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Hi, is there a lint remover on this machine? ie. will it collect lint from your wash in a filter so you don’t end up with fluff all over your black clothes?

Speed Queen
Speed Queen   DM   

Hi there, No front load washer has a lint filter, they do not create lint when used correctly. It does have a heavy object trap behind the the front lower service panel, the machine will tell you if this needs to be cleaned.

Polly M.
Polly M. · AFNE9B/BSS

Hi Speed queen. I would like to hear your advise on cleaning out the gunk build up that you get after washing in the black rim around the door. Is there a product that will help this or type of brush or a type of powder you recommend?. Sometimes I find that it can start to smell and my cloths come out smelling the same. Very frustrating as love the capacity and cycles.


When you finish a cycle of washing you need to leave the door open to let the machine dry out inside, to clean the rim you need a damp chux wipe to clean around the rubber rim, I gently rub around the bottom of the rim there are small drain holes there. The machine will smell if you shut the door straight after a wash so leaving it open allows the water to dry out then you can shut it.

Brad · AFNE9BSS (Stainless Steel)

I am intending to buy this model but need to decide between white and stainless steel finish. White is our preference aesthetically, however stainless may be preferred if this confers better rust resistance. (Our previous machine was an Ariston which are known for rusting and ours was true to brand.).

Is the outside of AFNE9BSS a true austenitic stainless (like the drum)? In that case would it be accurate to expect that it would have superior corrosion resistance to the white version? Are there any other differences between these models?

Susan N
Susan N · AFNE9B/BSS

We have had our Kleenmaid KAW793 just over 20 years. With 4 healthy teenage children growing up and numerous load being washed each day, it has been outstanding, apart from routine serviice calls (3 x drive belts, drain pump, brake pad set & inlet valve assembly. Total cost around including 4 x service calls $805.90 + $1149 purchase price = $1954.90 expenditure over 20 year period).

We still want to retain this washing machine, if we can purchase a replacement top. Otherwise my very handy husband wants to modify/repair the corroded hole to allow the spin cycle to work as this corroded hole has a switch near it and it isn't allowing the spin cycle.

Please advise if this part is available and the cost to Blacktown NSW?

Thanks Susan.

Blue Rune
Blue Rune  

Hi Susan, I am not a dealer or service agent I was only putting up a review of the washing machine I have just purchased. Regards Don

tripletsplusanother · AFNE9B (White)

Hi can you tell me what is the length of the fastest cycle for a full 10 kg wash? I currently have an 8 kg front loader and the fastest cycle for an 8 kg wash is about 2 hours and doesn't matter if it is slightly soiled or not.

Speed Queen
Speed Queen   DM   

Hi , what a busy house you must have. The fastest cycle for medium soiled clothes is 26minutes on the quick wash, and for heavily soiled clothes is 50minutes on the heavy duty wash both for a for 10 kg load.

These cycles can be modified and memorised to suit your personal needs with prewash, soak and extra rinse options.



The shortest cycles goes for just 26 minutes.

You can vary the wash cycles from 26 minutes to over 2 hours.

The electronic control pad is brilliant in setting to whatever cycle you want from cold, warm or hot water to the amount of a heavy duty wash you need.

This is a very good machine, the main problem with it I have is there is no heating element for the hot water, so that will need to come from your hot water service.

To spend $3500. for a machine that does not have a heating element is ridiculous , but that is just my opinion.

Worth the money if you can afford it.


I have a meile front loader, 3 years old and I hate it, if the least I had to complain about was the size of the detergent dispenser I'd be happy. From the very start I noticed my clothes became dull, I thought it may have been my washing powder so have tried different brands, always the same outcome. I recently accidentally put a padded bra insert in the wash, when I put it next to the one that didn't go in I was astounded exactly how much it had faded. I'm now considering selling the meile and purchasing the speed queen, I am however concerned it's a front loader issue and not just a meile issue. Clothes are expensive and it's just ruining them. I had a speed queen top loader for years and it's spoilt me, it was so good. Opinions welcome please


Your washing of clothes will not be a issue with the speed queen.

There are lots of different cycles to choice from.

I do have an issue with no heating element in the unit, plus the fabric softener intake is a bad design.

Overall its a good machine, size is excellent, this machine should last you twenty years.

I presume you read my review, others give it 5 stars but with my concerns I could not do that.

Be wise in your choice for $3500 to outlay is a lot of money.

Do some reading on line about it.

Have a great day.


Thanks. I'll definitely go back to a speed queen, My top loader speed queen lasted a little under 20 years but it had started to spend big money on it for repairs, I've just lost confidence in the front loader now, I have read reviews and they say front loaders are harder on your clothes. I'm not bothered about the heating as I don't wash in hot water, I find it damages your clothes. I use the cotton cycle (unless I'm washing woolens) even though there are heaps of other options. Thanks again, big decision for me for that much money

Speed Queen
Speed Queen   DM   

Hi Kim, Your experience with your front load washer is not uncommon for customers who have previously own a top load washer and switched to a front load washer. The reason for this that front load washers while they are very gentle on your clothes and use less water they require a wash cycle 3 -4 times longer than a top load washer. Yes, all front washers have a quick cycle but this is only for a small or lightly soiled load and some of these cycles are at higher temperatures and this may have been the cause of fading colours.

Speed Queen front load washers have by comparison to other FLW have very fast wash cycles for full loads largely due to their increased water consumption and larger wash tub. They also have additional features as soak, prewash and extra rinse options that all help to get those extremely dirty clothes clean.

Laundering in any type of washer is an algorithm of load size, water, time and or temperature used - reducing or increasing one of these factors will normally mean you have to increase or decrease one or more of the other factors to compensate so as to get a similar wash result.

In short there are no miracle cycle in any washer that can wash a full capacity load using a minimum of and time and still get you a satisfactory wash result.

I hope this explanation helps with your deliberations on what to buy next.


Thank you so much for your reply. I do use the soak option for my white loads and the only time I don't use a cold wash (the cold wash increases the time by approx 20 minutes) is when I wash woolens. Having said that, at times I've opened the door and it has felt warm inside. I have recently gone back to the shorter load option (approx 40 minutes) as I was concerned the fading was coming from the long normal load time (approx 2 hours 40 minutes) however the short load isn't cleaning the clothes properly. I'm on holidays at the moment and used a commercial maytag top load yesterday, I noticed a stain that my Miele did not remove on my sons shirt has been removed by the maytag. From your expaination it sounds as if you're telling me I'll never gain the desired outcome of clean unfaded clothes from a front load machine, is this correct?

Deb L

The specifications indicate a 3.42 Cubic Feet capacity. So can I wash a Queen size comforter in this machine?


I wash my super King comforter and the pillow cases too.


How long does an average family wash take? Cheers


Well, you can vary it enormously. I often use the 'Bulky wash' for standard clothes, with an extra rinse added (there are lots of options) it takes 48 mins. 40 mins without extra rinse. The perma press is similar in time. Eco wash takes around 2 hours, varies with what options you choose. If you press 'heavy soil' on any wash cycle, it goes for longer. The other thing I do is to load it at night, and use the delay start with Eco wash, so it is finished in the morning. There is a quick wash, I think it might be about 25-28 mins. And, the capacity is enormous- very happy.

There are 4 water temp choices, 4 spin speed choices, 4 level of soiling choices. You can add a pre-wash cycle, a second and a third rinse, delay start ( goes in 1 hour blocks)

Can save up to 9 individual cycles with what ever options you wish as 'Favourites'

Hope this helps.

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