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Sony XDR-C1DBP Questions & Answers

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I have recently purchased this Sony clock radio and have found that there is a delay with the DAB station tuning, so much so that the alarm takes over when preset to 6am when the radio station does not work. The DAB antenna is straight with no kinks and the unit is not near any other device.
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Display has turned off
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The clock I purchased updates automatically for daylight saving changes and keeps the correct time at all other times. Love the clock and now that I've worked out how it works, it's a little treasure, alongside my bed. I particularly like the function that allows me to reduce the brightness of the displayed time and the ability to set the alarm at a lower volume than normal. If you don't have instructions you can download them from the internet. Worth getting to know and understand to benefit from your investment.

Hello I bought one of these recently and I see some people asking questions about the 'auto-time sync' as far as I'm aware that doesn't work on this clock in Australia because we do not have an atomic clock broadcast. Unless I am incorrect? Another question, is there 1 push button on this clock so I can adjust it for daylight savings?
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If the radio is “live” on any digital station it will sync with the official time in your zone. Therefore it adjusts to/from ST and SST.Hi real buyer. My clock updates itself automatically for daylight saving when I turn it on to listen to the radio.Ah, that might be why it is not updating to me, I have not been listening to the digital radio stations much. I will try it and see. EDIT: Tried that and it didn't work. I guess my radio is not 'live' on any digital radio station. I do not know if I have any access to 'digital radio' but one of the radio stations I can get displays it's name and website on the digital radio. I checked my postcode on this website, titled "Can I get digital radio." :http://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/can-i-get-digital-radio It came up as: No Reception. That's probably the reason why my radio can't auto-update for daylight savings.

Can someone please tell me if they have had an issue with their alarm going off at midnight when it's not set? It suddenly started doing this so as it was under warranty we took it back and the new one is also doing it. I can't turn it off either. It alarms for a minute then turns off. Please help if you can. It's driving us crazy
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When this problem is occurring, have a look and you are likely to find that you have unintentionally turned the alarm on. Press it, note whether it's on in the front of the screen and all should be fine. I have had this as well and have now learned how not to cause it. Good luck.

Can somebody tell me if the alarm mode is turned on (and set to radio) - when the radio turns on it keeps the volume level at the volume you set? I do not want it to keep increasing the volume of the radio once it's triggered??
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Yes. It only increases the volume up to the level you set.

Hi. We have been happy with this product but this morning it has developed a whistle. It goes for about 3 seconds, pauses, then does it again. It just doesn't stop. I can't seem to find my way around Sony's customer support to pose my question so I wonder if any reviewers have had this experience and know how to fix it? Thank you.
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Answering my own question here. I discovered that the whistle was coming from hearing aids that were left nearby (not mine). Problem solved, thank goodness.

Is it possible to change the snooze time eg from 10 to 8 minutes (for long years, this was our standard snooze time on several alarm clocks, and our second alarm clock has this snooze time)?
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I just purchased this clock radio but it cant find 2gb in the DAB setting. I get 2gb on all other digital DAB radios and I am only 1KL from the Sydney CBD. Any help?
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I would try moving the clock radio to a different room and doing a full scan of stations again - maybe it's just not picking it up for some reason. I've had issues like this before with TVs that wouldn't find local stations, I just kept tuning over and over again until it found what I was looking for. Could be weather related, and yes, I know that sounds ridiculous.

Hi. Is possible to set the radio volume to low and set the alarm buzzer volume to high? I like to have the radio on low volume when I go to bed, bit then the alarm buzzer is not loud enough to wake me up. Thanks.
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I don't knowThe radio volume is independent from the alarm function volume. When you set the alarm (buzzer/radio) you also have to set the alarm volume. So regardless of whether you are listening to the radio at a low level when it's time for the alarm to go off it will be at the level which you have selected. The volume for the alarm also comes on gradually so you don't get startled awake - it really is a smart unit. And, if there is a power outtage the unit keeps your alarm settings and uses the buzzer to go off at the alarm time (you never get to over sleep!)Thank your for your help LJJ, but the volume + and - buttons are only for changing the options for each setting when setting the alarm. eg setting the hour. Any change to the volume affects both the radio and the buzzer. Even with the radio off, changing the volume affects both the radio and buzzer, it appears that the volume cannot be independently set for either. Thank again.

Hi. JB Hi Fi has this radio for $104 at the moment. Can you tell me please if it gets local AM radio? We only listen to 2GB, 2UE , 1170 and 702 in Sydney. It seems to me that it will, but would like to be sure before buying. The sales people at JB don't seem to be sure. I particularly like that it has a back up battery as well as connection to the mains, also separate buttons for station pre-sets. Thank you for your well written and detailed review.
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Hi, being DAB/FM it doesn't get AM stations because that is analogue. However, if the stations you mentioned (and some of them are) have switched to digital radio you will be able to listen to them in much better quality (no more static!). Have a look at this link http://www.digitalradioplus.com.au/listen to see the list of DAB/digital stations. At $104 it's a great little clock radio, I saw it yesterday and now I'm considering getting another one for my husband. Hope I was able to help.LLJ is correct, and l can say for sure that all the AM stations you've listed have Digital equivalents.Thank you LJJ and Dave. I'm off to buy one tomorrow. Hope it's still on special price.

If I live 40 kilometers from the regional center, the radio will be good catch?
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If you mean digital reception, I'm not sure.we live around 16km from the city and the reception is excellent.

I have read the operating instructions but for the life of me, can't zero the alarm once one has been set - I want no alarm - any ideas?
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If you don't want an alarm to go off just press A and/or B on top of the unit until neither are displayed. That turns them off. When you want to turn them back on again, press either A or B and it will be displayed above the time. Hope this helps.If you do not want any alarms going off on your clock radio, simply press button "A" on top of the unit until there is no "A" indicator on the front display. Press button "B" on top of the unit until there is no "B" indicator in the front display. Then both alarms are off. Hope this helps.

Auto time update didn't activate when DST came in despite the setting being on Auto. Any thoughts on this issue ?
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I'm sorry, but I can't help you asI don't have digital radio, and I have set mine manually. If I were you, I'd think about returning the clock radio for a replacement or refund.I'm surprised that it didn't update for DST. I have mine set on 'Auto' and it updated seamlessly. Do you get a good DAB signal because it will only automatically update the time through the DAB data. I would double-check your settings and then either contact Sony or place of purchase. It should update the time if it's set on 'auto'.The radio must be ON for the time to be updated. So, on the Sunday change to/from DST, the time will update only if the radio is turned on manually or via the alarm (which will be an hour earlier/later than the alarm setting).

Does it have Auto time synchronisation?
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The clock is set to 'auto' by default to synchronize with the DAB data being received, this is great because even after a power outage the time is updated automatically. You can set the clock manually but there really doesn't seem to be much need for that. Another thing to note is that it has 12h/24h clock display.Yes it does, via digital radio broadcast only, otherwise you will need to adjust the time (eg: daylight saving times) manually, like I do. Hope this helps.

The display has disappeared, what to do?
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Check you haven't pressed the dimming button, which is also the snooze button. If this isn't the case, it may be faulty, return it! Hope this helps.The snooze button is also the dimmer, it could be that you've turned the display off by pressing this. Just to add to this, my unit has also lost it's display a couple of times for some unknown reason. I hadn't turned off the display using the dimmer button, it just disappeared like Sue commented. I unplugged the unit from the powerpoint and then plugged it back in. All my settings were still there and the display returned - bizarre but it worked.

Hi! Can the display be dimmed? If so can it go all the way to OFF? I had a Sony that did this and it was great!
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Not sure but don't think so. Checkbthe user manual.Sorry for the late response but yes it can be turned off. The snooze button is also the brightness setting and it has high (default), medium, low and off. However, if the display is set to off and the alarm sounds the display will automatically turn on to low. Also, if you press and hold the snooze/brightness button it will turn the display off.

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