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Great start to our music system


Bought this bluetooth speaker and its quite good. The sound quality is very high and I liked that you can add more speakers to the set all through the house over time and they will still work together (unlike other brands). You need to have good internet connection and speed and I use an app through my phone to control it. You need a Spotify account to stream music or you can connect it to your old system. Sometimes there is a lag between controlling it through my iPad, but that could be the NBN here.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


punditVictoria, 3268

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Love the Sonos systems


Having started with a Sonos Connect:Amp with old British made JR speakers, then bought two Play 3s and a Play Bar, now with a Sonos Sub as well.

The bedroom has to Play 1s or rather a Play 1 and a Play One, ready to listen for us. We stream nearly all the day long so we know when we have dicky internet (read NBN) connections. Alarms start streaming from 6.40 so we are internet reliant.

The app is on a constant upgrade path. I can't make out the level of criticism that others give. We have three visible systems to control with the app and my wife isn't particularly app friendly doesn't have an issue with it.

Sonos, love it

Date PurchasedMar 2011
chantel c

chantel c

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love our sonos!


we gifted this to my husband a few years ago, upon seeing/hearing at a few friends places, and LOVE it. Great sound for little speakers, easy to use, and makes us listen to more music, new music, more varied radio than ever before. No complaints. Works like a dream, cute to look at and i encourage anyone who's over a big ugly stereo to buy, you wont regret it!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Delete this


This product is cancer. UI is worse than trash and the connection system is comical to say the least.
I am really not sure how this item/company is rated this highly quite literally one of the worst tech products i have ever purchased in my entire life. I would not recommend this at all

Date PurchasedNov 2017


CliffGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Music to my ears.


Sonos has to one of the best speakers in the world, the quality the design and especially the sound, I have Two play One speakers and I just can't get enough them, my friends and family are always complementing the sound...next step a Sonos Connect amp and Play base...Thanks sonos...

Date PurchasedOct 2016



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Great Sound, woeful connection options.


For the size this little fella has great sound, however, taking it on holiday when travelling the east coast of Oz was a waste of time.

Ease of use regarding setup is a joke. To connect to new wifi in a hotel can be impossible.

I wanted a pair of them for computer speakers but found I needed to buy a bridge to do that. More wires and components which counters the idea of wireless audio.

Skip this item. It just isn't worth the money. If you want Sonos, then buy the big Play 5 so you have some hardware connection options or even better, look for a speaker with Bluetooth that doesn't need a proprietary app, and can stream youtube, etc.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Am I a happy vegemite?

Am I a happy vegemite?Gold Coast

  • 25 reviews

They KILLED it!

Date PurchasedApr 2017



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Awesome speakers


Got my first sonos play one and fell in love with it, thought it being wifi based and having to use a seperate app would be annoying but is actually quite good because the music keeps playing no matter what is going on, on your phone, onto my second play 1 and have set up a stereo pair which sounds the best

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Capitol B

Capitol B

  • 8 reviews

Great Sound For Entry Level SONOS


These little speakers sound amazing for the size. You can tell by the weight they're quality. But better than the sound, is the SONOS brand. The system itself is bullet proof. My network spans 7 zones across a 500sqm home and everything works perfectly every single time. I can run every zone simultaneously and never is the music out of sync, never is there a pitch shift correction either like you get with AirPlay. It sounds perfect, every time.

Date PurchasedNov 2015


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Great wireless music solution


The music quality is excellent an it easily allows stereo pairing or separation of additional units. The sonos app works with most streaming services and your local MP3 collection. For quality, looks and ease of use, it's the best. It's made a fanboy out of me. Wifi means it's a better home solution with better range and quality than Bluetooth.

Date PurchasedSep 2015



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Sonos - sounds great!


Sonos play 1 is the baby of the range but packs a heap of punch for its size. Nice and solid so it does not vibrate off a table but light enough to move around the house. Controlled by the Sonos app and set up in under a couple of minutes. The sound is clear but "gutsy" filling a small to medium size room with great sound. Two of them paired up with the sound bar and sub allow for surround sound for movies. Sonos is very rarely on sale but well worth saving up for. I have two with a third about to be purchased. They look and sound great.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

This has changed they way i listen to music


Sons Play: 1 has amazing sound quality - the Sonos app gives you access to all your music subscriptions, and enables you to control multiple Sonos devices from the one app. I have one in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the living room and one that i move to an outdoor area when I'm entertaining. It gives your house a club like feel when the music carried through from room to room (volume per device can be altered so the bathroom one ic quieter for example). The app gives you access to heaps of playlists etc. so you don't have to constantly worry about choosing the music.

Kat N

Kat NMelbourne

  • 3 reviews

Love this speaker


This is an awesome sonos speaker for my kitchen area, small, compact speaker, great deep sound and all controlled by my iphone. I am looking forward to buying more when I can afford them. Price is a bit high in my opinion for what they are but they are obviously high quality and you get what you pay for. I highly recommend this speaker.



  • 7 reviews

Awesome product


I love the Sonos Play 1. Surprising sound quality at this size and it's so easy to use. I like the app and the convenience. I am now listening to a much broader range of music and discovered some awesome playlists and radio stations.



  • 50 reviews

Fantastic system, so easy to use!


Love my play 1s. They may be small, but the sound quality is super. Love the app, and the excellent functionality of playing same music in every room, or different songs in different rooms. Very portable too, great for the kids to move about from bedrooms to playroom. Great price too, really affordable start to your sonos system.



  • 3 reviews

Brilliant system


Just got some of these babies. They may be small, but boy can they spread the music. This thing is loud, excellent tweets and crazy bass. Yes it is a bit pricey, but thereos a difference. Sure you can get those Bluetooth ones, but these WIRELESS SPEAKERS are completely different. You can combine some together into a group so they all play one music, or you can separate them and play different songs through each of them in different rooms.... the flexibility is key. If you are only using it for one room.... get the Bluetooth. You can get similar sound quality but cheaper. If you feel like expanding to other rooms, then get the sonos .



  • 6 reviews

Study turn into a concert hall!


I installed 2 units of Play 1 on top of a book shelf. It turns the study into a concert hall. Controls via the desk top or ipad app with ease. The part that I really like is the compactness in size and the awesomeness of sound. Simply, "Crystal clear"
Crystal clear sound
I wants to get the rest of the systems.


WhirlwindHunter Region, NSW

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Great addition to my Sonos system.


I use my Play:1 downstairs in a small space when I am sitting at my desk or on my EBike. Awesome, can't live without it. I track my time, change songs, check emails on my phone whilst I pedal. Too easy. Think guinea pigs outside enjoy the sound too and the possums at night.
Takes up minimal space, won't fall over, easy to use, connects via bridge which is upstairs.
Wish I had two of them.



  • 3 reviews

Awesome sound!!


For such a small unit, it packs a punch - Easy to use and App is great. Hooked up my spotify and runs smoothly. Nice looking and very subtle. Adds to the rest of my sonos system nicely. Even for the size it fills out a decent size room. Now want one for the bathroom!
Sound and Look

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Bought the Play 1 to test the Sonos ecosystem, thinking wifi might improve on bluetooth and intrigued about the whole house concept.
Having severe trouble with skipping songs. Weird thing is the the symptoms change slightly - error about connection to the server (when using Spotify Premium and Apple Music), error about "Unable to play selected song", songs just skipping immediately to the next song no error message, Sonos iOS app spontaneously restarting.
Sonos support very quick to respond with a specific suggestion about the Wifi channel (implemented) and looked at possible radio interference from a wireless phone (not sure what to do about that as the phone base is connected to the cable modem near the wifi router). Everything is updated - firmware, apps - still having the issue.
Really frustrating as the sound quality is great and I can see why people fall in love with the system.
Any helpful suggestions gratefully received before I return the unit after NYE?

2 answers

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having, because sonos are one of the best sound system on the planet...It sounds like your Wi-Fi connection the reason why it's dropping out too much interference somewhere...if you can pin point the problem I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your sonos speaker, I have two play1 and I love listening to my music through them...good luck I hope you find the problem...

Glad to see Sonos responded quickly - that's also my experience (though not over the NY festive season).

Seems you are a PAY listener, so access via PAY channels ought be good. I only use free channels and Sonos has ditched just about all in favour of the PAY system For that reason, my several Sonos's are sitting idle.

Like Cliff, I suspect the problem is with your phone. If your WiFi connectivity is minimal, then that will cause the outcome you describe. Thatt is especially the case on a Sonos Play 1 ONLY (many use the bridge to combat this, though not normally a necessity).

One way to 'decide' on the location of the 'fault' is to play (already) downloaded songs. As these are not streaming in, then you can likely rule out whether it is the streaming process. If the errors continue, check your internal WiFi settings.

Hope this helps.

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