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LogicalMartzipanGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 9 reviews

Good Product!


Before I started using this product, I started to panic. I was continuously having breakouts, huge pimples and many blemishes on my forehead, cheeks and chin. When I started using this product, it definitely controlled the amount of blemishes I got but I still got a few. I have got to say, this product is very good and pretty impressive for it's price but there can be a few small improvements from St Ives...



  • 2 reviews

Great scrub helps with pimples


I was put onto this product by a friend. It cleared my skin in about 5 days. Highly recommend it for low to moderate acne. Great price. Just don't scrub to long or hard. Give it a go!!

It's not as great as people say it is


I used this for the first time having high hopes but it did nothing but makeup skin feel terrible it made my face dry, itching and making it feel disgusting my face has not felt the same again wouldn't recommend


KarmaiskingNSW, 2011

  • 19 reviews



Not fantastic with acne but does a reasonable job. Gentle exfoliation. Reasonable product. If you expect this to clear your skin forget about it. Go with acne.org products for that.


ANGIE CQueensland, 4124

  • 94 reviews

St. Ives vs. Aapri



brittanybHervey Bay

Not too bad


I have very stubborn acne and this product doesn't get rid of it completely but it does reduce my redness, smells amazing, makes me feel fresh and leaves the parts of my face not covered in bumps baby butt smooth. I suppose it's just the fact that i'm 17 and all hormonal and what not that it doesn't do everything i need/wish a face wash would do. Reasonably priced too, i really would not complain if it cost an extra $5 on top of the price now, it's worth it.
Amazing smell



  • 16 reviews

Great for the price


This is a great low budget product. If used correctly, it leaves the skin smooth and clear. As a qualified beauty professional, I am always looking for good quality and trust me when I say, in the cosmetics world, price means nothing. The only thing I highly suggest when using this product, DO NOT SCRUB! The abrasive particles are not smooth, or spherical. They have tiny sharp edges to them, so smooth and gentle circular motions are essential to ensure you don't scratch and damage the surface of your skin.
Cheap, effective, easy to find in stores
Uneven particles can damage the skin, if used incorrectly.

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I have recently just found out that St Ives still test on animals! I'm a bit devastated, coz now I can't use it.

Love it!


This scrub is my absolute favourite! It gets rid of pimples and prevents them from coming back and makes your face so soft! It was the only product that got rid of my acne and iv never had it again since! If you have trouble with acne or even just breakouts every now and then and you haven't tried this yet, do yourself a favour and go get it! Its amazing. Its also pretty cheap and smells so good!
Everything! It does wonders.

Lehanne K.

Lehanne K.QLD, 4006

  • 2 reviews



I love this scrub,it smells very devine! It is creamy and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.I mostly use it in the shower,and leave it on for about 3 minutes, it works great with a steam!
I would recommend this product to anyone. It is also great value at local big w store.

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Hannah Wright
Hannah Wright

Try Anar Naturals Facial Scrub, natural and organic, leaves my skin feeling baby soft after the shower.

Toby Clift

Toby CliftBANDIANA VIC 3694

  • 3 reviews

Great Facial Scrub!


It was my best friend who introduced this product to me. She has a lot of acne before we part ways over summer then when the school opened again, I was amazed that slowly her acne were fading away. I am so happy for her not just because she got rid of her acne but more so, she regain her confidence and started going out from home. After seeing such incredible result, I bought one for me and it didn't disappointed me. I have acne but can be counted with fingers. I felt smoothness after washing. Definitely, won't try another brand.
removes acne, smoothness
don't use if you have open wound on your face

Aaron Muller

Aaron Muller

  • 2 reviews

Not suitable for me...


This is amazingly good


Jasmine-Joe Roccamante

Jasmine-Joe RoccamanteAU

  • 2 reviews

My easy clean facial.


My sister put me onto this when I was about 19. So I have been using it for 20 years. I have tried other products but this wins hands down. Love it!
Makes my skin soft and clean and keeps the blackheads at bay by eliminating my oily skin. I use this every night.
natural products used.



  • 4 reviews

Amazing product


I have tried so many different products to help clear my skin. None have worked until i came across this amazing product! I have only used it for a week now but i can already tell a difference! My face is clear and feels great! I love the smell of it and the texture feels great. My face feels smooth, clean and lovely after i use it. I highly recommenced this product to anyone with any skin type. I also love how it is all natural.
All natural, great smell.



  • 6 reviews
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Waste of money!


This procuct is not worth hype that it gets. I have combination oily skin this product did nothing for my skin. The apricot peices are super abrassive and my skin just couldn't atke it. This didn't clear up any of my acne and my skin didnt even feel clean from using it. This product is realitvely cheap but still not worth it.
Abrassive, dosent clear acne, my skin didnt feel clean



  • 3 reviews
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Great product!


Best exfoliating scrub for face that I've ever tried.
Other ones feel too synthetic and not rough enough to exfoliate my skin. Little beads in normal exfoliator don't exfoliate we'll enough.
However my skin feels smooth, the smell is great and it the stuff lasts ages!
Wouldn't buy another exfoliator!
Texture, smell, size.
Could be cheaper, but so could everything!

It doesn’t leave the skin feeling tender


St Ives Apricot Scrub is the most pleasant to use exfoliator on the market , in any case it is the gentlest I have ever used and I have tried many, most of them have proven to be ‘ more of the same’ . This one is foamy and fragrant and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tender the way some harsh ones have done in the past.

Gentle yet effective


I have used this for a while now, along with other products along the way. My acne has never been overly problematic but definitely persistent! I have found St Ives apricot scrub to be gentle and effective. I used it a couple of times a week, sometimes every day and I am happy with the results :) I have found that using this along with toner has been the best remedy for me!
Feels nice, cheap, smells good

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Do they still have Swiss Vanilla shower cream?.
Love scrub. Thankyou.



i bought this scrub after my friend told me how goood it was, it made my skin glow so much when i used it, although it left my skin a little dry(most cleansers somehow do that to my oily skin) it felt like it was actually scrubbing which was good



  • 3 reviews
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Fantastic product! A must have!


I have been using this for years. I changed a few times because I got bored of it, and purchased more expensive brands, but this is the ultimate scrub. I have oily/ acne prone sensitive skin and I find that this is gentle but grainy enough to give my skin a good scrub without irritating it. I love this. I use it 3 times a week and one bottle lasts over a year!
Everything! Great price, great texture!

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Carol flynn

Carol flynnasked

Does St Ives test their products on animals?

1 answer

The following link leads me to believe they do, which is devastating, because I do like their exfoliant, but i love animals more. Http://peta.vg/1ks9#StopAnimalTests
They have a document listing brands that still do and brands that do not. Brands not on one of the lists are said to not be determined as yet.
Check it out, it's really worrying.

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