3Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric

Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric

3Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric

99 reviews

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99 reviews
99 reviews
MikaelaPerth6 posts

Perfect for Mums on the go

As a full-time uni student, I knew I wanted a pump that was portable and easy to take with me in my bag whilst at uni or on prac so I scoured Gumtree for some affordable second hand options. The Spectra 9 met my needs perfectly - it's compact enough to fit in my backpack, it doesn't have to be plugged in to use and it effectively pumps milk. I'd use the pump twice a day for 15 minutes and only have to charge it every few days. Very happy with this purchase.

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ALTMelbourne5 posts

So easy to use

Was so happy with this pump. Easy to use. Loved that it was portable and worked so well (though wasn't as strong when both pumps were used at the same time). I found the supplied bottles did sometimes leak so we tended to use the Avent bottles instead which are compatible. I will definitely be using this pump again when my second bub arrives.

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J Happy
J HappyMelbourne4 posts

Handy and Practical

very portable wife loves it..handy and can be easily packed in any carry or hand bag. Uses this daily. highly recommend to all mums out there who is always on the go. Price is quite reasonable as well. high quality product designed in Korea. easy to clean and maintain. life saver

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WenSydney4 posts

Great portability!

I purchased this for use during work after maternity leave, it's really small, light, and discreet, perfect if portability is what you're looking for! The pump power is sufficient, however I find the Spectra S2 much more powerful (as they are hospital grade), but bit big to carry around, even if I had the S1 (rechargeable), may still be too big to carry around.

I always find that I had to manual pump using hands to empty the breastmilk better, the pump works the best when your breast is full full.

Maintaining the pump is easy, as there isn't too many parts to it. The battery life is also good.

If size isn't an issue, I would prefer S1 or S2 over this, however this is still a great product.

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balitong875 posts

quiet and portable!

Bought this when I had my girl but didnt really use it until my second child was born. Now i use it two to three times daily. I love how it is small, lightweight and portable. it's not as strong when you use both pumps, but they do the work. also its a closed system its more hygienic, easier to clean. this is also the least noisy pump that i have seen. highly recommend it if you need to pump when travel.

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LittleSuSydney4 posts

This is perfect! Very useful!

I bought it in South Korean for my wife. Please be aware that the breast pumper is used to take out extra milk when your milk is too much for the baby to eat. If you want to get milk out in the first few days after you give birth. It won't worked as expected. The most benefit is that the size is small and can live without the change cable.

N. James
N. James6 posts

Couldn't feed without it

I have super sensitive nipples this is the only pump i could use full time that didnt cause pain or make my nipples bleed and i tried 5 different ones before i brought this piece of heaven!

Its quiet compared to most pumps, compact and super easy to wash and set up.

I cant recommend this pump enough!

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LindaCanberra 2600, ACT6 posts

I love this pump!

I was so glad I bought this pump as I had to pump just after my baby was born to increase my supply. It is such a good strong pump. Love the fact that it's a closed system so it's more hygienic. The battery lasts a while and does not take long to charge. It's a slightly noisy but it's really portable and easy to use. Very comfortable too. Would totally recommend it over other pumps!

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Sarahmelbourne6 posts

Very impressed

Very happy with my purchase- love the portability of this pump as I can move around the house while connected or rock my baby to sleep or throw it in my bag. It's super quick to charge and very powerful- I usually get 100ml from 5 minites in the morning on one side. Easy to assemble, clean and basic to use, excellent customer service too

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Evelina4 posts

Can’t live without it

I bought this pump after seeing so many wonderful reviews. I waited until there was a 20% off sale online and purchased this pump. It is very easy to use, easy to put together and simple to take apart to clean. I would recommend this pump to all mums who need to express for whatever reason!

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J Lin
J Lin5 posts

It’s a saver

I like how the unit is small and compact. You can simply have it in your pocket! And the power is strong but not hurtful. I like Medela as well but after my Medela broke down (for unknown reason) I switched to Specula and found that it made my life much more convenient!

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NatalieMelbourne8 posts

Very quiet and easy to use

This has been a very comfortable pump to use. Roughly used for 5-10 mins each side to relieve discomfort or make a small bottle if I was going out.

Very easy to clean, I put all parts into the steriliser.

Would definitely use this product again, I'm keeping it around for baby #2.

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RubyMelbourne2 posts

Perfect for breastfeeding mum

This is the perfect double side Brest feeding pump, it has 2 different functions which are massage mode and pump mode from low speed to very high speed suits every Brest feeding mums. I have used it everyday 8 times a day for one year! I bring it with me doesn’t matter where I was. Ex. Home,office,train,airplanes, overseas

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EmmaNewcastle7 posts

Great little Pump

Small, compact pump that is still powerful. Battery doesn't last too long if using on higher settings. All the parts are easy to clean and put together. Makes a bit of noise, but much more quiet than other pumps. The spectra bottles aren't great. The measurements on them wash off very quickly so you don't know how much you actually have. Website is user friendly and affordable. Customer service is fantastic.

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Jacq4 posts

Love this product!

This pump is so easy to use, it is really quiet, very lightweight and small so easy to take anywhere and the battery lasts for ages. I only wish I had bought this when I had my first baby and life would have been much easier. Can't recommend this enough.

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JasperSydney, NSW17 posts

Amazingly small and quiet

Apart from a few times in hospital this is my only experience with breast pumps. I was attracted to this one because of the reputation of the brand, that it's a closed system and its portability. I only pump as necessary during the day for the following day at daycare. It's tiny! I can easily carry this with my lunch and a bottle in a chiller bag on public transport. It fits into a small chiller bag to discretely stow in the fridge at work. It's very light, about 1/4 the weight of the other Spectra pumps, but is not less powerful.

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Sarah Dela Cruz
Sarah Dela CruzPerth, WA6 posts

Powerful and truly serves its purpose

I have two pumps that two of my friends lent me. I've tried the other brand first as advised by the midwife when I started my breastfeeding/pumping journey. I then tried Spectra 9 and can tell there's a huge difference! This pump is heaps more powerful and its portability feature is a plus. I strongly recommend this product and would use this for as long as I need to pump.

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ClaireAdelaide7 posts
Catherine T
Catherine TMelbourne2 posts

Best breast pump!

I thought I couldn't pump when I was using a different portable pump. Then a friend got me onto Spectra 9plus and I finally get an output. It's very comfortable and will be easy to use when I go back to work in November. I pump straight into Avent bottles

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Amazing Pump

brought this pump when my baby was in NICU was so easy to use, very quiet compared to other brands. love that it is portable and very powerful for its little compact size. so glad i found this before buying a Medela. easy to clean also. very happy with this purchase. im sure it is going to serve me well with future children. ordered online from Spectra and i had it the next day. very fast delivery.

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LaraLaunceston2 posts

Very happy. Works well

I would definately recommend this. It's very comfortable and easy to use. I ordered massage sheilds but really don't need them. I always get letdown on the massage setting after a few minutes and only need to express for 10. Have tried both double and single pumping and it is very effective either way. Parts are easy to clean in warm soapy water after use and leave to air dry.

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JulieanneSydney10 posts

Great product, portable too!

Love this breast pump. Easy to clean, closed system, portable, rechargeable. Win win! I definitely recommend getting a hands-free pumping bra with this though. The bottles it comes with are also somewhat small, so you may wish to get larger ones for storage purposes. Overall, very happy with this product.

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Nina4 posts
CyatesPerth, WA5 posts

Light and easy

Bought it before bub arrive. Perfect for my need as I am only pumping every now and then. It's light and easy to transport, i could pump in the car while on the road and feed bub straight after pumping. The rechargeable battery lasted long. Haven't try any other brand, but I am pleased with my purchase and we've got 20% from their website when they have a deal.

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mambellesAU17 posts

Portable and strong pump

Excellent pump highly recommend this! I bought it as I had twins and it hasn't missed a beat. Perfect as I can move about while pumping and do house chores or attend to the twins. Great for increasing breast milk supply and I recommend using it in the early days to bring on milk production.

Excellent and highly recommend!

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Beth9 posts

Compact and effective

The rechargeable battery and compact size make this pump so handy, as can pump anywhere without needing a power point. Good massage and suction settings, lots to choose from for personal level of comfort. I use it once a day mainly for single pumping. Love that its a closed system - very hygienic as the milk never comes in contact with the motor unit, super easy to clean.

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Clean Eater
Clean EaterPerth8 posts

light and easy to transport

Great powerful pump that is light in weight and portable for movement around the house. I have used my pump a lot and while electric pumps are not cheap in general, I highly recommend this pump as it will save you time and sore hands from a manual pump ( I have used both).

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CymkyanCanningvale9 posts

Does the job

I didn't use this for long as I ended up feeding direct. My baby does not like to feed via bottle. For the two months of using this, I love it. Its suction is much better compared to Medela Swing and I find it easier to clean too. Good overall

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MazMelbourne9 posts

Great portable double pump

It is a great little machine for double pumping, I was exclusively pumping for 3 months at home and even in the car! Battery lasts long enough for whole day use, and is easy to clean. There was no milk backflow into tubes (old Medela from hospital did) and it functions as it should. My only problem is it didn't increase my milk supply like I hoped it would, despite me taking Domperidone and lactation cookies. I did read that it's not as strong as the hospital grade, but I chose this because of its portability, I think for next bub I will try the hospital grade one instead of this one.

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Denise3 posts

Great pump

I love this pump. Good value for money, it's really easy to use, I love the digital display telling you what pumping level you are at and how long you have been pumping for. It holds a charge well, is quiet and small & light, great for travel. I didn't really like the bottles that it came with (a bit small and the teat sometimes leaked), so I just bought Avent bottles which fit the breast shield perfectly.

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Sarah M
Sarah MBrisbane4 posts

Great portable pump

I have been using the S9 Plus for about 6 months now. I typically use it for 10min (double pump so saves time!) once or twice a day when I'm at work. I work 3 days / week and usually only need to charge it every few weeks. I love not having to sit close to a power point to pump.

I agree with a previous review - the bottles/lids that come with the pump leak and so I need to use alternative bottles to store/carry milk. Though usually I would need to empty the bottles between pumping sessions as they would overfill anyhow.

The pump is super easy to use and customer service is fantastic - I got over the phone advice when I had an issue and got it working again with in minutes. Delivery was also super fast. Super happy with this pump.

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KimMelbourne3 posts

Love my little powerful pump

Wanted the medela swing but read too many negative reviews. Stumbled across this brand on a baby forum and went straight to product review. I am so happy with this little but powerful pump. I only express 4 to 5 times per week so opted for this one and I very happy with it. Returning to work soon and the portability and battery will be great. The customer service is second to none- have contacted them twice and had response within 24 hours. 2 times I thought I had an issue with suction so have followed troubleshooting and sorted it out. Also with the no back flow it will be possible to on sell - the medela doesn't have the this function. Surprised more mummas haven't learnt about this brand of pump.

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tehgoosePerth3 posts
AppleeyeSydney, NSW11 posts
Kristy2 posts

Amazing breast pump

Read other reviews and decided to go with this instead of the other more popular brands (ie- Medela, Avent etc). No regrets, it's an efficient pump that's easy to assemble, carry around and use. I use it once or twice daily to express a feed or two and it works a charm. Very easy to clean and maintain. Affordable too especially when they have their 20% sales which comes around every 3-4 months or so! Highly recommended!

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eskyPerth2 posts

THE best breast pump

This is THE best breast pump. I tried a couple of others but found they were bulky, noisy, didn't draw much milk - the spectra 9 plus was fantastic: small, quiet, double, strong (got lots of milk) and most importantly portable - I used to hang the washing/do the dishes while pumping! For the first couple of months my daughter wasn't latching on - i really wanted to just give her breastmilk - this spectra breast pump was an absolute life saver!

Has a visible timer, ability to adjust the intensity, easy to clean and the service received from Spectra is wonderful.

Would highly recommend this product!

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NicNax67Sydney, NSW10 posts

So effective & portable

Not as good as my spectra s2 for everyday use, but as my travel pump I find the s9 perfect. It's so small and easy to throw into my bag - and it expressed extremely well- I'm able to pump almost as much as I do with my s2. I would highly recommend this either for someone who needs a portable pump to supplement their hospital grade 'at home' pump, or anyone who pumps occasionally.

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RissHobart, TAS11 posts

Fantastic Pump!

I really loved my Spectra pump. It is very easy to use and the portability is so convenient. We travelled a bit when our baby was first born and it was so nice to simply put the pump in my handbag and go :) As a nice bonus, my baby absolutely loved drinking from the bottles that were provided!

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Best Portable Pump

I think this is a fantastic potable pump. I have used other portable pumps before & definitely prefer the Spectra 9 Plus. It's easy to use & very comfortable. I also express more than with my other pump & it's takes a lot less time to express.

Would highly recommend this product.

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