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South Pacific Health Club Williamstown.

The only reason i joined South Pacific Health Club Williamstown. was for Yoga and meditation but one can not help get the impression. they are trying to Drive. these group classes out to replace them with any thing Les Mills even to the point in the yoga room they bright lights highlighting Les Mills. THere a lot of disgruntaled customers in the yoga classes and should they continue down the direction i suspect more will contunie to leave.

Great gym, great customer service

I am visiting Mentone in Victoria and joined the local SPHC for 6 weeks whilst here. The staff are extremely friendly and courteous, and always on hand.

The range of equipment is extensive, all in great condition.

Shady business practices

I was with sphc for about a year. I enquired with reception about how i went about cancelling my membership as was returning to work. They said not a problem they had issued my 30 days notice on my account. 2 weeks later i enquired with a different person when the last payment would be charged. They then checked my account verifying i had requested to cancel and gave me a date.
4 months later i was horrified to find they were still taking money out under an anonymous name. After taking this up with them they denied all knowledge of me ever cancelling the membership and asked for my written cancellation even though they had never requested this. Even the friendly reception people denied all knowledge of me ever requesting to cancel it. After much chasing they refused to give me any money back and asked for 30 days cancellation notice Again!!

Predatory Business Practices

There was a day that I loved going into SPHC for a good workout.

After sustaining an injury in my wrist January 2017 they continued to charge my account. Many attempts to "rectify" the situations were essentially a sleazy opportunity for them to UNDER COMMUNICATE and continue to charge me. These guys are 100% shady. It starts with a gal by the name of [name removed]. You seriously need to hold her accountable. Anything said in person needs to but put into an email for your records. Trust me you'll need it later and that's IF they don't wear you out with their awful communication and business practices. Seriously 40+ emails in 8 months and it's still an ongoing battle.

Do you yourself a favor and take your business elsewhere.

Good gym

Gym facilities are good and very convenient. A decent variety of classes, membership approach is old school, lead times on cancellations etc as opposed to some of the new approaches used

Deceptive and misleading conduct re cancellation and free trial - they refuse to let you cancel

I sent query through the South Pacific Website for a free swim.I went in and offered two weeks free. I found the swim awful. Could not swim as too many kids screaming, the lanes are small and few. The place was dirty. Had to wait for shower. So I called the next day to cancel. They said no worries. I found a few deductions and called. They refused to give me an email. They are now calling me and harassing. I had to close my bank account. They will not accept someone does not want to be a member. Contract was emailed with no reply email. They refuse to let you cancel.

Rude staff and horrific cancellation policy

I signed up early 2016 to South Pacific in Nunawading. I had just started year 12 and was very pleased with the gym and thought it would be a great outlet. When I signed up I did feel a little pressured but felt as though the prices were reasonable (my mistake) and it would be a good idea to sign up. Mid year I no longer had the time to visit the gym as I was continuously drowning in work and study and not having my licence meant having to spend at least an hour on public transport to and from the gym each visit. I went to try and cancel my membership but was told it was going to cost me approximately $100-$150 which I did not have at the time. The customer service manager then offered to suspend my account until my exams were over and until I had the time to visit the gym. By the time my exams were over I no longer wanted to be a member at South Pacific and for a little while continued paying the fortnightly fees. Early January 2017 I returned to the gym to cancel my membership and was this time told me it would cost $250 as it is the maximum fee they charge and that it would have actually costed more if there was not a maximum cancellation fee limit (For some unknown reason my sign up fee was never taken out of my account - Not my fault). I was appalled at the service I received by the customer service manager as they did not help what so ever or seem to care at all. I arrived to my appointment on time and then was made to wait 20 minutes as they did nothing but stand behind the computer. When I raised my concerns about the fees to cancel I was helped in no way what so ever. I was shut down and was very rudely spoken to. After a long discussion they told me I could transfer my account over to somebody else, however they did not mention one word about the $150 transfer fee which I just read on their website as I try to find someone to take over my account. At the time when I signed up I was a minor and I regretfully (and clearly) made a horrible decision and decided to sign up to this gym without properly reading through the contract and T&C's. The equipment and what not is the only good aspect of the gym, but as soon as it comes to wanting to cancel, the treatment given towards members is appalling. I won't be returning to this gym or recommending it to anyone. It is clear that the gym's only value is money and not it's customers. I myself work two jobs in customer service and I am disgusted that such poor customer service is given to members/customers.


I joined this Gym just over a month ago and there was a misunderstanding with payment which they rectified immediately. The customer service is really good here a lot better that a couple of years ago when I went to join and was put off.
So far so good, the trainers are excellent and an all round friendly vibe.

The only thing I was a bit disappointment about was the state of some of the lockers- some are coming off the hinges. But that's being picky.

It would be nice to have a few more group classes on like boxing and more cycle classes but overall I'm quite happy.
I wanted to give a review because of how much I feel that this place has changed from the first time I checked it out.

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Thank you so much for your review. We will be passing this onto Management so we can share this with our staff and ensure this level of service is maintained forever. Thanks again for your interests in more boxing & cycle classes. Our next Timetable comes out in July so we'll keep this in mind and see where we can accommodate more of this style of classes. Keep enjoying your fitness journey with us.

Terrible. The worst customer service i have EVER come across.

I joined SPHC St Kilda in 2002, used it for several years. In 2012 my circumstances changed and stopped going. I called to cancel membership around that time and was told id have to put in writing. I emailed the request and didn't think anything of it. A couple of years later I called again after i realised it hadn't been cancelled and they were helping themselves to $1300 a year, i instructed my bank to cancel the payments and was told they could not, it had to be cancelled by SPHC. Another phone call was made, with a promise of someone from management would call. They never did, and the following week I was back overseas and when i returned in 2015 i again called and was given the same story. Nobody ever called back. I also discovered they were still taking money from the account. Another call was made and was told they would stop the membership "Oh, I'm so sorry, I'll get onto it straight away" Imagine my surprise when returning again in jan 2017 i realised that they were still taking money out of my account and had been all along. This time i was ASSURED somebody would deal with i right away and someone would call the next day, as a priority, to explain what had happened. They never did. When i checked the account I saw that they had given me a 2 week break and the deductions had started up again and have continued to a point that the account the payments came from is now empty. I made a call last wednesday and was greeted with the same cheery 'customer service' person, who ooh'd and aaah'd in all the right places when the story was calmly explained to her. I really thought from this long call that they finally understood what has been going on here, and again was promised that the most senior management would call the following day with a view to explaining and resolving the issue. I was also told for the first time in this 5 year period that i would have to 'sign the forms and return to me' in order to extract myself from this contract, which arrived within ten minutes of the phone call, but id have to do it "by Friday to avoid the next two payments from being deducted". I emailed today querying why nobody had bothered to call, its now monday, and of course have had no reply.
I hope somebody from SPHC reads this, I would love to hear from somebody that actually has something to do with the organisation and what they have to say. Interestingly i looked for contact details of the head office to take this further, and came across an interview with the owner in a business magazine, who was saying how they pride themselves on a personal approach with a high level of member and staff interaction, and that a weakness of many clubs in the fitness industry was there ability to retain members.
They've proved the way to fix that is simply not to let members leave.
i am now looking into legal proceedings to get this resolved. I earn below average wage, I'm not in a position to be able to pay lawyers or i would sue them.

Dear Sir/Madam This has come through to head office and I would like to discuss this further. Can you please send us a private message and we will contact you directly. Thank you. Regards AmandaHi Amanda, i would love to discuss this. Please call asap 0414 464 642Hi Amanda, still havnt heard anything from anyone, a further 3 emails sent, received the usual 'i will get back to you tomorrow' and 'its been passed on my manager will contact tomorrow' Looking forward to hearing from you

Worst experience of a gym

I never actually got to use the gym due to a death in the family and my own ill health which the gym were aware of, when I wanted to cancel I heard nothing back except through a collection agency six months later after I had cancelled. I am disgusted at the gym and they way they have approached this. After six months they then wanted a medical cert. I will be bringing it to the ombudsman. It is all about making money and no service.

Hi Sandra This has come through to the marketing department. Can you please let us know which club you were signed up to and your surname? Please send us a private message with those details so we can investigate further. Regards The Marketing Team South Pacific Health ClubsHow do I send a private message is there an email address that I can follow up on ?

Over priced for very little

Went into South Pacific Williamstown tonight for a casual session as my gym was closed for a couple of nights. I asked the man at the front counter how much it was just for a casual session to which he replied 25 dollars! Could not believe it to be honest way over priced. I then went into the gym floor and realised that I had just paid 25 dollars for basically nothing. 1 of every equipment, poor quality free weights and the equipment was low standard. I didn't ask about membership prices but to be honest I wouldn't want to join that gym. Invest some money into some better quality equipment and more of it. So much space is just wasted! Was not satisfied in the slightest and will not be going back.

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Hi Ryan This has come through to the Marketing Department and we've been trying to search for your details to contact you and invite you come back in for a free workout. We don't have your name on the guest register for that date (even checked a few days prior to). We are a Club that loves giving back to our members. Our staff and members have been with us for years and we are very much involved in the community so we would love you to return and let us know what your favourite workout is. That way we could arrange a session with a Personal Trainer or direct to one of our 65 Group Fitness Classes. Either way the next session is on us! Please send us a private message and let's start over again :). Regards Amanda The Marketing Department South Pacific Health Clubs

Bad Service

The staff say one thing and they do the opposite. As long as the get money off you there happy. Thats all they think about is money not the customer.

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Hi Sam Sorry to hear about your experience. This has come through to the Marketing Team. Can you please send us a private message with your details and which Club you have your membership with so we can look into this for you. Thank you. Regards South Pacific Health Clubs

Worst customer service experience ever!

When you try to reduce your monthly fees - nobody returns your call!

When you call to cancel your membership you apparently need to sign a document in triplicate - Until then the 30 day notice doesn't start! Who still uses carbon triplicate documents!

Not a very enjoyable experience going, joining or leaving this gym!

Oh and don't ever ask a trainer for help in locating a piece of equipment - Apparently they don't work there! (Even though they have the SPHC polo top on with "Trainer" plastered over the back!)

Poorly trained staff, shocking customer service

As the Christmas period approached I realised it was becoming increasingly difficult to attend the gym. Even though the chadstone gym has 24 hour access, going late at night was not an option for me as I needed to be up early for work. After many failed attempts getting a park at chadstone, I called the gym asking if they had any suggestions. The only response I got was "all our managers are on holiday we can give you a call back in a few weeks". I asked if my account could be frozen and again the same response. Not being able to offer anything, even freezing of my membership which is a normal thing gyms do appalled me, perhaps managers shouldn't be leaving staff with lacking customer service skills in charge during the busiest time of the year.

Once the managers returned from holiday I never received the call promised.

The weeks following the gym continued to disappoint in small ways- half the lockers in the change room had the doors off hinges or they didn't work. The yoga room was always freezing - even in long pants and a hoody it was too cold. This really is a shame as their class teachers are all wonderful. However, I was fed up and decided it was time to move on from the gym.

As most other reviews have mentioned their cancellation process is a complete joke; but again under trained staff made the process which is already long even worse. I went up to the desk to ask to cancel my membership, asking if I was allowed to cancel now and the girl made an appointment for 4 days later. When I showed up to my appointment at chadstone, I was immediately told I can't cancel there as I signed up at st kilda - which is something the person who made my appointment could have seen. I work part time and attend uni full time, and didn't have time to be driving around town for no reason other than their front desk staff lacking in training.

My boyfriend also cancelled at the same time as me for the same reasons and as he was in contract he had to pay out. The manager was apologetic and seemed shocked about what had happened. She offered him 4 weeks free for what happened at Christmas and free PT sessions, also saying we should have brought it to her sooner. Unfortunately it all felt a little to late - the 4 weeks made sense but it's been 4 months since we were supposed to get that call. If the gym cares about their customers they should be following up on complaints - both our names and numbers were left individually. It shouldn't be our job to try to chase them down. For the PT it was a nice gesture but something of no interest to us as we don't require assistance during training.

The shocking customer service of this gym do not out weight it's benefits. Many other gyms offer the same range of equipment and classes without the poor service. Also confused about how they insist you must go into the gym to cancel- I have been a member at fitness first and Virgin active in sydney, and neither gym had such an offputting cancellation process: they were quick and easy.

I use 3 clubs

Having been a member of Fitness First, Genesis and Goodlife previously, I have to say my experience with South Pacific has been vastly different. It has been a much more personal and positive experience. I have truly felt that not only do I matter to them as an individual, but so does my training goals.

Personally I use the City and Chadstone clubs + I use the Nunawading club with my family. I/We love each for different reasons:
- The convenience of the locality of the City club to my work combined with the experience I have received from reception staff and their recent refurb has been great. How they removed the ground floor yet still made it a better facility is beyond me.
- The Chadstone facility is truly incredible. It is unlike any other gym I have been to + I enjoy the 24/7 accessibility.
- The comfort I feel when I train at the Nunawading club. The friendly staff and fellow gym users makes for an easy environment for my wife and I to train in. I don't use the 24/7 access here as much, but my wife does as has not had an issue.

Whilst each of the 3 I have been to have been unique in their own way, we are yet to encounter a negative experience in the 12 months since we registered. Thanks for providing the goods South Pacific. We look forward to renewing our memberships.

Another review of their Ridiculous policies and lack of Facilities

I have been a member of this gym since June 2015. I joined with a Corporate membership and when I resigned took over the payments. When I hesitated about signing what I understood to be a new contract [name removed] assured me that the conditions were the same and I would only be taking over the payments. Once I had been a member for 12 months I could cancel with 30 days notice. I have given notice and they are refusing to let me out of my contract offering me free credit and now personal training sessions to continue. I will be making a complaint to consumer affairs and encourage others to do so as well.

The City gym is a shambles, I usually go to Chadstone and the Yoga room is like an iceberg. The lessons rarely start or finish on time and last week I was late 5 minutes and was refused entry. Half the time the machines are out of order and the TV's not working. Nunawading is dirty. I could be here all day.

I would never recommend this gym to anyone.

The staff make coming to the gym so much easier

I have been a member at South Pacific Nunawading for over 1.5 years now, and i absolutely love the staff there, especially Cam, Dan and Ryan. Even if i cant be bothered going to the gym, or if I'm having a bad day, i know that if i go to the gym and see their friendly faces i will come home in a better mood. Together they create such a friendly and inviting environment, and one that i would happily spend my time at, and i have recommended and referred numerous friends. In addition, any gym enquiries are handled extremely fast and efficiently. Cam, Dan and Ryan deserve recognition for their amazing customer service.

Ridiculous Cancellation policy

I posted a review weeks ago regarding this gym and how disappointed I am at the unfair and over priced cancellation policy.
Does it always take so long to be "pending".
I called to arrange an appointment to cancel my children's memberships and the appointment times were so limited, not available on weekends or catering to people who work during the week.
Adds to the overall poor customer service.
I would never recommend this gym.

Sorry to hear you have had a negative experience. So that I can assist, can you please advise which of our clubs you are a member of? Thank youNunawadingI cancelled another of our family's memberships at South pacific last week. I didn't think it was possible for the cancellation process to get any worse,but I was wrong. The longer you are a member the more it costs you to cancel. It is ridiculous and unfair. The staff contradict themselves over the pricing. I paid $129 to cancel my membership last year. Last week it cost $250 to cancel my son's membership and despite the staff telling me they don't charge over $250 to cancel my eldest son was charged $290!!! Unfair and proves the only thing this gym is interested in is making money. Never join South pacific !!!

I would say ZERO stars if I could

Worst gym ever, the gym assistants are only trying to get more money from you. Complete nightmare to cancel, they made me pay 4 weeks more than I had to. WORST nightmare! worst customer service, they promise you once thing, you call to confirm and they changed everything. Why don't they accept that people want to leave their gym? I find this business so sad... this is a sad sad gym, just get over the fact that it is complete crap. [name removed] is a complete nightmare, try to avoid signing up with her. You try to cancel and she is NEVER available. Again, worst nightmare, there are much better and cheaper gyms.

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Hi Isabel, I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experience. So that I can look into this for you can I ask which club you were a member of? Regards, South Pacific Health Clubs Management

Bit of a shambles!

Pretty much in agreement with the below post!
Where has all the gym equipment gone? Due to recent renovations, the whole place has been decimated taking away the basement weights room leaving the weights area and machines all really close together on the ground floor. To add to this a lot of the machines have been taken away leaving people having to wait ages to use the equipment. I also do a lot of Cardio and there is only 8 treadmills available to use meaning there is a wait for these occasionally also.
Think twice before joining here! Obviously the renovations to turn it into a "5 star gym" never really happened. If anything it got worse!

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Hi there, thanks for the feedback. Should you be a member here with us, we hope that you received our last member communication that went out a few days ago. We are so close to finalising our renovation in which we have invested close to $1.2 million. The intention of such an investment is to make the club much better for our members in the long run. We can certainly appreciate that our members have been very patient and accommodating during this time. Good news is that by early next week all of our new flooring will be installed and as a result will transpire the following changes at a club level: - 5 additional treadmills going out onto the gym floor, along with 3 extra bikes (bringing the # of cardio pieces back to what it was 'pre-renovations') - Minimal to no wait time - We have also had the addition of a designated hot yoga studio & generally speaking have many more classes on a weekly basis - Much, much more space on the main gym floor available - Additional functional zone created on main gym floor (total of two in the club now) - Ability to re-configure all of our equipment which will open up the space significantly We do appreciate that we couldn't physically keep all of our pin loaded equipment and opted to have more "functional performance" zones (in which we maximise the volume of members that can do compound lifts such as squats, dead lifts, body weight exercises etc). Pop back in within the next 2 weeks to see our finished product. We appreciate your feedback!

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I already have an MSAC aquatic membership and want to supplement this with a gym membership at Port Melbourne as it is walking distance. They do not seem to advertise any pricing which I find suspicious. Can anyone share some info before I go in?
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is anyone signed up for their 5 days trail membership and want to cancel but they refused to do that?
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They said only the person I signed up with could do it and I had to email him. I emailed and he didn't reply so I cancelled my credit card.

What are the membership prices??
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