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    4.6 (53)
  • Customer Service
    4.4 (50)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.3 (49)

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Stacey. R
Stacey. RSydney, NSW
  • 3 reviews

Verified Referral Code: for $10 bonus!


This has been amazing over the last year. The ease of use, the transparency and the potential. Everyone should give it a go and with a free $10 when using a verified code, why not!

MattSouthwest, VIC
  • 6 reviews

Easy money!! $10 bonus when signing up.


I have been using this app for some months now, I invest regularly and have been making good money since it started. I plan on using this as a separate savings account, it really is great for newbie investors!

love spaceship it's great!


As a first time and a beginner I started investing through spaceship i got Introduced by a friend of a friend I wanted to make some extra money on the side and since signing up I've enjoying using it and im very and happy and overwhelmed

Referal Code - [Code Removed]

Bailey. C
Bailey. CSydney, NSW

Verified Code: S89I68Y5NZ for $10 Bonus


Been very happy with this app - I've been using it for a few years now and the returns have been amazing. I've been telling all of my friends and my family and they have been happy too. Look out to use a verified referral code as above.

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Christina E
Christina EGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Awesome App. Use referral code 'INELIGIBLE' for $10


Easy to use app! Great way to start investing after listening to She's on the Money podcast - Micro Investing. Have set up an investment plan, looking forward to seeing how it goes

Sally. P
Sally. PSydney, NSW

Verified Code: S8T645E2XL


This is super tops and every person will be super happy to use the verified free money bonus code that has been supplied. Happy investing and hope everyone gets rich!

AnkitSydney, NSW

Exceptional App


User friendly easy to understand explanation
Use this code [Code Removed] to get $ 10 credit too
Its amazing to see so much innovation to improve user experience
They do provide you with updates on what they have been buying and selling from their portfolio

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Nathan S.
Nathan S.14 Nov 2019
Brett B
Brett BSydney, NSW

Great! Code: S8T645E2XL for $20 Bonus


Amazing app that is top for starters in this financial world of new tech. It's really simply to understand what is happening to your money and really fun to watch it grow.

ZoePerth, WA

2 months And just over 11% gains!! [Code Removed] for $10!


Amazing app, great for beginners like myself. Started off with $25, (Spaceship Voyager) to see how it would work, saw the gains quickly so now invested $2k a month ago already have gained over 11% interest! Great to watch and more interest than a bank. No fees until you invest $5,000 or more and even then a small fee of 0.10%! You can also withdraw money any time at no cost. Brilliant! For $10bonus to get you started invest minimum of $5 and use my code. You won't be disappointed. Thank You. :) [Code Removed]

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GinaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Use code to get free money ($10) to invest!


Super easy sign up. Takes mins and $0 fees on your first $5000 balance.
Pretty much, you're getting a free $10 (once you deposit $5... The price of a banana bread) to invest in a fund that had more than 20% annualised gains at no cost to you. So why not!

B. Teleo
B. TeleoSydney, NSW

Perfect! Code: S8T645E2XL


This app is simply great. Only thing to watch is that you use a verified code as the one above is. If a code is not verified first you will not get the $10 bonus payment. Very happy with the recent performance of this app.

LauraCentral West, NSW

Easy to use


Have been with them for a few weeks and so far it is really easy to use. It’s a good way to start to learn about investing Hey. Start investing with Spaceship Voyager today! Get $5 in your account when you enter this code [Code Removed] I have not been paid to write this and have already gotten 4 people to sign up and earn $15 for myself

Retail Superannuation Funds

Find out how Spaceship compares to other Retail Superannuation Funds

Know better, choose better.

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Spaceship to the moon


I've been with spaceship for 3 months now wonderful app that is easy to use. Stocks only go up! So start investing with Spaceship Voyager today! Get $10 in your account when you enter my code [Details Removed]

Nathan T
Nathan TCalwell 2905, ACT

Great Code: S8T645E2XL for $20 Bonus!


This is great to just invest the $5 and then get a $10 bonus using the code. It's such a win win situation why not. My code is verified and working so be careful you use one that is. It's been a cool app to use and build wealth.

ChersReviewGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Great for beginner investors


A great way to start out investing and learn as you go. No fees under $5k. Get $10 in your account when you enter this code [Code Removed]. I love it enables me to invest with $5 or more. Brilliant idea!


Amazing product, great app, great for beginners


Amazing product, super convenient app, great for beginners, no fees up to $5000 for managing fund. Highly recommended.

Felix B
Felix BSydney, NSW

Excellent! Use code S89I68Y5NZ for $10 Bonus


This is an outstanding app that has been a really great tool to use in my investing dreams and goals for 2021. I used to find to rather difficult to save and be smart with money but not I can use this app and have a focus and a plan ahead. It makes it easy with great tracking features and an awesome UI. I signed up because of the bonus but then I stayed for the results I was getting. Very highly regarded.

Mikaylah J.
Mikaylah J.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Great investment app for people who want something easy!


Super satisfied, this app is so easy to review and basically does all the work for you! definitely recommend. Also if you use my code you can get $5 into your spaceship account! - [Name Removed]

Anthony. P
Anthony. PSydney, NSW

So Great!


Been very happy using this app. It's way better than the competition and it's easy to use and understand. I found a nice little bonus helps when you want to get started. Really enjoying the experience so far, kicking myself that I didn't get in this time last year. Daily updates, low fees and super easy platform to work.

James Crawford
James Crawford Sydney, NSW

Amazing investing app!


Great app especially for people who are new to investing. Haven’t found a fault in it yet and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Get $5 in your account when you enter this code [Code Removed] within 14 days of signing up and invest at least $5 in your chosen portfolio.

B. Harris
B. HarrisSydney, NSW
  • 2 reviews

Perfect App Implementation!


Spaceship is an Australian company so it is regulated by ASIC. Which is a very good thing. Impressive portfolio since it has the ‘Where the World is Going’ criteria where it handpicks the world-changing companies to invest in like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Spotify, Amazon, ResMed, Nvidia, Square, etc. It’s good for beginner investors with no minimum investment and with no fees up to first A$5000 and only 0.10% pa above A$5000. It’s also great for micro-investing and doing a set-and-forget direct debit transfers from your bank account every week/fn/month and let the power of compounding interest do its magic for 10-30 years. Looking forward to the future.

HelenPerth, WA
  • 5 reviews
  • Verified



A great way to start investing with small amounts and also a good time to start investing with a dip in the market. Buy low, sell high :)

Use code [Details Removed] for a $10 bonus when you sign up.

  • 2 reviews
  • 1 like

Amazing app


I am so happy with this app, I couldn’t recommend more! Micro investing has been a great way to start learning about investing for me. The platform is extremely user friendly and you don’t have to stress about researching the stock market if you’re not ready for that. I really enjoy using this app and encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to give it a go! Use my code in the title for a $10 starting bonus, you can’t go wrong!

Katie. M
Katie. MSydney, NSW
  • Verified



This is a great app but make sure that you use a verified code when you sign up for a $10 bonus. The one above has been verified as working and is the one I used. Would be so super great if others could also get the extra money from investing that I have!

I've bought so many new clothes and cool things it's been awesome. Katie <3

Mia Lander
Mia LanderSydney, NSW

Use code * [Code Removed]* Great App - Fantastic Potential


Been very happy with this app so far. It's so easy to use that any one could start investing. You don't need to pay for anything to get started, in fact, they actually give you a small bonus to get you started using the above code. Most other trading platforms require you to pay everytime you invest and have a $500 minimum but not this one! I can see a whole new generation getting board board and using this as it really is something that is so different to what has come before it. So much that I tell all family and friends to use it!

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