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Sony X9000F Series

Sony X9000F Series

KD55X9000F, KD65X9000F and KD75X9000F
3.9 from 10 reviews

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Finally Replacing Panasonic Plasma

Bought this TV with end of model runout pricing. Good value when compared to other brands.
Probably needs a soundbar for better sound. The remote could be better also.Otherwise no faults.

Purchased in June 2019 at JB Hi-Fi.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Awesome 75 inch television... but maybe only worth it if you need something this awesome??

I got this TV as I wanted a fantastic, 75 inch television that was going to be the focus of our living room. At the time, I wanted something mid-high end, and this kept coming up as one of the recommended and well-reviewed options. So I got it on a sale.
Now, thinking back, I really mainly do things like watch movies, YouTube, playbacks from USB, streams, and free-to-air with the TV. It has all these other features which I haven't even delved into yet.
Could I have gotten away with a TV that was quite a bit cheaper, but still did though things with 90% of the picture quality? Probably.
The thing that irks me the most at the moment is how long it takes to load a video off my USB stick or USB hard drive most times. Half the time, it doesn't read my USB and I'd have to plug it out and in again. It's a minor flaw but because of how much playback I do from the USB currently, it sticks out to me.
The sound is not great, but you should really get some external speakers/soundbar with a TV like this.
Other than that, the TV has been excellent so far. Lots of connectivity, easy to use, great remote. Picture quality is superb, and the OS nothing like I've ever had before.
So if you want something really top-notch, you'll be extremely happy with this TV.
Just consider whether you'll use everything this TV offers, otherwise, you might be able to save yourself some coin.

Purchased in September 2018 at VideoPro.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

This is great!

Very satisfied with this TV! Has everything we needed integrated into the TV including Chromecast which makes screen sharing, running streaming applications much easier. The operating system is user friendly as it is laid out according to the category so it makes navigation much more smooth.
It has adequate number of ports enough for you to plug in your speakers and couple other devices

Purchased in December 2017 at The Good Guys for $1,660.50.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

75" Sony X9000F After 2 Months of Use

We use our TV for movies and XBOX One X. We sit at about at 3m from the TV and it is good at that distance. 720p and 1080p resolution play well and the picture is clear. Blacks are Black, and uniform across the screen.

I have noticed when walking into the room, and at an angle to the TV, the blacks are no longer black (taking on a shade of grey). It is not an issue for us as all of our seating has us at an angle where it is not noticeable.

Sometimes when coming back to the TV it takes up to 2 minutes to come back on.

So far there have been no problems with the TV.

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

We love love love our new Sony TV

The TV works flawlessly without any issues or lag. It replaced a 42" LG that was four years old. The leap in picture quality, the super deep blacks and the great motion engine are all amazing to behold.

The Android operating system works perfectly. We heard it is a bit slow but haven't really felt that.

The remote works well. It's the traditional type. I would have ideally loved the newer type that Samsungs have but it works really well with shortcuts to important things like Netflix and Google.

The main thing we love is the picture quality. It is gobsmackingly, drop-dead gorgeous. I upgraded my Netflix to the 4K account to take advantage of this and the results are just mind-blowing.

Another nice feature is the sound. It's loud and crystal clear.

The TV looks very nice on the wall but could be a bit slimmer. I understand its thickness comes from the full LED array backlighting. In consideration of the great blacks, I am happy to accept the trade-off.

I considered the Samsung Q7 at the same time but found this at a better price on the Sony online store. In addition, we got a free eBay voucher for $300 so this TV cost us only $1315.00. In online test results, this TV falls somewhere between the Samsung Q8 and Q9 series so we feel we got a really great deal.

Purchased in March 2019 at Sony Online store for $1,314.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

TV lasted 2 days now battling with Sony to replace it - big mistake!!

Spent many months reviewing new tv's to replace our 10 year old Sharp LCD and finally chose the Sony Bravia x90000f. Turned the tv on on the morning of day 3 to find that the lcd display had cracked and rendered it unusable. Contacted Bing Lee who were very helpful but ultimately Sony would not cover the faulty product insisting that we broke it. I really liked the display and colours of this tv and enjoyed it for the 2 days we had it but will never buy a Sony tv again after this experience.

Purchased in December 2018.

Absolutely terrible ! Worst product. Even worse service. Will never buy another Sony product

From the 3rd day we got the tv none of the apps worked. We contacted a useless overseas service team, who were no help at all & rude. After about the 5th call, I requested someone come out to look at it. I was told if the fault was ours we’d have to pay for their time to come out. Finally after a week someone came out ( I had to wait at home all day) the replaced the entire motherboard. It worked for a day then stopped again. I had the tv for 3 weeks. In that time it’s taken 18.5 hours of my time, between service center calls, calling an unhelpful castle towers kiosk & going up to the kiosk personally 4 times when calls weren’t being returned. I’ve requested byway of email to Sony post purchase support 2 times & calls to the kiosk numerous times for management to call me to discuss. But no one calls. I even said to the kiosk, I’m happy to get another Sony TV as I’m aware it could just be a one off bad tv, no offer of any compensation was made. I was happy to give Sony another go, but they clearly didn’t want my business. No words can express the lack of care I was shown by Sony. The only person, who seemed to try to do something was their assistant manager. The actual store manager was rude & arrogant, I went up to meet with him to try & get an outcome. When I got there I was told he would be 20 mins they took my number & said they’d call when he got back. After waking around towers with my 4 month old baby for 1.5 hours, I went back. Sure enough he was there, no apologies for not calling me. When I explained my situation, he took complete advantage of me not being as tech savvy as him & offered me to purchase another tv from them for an additional $1100. When I said surely there’s something you can do for the stress of your faulty tv, he said words to the effect of, “ I get what you’re saying, but what you don’t understand is the TVs are worth more to us” like what !
I’ve again asked for the regional manager to contact me This bad situation, gave Sony a good chance to rectify their issue & have a life long customer. Now all it’s done is make me hate their brand & tell everyone I know never to buy a Sony.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

LOVE our new Sony

We've been Sony fans for quite a while. Other brands bell and whistles may make their TVs appear better but for superb image quality we cannot beat Sony. This is likely the last LED TV we ever purchase as OLED grows in popularity but until issues like "burn-in" persist we'll be more than satisfied with what we have. The OS gives us everything we need, the TV is very easy to customise and there are adequate ports for our needs. And the look of the screen is elegant and sublime.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Another outstanding 75 inch 4K HDR LED/LCD TV from Sony.

I've had this TV almost 2 weeks now & I'm very happy with it. Build quality is excellent & the overall aesthetics are nice though I'm a little perpexed as to why Sony would put silver support feet on an otherwise entirely black TV. If like me you find them odd or distracting you can carefully spray paint them black like I did so they effectively disappear.
Setup was very easy & the cable routing at the back of the support feet keeps things nice & tidy. Picture quality once calibrated is absolutely stunning on Bluray or DVD for which 4k upscaling is second to none. HDR content is a quantum leap forward. Streamed content also looks excellent & even SD free to air TV looks nice considering it's low resolution. I recommend you set Digital Noise reduction to "auto", for both free to air TV & Apps to eliminate any noise artifacts around text, this works very well.
The backlight "blooming" I've read about in other reviews seems a bit of an exageration as once calibrated
it's only very occassionally evident & far less than other sets I've viewed.
Even though I'm new to Android on a TV I find this very easy to use & I've had no issues with slowness even as set-up out of the box. I have tweaked it by disabling all the Apps I don't use & response is pretty much instant. There have been zero crashes or hanging issues so far.
The remote control I find pretty straightforward & for those who like a backlight remote there are plenty of 3rd party options available for fully programmable remotes with backlighting so you can control all devices with a single remote.
The TV speakers provide adequate sound but really a large 190cm TV like this deserves to be teamed with a proper home cimema system to give the ultimate in impact and movie or gaming immersion.I personally don't like soundbars but I guess if you don't have the space then the matching one for this TV from Sony would be quite good.
This TV is primarily used for watching movies & also gaming for which it's excellent. Even when NOT in gaming mode lag is virtually imperceptable for shooters & action adventure games on both Xbox & PS4. The whole family loves gaming on this TV.

Well done Sony!!

4 months on and I'm impressed. Not a sinlge problem & movies & Gaming never looked better. In response to some people stating that the LG or Samsung O/S is more responsive maybe so but navigating through the on screen menu is as I say in the review pretty much instant & I never have to wait more than a few seconds for say NetFlix or SBS on Demand to load which I don't consider slow. I suspect for those having to wait longer it has more to do with your ISP speed.Now almost 12 months with this new Sony TV & it has performed exceptionally well. The latest Software update gives a much snappier user interface & the TV is also ready to use almost immediately after power on. The new Home screen allows for much better cutomisation than the prevous Android version did. As for the couple of people who had negative experiences either with a faulty product or poor service, I have never had that experience with Sony or their equipment since my first CD player back in the late 1980's. I 'd say those people were very unlucky to have a bad item & I have always found Sony's tech support to be very good. There are certainly much worse companies out there.


Looking for a new TV to replace our old plasma, we came across the Sony smart TV. Seeing the display image in show room looked really great as it should, but as we all know real TV doesn't have picture perfect Ultra HD. So we got the sales person to show us some other show not from Sony, and the image was pretty decent. I also notice one feature on the sticker claiming that it could smooth / sharpen live action like sports programs which got me a little more interested. Anyway we bought the TV got it home and started the setup process, which I would have to say was dead easy, using my smart phone and logging into my Google account. Once it was setup I ran the update software feature and I would have to say that its the only negative as it was pretty slow. After the update we started to explore the telly, and we were really impressed by the quality of the images from standard TV programs though some of the really old movies were not as crisp as I hoped. The real test was watching the AFL in HD, and the Sony passed with flying colours, really impressed. On another note navigating the apps took a few minutes to learn (as this is our first real smart TV) but soon became second nature.
Overall this is a brilliant TV.

Questions & Answers

How much should I be paying for a 75 inch one
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Is this X9000F only a 60hz monitor, and not 120 hzlike the overseas X90 or X900F?
3 answers
Its called the X90F and its 120hzWhat's called the X90F? Clearly not the X9000F Series. This is the question board for the X9000F, which I own, and which I can tell you only processes a computer input @ 1920 x 1080 @ 60hz even with forced resolution.the X90F(US model name) & X9000F(Oceania model name) are one and the same and it's Native frequency is 60Hz the same as the majority of TVs. The thing that TVs do is to insert extra frames via motionflow to smooth the image particularly when panning. Sony TV's are generally considered to be the best by far at doing this. The result is you should see no shudder at all when gaming I can tell that I certainly don't see any. If you're particular with your gaming then calibrate your TV in gaming mode & /or turn on Motionflow in "Custom mode" and set [Smoothness=2, Clearness=1]

What’s the difference to the kd75x8500f please
1 answer
This is far better. The main differences are that this has LED backlighting rather than edge lighting so it has deeper blacks. This TV sits somewhere between a Samsung Q8 and Q9 series while the X8500 is more a Samsung Q6 competitor


Price (RRP) $2,798$4,998$1,898
Screen Size 65"75"55"
Type of TVSmart TVSmart TVSmart TV
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports444
Number of USB Ports222
Wall MountableYesYesYes
Weight25.5 kg36.7 kg19.1 kg
Operating System Android TVAndroid TVAndroid TV
Dimensions (without stand) 829 x 1447 x 69 mm958 x 1674 x 73 mm706 x 1228 x 69 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 898 x 1447 x 297 mm1032 x 1674 x 355 mm771 x 1228 x 268 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)

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