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Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric

4.8 from 166 reviews

A great pump

Pros: Easy to use, looks nice, a lot of different functions, portable.
Cons: Expensive, quite weighty.
I bought this pump before bub arrived after reading everyones reviews online. It is seriously a wonderful pump, double pump is great, however I haven't used it too often as have exclusively BF with no bottles... for some reason I can't let-down milk without the baby feeding. I wish I had waited to buy a pump for this exact reason, however if you are 100% certain you will be expressing, then this is definitely a great pump and I will keep it for the next pregnancy in case I need a pump. I have recommended to others.

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Game changer

The Spectra S1 is brilliant. I was using the Medela dual Swing prior to the Spectra and thought it was good until it died.
I researched all pumps trying to find the best pump for the best price. I settled on the Soectra S1 based on the reviews.
I love the features of this pump, the nightlight is super handy for night pumping. I was able to pump my 150ml allocation in 7mins compared to 25mins with the Medela version.
Very quiet.
Literally cut my pumping time in half! It’s comfortable and attaches really well. Easy instructions and features. Worth every cent!

Purchased for $379.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyFrequently (more than once a day)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding

Can’t fault it

Reliable and easy. Love not being tied to a PowerPoint. It is large but has made my pumping experience as easy as possible otherwise. Battery charge lasts well. Would recommend

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Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Usage Frequency Long-term
Milk Expressing FrequencyOccasionally (once a day or less)
Feeding Methods Breastfeeding


I bought this because my midwife suggested and after reading all the reviews it seemed a clear winner. Don't get wrong, I'm happy with the purchase (....$300+ later) but the fact that parts become worn quickly and are pricey to replace is somewhat annoying.

The pump is strong, I love the light feature is great, especially if you need to pump during the night. The pump wasn't as effective as I'd hoped it would be, but not to say it won't work for other mothers. If you're looking for exclusively pump or return to work and pump, the spectra will be a useful.

Helpful hint: the minibie bottles can be attached to the pump.

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Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience of the S1. :) I am pleased you found it helpful. :) Unfortunately all pumps need to have parts replaced regularly to function effectively. :( Let us know if we can help with anything else. Happy pumping. Spectra team

Best pump!

After extensive research while I was pregnant into what pump to purchase I settled on the Spectra S1. This pump is so easy to use and has many settings which means you can find the right setting for you. I am able to get a large amount of milk in less than ten minutes. I also appreciate the hygeine aspect with the back flow protector. The light and quietness is great when pumping at night! Highly recommended.

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Hi Alicia, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience of the S1. :) So great to hear that it has been helpful to you. Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping. Spectra Team

Amazing results from this pump

I purchased this pump after getting no results from a medela. Immediately my output doubled and in half the time. Don’t waste your time or money on other brands, this pump is amazing. Also super fast delivery. Highly recommended for anyone wanting fast results with supply. The double pump also is great

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Hi Michelle, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S1. So pleased to hear it was great for you. :) Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping! The Spectra team

Can't fault it

Bought this after seeing so many good reviews from other expressing mums and I am impressed! Best part of this is the portability and I was able to use it at work. I have low supply and I don't know how I would have continued if not for this pump. Tip for others is to buy accessories whenever there are sales. Sometimes they're on sale at Groupon and ask for promo codes from other mums!

Customer service is great!

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Hi Klag, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your S1 experience. :) Let us know if we can help with anything else. Happy pumping. The Spectra team

Fabulous - can’t live without it!

My entire experience purchasing from Spectra was amazing! The staff are so friendly, helpful and prompt at responding to queries. I had an issue with sterilising the parts when my S1 arrived and they rectified it immediately. The pump itself is great! Really efficient and the flanges are comfortable. From my perspective it is worth spending the bit more on the S1 to have the flexibility of the cordless.

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Thanks so much for your lovely review Yvette, we're thrilled to hear you've had such a great experience :-) If you need any more help in future just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help :-) Best Spectra Team


This is a very powerful pump from which I can express much more milk that I ever could with my medela swing or avant. Also not at all painful and very quiet, i recommend it for any new mum. I will definitely continue to choose spectra. Best pump ever made

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Hi Nikki, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S1. It's great to hear you found it so gentle and quiet, and it helped you out. :) Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Spectra team

My lifesaver spectra s1 breast pump

My lifesaver, this breast pump is well worth the money / price tag
Gentle expressing makes it bearable
Nurses made me use the medela brand in hospital...arghhhh...ouch....i have never been so happy with my purchase...glad i didnt go for medela because theyre far from gentle
Pricey but worth every penny $$

One less thing to worry about!

I bought my Spectra S1 second hand but purchased all new attachements for it. It has been a godsend. I love that it has a long lasting battery. It’s suction is powerful and the letdown mode really gets the milk flowing. Can’t live without it.

Spectra customer service have also been amazing to deal with and their service/repairs are quick and affordable (I accidentally dropped mine out of the car - it was returned to me within a week - they even have the option to loan you a pump to use in this time!)

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Hi Sundssss, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S1! I am so pleased to hear it has been so helpful for you. Pleased we were able to help you with your pump repair quickly too. :) Let us know if we can help with anything else. Happy pumping! Georgie Spectra team

Best pump for me, portable and convenient

Pumping is not the most comfortable activity in the world, especially if you exclusive pump, so I find this pump is very nice as it's not as strong as the Medela symphony but strong enough to extract milk quite well.
I've used my pump for my 1st for exclusive pumping, and for my 2nd for once a day pumping. They both were not huge milk drinkers so it was pretty effective for me. I've had the pump for 2.5y and it is still working well, but I've taken very good care of it (never dropped it and only recharged when battery is low). It's actually quite portable as I used to pump with it in a nappy bag from Target over my shoulder. Much bigger than the S9 but much more efficient.
I would recommend buying this over the more popular S2 as it's much more convenient to pump moving around when you need to. Especially cos pumping requires relaxation and sometimes that's not attached next to a power point, and I've often needed to pump in a car out on the move with hands free pumping.
I find I can only pump well if I put the pump on the fast massage mode at the highest suction, and it took me some time comparing the Medela Symphony to this pump to get the settings right (ie I had both pumps at the same time). I think you need to play with the settings to get the most milk out according to your body, and this may vary from person to person. I think I was able to get out approx 80pc out compared to the Symphony which I was happy with as it was always enough.

Supposed to be the best of the best...

The s1 is light, easy to carry, but awkward to balance on the couch (which is where I usually pump). I can use the pump for 20+ minutes and only seem to get around 80ml whereas another pump I have I can use for 10 minutes and get upwards of 140ml. The nightlight feature is helpful and bright enough to see the screen but not bright enough it's disruptive, the pump is relatively quiet which i appreciate when pumping next to bub while she's asleep. Customer service is lovely, they're very helpful and will usually offer you a discount code if you're purchasing the s1. Shipping was fast. I pump once a day to build supply and a stash for when I go back to work and honestly have not used this pump more than a few times as for the price I am disappointed in the output.. but that may be user error. All in all its a good hospital grade pump which is what I desperately wanted!

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Hi Cassie, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with your S1. :) If you want to shoot us a message, there are a few things we can check out to make sure you are getting the best from your pump and increase your output. We may need to explore shield fit or how the settings are being used - both can make a big difference for some mums. :) I will keep an eye out for your message so we can help you asap. :) You can email us at support@spectra-baby.com.au Best Georgie Spectra team

Perfect Pump

I bought Melela single brestpump first but it is really hard to pump. I pump for one and half hours but only came for 15ml. I end up mastitis. But this product is great. easily to use and can portable. you can choose all the setting by yourself. Highly recommended

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Hi Candice, thanks so much for taking the time leave us a review of your experience with the S1! I am so pleased it has helped you avoid lengthy pumping sessions, and of course, mastitis. :) If there is anything we can help with, please let us know. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Wouldn't have been able to live without it!

I went from the Medela Swing, to the Spectra M1, to the Spectra S2, then finally onto the S1 for the portability! I wish I had have got it from the start as it is the absolute best! Worth the extra money for the rechargeable battery, so handy to pump on the go. Hundreds of dollars cheaper than other brands and an amazing product with a 2 year warranty.

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Hi Emmmlj, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review of your experience of the S1. It definitely is a superior pump to any other pump on the market, and for great reason - as you have discovered! :) Please let us know if we are able to help with anything at all. :) Happy pumping! :) Best Georgie Spectra team

Great pump. Probably the best on the market but not without flaws.

Great pump and I can reach letdown much faster than with my Medela Swing. I’m not sure if it actually extracts more but being able to pump in 10 mins as opposed to 45 mins is a major plus!

A couple of cons I’ll note:
-The size - not too portable but expected for a hospital grade pump. I used to like using my Medela Swing with a pump bra and hook it to my pants so I could do my house work while pumping. The spectra is way too big for that.
-Would prefer more power on double pump - I’ve found the power goes down on double pump so even on highest setting I’m not getting as much milk from each breast as I would on single pump.
- It restarts on the last setting it was on which for me is the highest. Oh boy is it a shock receiving level 12 suction to my resting and unprepared nipples!! The Medela reverts back to the lowest setting when turned off and you turn it up which is much better. Just because I was on 12 at the end of a session doesn’t mean I can handle 12 without a warm up!

The pros:
- Seems to get me to let down faster than the competition which in itself saves me so much time and is what makes this machine worth it!
- Rechargable and portable! Massive plus. Although it’s big so not easily portable everywhere.

These two pros alone make it worth the nearly double the price of my previous Medela Swing. If you’re pumping a few times a day, being able to do it in 10 mins instead of 45 mins saves me nearly two hours a day. That’s an extra 14 hours a week or an extra $728 hours gained back in a year! Hell yes it’s worth the extra $180!

Comfortable, Portable and Awesome

This pump is so comfortable to use. It is easy to assemble and use. I am so glad I got this one, the rechargeable battery is so worth the extra money. I can pump anywhere any time and the battery lasts ages. I use this machine daily. The shields don't have many parts so the cleaning is a breeze. Love the various modes and the night light. Love it. So glad I got it.

Love that you can use the tommee tippee bags with the shield too. Added bonus.

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Hi Justine, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience of the S1. :) I am so pleased to learn you love so much about this pump! It is one of our favourite pumps for sure. I love that you are using the Express and Go system to be able to pump directly into the bags too! That's awesome! Let us know if we can help with anything at all. Happy pumping! Best Georgie Spectra team

So silent yet so powerful

I love that it's a closed system so no moisture can enter the tubing. It's very quiet compared to other brands and works exceptionally well.
I was advised to get the medela but after doing extensive research, I settled on this. I got the s1 plus on sale at spectra so it cost $70 less than the retail price. I'm very pleased with my purchase. I've also purchased the milk bags and cooler bag from spectra. It's really worth the money spent.

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Hi Pseudonorm, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S1. It's great to hear that you have enjoyed how quiet it is, and that it is working so well for you. Even better that you got it in one of our sales at such a great price! Let us know if we can help with anything at all. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

Works really well! Battery last long & easy to clean!

This is the only breast pump that I have used so far. It works well, parts are not overly complicated, therefore easy to clean. The flange that it comes with is a standard 24cm, it didn't fit me, hence I have to purchase a 20cm flange separately. It would be great if there is an option to choose which flange when you purchase the machine.

Machine is a bit heavy though which makes this not easy to travel with. If you are using it predominantly at home, this is a good machine. If you are thinking of getting back to work or use it while travelling, better explore a more portable machine.

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Hi MCMC, thanks for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with the S1! The pump weighs one kilogram out of the box, but it is not as light as our smaller pumps. Unfortunately a hospital grade pump motor is a bit bulkier than some of our smaller pumps, but they are also much more effective. ;) Please let us know if we can help with ideas how to make the pump easier for you to take with you when travelling or to and from work, as we have lots of mums who do this each day, and can share some of their ideas with you that have worked well for them. :) Happy pumping! :) Best Georgie Spectra team

Best breast pump.

Super effective breast pump. Recieved the day after I ordered it which was amazing. Good battery life, love that it is light and portable enough to take with me on the rare occasions I'm not at home to pump. The night light and timer are great features. I did need to go down a shield size, but that was easy enough.

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Hi Bon, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review of your experience with your S1. :) Did you get any help with shield sizing? If you want to be sure of the best fit, shoot us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au and we will help you get the best fit possible. :) We are pleased to hear the pump is working so well for you. :) Happy pumping. Best Georgie Spectra team

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Questions & Answers

I was pumping and all of a sudden the Spectra turns off! I tried to turn it back on and the screen turns in but there’s no suction or pumping sounds from the pump. After a few seconds, it shuts off. The battery is fully charged! Can someone help?!
1 answer
Hi Sam, oh no! Could you please send us a message to support@spectra-baby.com.au so we can do some troubleshooting with you to see what is happening? I will keep an eye out for your message and go from there. The Spectra team

Hi it’s my first time to charge my spectra s1 and it takes forever to charge. It’s been drained and currenty charging 1-2 bats for 24 hours! please help?
1 answer
Hi Jen, oh no! It sounds like your adaptor is not assembled together correctly! :( This is an easy for for you, but if you contact us at support@spectra-baby.com.au we will help you with this. :) The Spectra team

Hello What is the difference between the S1 and the S2? Thank you
1 answer
Hi David and Kung, thanks for your question. :) The only difference between the S1 and the S2 is the S1 has a rechargeable battery and the S2 needs to be plugged into a power source to operate. :) Other than that they have exactly the same specifications and features. :) The Spectra team

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