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SsangYong Stavic A100.I / A100 Euro IV

SsangYong Stavic A100.I / A100 Euro IV (2005-2008)

(No Badge) (2008), SPR (2008), Sports (2007-2008), Limited (2005-2008) and Sports Plus (2005-2007)
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About to take ownership of #2

We bought a 2006 model in 2013, low kms, and it was a very tidy car, unfortunately Stavros was T-Boned, by what we suspect to be a speeding (cant be proven) driver, he ploughed his pulsar into the driver door. The door though caved in on the outside, had the safety bar in the door that was still straight and solid, the door still opened and closed, it protected my wife perfectly... unfortunately the hit was so big though that the motor sheared off its mounts and the car was written off, so after a few months of waiting, next week we pick up our new Stavic! these things can take a BIG hit and keep you safe! (p.s. there was nothing left of the pulsar)


great people mover

Was not sure about this car but I am so happy with it. It's quiet, spacious. Can fit 7 adults and still has a large boot. It feels modern and while not overly luxurious it doesn't feel like a budget car. I have the sports model. ( that's right - a sporty 7 seater ☺) it's ok with fuel. It's got power. Its damn good looking in black. I've had the car for over a year and it hasn't given me any problems. The only annoying thing about this car is the light in the boot area is manual so it doesn't go on and off with the rest of the car lights and I have forgotten to turn it off many times when getting the groceries.


2006 Stavic 3.5L Petrol still going strong

Excellent space, very comfortable and well featured. Powerful and reliable Mercedes ML350 3.5L petrol engine with 2.5 tonne towing capacity.

We bought it new in 2006 for $38,000 so its coming up to 9 years old.
The seat layout and rear storage behind the seats is still the best around. The rear visibility is not great but the beeping sensor helps, and I fitted a reversing camera, mostly for hitching up for towing.
The body has been fairly well scratched by kids and minor dingles and the door handles paint has been worn away. There are not many around so getting parts from wreckers is not that easy.

The kids complain about how it looks, probably because top gear rated it as the ugliest car but I made them point out 50 positive things about how good the car is and I don't mind how it looks.

Starting to get a little rust at the top of the rear door where there is a weld join and the water sits, but after 9 years I would consider this very reasonable particularly as it has a lot of beach visits, has only been washed about once every 2 years and it is not garaged.

The only minor issues we have had were we noticed oil leaking on when parked. It turned out to be a seal in the transmission which the mechanic took a little while to track down but was not expensive to fix. Services are generally around $300, tyres are $250 each, so replacing 2 adds $500. I think we have only replaced 6 tyres total in 9 years but we only do about 10,000kms per year for schools runs etc.

In holidays we do long runs, previously towing a 1.5 tonne caravan, we are now towing a 2.5 tonne van which it handles well. We found on the old van the towball a bit low and would scrape the wheel arch on some speed humps, but the new van with hayman reece hitch alleviates this. We also have roof racks with bike mounts and have 2 bikes on the top while towing the van with 6 people so it gets a really good loading.

I am considering adding a GPS with bluetooth capability as they didn't have them back in the day, but they're standard in new models and it is the only thing lacking.

In the 9 years we have never had a breakdown or major issue. It has been inpexenisve to buy and run with great towing capability.

Highly recommended vehicle and great value.

Awesome Car we love our Stavic

We brought our 2005 Stavic turbo diesel as new, 9 years on and still going strong has travelled over 310,000 km and never missed a beat, great family car,good on long haul trips
Excellent value for money!!!!!!!

a fish Blk 2005 awd 2.7 xdi 5* rating

2005 stavic, very unique front and back side with character and attitude on the road, it simple but eligant both in side and out . A black car with black 5% tint it's create a privacy and luxury. feeling that your unique.
Drive this stavic from morning to lite night, weekend outing, fishing trips,
Long driving around Australia is the best expirience I have. Many best 4x4 cars that are out There. some range 25k to 150k test the quality, being very comfortable on road or off road that's probably the car for you. Thing like to stavic after 2 hours of driving can sleep at the 3rd row seats. Stavic has all the technology you need, for small amount you invest to the car but your life is safe. Stavic AWD never loss control any season. It create best expirience money can't but,Love this car.

The new stavic with 2.0 diesel is a good choice base on value for money $29k, euro 5 emission very low carbon. Low fuel consumption you'll enjoy long driving.low out side noise, very we'll insulted to keep you cool in summer. I rate this car 5star.
Best value .

Be warned

Loved it for first 2 years, then everything started going wrong. It started with a constant beeping that randomly turned on.Tten the brakes had to be redone for over a $1000. Then the dashboard/radio lights packed it in. Then the airconditioner went. Then the handbrake went, then the turbo failed requiring a new one for $2000. Then the transmission would randomly not get out of 1st or 2nd sometimes requiring scarey freeway rides. The cherry on top was travelling home on a sunday from a picnic when the engine started shaking violently and the noise forcing us to stop. It was towed across town. It cost us $1000s to get the diagnosis that there was bearing failure with metal scoring the injectors and pistons etc. Was told the cheapest fix was a short engine replacement and with everything would cost at least $13000. Not bad for a car that cost us over $46000 in 2005 new. The car was serviced about 3 months before it failed. This has got to be the greatest depreciation of any car known. We are left with a hulk worth $500 if we are lucky for scrap and a $3000 bill for diagnosis. For what its worth a nice letter will be sent to ssang yong, or should that be suck long....

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What about the warranty cover. Does it not apply in this case. Since you have said 2 years. I assume the normal warranty is 3 years so you would have been within the warranty and Km period!!!!

How it performs in an accident

Have owned an Ssangyong Stavic for 5 years (2007 model). Yes it looks a little ugly from the font and back, but I am in the car so what do I care? It is a Great car, kids love it and gives you enough boot space when the children are young to carry a Pram and also put the shopping in the boot. Fuel effeciency is good considering it is over 2 Tonnes, normally just under 10L per hundred while running around the kids. I have also had it filled with 7 adults as well, who were surprised at the room. Car never missed a beat. One thing that always worried me was finding crash statistics on the Stavic, well unfortunately my Stavic may be going to the wreckers, after my wife lost control and rolled the car 1.5 times at 80 Kph. When it comes to safety it held up beautifully. The Second and Third row were the kids would normally be had no visible buckling from inside the car. The Front row Driver and Passenger, took the brunt of the roll, yet my wife walked away without any scratch's, a little sore form being thrown around but after stopping on the roof what can you expect. We are waiting to find out from the Insurance what is happening, but have already started searching for another Stavic expecting the worse, any car that rolls stops up side down, and the car looks not to bad when turned the right way around again, shows quality in an accident. It did its job and protected my wife perfectly, doubt many other people movers would have help up as well after hitting an embankments and rolling and stopping on its roof. The Witnesses to the accident were surprised as well, expecting the worse, then seeing my wife wander out the drivers side door, dazed but unhurt. Thus we have had some personal experience on how the Stavic performs in non standard accident and give it 5 out of 5.

SsangYong Korando Stavic(Turismo) http://pia-tec.com/car1252 http://youtu.be/ZmBa17JQuwoJust as an FYI the Stavic is rated 4 star by KNCAP - Korea's NCAP safety testing programme. So people can buy with the confidence that they have pretty reasonable safety. We have the actyon suv.. its great and it feels safe! :)


Lovery car for a family,highly recommended,looks great on the road,different to the other mainstream manufacturers,to many narrow minded car reviewers ( jeremy clarkson) not bothering to analising ssangyongs honestly. Would buy another.
Excellent diesel engine /auto conbination,seats 7 very comfortably,better seat layout than Toyota/Mitsubishi.Excellent fuel economy for such a large car.Try and find a other van that can do all that and is rear wheel drive and pulls 2.5tons? We tow a car trailer and race car accross australia and a twin axle Jayco carivan no problem, the best all round family van on the market.
Dont crash one,ours was off the road for 4 months (accidnt not our fault )but eventually fixed, not repairers fault but dealer ordering parts.This is the one and only bad thing I have found.

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Parts availability has improved massively since the Ateco takeover of Ssangyong distributorship. We had a little bingle in our Korando and the parts were in Adelaide within 2 weeks.

The best people mover!

We have had our 06 Stavic for 3 years and absolutely love it.
A few years back when we were looking for a people mover, some poor kids died when a Carnival caught fire and the sliding door stuck shut. As well as the potential for jamming fingers in the sliding door we decided to get a people mover that did not have a sliding door. Guess what, there is only one and that is the Stavic.
At first, friends and family begged us not to buy one as it was 'unknown'

We went ahead and bought one anyway as it was half the price of the other people movers with double the features. 3 years on we are purchasing our second Stavic, nothing wrong with our current one, it has not skipped a beat, we just want to re-refinance. All friends and family love it too, finding it endlessly versatile as very easy to drive. We will never buy another brand people mover again.

If you are after a people mover, do yourself a favor and add the Stavic to your test drive list, you won't be disappointed.
Price, features, drivability, versatility.

It might be a good people mover BUT it is the ugliest vehicle i have ever seen what were they thinking when they designed it?beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't find it ugly at all.You don't find it ugly? Even the Top Gear Guys said it is one of the ugliest car ever made


I have owned my Stavic for 8 months and am extremely happy with it. It fits two child seats with access between them to the rear seats and has more space behind the back seats than any other people mover that I have seen. It has also proved to be a very capable tow vehicle. After owning a wide variety of other vehicle, another impressive feature is the build quality.
Excellent economy and very comfortable
Some people have suggested that she is ugly, obviously they need their eyes checked.


A good car to stay away from, although this car drives well the downside to being a low volume manufacturer is that there is a very small dealer network and very few parts available for them. Due to Ssangyong Australia changing hands so often, and offering next to no support to there dealers this dealer network only gets smaller every month. As a technician that used to work on them daily I feel sorry for my customers that were constantly left waiting months on end for parts that we could not get out of Ssangyong themselves.
Drives nice and is very comfortable, plenty of room for 7 adults in the car. Good fuel economy for the size of vehicle.
Looks can be very polarising. The availability of parts especially panels is lacking, even if you have a minor accident the car can be off the road for months. Very poor resale value.

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Hi Sheep I don't think you have owned a Stavic. You have to own one to really appreciate it. The best value for money MPV, reliable, spacious, practical and more than adequate engine. The only complain is the body roll in corners, but I think that is normal with the other people mover out there. And with the new looks which recently came out...it is one great family car!


I love the car, it drives smooth and has not trouble handling the road and hills with cruise control on, the features are great and placed well in the car. The service centre in Bundoora is awesome and helpful and friendly - DO NOT USE BAYSWATER they do not do what they promise.
beautiful to drive, has everything you need, cup holders, cassette, cd, radio, under seat storage, glasses case, tray in the rear, plenty of charging outlets, spacious, carpet comes out to be washed in machine, has a mercedes engine without the proce tag
the back seats have to be taken out and they are very heavy, Can not remove the middle seats, did not come with tinted windows


overall i love this vehicle i would buy another one tommorow lots of power huge fuel economy very comfortable i drove from SA to WA 2200kms in 2 days and loved every second of it wasnt aching as you would in most cars good to go four wheel driving in could be a little higher though but to rap it up well done to ssangyong
excellent people mover i bought the sv270 sports plus 12 months ago loved it that much i have just bought the 2.7 4x4 limited love it even more and as for peoples comments on the styling have another look
8 seater would of been nice blind spot for drivers looking to the left of windscreen (rear view mirror) and not much sight out of the back window


The best is value for money, you can buy a new Stavic for the same price as a 2006 Tarago with 40000 kms on the clock and it is diesel. The fuel economy is great, 8.7ltrs/100kms and there is plenty of room and comes with all the fruit. My family loves it. We had a Tarago previously and this vehicle beats it hands down.
Great car. people say it is ugly but I think that this people mover isnt as daggy as what the Tarago looks and is a lot nicer to drive. Took one test drive of the new Stavic and was sold there and then. Bought it the next day.
An option of a 8 seater would be good and easy rear folding seats. The seats are way to heavy for my wife to pull out if you want the extra space in the rear.

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hi have a 2013 ssangyong stavic blows blue smoke randomly weather hot or just after start up seems to do with the particulate filter does not do it on over run or down hill vehicle has done 300k Kms has a fault code with oxy sensor pops up all the time have another one ordered
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How do change the display illumination level on 2014 static?
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I have a 59 plate ssangyong rodius 2.7 diesel, a mechanic came out to change some glow plugs even though it started fine first time it just had the glow plug light on the dash, when he finnished it wouldn't start it turns over fine and sounds like it isn't getting fuel do you know what is wrong thanks.
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