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SsangYong Stavic

SsangYong Stavic

2013-Present and 2005-2013
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Ssangyong Stavic

Used for touring in my photography business. Used on tour in National Parks on dirt, on long runs through the mountains and along the coast. Great vehicle, hasn't missed a beat. 30 thousand on the clock. So impressed my wife is looking at a Korando. Lots of space, large cargo area, removable back seat. Fuel around 9 L/100km. Easy access for all. Comfortable on 1000 km tours.


great people mover

Was not sure about this car but I am so happy with it. It's quiet, spacious. Can fit 7 adults and still has a large boot. It feels modern and while not overly luxurious it doesn't feel like a budget car. I have the sports model. ( that's right - a sporty 7 seater ☺) it's ok with fuel. It's got power. Its damn good looking in black. I've had the car for over a year and it hasn't given me any problems. The only annoying thing about this car is the light in the boot area is manual so it doesn't go on and off with the rest of the car lights and I have forgotten to turn it off many times when getting the groceries.


Affordable practicality!

I did much research prior to buying the Stavic.
Coming out of a Mitsubishi Delica, we needed at least as much space. Safety features were of high priority as the Delica had none.
Looked at vehicles by Kia, Honda, Mitsubishi, Benz, LDV, Hyundai and more.
Eventually narrowed the choice to the Stavic and the Kia Carnival. While in some ways i think the Kia is probably a better overall package, the price difference of more than twenty thousand dollars brought things into perspective.
We've had our Stavic for some time now and struggle to fault it.... engine is quiet and powerful and returns about 9.5l/100klm. Interior is extremely spacious and comfortable.
Heating, cooling, audio etc more than satisfactory. Ride is cushiony and smooth.
Suspension feel and light steering took some getting used to but love it now.
Best value people mover in Australia and if it displayed a better known badge it would be a big seller but no doubt carry a higher price tag.
Only complaints are: cup holders in front are pretty ordinary and the storage tray beneath the pull-out cup holders can't be accessed when the cup holders are in use. They are also unable to accommodate larger drinks/coffee cups etc.
The lack of a reversing camera was disappointing but not such an issue as to not buy the car.... an aftermarket option will suffice.
Also, the lack of SsangYong service departments in my area is an issue to some degree.
Just hope I don't need any warranty work done as my nearest service agent is two hours away.
Nevertheless, I am extremely satisfied with the vehicle and have recommended the SsangYong Stavic to others.

Badge(No Badge)

Could you imagine how many of these you could sell if it had a different badge.

These are a great value for money vehicle. Very roomy, great economy for a vehicle this size, very comfortable. Our kids (x5) are now getting older (hey 2 are now adults), and we needed a new car after our 1995 Tarago finally wore out. Looked around at all of the 7/8 seater vans around, and only stumbled onto the Stavic by accident. We didn't even know they existed. Ended up with the vehicle that meets our needs for nearly 1/2 the price. If this thing had a badge from a better known company in Australia, they would not be able to keep up with demand.
I would recommend to anyone to go and have a look, if your anything like us you will drive it away.


7 Seaters Compare - SsangYong Stavic vs Hyundai Imax vs Kia Carnival vs Honda Odyssey vs Volkswagen

The reason you reading this article is because you want a car with space 7 seats and having all the accessories such as GPS navigation, reverse camera, bluetooth, MP3, USB, Side Steps, Leather seat, turbo Diesel, Less than 10L/100KM, Ability to Slide the back row of seats out and ability to hook Roof Rack, towbar ....yes you can have it all with the Ssangyong Stavic for less than $35K drive away

In term of space the SsangYong Stavic length is as long as the Hyundai Imax and Volkswagen Multivan. However the Imax the seat is fixed. As for the Volkswagen Multivan ok the seat configuration is great but prepare to pay extra 20K for all the features mention above same as the Kia Carnival. As for Honda Odyssey for get about the space... there is no space.

Now in term of price the Hyundai Imax Diesel i-Max Total driveaway is about $42850, Kia Carnival Black MY14 CRDi Platium Total Amount Payable 52,800.00, Volkswagen multivan if you want all the feature above expect to pay more than $67,012.10 for Volkswagen Multivan Highline TDI400 7 Spd DSG. The Honda Odyssey we did not obtain a quote but it would be same range as Kia Carnival which is about $52,000 drive away with all the features listed above. Remember these price only apply because I negotiate hard. Expect to pay extra $5000-$7000 more :)

For price Comparison the Stavic price different with the Imax is $7850, price difference with Kia carnival $17800, Price different with Volkswagen Multivan $32,000 (I can buy another SsangYong Stavic as a spare :) with this hehehe) , price diffence with Odyssey is $17,800 and comparison with Mercedes-Benz, Viano the different is $45,000

So far I have driven 5000 KM so I'm about to due for my first service. From what I understand Service cost for Stavic is about $450-$500
Other will properly have the same service cost unless it is capped which I think it about $100 cheaper with KIA

With the price differences above you can use that money put in the bank to off set your mortgage and use that money to service the car for next 10-15 years and you still have spare. And in the case of Volkswagen Multivan and Mercedes-Benz, Viano the difference is $32,000, $45,000 you might as well buy 2 of the Stavic and leave 1 spare in the garage :)

Reliable ok .... there are bad review here this is because these people purchase the first generation ie Stavic before August 2013 .....if you read ....anyone who purchase the car after August 2013 they all rave and love the car....like anything Bad news or a stink travels further and fast than anything :)... sh!t happen to with any new car ...... doesn't matter what brand...just Google it and you will find some major issue with someone...somewhere... you will find majority people who purchase the first generation is complaining and curse they will never buy another one :) .....so you need to compare orange with orange.

Ok I got to admit I only drive 5000KM in my first month so I can not comment the reliability for the long run yet.... I will write another review with the next service 10,000KM and so on.....and yes ... if sh!t happen then I will be the first to complain it here :)

For me technology have moving so fast... a car cheap car like Hyundai or SsangYong in 2015 will have more advance and better technology reliability than a expensive car like Volkswagen Multivan which build in 2009 ... If you service on time and well look after your car it should serve you well at least 5 to 10 years ... and it time to get a new car anyway after 10 years.

So why go for a second hand car while you could go for brand new car with 3 year warranty for the same price as a second hand Volkswagen Multivan

If you buy and sell car then forget it...as value of Stavic will not hold ...but with the price difference above you still can afford to buy a new one in 5 or 10 years times :)

As for accessories I recommend to install reverse camera as the car is long and big and install the after market GPS navigation, reverse camera, bluetooth, MP3, USB...since these are more advance and more superior then Hyundai Imax - Kia Carnival - Honda Odyssey - Volkswagen Multivan factory OEM.

With safety - The first generation of Stavic... Ssangyong was to scare to perform a safety testing rating but with the new generation it about 0.5 or 1 star less than Kia Carnival - Honda Odyssey - Volkswagen Multivan

Final last word before my next review....do your self a favour go and test drive a Stavic and compare.

About to take ownership of #2

We bought a 2006 model in 2013, low kms, and it was a very tidy car, unfortunately Stavros was T-Boned, by what we suspect to be a speeding (cant be proven) driver, he ploughed his pulsar into the driver door. The door though caved in on the outside, had the safety bar in the door that was still straight and solid, the door still opened and closed, it protected my wife perfectly... unfortunately the hit was so big though that the motor sheared off its mounts and the car was written off, so after a few months of waiting, next week we pick up our new Stavic! these things can take a BIG hit and keep you safe! (p.s. there was nothing left of the pulsar)


Fantastic vehicle

I have had my Stavic for almost two years now and covered over 48000kms. Apart from sliding a road map under the front passenger seat which caused a minor electrical problem (computer wiring is under seat)fixed by dealer the car has been really great. I have been getting mid 8s Ltr/100kms which is good for a car of this size, it is quiet, comfortable and solid. The doors close with a nice clunk, the dash plastics are padded as are the top door trims. It is so easy to slide out the rear seat and when in place there is still heaps of luggage room. Little touches like rear air con vent in the roof just make life more comfortable for everyone. The only criticisms I have are the steering feel I would like a bit more and less understeer and better quality speakers. Would I buy another? Most definitely. This is the best value 7 seater people mover on the market by far. My 95 year old dad loves it too as it is so easy for him to get in and out of and he loves the big internal door pulls. Also great service from Bergman's my local dealer.

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Now completed 61000 Just had 60000 k service. Had a small problem with the engine light coming on intermittently. A camshaft sensor was replaced. Due for a set of break pads soon and the tyres will also need replacing in the not too distant future. Still runs very well and no other probsNow 66800 kms Brake light switch failed and has been repaired under warranty. Problem is that the car would not go into gear because the circuit for the solonoid that allows the gear lever to move from park to reverse is through the brake light switch. So car would not move. The emergency 1800 number contacted had a tilt tray truck with me within 45 mins and the car was taken directly to the dealer who fixed the problem on the next working day. Brake have been done how new pads all round. Two tyres have been ordered and will go on in the next couple of days. Decided on Bridgestones as the Khumo Solus are no longer available. They are bit more expensive but after doing some research I definitely am not going for the cheap Chinese tyres, That would be false economy as their life expectancy is very short.Recently had the 75000 km service and the car will be out of warrantee soon. I am having a couple of minor things done. The drivers internal door handle and the gear lever chrome is lifting and the passenger door mirror is clicking when closing the mirrors after parking the car. Apart from these minor items the service was all good and the vehicle is running very well. Also ordered another new pair of tyres.

Very good people mover for the price of sedan

Done 7000Km. No problem. Accidentally drove over kerbs over parking space, car jumped about without any damage. Fuel efficiency like a big sedan with enough power to overtake easily. Window glasses a bit loose but nothing otherwise wrong. Bought 2013 made 2014 compliant SPR with 31500 last year. Initially steering a bit too sensitive and needs time to get used to. Our old cars are nearly 20 yrs old that stavic steering needs a bit of getting used to for us. Leather seats are a bit firm. Climate control excellent. CD player and blue tooth average. Installed GPS with reverse camera. 4 star ANCAP rating is same as Hyundai imax. It is a steal price wise. Very happy. Kids are very happy too. Will buy another. Hopefully price will not go up. Cruise control, park sensors, auto lights, rain sensing wipers. Park sensors can even sense high kerbs. I will be stuck to this people mover for a long time.


I loved this car ...... Until

I've always liked this car, so when looking for a people mover it was my first choice.
I purchased a new 2013 model Stavic In South Australia.
Pro's : Great fuel consumption 850km per tank on average , the back seats are removable, seven adults plus luggage fit easily, the middle walk thru isle is great as there's no need to fold seats to access back row, the cars interior is huge, it has four 12 volt chargers, all seven belts are lap sash seatbelts, the steering wheel features a radio control which could even change songs played via Bluetooth, and also changed radio channels and mode it also features cruise control on the other side which enables you to not only set the speed but accelerate or slow down via the controls .

Cons : There's no lockable storage space except the boot, the passenger doors are very large making it hard to park and allow adequate room to exit, after less than two years the chrome peeled off the front interior door handles, the hand holds broke after minimal use, the sun visor keeps dropping down, and the black exterior paint scratches easily. All except the paint were covered under the warranty , replacements were ordered but didn't arrive in the 15 weeks we waited for them.
Unfortunately my car was damaged in a accident and in ten weeks we never even received the price for replacement parts, let alone the parts
After 12 weeks with still no pricing my insurance company labelled it a financial writeoff .

Over all , the Stavic drove well and was a great family car, unfortunately parts aren't readily available and we've since replaced it with a different make of people mover.

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Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Excellent car

The car is excellent and runs well. It is also quite economical on fuel - does Canberra to Melbourne (650km) with three-quarter tank. And for sub 30K price, you can't go wrong.
Got to be careful with dealers though. The one in Canberra quoted more than twice the normal price to replace brake pad and rotor during service at odometer reading of 55000. Protested and called Ssangyong directly and was told to seek a second opinion. I ended up paying less than half the dealer's price.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Early days but good so far

Quiet and comfortable on highway for 7-8 lts/100 kms. Surprisingly powerful. So far reliable (purchased with 33k, now 47k). As per other posts, has great interior room and tows well. Some cheap items such as rear wiper switch on dash rather than stalk, and aircon/ventilation system is confusing, but overall fantastic value for money. Bigger test will be reliability over long term. Also the local dealer is awful so have had to service elsewhere. But i agree with others, with better marketing, these would sell in far greater numbers. Best thing is to test drive and see for yourself. You too will be pleasantly surprised as it will exceed your expectations given its price.

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Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Jan 19, car now has 75k but is stuck at the dealer awaiting a part which i have been told will take 1 month. So a good car but beware parts availability and quality of dealer service.

Great Value For Your Money

My car have done 71k on the clock in just over 2 years.....Running as new.Its very smooth and quite..we love our car..we even have a lexus rx450h but still we use our ssangyong for all the longer trips because it has so much room and kids love it.. In my personal opinion its an excellent family car for the price and surely its an under rated car.. so if you really after a good family car then go for it you will be pleased with your decision.. Because this car offers a lot more than what we pay it..We love our car.


Great car - I love it, family loves it, why pay $20000+ more

I wanted a 7-seater and in the end decided I wanted a real 7-seater (i.e. one where an adult would be happy riding in any of the 7 seats), not one where the extra seats were an after-thought (hey, we have a bit of space, let's stick some seats in there).

As much as I wanted auto-parking (Honda Odyssey, or Citroen Grand Picasso - which adults would not be happy riding in the back of), I decided I was not prepared to pay the extra over the Stavic. A test drive of the Stavic convinced me that it is what I need.

It drives well, super-smooth auto gearbox (Mercedes Benz 5-speed). Steering is a bit bus-like, but that's expected from a vehicle this size. Fuel economy is just like a decent sized sedan. Even doing short trips around town I have never got to 10L/100km.

The seats are comfortable, there's heaps of space (I bought a dishwasher, just moved the seats forward a bit and put it in the back, and what's more, we can fit suitcases in the back without even moving the back seats forward).

Service costs are reasonable. I paid a bit over $200, providing my own oil, for the 1st 15000km service.

The engine is powerful, ample power for overtaking, ample power for heading to the snowfields or any hilly terrain. Don't be put off by a 2L engine. You don't need anything bigger.

The Stavic is big, so I had a reversing cam/GPS/audiovisual system installed. It's very useful, as you may need to choose a parking space wisely otherwise you'll have fun getting out.

Overall, I'm very happy with it. The only negative (minor issue): a few squeaks from the seat sliding/folding mechanisms, but a keen ear and some WD-40 sort that out. Also, the cruise control is playing up but the dealer is fixing it under warranty (awaiting a part). Otherwise, extremely happy. If you want a 7-seater, look no further. You do not need to pay the extra $10-20K+ for the iMax, Odyssey, VW Multivan etc.

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2006 Stavic 3.5L Petrol still going strong

Excellent space, very comfortable and well featured. Powerful and reliable Mercedes ML350 3.5L petrol engine with 2.5 tonne towing capacity.

We bought it new in 2006 for $38,000 so its coming up to 9 years old.
The seat layout and rear storage behind the seats is still the best around. The rear visibility is not great but the beeping sensor helps, and I fitted a reversing camera, mostly for hitching up for towing.
The body has been fairly well scratched by kids and minor dingles and the door handles paint has been worn away. There are not many around so getting parts from wreckers is not that easy.

The kids complain about how it looks, probably because top gear rated it as the ugliest car but I made them point out 50 positive things about how good the car is and I don't mind how it looks.

Starting to get a little rust at the top of the rear door where there is a weld join and the water sits, but after 9 years I would consider this very reasonable particularly as it has a lot of beach visits, has only been washed about once every 2 years and it is not garaged.

The only minor issues we have had were we noticed oil leaking on when parked. It turned out to be a seal in the transmission which the mechanic took a little while to track down but was not expensive to fix. Services are generally around $300, tyres are $250 each, so replacing 2 adds $500. I think we have only replaced 6 tyres total in 9 years but we only do about 10,000kms per year for schools runs etc.

In holidays we do long runs, previously towing a 1.5 tonne caravan, we are now towing a 2.5 tonne van which it handles well. We found on the old van the towball a bit low and would scrape the wheel arch on some speed humps, but the new van with hayman reece hitch alleviates this. We also have roof racks with bike mounts and have 2 bikes on the top while towing the van with 6 people so it gets a really good loading.

I am considering adding a GPS with bluetooth capability as they didn't have them back in the day, but they're standard in new models and it is the only thing lacking.

In the 9 years we have never had a breakdown or major issue. It has been inpexenisve to buy and run with great towing capability.

Highly recommended vehicle and great value.

Completley Amazed. Unexpectedly good.

I'm in the motor trade (as a dealer) and got this car as a trade in and expected it to be complete garbage. I drove it and then kept it for my own family use and have been completely amazed at how good a family car this is. Seems to get quite good fuel economy heaps of room, and is the only 7 seater I can name that actually has useable luggage space with all 7 seats in use. It almost has as much space as a Pajero with 5 seats in use.

So its good, real good. To my complete surprise.

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Date PurchasedDec 2018

Good Car

Have owned my stavic since new(2013), best value for my money. I love this car. Good space and my big family travels in comfort ( not squished) whilst there is respectable boot space. Very good car to run.

Ssangyong should keep improving the interior (plastics) ,incl the sound system (more powerful speakers)

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Exceeded my expectations

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing my Stavic last month. I was in the market to buy a good value diesel 7 seaters and considered a number of diesel options including Holden Captiva, Isuzu MU-X, Hyundai iMax, Kia Carnival and Mitsubishi Outlander. After considering equipment levels, performance and pricing, eventually Narrowed down the choice to the Stavic, Isuzu & Captiva. Test driven the cars and though I was initially skeptical of the Korean brand, the Stavic pleasantly surprised me with a nice drive feel. The engine is quite punchy and VERY quiet for a diesel, I have friend who thought the Stavic had a petrol engine (from inside the car). Considering the overall value, the Stavic test-drive convinced me that's the right car for my family (second choice was Isuzu then Captiva).

As I have not owned the car for long, I can't comment on the long term reliability nor the servicing costs, etc. But I can't find too many people on the net complaining on their Ssangyongs or Isuzus (unlike the Captivas).However, throwing an objective point of views, Holden would have sold a lot more Captivas compared to Isuzu and Ssangyong's, so this may be a contributing factor to the number of ownership complaints.

For all it's worth, so far the car is really pleasant and comfortable to drive. The auto gear changes smoothly, steering and built quality feels OK, no rattles so far and less plasticky than many other Japanese/Korean offerings. Just about a few negatives I can think of was the unavailability of the trip computer and reverse camera, even as an option.(on the standard model). The internal"room" lights must be manually switched off (other than the front "door" lights) and do not go off automatically when the car doors are closed (which could drain the battery). The seats are a bit too soft for my liking but this is an individual preference.

However, these minor issues should not stop anyone from buying the Stavic, as it is still a great value proposition given the sub-$30k pricing (I was not even charged extra for metallic colour) and the equipment levels included in the overall package.

If you are considering a Stavic, I recommend you test-drive it. I am sure you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was when I test-driven one.

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Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Now at 13 mths ownership, the Stavic is still running strong, no issues, first service (at 12mths) done and the price at Dealership servicing was reasonable too at just over $400 mark for the annual service. Happy with the car so far. My only minor issue was the seats do not have lumbar support, which makes it uncomfortable for long drives.

Love it.

Uncharacteriscally quiet for a diesel. Merc-sourced transmission is smooth.
Fuel consumption around 7L/100km-ish on the highway and about 9 mixed highway/urban.
Massive boot space. With the third row of seats removed, double that space.
Folding mirrors and reversing sensors handy in tight parking spaces.
Climate control works well, front and rear. Bluetooth handsfree just works.
Seats a bit firm but comfortable. When you realize what your getting for how comparatively little you're paying, you won't mind the relatively basic interiors.

Used in picky Singapore as a large cab. That's a vote of confidence.

Unfortunately, Ssangyong isn't a well-known brand in this part of the world. Had it been from a better known company heaps will be sold.

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Ssangyong Stavic

Performance great for 2.0L engine.
Handling comfortable on long trips, minimal engine noise.
Interior practical, can remove rear bench seat for more space.
Climate control air con works well for heating and cooling.
Plenty of legroom but wife finds the leather seats too firm.
Reliability excellent, servicing expensive, fuel 9.0-9.5l/100kms.


Underrated vehicle

A brilliant people mover, l purchased a 2016 Stavic and cannot fualt it admittedly I have only travelled 3000 kilometres . It's quiet for a diesel with plenty of power. I only wish that it had a reversing camera built in. Seating 7 adults with real leg room and a boot, it still keeps surprising me a real pleasure to drive.

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hi have a 2013 ssangyong stavic blows blue smoke randomly weather hot or just after start up seems to do with the particulate filter does not do it on over run or down hill vehicle has done 300k Kms has a fault code with oxy sensor pops up all the time have another one ordered
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How to turn up the idel on my sangyoung action very please?
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Any problem with engine?
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None to mention.

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