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Soniq E24Z15B-AU

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Yffran K.

Yffran K.asked

How do I pause a DVD during play on my Soniq TV please?

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how to make an E24Z15B-au zone free?

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I am trying to make my DVD a region free but can't get the 4,diget no. + type number in for a Sonia model no. E24Z15B-AU

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Carina D.

Carina D.asked

How do you stop the DVD playing and ejecting it from the TV.

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Steph h

Steph hasked

Purchased 2 of these a year ago and one has a noisey DVD player and now won’t even leave a DVD in.

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I have just purchased this TV. The DTV feature works perfectly but I cannot activate the DVD function. There is nothing on the instruction manual to tell you how to do this and the DVD function button on the remote does nothing when I push it. I have tried to load a DVD into the player and cannot as the player blocks it and will not allow me to insert it. No doubt there is a simple solution to this but at the moment there is no clue as to what that might be. Does anyone have an answer for this?

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Click on the source button to switch to DVD. The DVD is inserted so the picture is facing away from you and you see the back of the dvd.

I didn't even realise the DVD button was there. From the source button you can scroll to DVD as well as DTV, HDMI etc


Thank you

Happy travellers

Happy travellersasked

We bought a sonic tv a couple of years ago and have only just tried to use the DVD player and all it does is spit out every DVD that we try. Any suggestions?

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The DVD is unusual in that you place the DVD in with the image side facing away from you.

Adam Jongsma
Adam Jongsma

Maybe check the simple things first, like is it being inserted the correct way, maybe flip it over ? Also what region are the DVD's ? If they are not Region 4 which is Australia they may not be compatible. Other than that if it still does not work maybe contact Soniq Customer Service.

Yffran K.
Yffran K.

Have you chosen "Source". When you select "DVD" it will accept and play the DVD.

Happy camper

Happy camperasked

I have had the tv for a year and hence the warranty has expired. Went to use the DVD player for the first time as I have moved the tv from the house to the caravan, unfortunately it spits all dvds out.
Any suggestions?

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Face the DVD with the image side facing away from you. This is unusual, but that's how it works



Unable to activate Auto Scan, jumps from sound to lock system any ideas?

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Criss R

Criss Rasked

Does this tv have chromecast on it?

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No it doesn't. Some of their larger models do though and Soniq are the only company in Aus that has inbuilt Chromecast

It doesn't have Chromecast, but it does have a HDMI slot in the back. I just bought a Google Chromecast and attached it via the HDMI. Setup is easy. I now watch Netflix and Tenplay etc on this TV and my mobile phone acts as the remote. You just download the Apps for Netflix etc and the Chromecast App

My daughter bought the much larger model for $299 at JB Hifi. It isn't the model with Chromecast, but it has 3 HDMI slots instead of 1, so she has a Wii and XBox running through it. Her XBox works as a DVD and She is able to watch Netflix etc. through that as well. she had bought a Chromecast, but no longer needs it, so I now have it running through the HDMI on my smaller Soniq.

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