not repaired to provide a written undertaking, I’m not prepared to take them on trust.

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Hi Garry, we are sorry to hear that you are unsatisfied with your recent experience with us. You will find on the written invitation the details of the products that are included as part of this package, for further clarification don't hesitate to contact us. If you could please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au the details of your recent contact you had with us we can investigate the conversation internally.

Unfinished work

solar took a deposit 3 months ago to bring solar panels, switches on the power box to Australian standards. Also they cannot communicate with power system and has not try to fix it.

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Hi Terry, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We apologise for the unsatisfactory experience that you have received. If you could please email hello@solarservicegroup.com.au your contact details and order reference number we can follow this up immediately, alternatively please call 1300 40 41 42.

Promises Promises

I enlisted the services of Solar Sevice Group earlier this year, initially for an assessment of my existing 16 panel system. Upon reading their report and also the suggestion to install Enphase batteries in order to optimise my solar system, I committed to their proposal.
Needless to say, full payment was required by the technician on the day to work was undertaken. The installer was efficient to the best of my knowledge and when he realised that he was missing a component that was to be supplied, he assured me that he would contact Head Office and have the problem resolved promptly.
That was five months ago and still no resolution despite multiple promises from "customer service". All I require is what I have paid for, no more no less.
Do not trust this company and it is off to Fair Trading for me.

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Hi Chris I am sorry to hear you've had issues with your installation. Can you please supply me with your order number so I can investigate the situation and have someone call you to have your installation completed asap. Kind regards Customer Support

Dont know what they are talking about

I was coerced by a fast talking sales person on the phone into a enphase battery. They mentioned that its "a battery" and "compared to tesla" no mention of size on the battery, after installation I have found out it is saving me no more that $36 per year. Misleading and a rip off. Will take nearly 100 years to pay back and only warranty for 10 ???? Only positive fast installation (i guess it stops people cancelling after finding the truth) Would not recommend.

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Dear David, We are very concerned with how you arrived at this figure and what you have stated in your post, as this is simply not possible. We have investigated internally and you should be saving as a minimum almost 10 times this amount. At Solar Service Group, we pride ourselves on delivering the right solution for every customer and we take this matter very seriously. We have tried to contact you to collect information so we can look into this case however we had not heard back from you. Can you please urgently email us at support@solarservicegroup.com.au so we can resolve this matter for you. Kind regards Megan - Customer Support Solar Service Group

Questions & Answers

I cannot see many reviews that come from Melbourne That concerns me. Where have you been working within Melbourne? How long has the team worked together? How much experience do they have?
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Hi Chris, thank you for your question. Our Head Office is located in Box Hill and we have installed and serviced systems all over Melbourne and greater Victoria. The team is backed by over 30 years' combined solar industry experience, and all our Technicians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for all the work that they do installing solar products. We hope this clarifies some of your above queries, if you would like to learn more about our experience in solar, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42 or feel free to visit us at our Head Office at a time suitable for you.

What is the cost of the battery
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Around $6,500 from memoryHi Eddie, thank you for your question. The cost for an installation will vary depending on your individual installation, as not all solar systems are the same. We'd be happy to give you a quick quote, we've just sent you a private message, so at your earliest convenience, we'd love to hear back from you.

Thinking of getting a battery installed. We have 5 people in he house. How many solar panels would I need to help me get the best use of a battery?
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I have a 5.1 kw solar system with a 1.2 kw battery(gov subsidised)The bigger the battery the better unfortunately they are expensive now but they will get cheaper. only 2 of us in house.We use average of 9.4 kw hrs per day so we are virtually self sufficient. With a quality inverter (very important) this system should cost 10-12 thousand dollars. the amount of panels varies due to size.ie small=27 panels/large=18 panels. Now the real savings come with how you use your appliances ie avoid overuse of ones that involve heat ie fan heaters/ovens/electric jugs/clothes dryers/dishwashers.Use cold water in wash m/c and turn off power at power points (during day and overnight) You can easily halve your power usage by doing the above. Because most systems come with monitoring(laptop/phone)you can see exactly how much power you are using and this will teach you how to use them more effectively. hope this answers your question

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