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Support service is non existence

I had my battery installed over 2 weeks ago, the app they sent me to use on my phone displays the information that does not make sense, i rang up and have left 6 messages over a week to get someone from the battery department to call me back, i have email the support as well and all i get is someone will call you back and tell me if the app on the phone is working correctly or not.
After writing up this post, i finally had a tech call me back to explain how the battery works and i even got a link to further monitor what the battery performance is on top of the app i was sent. So far things looks ok but i do have some more questions which i will speak to tech support about. The call back i got from the product manager last couple of days was good in that it was explain to me why i had to wait so long for my call back and that is not company policy. Its good a company would care enough to make things right even if its just one customer that had a bad experience. Well done there.

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Hi Rob, thank you so much for your feedback regarding your recent installation with us. Although we did have an issue with communication initially, we are very pleased to hear that since you are happy with the service received. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team and we can assist you.

Batteries are essential, if Solar panels installed.

I’m glad to be able to store power from Solar panels. To use off peak hours.
I have 4 Enphase batteries, working well on sunny days, to save sending my power to the Grid.
My Enlighten App is excellent. Easy to use to check production and saving. Easy to read. With follow up from Solar Service Group.

Hi Daphne, thank you for your review. We're glad that you have found the ease and simplicity of the MyEnlighten App with assistance from our Solar Specialists. If you ever think of anything we could improve on please let us know.Enlighten App excellent. How can I take power from Grid overnight at Off Peak Rates. Also will there be anything in future to allow batteries to work in a Blackout. Please can you send the Newsletter. I’d like to hear of new developments. My batteries are working well, when sun is out. Thank you.Hi Daphne, a member of our Operations Team has been in contact with you regarding the off-peak charging, if you need any more assistance with this please let us know. Unfortunately, Enphase does not support blackout protection just as yet but we have just added you to our mailing list; you will find all of our exciting developments through our newsletter.

Letter was not threatening.

I received a letter and it was an offer, nothing threatening. They told it like it is, i am looking at the battery offer as it makes perfect sense. Why sell back to grid at 5c and re-buy at 23c or more, it is definitely worth looking in to. Its whether the cost of battery gives value for money per kilowatt and your individual usage.

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Hi Spuddy, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, this is much appreciated. We're glad that you have taken advantage of this innovative technology designed to save households money on their electricity bills. If you ever find anything that you think we could improve upon in the future please let us know.

Questions & Answers

I cannot see many reviews that come from Melbourne That concerns me. Where have you been working within Melbourne? How long has the team worked together? How much experience do they have?
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Hi Chris, thank you for your question. Our Head Office is located in Box Hill and we have installed and serviced systems all over Melbourne and greater Victoria. The team is backed by over 30 years' combined solar industry experience, and all our Technicians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for all the work that they do installing solar products. We hope this clarifies some of your above queries, if you would like to learn more about our experience in solar, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 40 41 42 or feel free to visit us at our Head Office at a time suitable for you.

What is the cost of the battery
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Around $6,500 from memoryHi Eddie, thank you for your question. The cost for an installation will vary depending on your individual installation, as not all solar systems are the same. We'd be happy to give you a quick quote, we've just sent you a private message, so at your earliest convenience, we'd love to hear back from you.

Thinking of getting a battery installed. We have 5 people in he house. How many solar panels would I need to help me get the best use of a battery?
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I have a 5.1 kw solar system with a 1.2 kw battery(gov subsidised)The bigger the battery the better unfortunately they are expensive now but they will get cheaper. only 2 of us in house.We use average of 9.4 kw hrs per day so we are virtually self sufficient. With a quality inverter (very important) this system should cost 10-12 thousand dollars. the amount of panels varies due to size.ie small=27 panels/large=18 panels. Now the real savings come with how you use your appliances ie avoid overuse of ones that involve heat ie fan heaters/ovens/electric jugs/clothes dryers/dishwashers.Use cold water in wash m/c and turn off power at power points (during day and overnight) You can easily halve your power usage by doing the above. Because most systems come with monitoring(laptop/phone)you can see exactly how much power you are using and this will teach you how to use them more effectively. hope this answers your question

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