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SsangYong Stavic

SsangYong Stavic

2013-Present and 2005-2013
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Nice car but the warranty sucks!

I like the Stavic, the service costs are very high, and the warranty is terrible. The minivan has a decent engine, lots of room, but feels very cheap. Two plastic parts inside the centre console broke during normal use. ParramattaAutoCentre refused to fix under their warranty or ACL. $345 Unhappy!

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Date PurchasedNov 2014

2014 stavic slow to go

Our stavic speedo is out 100kms on gps is 92kms, and 100kms on gps is 110kms on speedo, was told that it can be fixed but not under warranty at my cost, is a fault from factory. had ours 4 weeks and just about to go in and have first check

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How to turn up the idel on my sangyoung action very please?
No answers

Any problem with engine?
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None to mention.

How do change the display illumination level on 2014 static?
No answers

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