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SSKB Strata Managers

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383 reviews
Ken Kramme
Ken KrammeSouth East Queensland, QLD

Professional and thorough -- particularly Jess Daly

Overall we have enjoyed the professional services of SSKB and appreciate their thoroughness. We have had a substantial number of complex issues as a Body Corporate Committee – which would be challenging to any Body Corporate Service provider. After some initial discussion on ways of working effectively together (e.g. labeling issues as "high priority"), we have come to agreements on how to handle these many issues. We particularly appreciate the dedicated work of Jess Daly, and appreciate her knowledge of BC regulations and practices – and her follow up. Show reply
DonSouth East Queensland, QLD

Exceptional Performance

I have dealt with SSKB both privately, with the current Usher Ave Body Corporate (BC), and recently with my role as Operations Manager for a large Corporation at Springfield, and have always found Jess (GM) & her team over the years from the Brisbane office as professional, informative, friendly & courteous.

I have had several Community Managers (CM) over the years but am pleased to say that I’m very happy to work with the new CM, Ray Douglas. He has been very responsive & informative with the business of delivering the services to my BC. He has been supportive and given constructive guidance which made my role of Chairperson so much easier. It has been a pleasure working with Ray and the SSKB team. Show reply

Apax Realty Pty Ltd
Apax Realty Pty Ltd

Sensational Body Corporate services

As a Management Rights owner, we have been dealing with SSKB for the past 6 years and in simple terms they are professional and have the right answers to issues and questions whenever they arise. We have never been disappointed by their service. In addition, where we have had a change of Manager from SSKB, they have been professional and well informed to our complexes requirements. Our current Manager, Cassie, not only has a wealth of knowledge beneficial to our complexes but also goes well above and beyond to make sure that everything runs smoothly for all. She is a an extremely valuable asset to SSKB. Show reply

Exceptional service SSKB

SSKB have been exceptional in providing Community management. Natasha has been great at getting all tasks completed promtly and has been a big support to myself as a building manager. Show reply
Bernadette C.
Bernadette C.Richmond-Tweed, NSW2 posts
TapmempNorth Queensland, QLD
Jennine D.
Jennine D.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Poor customer service

Received timely email to query however information provided via email did not provide the correct information. Payment screen did not work and online chat did not work. Attempting to call but on hold for who knows how long. Overall very disappointing.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
Bradly s
Bradly s3 posts

Thank you Rachael Chapman

Very grateful for the fast turn around and professionalism from Rachael at Sunshine Coast SSKB. We had an issue with a tenant doing renovations, Rachael helped us navigate the communications back and forth getting us to a quick result in a matter of days, being very polite and a pleasure to deal with all the way through. Show reply

Massive fan!

When I think of high functioning strata management teams in Brisbane, I think of SSKB. Tania & Brooke, Aaron & Denise, Kate & Zoe, Peter & Amara, Rhiannon & Natasha. Their consistent professionalism & disciplined approach to managing buildings makes them a formidable group. Show reply
JerryhRichmond-Tweed, NSW3 posts

Totally Recommended

A strata manager that is efficient and knowledgeable. Having been on a Bodycorp committee for three years and using SSKB as our service provider I would recommend them without reservation. Kate and Tracie our contacts were always helpful and provided a wealth of knowledge. Show reply
Jason W.
Jason W.

Yet to receive a timely response to emails

I have contacted SSKB 3 times via email and never had a response. When you have no choice but to call, standard message is "our emails are overflowing". In late January I was told they were still catching up on Xmas emails. I question the positive comments here.... Are committee members getting VIP treatment?
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
giovanni m.
giovanni m.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC3 posts

All I need at a touch of my finger

We have recently change to SSKB strata manages and already love how you provide through your app what information I need including my upcoming payments, keep up the great service. It's a yes from me Show reply

Difficult to work with

This company are pathetic. They offer no help whatsoever and make things harder at every opportunity.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   

Hi Effie, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your comment further with you and do what we can to resolve any outstanding concerns. Please email our Brisbane General Manager, Jessica Beckett at to discuss.

Megan Butterworth
Megan ButterworthQueensland2 posts

SSKB Strata

Very helpful staff
Always get back to you straight away if you have a problem
Very professional
Lisa out Manager will be missed greatly
Glad we still have Skye with us Show reply
SuzanneFar North Queensland, QLD5 posts

Worst of worst

This would have to be on top 3 worst body corporates. Don't answer emails in timely fashion. Don't send information about there charges when requested. Out of office more than in. I could go on but can't wait till our contact ends soon. Would not recommend.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   

Hey Suzanne, We are sorry to hear you have not had a good experience with SSKB. We would love more information on what changes you are referring to.

Rob Ferguson
Rob FergusonSouth East Queensland, QLD

Very satisfied with new Community Manager, Ray Douglas

As the Chair of the Jones Parkway BC in Carina Heights I'd just like to say how satisfied we are the our new Community Manager Ray Douglas.
While only having been in the role for a short period of time his attendance to detail and response time to matters has been outstanding. He is indeed a pleasure to work with, we could not ask for better support or service. Thank you Show reply
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Rice decision
Rice decisionSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Professional / Knowledgeable

They have saved time and money for our Body Corp’s with up to date information to make informed decisions. I highly recommend Jessie and her team for professional running of Body Corp matters . Secretary Bel Air BoB Show reply
DavidSouthwest, VIC6 posts

Poor communication

Emails are not titled correctly and billing is inconsistent. Due to misleading emails, spam emails and changing the sender’s name to “Committe Control P.” which is not recognisable and filters to ‘junk’, SSKB Maroochydore is directly responsible for the loss of a $4m recreation club due to the mishandling of a vote to ensure the asset was transferred to residents.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
PeteSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Well done Ladies

A quick shout out Jess & Danielle for their tireless efforts with the Bel East committee, keep up he great work !!!! Show reply
Jason T
Jason TSouth East Queensland, QLD

Great service, amazing staff

Having previously been the Chairperson of a large body corporate scheme I had the opportunity to work with SSKB for a number of years. The role of the body corporate is vital to ensuring the management and maintenance of the building, and when you have a committee with very limited experience, the role of the Body Corporate Manager is an integral component. Kate and Zoe were amazing! They provided timely advice, support and guidance and made the role of Chairperson so much easier. It was a pleasure working with them. Show reply
Chris Withers
Chris WithersSouth East Queensland, QLD

SSKB just make my life easier

I am Chairperson of two Body Corporate communities and wanted to write a review about SSKB and the service they provide. I deal with several staff from the company and find them all to be extremely professional, efficient and easy to work with. Their knowledge of the industry is second to none and they make my role easy and stress free. Nothing is too much trouble for the team at SSKB and I would like to particularly mention Monique Scott who assists in all aspects of strata management and continues to impress me with her overall attitude and worth ethic. I cannot recommend Monique and SSKB highly enough. Show reply
fanSydney Surrounds, NSW3 posts

Tweed heads office ladies are so good to work with

The ladies at the tweed office ( Traci & Kate ) are so good to deal with. They are always available always courteous and go above and beyond to sort things out . AA++ ladies Show reply
Ali3 posts

unacceptable service

this company does illigal practices they also do not allow owners of the unit complex that they manage take legal action against them
Kevin Grey
Kevin Grey4 posts

So helpful and Professional

SSKB have been so helpful over the years and provide a fully comprehensive management package that assists both Committees and lot owners.
Jess Daly has run our meetings for a few years now and her advice and professional knowledge has always been of great benefit to our committee. Jess would be the first to admit she could not deal with our ongoing issues without the support of Danielle Pendrick, Danielle always ensures we are kept informed of outcomes raised, on issues needing attention, and responds quickly. No problem is too small or big and all issues are handled quickly and professionally. Thank you Jess and Danielle it is an absolute pleasure to work with a competent friendly team. Show reply
Chairperson PPBBC
Chairperson PPBBC

Satisfactory Experience

I am the current Chairperson for a Palm Beach Body Corporate. We use SSKB as our Body Corporate Administration Company. Our Body Corporate Manager, Jill Stringfellow and her assistant, Tiana Madam provide a professional and reliable service to our committee, and have done so for the past couple of years, since moving into these positions. Our committee is happy to have them supporting us. Show reply
Bernie6 posts
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Noel Crowe
Noel CroweSouth East Queensland, QLD
PaulSouth East Queensland, QLD

Awesome service from Jess and Danielle

We must be very luicky with the services provided by Jess and Danielle from SSKB on the Gold Coast. As BC Chairman for a 112 unit mixed use resort they provide awesome service and advice keeping our committee on an efficient path. An example of their support was for a BC meeting this week where 5 minutes before I was due to chair over zoom (as I was working in NZ) I realised that I could not find my minutes and sent Danielle an email requesting a copy to be forwarded and almost immediately received in time for the meeting. Any new members that have joined the committee all say how smooth our committee operates after experiencing horror situations elsewhere. This is a function of Jess's support and knowledge of the BC responsibilities. Show reply

Professional service

I have been looking after our building complex with SSKB for many years and I would like to thank Kasey Lee for her wonderful and professional service throughout the years. She is lovely to interact with, helpful with body corporate matters and knowledgeable in providing solutions! Show reply
David Rowell
David RowellSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Good accurate and prompt advice for our Body Corporate

Tim Retallack has recently been assigned to our complex, he has shown to be very helpful in seeking solutions and in fact better than the person he replaced. Courteous and prompt response, just goes the extra distance.
Benjamin Hamdorf is also very prompt and courteous in responding to requests. Show reply
Michael Beeston
Michael BeestonSouth East Queensland, QLD

Extremely Professional and Excellent Communication

My name is Michael Beeston, Resident Manager of Chapala Apartments Southpoint Queensland, and my wife Rita and I have been dealing with SSKB for over 14 years and find both Jess Daly (Community Manager ) and Danielle Pendrick (Assistant Team Leader) both extremely Capable and Professional. They both answer quickly and efficiently any questions we may have, or follow up on "small' problems we all have from time to time with so many properties in our Complex. Well done SSKB and Thank you Jess and Danielle. Show reply
SSKBresidentSouth East Queensland, QLD
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
YukoSydney Surrounds, NSW3 posts

Very professional and efficient with empathy

Received assistance with amazing communication skills, professionalism and empathy when I encountered an issue. Thanks Show reply
DavidSouth East Queensland, QLD

Poor Management

Avoidance of actual management. Poor communication with community. Generally disinterested in the properties and accounts managed. Far too much money being charged to communities for such little service.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   

Hi David, We are sorry to hear you have not had a good experience with SSKB. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss further with you. You can email our Brisbane General Manager diretly at Thanks

LaurJGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
SMDSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Very Satisfied with the Service Received

I recently purchased a property and had the pleasure of dealing with Natasha Dunstan of Circa One in Nundah. She was very professional, knowledgeable and super pleasant. Natasha always responded quickly with any questions I had and provided the information required. I absolutely rate her highly and will definitely recommend her on as a part of SSKB Strata Management. Show 2 replies
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GeoffSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts

Dreadful service !!! Would definitely never recommend

Don't return calls when promised..give vague, inaccurate information and advice
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
MichelleSouth East Queensland, QLD

Bad advice, ignoring our legal advice

We have an ongoing battle with companies trying to take over the committee of a community. The community is continually given bad advice by sskb which has had dire consequences. If this continues vulnerable people will loose their only home.
When everything is going well and not complex sskb might be ok. But when the pressure is on they fail their customers - the private owners.
SSKB Strata Managers
SSKB Strata Managers   DM   
Mitchell Petrie
Mitchell PetrieSouth East Queensland, QLD

Really good service

Our building was provided services by SSKB for the last 3 years. The service that Jess and Danielle provided to us was fantastic. Very glad we changed to SSKB. The advice they provided was timely, pragmatic and spot on. The team we had was a pleasure to work with. The SSKB systems are also easy to use. Show reply
BrisbanegirlSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Westside Indooroopilly Apartments

SSKB has managed our building complex since it was occupied in early 2018.
I have found they have delivered a very good service having been on the BC Committee for the past three years.
Our SSKB representatives have been professional and very helpful in assisting with the running of the BC.
SSKB also proved information on a regular basis advising on BC matters. These have also been very helpful. Show reply
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