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Sonos Play:3

Sonos Play:3

3.9 from 11 reviews

Excellent sound, easy to use.

We’ve had the Sonos Play 3 and Play 1 speakers for three years and been very happy with the choice. Nice full sound with the Play 3. Easy to set up and use, and the sound quality is very good. Compared to Bose (which we originally investigated buying), they are good value. We listen to much more music than we used to.
Cons: the Sonos app asks you to update it annoyingly often.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Big, clear sound

We purchased one of these for our office, to replace a smaller Bose speaker.
The set was very easy. Just download the app, go through some simple steps, and you're wired for sound.
The sound is fantastic. Much better than the Bose, although it's not exactly comparing like for like.
It can play all of yours (and your workmate's) music apps and iTunes.
I resisted these wireless speakers for a long time, believing that you need big speakers for big sound. But I'm a convert now.
We've been so impressed by the Play 3, that we've decided to buy another one.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Sounds good but doesn't work reliably with Spotify

When it works, the Sonos system sounds fine.
However, as a relatively infrequent user who has had my Sonos speaker for several years, I find that every time I try to use it to play Spotify, there is some kind of problem. The Sonos system just does not reliably play Spotify.
Either an update is required, or there is the generic (and very frequent) "the connection to Spotify has been lost" message and consequent loss of music. It's not a wireless issue - all connections are via ethernet and its not an internet connection issue- I've got a cable internet connection that consistently returns fast speeds. This issue will often happen two or three times per evening.
I'd like to have more Sonos speakers in my house, but the constant hassles involved in using Sonos mean that I would never ever put more money into this unreliable and irritating system.
Edit: Changed from two stars to one star - good sound quality doesn't make up for the consistent unreliability of this system.
Here we are, months after this review and I can't get my Sonos system to play Spotify, yet again. It played OK earlier this evening, my internet connection is fine, but Sonos has again told me that the connection to Spotify has been lost.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Sonos Play 3 - overpriced and unreliable

The sound from this unit is amazing, (if you can get it to work that is). The setup is unnecessarily complicated, however it did work after some perseverance. I changed internet providers which required a new router, and that's when the Sonos failed to connect to my ipad. Having reset the controller (ipad) I went through the exact setup procedure over 10 times, and the Sonos Play 3 failed to connect properly. It constantly return error messages relating to connection with the ipad. I have finally returned the unit for refund. Consumer products should not be this complicated or unreliable. After this experience I can't recommend this product at all.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

We love our Sonos Play 3

We bought two Sonos Play 3 Units in November 2012 and a Bridge from Harvey Norman. The Play units cost AUD$465 each and the Bridge was AUD$70. A big spend for us but I had been considering buying separate speakers and wiring them throughout our house and connecting to our desktop computer. Sonos was the perfect solution. We use them mostly as separate units in separate rooms but have used them as a stereo pair on occasions. They have never missed a beat and we love the sound quality.

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Could not be happier

I was looking for a wireless solution for my stereo needs, but I was stunned buy the sound produced by these amazingly small but capable speakers. I love music and quality sound is very important. I have paired 2 x Play 3 speakers with a Sub, and haven't looked back. The controller App is a breeze to use.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


I have several sonos speakers (playbar, play:5 and this play:3). Have posted a couple of reviews for the other models so won't repeat myself here. I'm really happy with them all. I move the play:3 around depending on where I am or where I want music; Study, kids bedroom or outside near the spa or bbq areas. Its really flexible. The sound quality isn't as good as the 5 or Playbar, but for its size it puts out good sound quality.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Audiophile here, have had the likes of B&W, Dynaudio, Martin Logan et cetera; Sonos, perfect

Now this is my first foray with SONOS. I took a chance and grabbed a Play:1 and a Play:3; let's start with the Play 3. Simply brilliant. A kindergartener could set this up. And being able to play lossless audio is astounding. I have read many negative reviews and I think much has to do with one very important thing: bandwidth of your home internet; if you are on DSL1, have speeds of maybe 5Mbps download speeds, don't bother with this audio system, it's just not made for that, unfortunately uneducation causes many more problems with products than the products themselves.

Now I have a extensive background in audiophile knowledge. I grew up with Hi-Fi audio, SACD's, Krell solid state amps, B&W 802's, 801's, and the amazing Nautilus'; Dynaudio Evidences; electrostatic speakers, Martin Logan etcetera. So I know what real hi-fi is and sounds like at home as a child and a teenager. My father listened to some serious audio gear. And it's been a passion since. Some can argue the quality of say B&O, or other "showy" audio products are the best. They are great, I won't deny that. But you'll never get the same sound out of a pair of B&W 801's/Dynaudio Evidence's, some good cardas speaker cable, a pair of Krell solid state amps as you would a B&O Beosound 9000 and Beolab 6000 speakers (they sound great by its like comparing the build quality of a Patek Phillipe watch with an Omega, both good, but one is outstanding). So after that background out of the way, we can speak of these lovely Play:3's.

Hefty little guys, approx 2.6 KG's each, not light for their size, 132 x 268 x 160 mm. You can feel the quality, but feeling and sounding are two different things.

To get started you plug it in. Follow the instructions on the App, in my case for my iPad (will get an iPad mini for the soul purpose to control the entire household systems). Press two buttons on the top and you are done. Being my first foray with SONO! I took a chance and grabbed a Play:1 and a Play:3; let's start with the Play:3. Simply brilliant. A kindergartener could set this up. And being able to play lossless audio is astounding. I have read many negative reviews and I think much has to do with one very important thing: bandwidth of your home internet; if you are on DSL1, have speeds of maybe 5Mbps download speeds, don't bother with this audio system, it's just not made for that, unfortunately uneducation causes many more problems with products than the products themselves.

I set it in the lounge for the moment to see where it will eventually end up. Sonos also has some digital software than can 'tune' it for specific acoustical properties of where it will be. Although more of a gimmick in my eyes, but we will see once all is set up.

I immediately play Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath" as a great song for the entire acoustical range, one word, "wow". Extremely impressed that sound such as that came from such a small enclosure. Sonos sells a sub, (which I will add for a 5.1 home theatre later on), but it wasn't lacking in bass in any way, nor treble, or midrange. Now at this point I immediately thought of Bose systems. Bose is good not great. It has the bass and treble that always belittles the enclosures size, but this was different. It was clearer, cleaner, and each note was heard with clarity befitting an amp and speaker that should cost 5 times the price at a minimum.

I tried various other music, from LEJ's "Summer 2015", Etta James' "At Last" to Miles Davis "Green in Blue" to modern top 20, classical, and the little Play:3 handled all with ease. At this point, the raw sound, ease of use, and user interface had won me over. Not I'm not saying this is a direct competitor of Dynaudio excellent Evidence series, but for what it is, it simply is the best wireless speaker system, and sound that will quite literally blow 99% of either separate amp and speaker set ups, to other wireless, new age speaker systems.

My plan is to make the two speakers I got, Play:1 and Play:3 into a home theatre by adding one more of each, the Soundbar, and the sub. Then place various speakers around the house; Play:1 is a perfect beside companion, with and alarm feature to boot.

Now there are some drawbacks: Sonos is not particularly fond of Apple Music due to DRM tracks, as I had to sign up for Spotify, which far I haven't ran out of music with it; while it does play some Apple Music music, not all, again no DRM protected music. They also need to be plugged into mains at all times, no portability like a Bose Soundlink III. But the sound is immensely better.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sonos to so one with a specific need. Of course there are purist who absolutely need their McIntosh Labs Amps, powering some Thiel speakers. But I find Sonos to be a new "breed" of audio. A tremendous success at combining purist HiFi with 21st century tech, and ease of use to the excellent sound quality, to the price, which to be honest I find a bargain (not everyone would agree, as a 5.1 home theatre would run you approx $3500 sans a source such as Blue-Ray et cetera. You could definitely put something together for half that, that would give it a run for its money. But again it's the 21st century, and we are moving to a lifestyle that we want to be able to practically have the ability to pop a bag or microwave popcorn at home on your way home from work. We want and live in a "connected" world. From smart homes to smart cars and phones et al.

All in all 5 very deserved and solid stars. Now I will advise to avoid if your internet is slow, isn't as NBN or cable bandwidth speeds, or have a non "a/c" router, and in the latter case I recommend Sonos' Boost product to better equip your home for the high demand for bandwidth from your internet. But again anything less than the latest and greatest modem/router, or dial up internet speeds, slow ADSL or the like, best to avoid at this point, as this tech requires a good chunk of bandwidth and speed, otherwise one of the best products I have bought in s long, long time.

Stayed tuned for the Play:1 review as well as two different Bose headphones as well. Any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask them.

Absolute rubbish

Good luck getting it to play more than 3 songs, it keeps reporting errors, but you can read more than 2 words of the sentence it put up and it disappears. It will not let you know how to resolve the problem..I use a brand new Samsung galaxy 4 , new modem, DSL2 , and have every thing set up next to each other.. You are better off going to the music shop and buy a triangle and Tamborine it will be more entertaining. Total waste of $500

OMG how awesome is this gadget!

mostly all I can saw is wow! The sound quality is amazing for such a small speaker. I now fully intend to buy extras to set up around my house. We love our music and this system allows us to have extra speakers set up around the house and to use them all separately or all together. finally I can listen to what I want and my son can listen to what he wants. A great product with great sound but also super easy to set up. We are very happy with our purchase and the guys at Harvey norman were very helpful and knowledgeable. very happy here :-).

Great sound system radio or music distribution

Just bought the first part of a system for a new house, a Sonos Play3. Compared the Play3 and Play5 at a home show and thought we could hear more instrumentation with the lower base of the Play3. Great sound and combined with ConnectAmp will play from many sound sources. Without the amp, it will play any of our music, or Internet radio stations. Controlled from our iPad, iPhone or computer, or android device, my wife changes stations or music with ease.

Sonos uses our network, and the sends signals wirelessly from its proprietary distribution points or through Cat5 cable connecting the Internet or digital signals to great sound. Two of the Play3s will provide great sterio using six amplifiers and speakers
Easy to control and fantastic sound

You can probably tell from my blog posts, I absolutely love the Sonos® Play 3. I can get you a coupon code for a totally free Sonos® Bridge® (which is $49 retail). If you're interested, I can email it from the Sonos site. Just let me know first name, last name and email so I can add you in the system to send coupon. I will promise to get to it within 1-2 days of hearing back. I'm Rob. enjoy whatever sound system you choose! - Rob sonosboulder@gmail.comI have had that coupon code too Rob. I haven't bought any other bits lately, but think I may get the Soundbar for the TV, although love to get the Sub. May be to play with the Soundbar. I currently use the ConnectAmp with some lovely 1970s JR149 speakers. They are great without distortion. I haven't needed another Sonos Bridge with the ConnectAmp providing great stable signal. With streaming radio however, I do get great knowledge of ADSL dropouts. I am always amazed at the way the Sonos software updates are periodically done so trouble free. Great support for their systems

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