Outstanding quality outstanding service

Solomon’s midland did a fantastic job
All four bedrooms carpets replaced and I couldn’t be happier
Great quality at such a great price as well as a quick turn around

Love my new floor

Thankyou to frank. Ron & his team nick & hotan. Excellent work. Love my new floor. Highly recommend Solomons dandenong

Solomons Flooring West Ryde

I am after specific brand of vinyl flooring (Coretec) which only Solomons and another company would stock. Approached both for a quote. Mahdi from Solomons provided with a very competitive quote in the first go. I talked to the other company about this. They are willing to beat Solomons price by a few hundred but they cannot lay flooring under the piano as their company policy won't allow. So I've chosen Solomons to supply and install.

There was some hiccup in the bank transfer which the money has not hit their bank account yet on the installation day. I am a bit worry that it cannot be started as planned. Mahdi was very accomodating. He still sent his installation team out and start work as promised. Installer Kapil and his team was professional and good craftmanship. We had a few built-in wardrobes with skirting that had numerous turns. Kapil took his time to cut to make sure a tight fit.

If I had to pick on one thing, the only downside was that the job cannot be completed in one day. I was a bit worried by the progress on the second day after lunch so I contact Mahdi. He came straight away in person to inspect the progress and discuss with Kapil. They reassured my that the job would be completed that day. At the end, Kapil kept his promise and worked all the way till 9 pm to finish off the job.

As usual, there would be some minor issues need to be fixed afterwards. I've contacted Kapil and he came to fix it for us on Sunday morning. What a champ!

Unlike some tradesman that are hard to reach, Mahdi and his team always pick up the call. They deliver as promised. Very professional and highly recommended. I have a few friends had a look of my new flooring and they immediately being impressed. I am proud to recommend Solomons West Ryde to them.

Amazing service and lovely flooring

We couldn't be happier with our new Coretec flooring. Thrilled we went with Solomons Balcatta. Glenn was honest, reliable and super nice, helping us choose our product and colour. He went out of his way for us. We were so impressed we ending up getting out entire kitchen and dining room done, as well as bedrooms, lounge and hallway.

Slolmons flooring Balcatta

I had my new carpets in my two bedrooms and study in today. Solomons arranged to have all my furniture taken out and replaced after then they replaced it all including rewiring computers, phones, etc. The actual carpet layer, did a fantastic job and even vacuumed when he had finished, He took away all the old carpet

Solomon’s flooring castle hill - GREAT service

Very competitive price, great assistance in helping select the best flooring for my space, quick turn around and install. Highly recommended.

Carpet Laying By Castle Hill Solomons Flooring

Mr Wali Kohistani, Director at Castle Hill Solomon Flooring, had recommend a good quality carpet at a reasonable price for us. We also did the kitchen vinyl with them. The tradesmen were very good with their carpet laying and were very responsible- locking every door and window after completing their job. It is good to be aware that there could be extra cost for the floor preparations when the tradesmen remove the old underlay. Overall the product and service were good and the job was completed on time.

Good and bad

We have bought carpet from 2 separate solomon carpet shops - The first (great experience) at Gepps X, we then purchased carpet from Solomon's Findon carpet store and were extremely dissatisfied with the installation. When the store sent out someone to inspect, they sent the guy who installed it - who said it was a good install but they would look at repairing the small join in the corner that had a gap.

Highly recommend

Simon and the team provided exceptional service. Great communication, superb finish and on time. Will recommend Solomons Flooring Bentleigh to others in the future

Well done

Both products and services are really good and above our expectation. We are really happy about what our floor’s look.

Great customer Service & Great product

I just want to say thank you for the great customer service from start to finish. The team at Solomons Gepp Cross were just lovely people to work with, friendly service, honest and reliable. Loved the carpets, loved the serviced, thank you so much Troy for your great service. I would highly recommend this store Jimmy and & Oscar thank you two you both for assisting us all the way through and Troy for performing miracles to make it happened during Christmas. It has been a great experience & I am very grateful for the team who made it happened, from selecting the carpets, to installing and finishing. Troy and his team understands old school customer service and they would go beyond their means making sure they supply great quality product and but personally addressing any concerns immediately. It was a great positive experience and they made sure the work was done properly, great QA job done right!! I would highly recommend the Solomon's Team at Gepps Cross.

Solomons - Reynella

On completion of our Karndean flooring, gaps appeared between planks, due to it not being acclimatized prior laying. On many attempts to rectify this with SOLOMONS REYNELLA, they had no ownership nor responsibility. Their first and final resolution was for us to pay $500 for 2 layers for 1 day, but they would 'give' us $500 of new planks. We are now stuck with unsightly gaps in our new build.
I only hope other Solomon stores are more loyal to their customers than Reynella branch.
Would love to hear from other branches how they would've resolved this.
Putting a negative review on this site is the last hand I was forced to play, but certainly could've been avoided.

Solomon Flooring Bentleigh

The whole experience: Sales and carpet choice advice from Sina, Carpet laying lead by Francis with Sean and Damian in support and the quality of the underlay and carpet fitted was five star.
Sina patiently explained the different types of carpet and helped select the perfect choice for our house. Francis Sean and Damian were a delight to have working in our home. They were very careful to avoid damage and took their time to achieve an excellent finish throughout.
I would recommend this company, store location Bentleigh, because it combines sound advice, a good quality product and expert carpet laying.

absolute worst!

we had our blinds, carpet and floorboards done, made so many mistakes, salesman told lies, terrible communication, sloppy work, poor quality products. its actually unbelievable the amount of trouble we experienced and no one was willing to own any mistakes.

Absolute Joke. - I wouldn’t even score it 1 star - Watch this space

First time I called into this store, I was pretty much given the brush off. I was the only customer and after the initial greeting I was left to browse, which was fine. However, when I asked for some advice in relation to the best carpet to suit what I was wanting it ie. type of room and usage, I was told, with a flourish of the hand, that most things in the store would be suitable and to check out the back wall. Neither of the 2 people in there made any effort to explain the different types of carpets, the pros & cons or help me in my selection.

My parents had carpets put in recently, and I quite liked their carpet, so I decided to give the store another try. This time my experience was very different. The younger of the 2 men was very helpful and answered my questions and we discussed the best way to lay the carpet etc. and gave me a quote based on my parents carpet which was 100% wool. I asked him if installation could be done before Christmas, he said that as long as I let him know by the following weekend this would be fine.

After looking at some samples at home and choosing the type & colour of carpet that I wanted I went back to the store the following weekend. The young guy wasn’t there, just the older one. He found my plans from the week before, and I asked him for a quote as the quote from the previous week was based on 100% wool. He said the carpet I had chosen was 100% wool. I had to tell him that it wasn’t it was actually 80/20. I asked him if it was possible for the carpet in the formal dining to be laid in the,opposite direction to the formal lounge (formal lounge and dining is separated by 2 steps up and a wall. They are 2 totally separate rooms, physically and visually. He advised that it was against Australian standards to lay carpets in different directions. I tried to explain they were 2 totally separate rooms. He said they wouldn’t do this. I said that’s fine, and asked him to confirm that the join in the dining room would be under the window. He advised me there was no join in the dining room. I said there would have to be as my room is 3600 and the width of carpet without the stretch allowance is 3600. If there was no join under the window then the join would fall on the rise of the step which is not acceptable. He kept trying to tell me that the join would not be on the rise, but when I kept pointing out that he said there was no join in the room and the room was the same width as the carpet then it only left the rise of the step. He said that his carpet layers did steps all the time and this wouldn’t be a problem. I advised him it would be a problem for me as this was a walkway and I did not want a join on the rise of the step. He told me that I was making an issue out of nothing (REALLY)!!!!!!!! He kept trying to tell me that the join would not be on the rise and if it was it ‘wouldn’t be noticeable, if this is what I was worried about’ I said aside from the visual aspect, joins in main walkways do wear quicker and will become noticeable very quickly. He once again told me I was making an issue over nothing. At my objections over his views about the join not making sense, he called the young person I had previously been dealing with. The young man confirmed the join would be under the window. The older man then tried to explain this to me. I pointed out to him this is what I had advised him originally and wanted him to confirm. It was him who didn’t understand and had advised me there would be no join under the window or anywhere else in the room!!. He then responded by telling me ‘well I am not a carpet layer’ to which I came back with ‘well nor am I’.

Once we had the join sorted, we moved on. I asked him if the carpet would be laid before Christmas. He advised that if I paid my 50% deposit now, it would definitely be laid before Christmas, he would guarantee it. I then gave him all my details and paid the deposit. He then advised me that the carpet would take 3 weeks to arrive and once it arrived they would call and book the carpet layers. I asked him if he could book the carpet layers when ordering the carpet to make sure they didn’t get booked out. He said he couldn’t do this. When I asked why, he said if the carpets were a day or 2 late then it wouldn’t work. I advised him I wasn’t asking him to book them a day or 2 later, it could be a week or two ini first/second week in December. He said they don’t do this. i asked him then how can I be sure my carpets will go in before Christmas, he advised it should be ok. I said that he had guaranteed this. He said he can’t help things that are beyond his control. I once again stated that he had guaranteed this and that is the only reason I had paid my deposit. He said he would leave a message for the younger person on Monday.

I actually wish that I had just gone with Harvey Norman Cannington who were amazing and had a colour and type of carpet I liked as well, but unfortunately was not going to arrive before Christmas. Anyway watch this space to see if my carpets actually do get laid before Christmas, because that is the only thing that is going to make this whole experience even slightly worthwhile.

Great experience would recommend - Balcatta

Went to see Ricky and Glenn at the Balcatta store and found them excellent to deal wirh. They floored 2 of ours houses within a month and had no issues. Dane the layer was great. Would highly recommend.

The place to go!

From the moment I stepped into the showroom I knew this was the store! Glen was amazing - he listened & understood what we wanted & provided excellent advice & product options. The whole process was quick, easy & smooth and above all the carpet we selected was perfect! Save yourself time & grief - go and see Glen first for all your flooring needs.

Poor salesmanship - poor execution of carpet laying

I paid a deposit on a quote and booked for carpet laying. A final measure was done a week prior to laying and additional money was requested. I complained to the business owner of this poor business practice with no result. The carpet has been laid with a very obvious carpet join in the living room. Complaint made and no action taken. Poor business practices and poor execution of laying the carpet. Very disappointing.

Loving my new floors

We had a floor laid by Solomon’s which wasn’t laid correctly the first time round but they did everything possible to rectify the problem, after waiting a few months to see if the floor settled and still not being totally happy with it, they came out to re assess the floor and replaced the whole floor, even areas that weren’t affected. We couldn’t speak highly enough of this company, and they totally understand “CUSTOMER SERVICE “. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rude, obnoxious young sales man!

We are investors and were seeking cheap carpet for our rental units.
The first sales man who was not in charged was very kind and friendly.
Then came this young man who acts as though he owns the place showed me the so called "cheap carpet "
but with no good intension.
He was rude and and thinks he owns the shop! I hope he is the owner's son and not just a salesman !
I will definitely not recommend anyone to go there¨. There are many Solomon carpet branches all over SA.
Leave this one out!

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Can anyone provide good or bad feedback for Solomons carpet in Capalaba QLD?
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Sorry, I donot Know

What is the contact address or email address for Solomon Floors head office? please
3 answers
Sorry no idea....I wouldn't bother!I don't know, but I remember years ago, in Sydney, that Solomon's were in trouble for just this sort of thing in the posts above... that would have been late 70's or early to mid eighties! They were such a byword for bad business practices that one only had to say 'Oh, they're a Solomons', about any business for anyone to stay right away. I remember they had money troubles and all sorts. When we came to SA we were surprised to find them still a prominent business, here.If you do a search for a Solomon's franchise you will find the regional franchiser reps for the Solomon's stores close to you.