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Sony Cyber-shot RX100

Sony Cyber-shot RX100

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The first of a compact using a 1-inch 21 megapixel sensor..

I purchased this as a replacement for a Sony DSC T-300 compact. What interested me in the product was the use of Zeiss lenses in them; some many years ago Zeiss manufactured 35mm film SLR cameras, which some of the best family photos were taken by my father 50 years ago with it. For a compact camera, the RX100 'stood out', as it not just delivered very high resolution pictures, using a series of optional adjustments, but also in its 'intelligent picture' mode. Capable of pictures reminiscent of a SLR several times the price..

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Sony Australia EBay Store

Bought unit in Dec 2017 because on their website they stated: "Manufacturer refurbished: An item that has been professionally restored to working order by a manufacturer or manufacturer-approved seller or retailer. This means the product has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet manufacturer specifications and is in excellent condition". It came with a fingerprint smudged on the lens and was not noticed until I took over 100 photos on Australia Day. The camera always had a sticky USB connection until it failed six months later. It has gone into repair and has been away 2 weeks and they are still waiting on parts - should have bought a Panasonic/Nikon - they have never given us any problems.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

This is my best pocket sized camera

I bought this camera from Kogan about 4 years ago and really loving it. All the pictures I took were almost identical to the ones on the LCD screen including the low light ones. And the HD videos were amazingly clear and vivid.
It easily fit into my pockets of my pants or jacket. The camera appears well built and solid yet feel quite comfortable
on my hands. I had taken thousands of photos and hundreds videos with it and it still work perfectly.
I have dropped to the ground a few times but the camera only suffered scratches. The LCD screen can be easily left with scratch marks and now it looks like having a layer of scratches all over. It was worth to add a screen protector when new The flash light range is not great so I always try to shoot without flash light. the camera was pricy but worth it. My RX100 was made in Japan

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Absolutely the best point and shoot camera

I bought this camera a few years ago after searching the internet for the best point and shoot camera on the market at that time. I have an SLR and rarely use it since buying this camera. I take it everywhere - its been on overseas holidays it gets carried around in my handbag and in the basket of my bike, the photos it takes are fantastic. It looks pretty knocked around now but still keeps working everytime. I am now considering buying the latest version of this camera as I believe its still one of the best point and shoot cameras.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Amazing for the size

My biggest problem about this camera is I didn't have the pleasure of owning one when traveling Europe. It does have a bit of a learning curve but like most things if you put the time in you learn it quick. I love this camera.

I've only ever owned phones with cameras so I wish I had this earlier.

The video quality is amazing as well, nothing bad to say really.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Best Point and Shoot Ever

This is the most amazing point and shoot camera I've ever come across when I purchased this in 2013. The reviews by professional camera websites all give it outstanding results better than any other camera out there.

It is still going strong to this date, the image is virtually indistinguishable from good DSLR cameras. The only difference might be some colour. The best camera is the one that you have on you, this will give you DSLR quality photos everywhere because it fits inside your jean pockets.

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Never buy a Sony RX100!!!

My experience with Sony service.
My Sony Rx100 mk1 had lens retracting problems.

I sent the camera to Infinite on 2/9/2015. I received the camera back on 11/09/2015. I turned on the camera and the focal ring was not working and the camera had an electronic problem (randomly turning itself on) and was unusable. I rang on the 14, 16,17 and 18 of 09/2015 and asked for repairs to be carried out in Brisbane or a refund.

I lodged a complaint with QCAT and Sony provided Digicam as an alternate repairer (not in Brisbane but Adelaide). I had no choice but to send the camera as it was currently unusable. Finally on 11/2015 I received the camera back. They found that the camera had a disconnected cable to the lens system. I can only assume Infinite failed to connect this!

Two months later with minimal use I found the camera had the same electronic problem (randomly turning itself on). Resetting the camera, a new SD card and battery did not fix the problem. After numerous emails, I was asked to send the camera back to Sony Head Office in Sydney in early February 2016. I still have not received my camera back and have only received minimal response (with QCATs helping hand) and Sony are still investigating the issue.

Just a word of warning. Avoid phoning Sony directly and do everything by email. Sony staff are based in overseas call centers and information is sent by email to supervisors which usually takes 3 days for them to get back to you. I once spent 1 hour on the phone asking to be transferred to a supervisor and they never

Sony Digital Camera and their non commitment on warrantees

Sony Digital Camera - Alert !! - Nil Customer service
I am making one and all aware of my recent bad experience with Sony Australia after 2 months of nil attention or feedback from this supposedly International Company who prides themselves on customer service.
I purchased a Digital camera from a Sony Dealer in India whilst I was on holiday thinking it was an international brand supported globally for support & service with a 2 year warrantee how wrong I was. Just over 12 months my camera which is used infrequently has died. I contacted the support people and was told one story with a promise to come back to me asap with e response, 2 weeks later I contacted the support centre only to be told there is nothing they can do and bad luck. This was in direct conflict to what was said to me previously. Third attempt to speak to the support staff and a senior manager was to no avail. Even after two emails no response. Three weeks later I am left with a new camera that does not work from an International brand SONY and can not speak to or communicate with any senior person who may help.
I have will not buy or recommend a SONY product ever again .
There customer service is non existent.
When you deal with APPLE & INET there customer service is first class and that is why I am still using there product and service after all these years.Thank goodness SONY do not make Motor cars you will have squat chance of having your car problems fixed.
From a disgruntles ex customer outlining his concerns because no one from Sony cares or wants to listen

The "I can't believe its not a DSLR" compact camera

Sony used to market this as an almost-DSLR - a compact camera that took very good (almost DSLR quality) photos but without the DSLR pricetag, camera size, or lenses.

I bought one for a South America backpacking trip in 2012-2013 (it died after 4.5 months due to being knocked around in bags and sandy mistreatment at Copacabana Beach) but loved it so much that I bought another one again in 2013. The second one has lasted perfectly.

The camera takes 90% of the time, exceptional photos (some blurry ones or misfocused mainly from operator error, not the camera). It takes amazing photos even in low-light conditions (far better than Olympus cameras that I've used). It has a long battery life, so you can use it quite heavily/regularly for several days without worry. I also use my RX100 in an underwater housing made by Recsea, it takes great underwater video and photos. It has a good selfie function for those that need such photos in their lives.

It has the ability for program control, aperture control, manual focus, and other settings that you can manually do if you feel like stepping away from the 'Superior Auto' settings.

It is also of a good size that it can fit into men's pant pockets easily enough. Handy if you're travelling and want a camera on-hand but not necessarily too obviously holding onto one around your neck.

One of the Best Cameras in its Class

Bought this 6 months ago, when we decided to upgrade from a canon Ixus camera to something better, but not a DSLR. Came across this as was recommended by salesperson, after reading up on reviews decided to go with it. Been perfect camera, takes beautiful shots and is very easy to use.

Only thing I dont like about the camera is the flash. Seems fragile but does do the job.

We are looking at upgrading to the M4 version that has just been released.

Terrific Camera

Best camera I have ever had, including my old 35mm SLR OM10. I'm not a huge user so when I take it with me I don't want to have to remember too much to get a great result. 9 times out of 10 this little beauty does all the thinking for you if you select the mode you want before you go out. Unbelieveable in low light. The extra pixels are great if you like to crop. Everyone likes to crop. It is a lot of money but I get the feeling this one will stand the test of time in a market that advances at a mighty pace.

Great Pocket Camera

I decided a few months ago that I needed a camera to get pics of my daughter as most of the ones I had been taking on my smartphone weren't good enough to print. I spent a lot of time researching and looking at sample pictures from compact cameras. I decided to grab the RX100 when I found it on sale (grey import for $380 off eBay) I have been absolutely blown away by the quality of the pictures it has taken.

I would absolutely recommend this camera to anybody that wants to take great photos with something they can fit in their pocket. You don't need to be a photographer,I had no experience at all with manual settings on cameras when purchasing this. This will take great photos on Auto in most situations. I do recommend learning how to use some of the other modes though as this will ensure you can get absolutely fantastic shots virtually every time. I don't think there is another compact camera that can match this thing.

I'm giving it 5 stars as I got it for $380. If I had to pay over $500 I'd give it 4 stars.
Great at getting shots with a narrow depth of field. Can really isolate your subject if they are quite close to you. Great in low light. Great with good light. Great detail. Great at pretty much everything with a few minor issues listed below.
I find highlights from very bright sources are often blown. Shutter speed defualt is too slow (1/30) if not set manually in low light if your subject is moving (eg when taking photos of my 2 year old playing with low light indoors)

What a great little camera

I ordered the Sony RX-100 from DWI, and 3 days later I had the camera - really great service. It was well packed and arrived in perfect condition.
For such a tiny camera it has so many features, and from what I can tell so far, the pictures are as good as they say in the reviews. It will take some time before I can drive it to its full capabilities as there is just so much to learn and remember. However, new users can use either of the two excellent auto modes until they become comfortable using the PASM modes.

Comments two and a half years later -

The camera failed twice under warranty and had to be sent back to Hong Kong for repairs. DWI were great re the repairs.
Now out of warranty, and the camera has failed again. After all the problems, I have decided not to pay for repairs. Will think twice before buying another Sony camera.
Certainly not worth the five stars rating i initially gave it!
Small size, great features, well designed menu system, superb quality pictures
Exposure bracketing (this is different from exposure compensation) is terrible - only up to +- 0.7EV, it does not appear to have the capability to update its firmware, supplied handbook is woefully inadequate.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Takes stunning photos

I have owned quite a few cameras over the years and this definitely takes the best photos of any, better even than my 4 year old SLR. It's a small camera but unlike other compact cameras has a large sensor and that seems to make the world of difference. Images are sharp, noise free and colours accurate. I took it on the Overland Track in Tasmania where weight is crucial and it produced images that were much better than one of my fellow walkers took with a much larger and heavier SLR.

Highly recommended. I also recommend adding a filter adapter from Lensmate online so you can use polarising filters and such.
Small, light, and takes fantastic photos.
It would be nice to have GPS and optical zoom is only x4 but given its fantastic image quality, these are not significant drawbacks.

Questions & Answers

Has anyone used this camera at a concert ? If so are the pictures high quality? Clear?
2 answers
Sony RX100. Was the best low light performer when it was released several years ago. can take quality pictures of objects in motion and many other situations. But the flash has only 3 meters range and beyond that would be too dark for a quality shot. There are many new models now on the market. Hope this help.I haven't tried it, but think a tripod would be helpful to keep image stability. Phones today are very much the trend, but a lot of concerts prohibit photography.The pictures would be high quality with the camera fitted to a tripod with a fully charged battery. For a compact camera, it offers very much room for experimentation...


Cyber-shot RX100
Price (RRP)$749
Optical Zoom3.6x
Video QualityHD
Release dateJul 2012
Replaced bySony Cyber-shot RX100 II

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