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Great paint at an even greater price

I had a similar experience with the paint looking like aquadhere, however I realised that I hadn't stirred it sufficiently. Once it was thoroughly stirred I found that it actually covered better than two other brands I had previously used costing over $60. I will definitely be reccommending this product to my friends.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Made by Dulux to compete with Masters As good as others

After painting 2 coats of American paint Sherwin-Williams which was supposed to be good lucky i bought it cheap when masters closed The finish was still streaky and blotchy it was very disappointing so i looked at paint reviews for the expensive brands and was amazed to see lots of negative comments then i saw the reviews on Spring flat plastic and thought why not I bought a 10 Liter can 28 bucks i was really happy with the ease it rolled on and the coverage was fantastic. I would use it again for sure.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


I am a fully qualified tradesman painter & decorator and have been in the trade for over 30 years. Spring ceiling paint is absolutely fantastic. You only need 1 coat over White existing ceilings or you could get it tinted to any color you like. The low-sheen paint is great value and it's a reasonable quality. Spring enamel is a great product also.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Bunnings is the supplier.

Amazing for the price!

I recently used the spring flat interior to paint the ceiling in my bedroom white. It cost me $11.90 for 4L. I also used the spring enamel to paint the trim, windows and door white and it looks amazing. For the price, I'll be going to burnings! I used a more expensive paint on the walls and i found it no different to the cheaper one. Next room I paint I will use spring on the walls and save more money!
The only downfall was that I couldn't get black in the spring enamel.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

did the job well

I have just finished repairing a room where angry teenagers. punched holes in the plaster. I asked the paint department in Bunnings for the cheapest paint available. Spring was only $18.60 for 4 litres. They told me that its not good quality and seemed surprised that I wanted this paint. It was tinted to a computer colour match and away I went in hope. The job is done and it looks great. It took two coats but I usually use two coats anyway. I just wonder why any one would pay three times the price for top name paints when there are cheaper alternatives.

Date PurchasedNov 2016


I am a 71 year old female with no experience in painting cupboards/closets.window frames/etc. I purchased Spring high gloss enamel paint from Bunnings hardware and painted all the kitchen cupboards and the pantry from a yucky green to a brilliant white and the result is absolutely fantastic. I now have a bright, shiny white modern looking kitchen and my family, when visiting, could not believe how great a job I did. All this for less than a 4 litre can of Spring paint which cost far less than other well known brand paints. I could not be happier with the result and will recommend Spring paint to all my family and friends.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

No issues

Have used this paint several times for commercial interiors. Painted a photography studio flat white over off white?yellow walls, 1 light coat to prime, 2 coats to cover, no show through, nice and flat. Another occasion I have had this paint tinted neutral/off white for repaint over non matching walls white and off white, 2 coats gave full coverage, no show through. Just prepare surface in a professional manner and mix paint well.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Great for the price

I've used the ceiling flat plastic, acrylic & enamel & I'm happy with the result.
Takes two hours to dry the enamel takes longer of course.
Yes it does stick to the wall... No it doesn't turn streaky...
Might be a good idea to make sure the wall is clean & stir the paint properly to eliminate any potential issues ;)
Great price if your on a budget, I recommend this paint!
If it wasn't for Spring I couldn't have done a thing!! :):)

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Worst paint ever!!!

This is the worst paint I've ever bought. It looks like Aquadere glue, paints on like that glue and takes ages to dry. I put the first coat on and it was all gluey and streaky. When I put the second coat on, the wet brush took the first cost off. I'm totally disgusted.
If I wanted glue, I would have bought it..oh hang on, wait...glue sticks better than this paint.

The worst paint I've ever used!!

When I first opened the paint, it looked very yellow and glue like. It didn't only look like glue, but it felt like glue too! Doesn't stick to the wall very well and the coverage is terrible!! It runs down the wall like water!! And the smell!!! Thought I might save some money but I ended up using the whole 4L bucket to paint one wall 3x3 with a big window and a door! Never ever again!!

Spring paint, a nice surprise!

I purchased some Spring paint recently and was glad I did.
The rooms I painted using 'Spring'
look great.
A nice texture and consistency on the brush and the colour is wonderful.
It was a mistint but I am calling it 'Soft Vanilla'.
I would use this brand again.
Stronger odour (while applying it I noticed) and you do need good ventilation in my opinion as you paint but it is still worth a try. Check it out.

Perfectly good paint at a very low price

Four litres for $9 (special at Bunnings), sounds like too cheap to be good. But when I tried it I found that it's a perfectly good paint. Two coatings of white was enough to cover an off-white and even a green tone.
It's not as good as some of the more up-market paints I had used before, but it's still acceptable and at a quarter of the price I keep using it.

Needed several coats

I agree with Shane T on a prepared wall paint was still thin and watery. Needed several coats to cover. Ended up covering with another brand. Have gone with more established brands rather than risk needing to do a zillion coats. For small jobs paint may be ok but not for major renos.

Don't Bother

All the previous reviews must be written by sales reps. Just done a first coat and think I'll have to do 20 more because it's so watery. The wall would have been easier to paint with a white nicko pen. The one positive is how easy the roller was to clean because the paint ran off like water.

Great value!!!

When I first bought spring low sheen paint for my feature walls I was told by the lady at the paint counter basically how crap it was coz it was supposedly all chalky (you get what you pay for were her words), after using it I found it to be no different to the dulux brand I'd been using for years. It's EXCEPTIONAL value at $17.50/4l tin or even better $39/10l tin, amazing!! It's just a shame they don't sell the gloss as well for the skirts,arcs,doors etc

Bunnings Spring Undercoat & Low Sheen great value

Painted new fibro sheet wall with 1 coat of Spring undercoat sealer and 2 coats of Spring low sheen and this product covered brilliantly, I think the price of paint is ridiculous and it seemed very good not watered down or anything, for the price how could you complain, would recommend it for sure....!!!!

Spring paint is great value

Spring paint has got to be one of the better paints for price and performance, I have been a painter for many years, using all premium brands of paint and there trade-line series of paints also. OK it's not the best paint out there, but using better quality brushes and rollers, you will get excellent results. Do not thin this paint, use direct from the tin, tint undercoats to the wall colour you desire, to assist with coverage. ensure adequate ventilation, open windows.

Excellent lasts for years

Awesome I have used it for years , and is the only brand i use ,and it lasts for years compared to the so called "expansive" brands , also colors can be mixed in for free from Bunnings , Enamel Gloss is great ,affordable too . Don't waste your money on "expansive brands" go with Spring it will brighten up your walls and ceilings and your day.

Excellent coverage

I bought the Spring paint from Bunnings to do my ceiling and was very impressed, it only needed 1 coat. i then bought Spring low sheen acrylic for the walls. i had to cover a fire engine red wall with it and thought it was impossible, but after only 2 coats the red wall was all but gone. i decided to do just 1 more coat just to make sure. Im so happy with this paint that ill be buying more to do the rest of my home

Great for the price

As with all paints needs two coats for cover. Over white with pale tint it's as good as any other

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Questions & Answers

Can Spring Flat Plastic be used to paint New Born Baby Crib.
No answers

I would like an honest answer from an experienced tradesman comparing Spring paint with Dulux or Taubmans paint. What is the benefit of Spring Flat Plastic compared to Dulux etc. I have been told Spring is made up of chalk and talcum powder !!! I want a quality paint that will stand up to grandchildren fingers etc and I don't want to be painting again for many years. Please advise as existing painter insists on Spring Paint saying to trust him it is the best though we asked for Dulux brand Julia
2 answers
Spring is made by Dulux for Bunnings (just as British Paints is also made by Dulux) and had its price reduced to make life hard for Masters. I have had other painters tell me all sorts of things about Spring but when asked if they have tried it, the answer is usually ‘no, but this guy I know said.....’ So I tried it and used the enamel to spray paint my own kitchen cabinets. Guess how many comments I got on the beautiful finish and which paint I used. I just answer them with, ‘you would faint if I told you how much this specialty paint costs and you can only buy it from one supplier’ All I can suggest is for such a cheap price try it at least for the first coat. If you don’t like it use another brand for the final coat. It’s already saved you money using it as an intermediate coat. Please don’t forget shortcuts have no place in finishing. If the product says prime/undercoat and 2 coats of paint, do what it says. Listen to the manufactures advice, not ‘this guy I know’ Remember Australian standards for paint is a 3 coat system.In my opinion it would come down to the quality and types of binders, pigments, additives and Biocides used. So due to its price range, I would suspect not a long lasting product and also an unhealthy choice

How long will the Spring Interior / Exterior Acrylic Semi Gloss paint last?
3 answers
I have used it to paint doors and have had no problems. I expect it to last as long as any other gloss paint.Depends on the situation. Outdoors lasts less than indoors. In the sun lasts less than in the shade, exposed to moisture last less than dry. Key point is, repaint before the paint turns chalky or blisters and peels. Rule of thumb is repaint every 5 to 7 years but keep in mind those points made above.In my opinion it would come down to the quality and types of binders, pigments, additives and Biocides used. So due to its price range, I would suspect not a long lasting product and also an unhealthy choice.


Spring Flat Plastic
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