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Star Kidz Vicino Co Sleeper Bassinet

Star Kidz Vicino Co Sleeper Bassinet Questions & Answers

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Can it fold up into a travel bag? Eg. To take on a domestic flight from Sydney to Melbourne?
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Does it have good air flow through the bassinet?
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We haven't used it yet as bub due in July but with mesh both sides it seems like yes it would have good air flow.Yes, the mesh on both sides give sufficient airflow especially with the top open to air of course. The mesh goes all the way down to the mattress so even if bub squishes themself to the edge sometimes - you don’t have to worry too much

Cant fix the black base which clicks onto the legs. Desperate for help.
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Can anyone tell me if this rocks by itself?
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Hi @P.cilla yes it does sway side to side. There is extendable curved feet that lock into place that allows it to sway.

Can anyone give me feedback on the mattress? Is it good quality/thickness? Is it made of foam? Foam Latex?? Did you have to flip it after your baby used it aka did your babies head leave an indent in the mattress? Also which fitted sheets did you find to fit this bassinet? We are in Sydney, Australia.... Thanks so much
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Hello. Just wondering if you found where to buy fitted sheets to suit ? Thanku

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