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Imtiaz K.
Imtiaz K. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi brothers
My car ssangyong rexton model 2005 is running only in one gear for the last two weeks and doesn't shift the gear. Please some body advise me?

Jodie L.
Jodie L. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hey I've got a 2004 rexton with a starting problem. Have to jump or aero start everytime even if it's been turned off for a second. Had the glow plugs and relay done, took it to ssangyong dealership, put their computer on it and nothing relevant to the problem comes up. Replaced the fuel pump and even tried one that auto pumps still nothing. Can't see any leaks or anything to make it lose fuel pressure. Anyone with the same problem or any ideas? Tia

Wyatt NL
Wyatt NL  

I have a musso with the 2.9 engine, the same as the rexton 290. the rextons changed engines from a 290 to a 270 around 2004, so unsure if we have the same engine. It does sound like an air leak since the problem doesn’t go away when the engine is warm. But your extra fuel pump should have fixed that. Its not a battery problem is it? It’s got plenty of crank? And once it’s running it’s fine?

Jodie L.
Jodie L.  

Yeah mines a 270. Maybe it's a leak further down then coz everything closer to the top is fine. And yes perfect when running and the battery is new.

p wiggers
p wiggers · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

water leak on top of tranmission near back of motor

Zowie F.
Zowie F. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hiya anyone help me I have a 2006 2.7 diesel rexton has gearbox issue had full gearbox service as would just show D over rev and seemed only to charge upto 4th gear got it back drove faultless for two weeks then had to take it back to the garage as old fault returned topped transmission fluid up ran great for another week and back practically to square one any ideas before I scrap it

Mark Y.
Mark Y. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

I have a 2010 XVT Rexton which runs on constant AWD but unlike a earler rexton that l owned which also ran on constant AWD that had low range the XVT does not have low range what do you do when off roading thanks

Ewen K.
Ewen K. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

I need a fault code reader for my 2006 rexton it in not obd2 compliant I hear you need a Delphi one any help?

Igor S.
Igor S. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hello guys I have a rexton I 2004 2.9l Mercedes diesel and automatic transmisión. My problem is when I start the car it takes a while to get in gear. The colder the car the longer it takes. I changed oils and filters. What els can I do.

Stuart S.
Stuart S.  

Have you checked the trans oil level, is a 16 mm plug above the trans pan on the right hand side ,the trans will need to be warm and engine running then fill it up until the oil runs out ,note the vehicle must be level when you top it up ,

bowman e.
bowman e. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

hi all I have a ssangyong rexton 2.7 and my lights and brights are no more.park lights work please help

Stuart S.
Stuart S.  

One of the head light fuses is blown

Lekan · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Pls ,what can make SsangYong Rexton not to change at all from drive ,it doesn't change from D1 to D2 and same as D3.it only stand still ,instead it will only grip?

Mark · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

I have a Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 xdi 2006. The auto transmission seems as if it cant decide what gear to go in. Sometimes when I stop I have no gears at all and have to turn the ignition off and on then I get gears but it lacks power.
Any ideas on the problem?


It's probably low on oil. I just bought a car with this exact same issue for $1000 and after putting a couple of litres of transmission fluid in her, it runs like a dream. I would suggest you take it to a shop and get it checked for leaks as well if this has happened.

Laurance L.
Laurance L. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hello, I have a 2004 270XDI THE CAR HAS an erratic temp gauge when it will hear right up every now and then but car not hot

Anyway I've noticed I dont have any Parker lights on both sides front, not do I have tail lights on the passenger rear, all bulbs are good however 1 tail light bulb is missing,

What I do find strange is all the bulbs on the rear passenger will light up when the left indicator is on with the headlights and brake pedal, with all of the above on the left Indicator flashes fast like it is missing the rear bulb but is on solid with 1 other bulb on very dim and the rest working properly,

Anyone have any ideas on what may cause this, I find it very odd, could this have something to do with the temp gauge (read on a forum broken tail light can affect this also)


First change the thermostat and temp sensor. This also allows the connections to be "fiddled with" cause this car has terrible connections! About the lights, again fiddle with connections first.

George Barry
George Barry · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

I am having problems with my Diesel Rexton 2.7 when I turn left or right sharply there a loud clunking noise which seems to be from the the transfer box area. But other times it appears to be from the front of the vehicle. I have had the front of the diff removed to make sure everything is okay in there. The CV joints have been serviced and are okay. I have just had the transfer box fully serviced and the transmission. As soon as I take the front tail shaft there is no problem turning no clunking at all. So I am and so is my mechanic at loss as to where the problem lies. I am wondering if it could be a problem with computer because I have a spare to replace it.

As A.
As A. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi, My car remote working fine, when i press the key it beep once the with light one long beep but from car no response why?

Memz E.
Memz E. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi, I have a second hand SsangYong rexton 2005 diesel. I can't open the trunk window I'm thinking it needs regas but is there a button to open either from inside the car or ?appreciate any help thanks

Matt lang
Matt lang  

There is a lever on left hand side a smaller one right next to the trunk one which opens trunk wimdow

Paul · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi my Ssang Yong Rexton 2.7 diesal has a sound beep below the temperature indicator

dawn park
dawn park · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

what tool do you use too remove fuel filter diesel

dawn park
dawn park  

Have BBM done it

ניר ד.
ניר ד. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

San young rexston 2005 engine 2700 turbo diesel problem at the beginning of travel I gives gas and car not respond

Lance M.
Lance M. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi there my 2003 musso 4H 4L button when selected light doesn't go on neither does it engage 4 wheel drive stays in 2H also rev counter doesn't work not power button for gearbox. Are they all related as to problem and what do I have to to fix

Marie W.
Marie W. · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Where is the fuel pump lactated on my car it is a 2004 rexton manual

Jay Hacon
Jay Hacon · Rexton Y200 / Y220 (2003-2006)

Hi I have my Rexton and my talegate won’t open, any help?

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