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Sony ZS-PS50

Sony ZS-PS50

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Replaced two, third one also failed. Requested refund

The first one failed and was replaced. Same story with the second one. Now the third one has also failed.

Multiple issues including CD not working, FM not working and intermittently stopping or just not responding to button presses.

Don't buy this.

Purchased in March 2018 at The Good Guys for $97.00.

Does not work with Batteries

I have bought 3 packets of batteries thinking there was something wrong with the batteries but the Sony ZS-PS50 still does not work by battery use. I thought Sony was a good brand but this has changed my mind. What is the use of buying something that is supposed to work with batteries when it doesn't.


Easy to set the stations but cant get AM at all and seems to take forever to tune in to the FM stations I've already preset. Power cord falls out all the time. Sound is ok but not fantastic. Very disappointing as I thought a Sony product would be good quality.


Sony has continued its product strategy of always giving less than what the rest of the market gives. I bought this CD Boombox hoping the sound would compare with the many Bluetooth speakers available on the market at the moment but no it has fallen far short of the sound quality of these other devices. There is no or little bass and the speakers sound cheap. There is a usb plug on the front but why does it not include Bluetooth? Everyone has a Bluetooth phone with music these days. Sony, you were once at the top of the bunch but your product falls short and I think could do so much better now.

Chip fuse on power (AC & battery module (internal) - two screws re-installing I gave up.

A good system for sound primarily use the system only with the USB port, I did not expect 120 SNR on the system. . Player drop off ice chest and stop working with batteries, still work when plug into wall outlet (AC). The repair required "modifying" the power module with a mini (auto) fuse (purple) to bypass the blown chip fuse 50 Volt, 2 amp which disconnecting the battery, This repair required soldering in a new wires to install another 2 amp fuse. If this fuse can blow so easily, it needs to designed so that the fuse can be replaced without a soldering gun, and perhaps a spare fuse also attached. Re-assembling I was able to reinstall all screws, two screws under the "carrying handle" near the hinges - I gave up on trying to replace - one needs a special screw driver or EXTREME patients.

CD Player Is No Good

After 12 months, the CD player started not playing the CD's all the way through. This would result in the unit locking up every time the CD stopped mid-way and it would require at least half an hour unplugged from the wall to reset itself. This unit takes a long time to start up if I turn it off and restart it to continue playing the MP3's on the USB flash drive. Returning to Big W was a big issue. What they didn't tell me was that I have 21 days to return it to the store and after 21 days I would have to ring Sony, and Sony asked for a serial number which was not located on my unit. Thanks, Sony India.

Absolute dissapointment

Flimsy, cheaply made, poorly designed and an absolute dissapointment. Cord did not even connect without falling out of socket every few seconds. Poor sound quality. Waste of time and effort - will be returning for refund.

Disappointed with this product.

Sony ZS-PS50 is called a boom box. Well, that it is not. The quality of the speakers is inferior. The sound quality is like that of a radio/alarm clock or transistor radio!. The boom box radio/CD/cassette player that Sony use to make in the 1980's-1990's had a better sound system, with a bass boost button as added feature. Very disappointing. NOT RECOMMENDED.

A few niggles but otherwise excellent

Sony ZS-PS50

Having eventually overcome the shame of owning anything called a “Boombox,” I finally bought one (wrapped in brown paper to leave the shop) in the guise of a “Sony Personal Audio System” - also known (unfortunately) as a “Boombox”.

That was the scariest part. Arriving home, we’ve actually been delighted with the Sony ZS-PS50.

For us, its best features are:

1. Readily accessible separate USB and radio inputs on the front of the unit, together with a similar headphone output. The USB input, in particular, seemed to be missing from any other brands we were able to find.

This feature enables you to store literally days of listening on relatively inexpensive jump drives and to keep enough of them to cater for all the necessary categories of music (or audio books etc.) that you could ever want. We've since bought a second unit and use it all the time.

2. Even better, by using the PAUSE or STOP button before turning off the unit, next time you start up it remembers where you previously stopped and continues on from there. I suspect if you don't use the PAUSE button before turning OFF, the set will still from the same place just the same. I wish the identical facility existed on all of the Mp3 and CD players that we've tried.

3. Next, if you want to replay your sound through a larger amplifier and set of speakers, the 2.5mm HEADPHONE output conveniently placed on the front of the works extremely well up to about VOLUME level 11. After that you should rely solely on your amplifier's control adjustment for extra VOLUME. The total reproduction is surprisingly good. The same goes for just using the ZS-PS50 by itself.

4. My next favourite, and most used feature, is the no-nonsense SLEEP TIMER. This scrolls through four possible choices (90, 60, 30 or 15 minutes) by pressing a conveniently placed button on the unit's front panel.

5. The VOLUME Button (+ or – adjustments) are exceptionally well graduated and very easy to adjust by feel even in the dark when you've turned the lights off to go to sleep.

6. Also deserving praise, is the PRICE. At $129 from a local franchised electronics store, this represented very good value - especially compared to competing brands with far fewer features. You may, however, need to look on-line or further than Dick Smith (opps, sorry!) or Harvey Norman for a stockist.

7. Finally, praise for a so-called feature NOT being on the unit. It lacks a clock and all the multiple damned alarms that go off without prompting at obscene hours of the night. Worse still,such alarms seem immune to ever being TURNED OFF.

For omissions or less desirable aspects of the unit, I’d include:

1. Hopelessly small icons that indicate PLAY MODE ie. NORMAL PLAY, SHUFFLE, REPEAT and (for me) a quite unnecessary collection of exotic choices

2. The unit’s display doesn’t identify the name of the item currently being played. If this facility can exist on inexpensive and much smaller Mp3 players, it would be a most desirable addition to the ZS-PS50

3. The INSTRUCTION Sheet includes a very clear numbered diagram of the unit but lacks a key listing the names of the parts to which the numbers refer. Admittedly, these are referred to deep in the body of the instructions but the key which is normally directly below such diagrams would be a big, if not essential, improvement.

4. The small additional cost of issuing the INSTRUCTION Sheet as a BOOKLET instead of one very large sheet would be well justified for at leat two reasons:

a. Convenience and ease of identification.

b. Many people find it useful to store the INSTRUCTIONS somewhere centrally for safe keeping but they also put a photocopy near the particular piece of equipmentt. Folding up and photocopying the INSTRUCTIONS on a 58X48 sheet printed on both sides was an absolute nightmare.

5. It’s a small niggle but the placement of the unit’s handle is a bit inconvenient to locate and also to lift from its resting position.

In preparing this review, I should confess that I’ve used but I haven’t fully explored the RADIO or CD functions of the ZS-PS50. Other reviewers might like to elaborate on these.

Similarly, I’ve avoided the eight PLAY MODES once I eventually realised I was being “Shuffled” (or worse) and eventually found "NORMAL PLAY".

To conclude:

For three reasons I’ve previously had a somewhat jaundiced attitude toward Sony:

Firstly, in Canada, we bought a theatre system that included a 5 disc CD/DVD player. It’s the clunkyiest, most difficult piece of electronics we own.

Secondly, Sony seems to be one of the main advocates of DVD Regional Coding. In terms of Free Trade Agreements, I suspect this would be illegal behaviour if it weren’t for the corrupt and incestuous relationship currently claimed by the likes of Bernie Sanders to exist between big business (including Hollywood) and big government in the United States.

Thirdly, I believe DVD Regional Coding will soon become obsolete and is seriously counterproductive for the organisations involved.

Obsolete, with the advent of Amazon, eBay etc..

Counterproductive - It is a real deterrent to buying and using DVDs while travelling overseas. In addition there’s a real risk of locking up a laptop to only playing DVDs viable in Kazahskaja - or the like. Secondly, counterproductive in that it encourages the development and wider use of DVD Region Code removal and copying software. If someone’s bought a DVD while travelling in the UK, for example, they own it, it’s theirs, and there's no reason why they shouldn’t be able to play it back in New Zealand for example.

My prediction is that Region Coding is an abomination and won't survive.

Finall Assessment: Having got that off my chest, the ZS-PS50 is an excellent and very versatile audio player. It would be well worthy of 5 stars, instead of 4, if the deficiencies listed above could be rectified in Sony’s next release.

The Audio Player That Does Not Play Audio

Find a different product. One that works.

This Sony ZS-PS50 has a USB in port to play MP3 or AAC music files, which is why I bought it but it doesn't work. Inserting a USB stick only results in an error code that means an "unknown device is connected." I wasted 1.5 hours buying this product, 1.5 hours trying to make it work and another 1.5 hours returning it. Four and a half hours of my life wasted on a product that does not do as Sony claims - hence the one star rating.

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How do I get out of standby pressing 4&8 does not work?
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Does it play iPods?
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Does the LCD screen have a light? Mine does not which makes it almost impossible to use at night without a torch. Or is mine faulty? Cheers, Neil.
2 answers
My unit does not have a light.Thank you Jdadams. Thought as much.

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